“Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate/Bakumatsu Taiyou-den” Stream! Tomorrow! 

Since Takarazuka is adapting this film into a musical (that happens to be Chigi and Miyu’s last play), I got my hands on this movie, and am going to stream it tomorrow!

I’ll showi it on, tomorrow, Sunday 4/30, at 2PM (CT, Chicago time). 

As a caveat: I haven’t seen it yet. The setting is a brothel in 1860s Japan, so take that as a warning. The film is supposedly a comedic take on the brothel industry, as well as a critique of current politics and culture (it was filmed the year before prostitution was made illegal in Japan). The term “Taiyou-den” (often translated as “Sun in the” or as a “Sun Legend”) was a term used to describe films of the 1950s, where dissolute youths wasted their time and money on frivolity, without purpose.

Anyway, this should be interesting??? And it’ll help us all prepare for watching this with our favorite actresses DX

Oh, also, Takasgui Shinsakui is in it XD. There’s a fun Bakumatsu/Choshu plot going on ;)

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