Summer Storms (optional bias)

A/N: I’m horribly stressed with university at the moment, so I have no idea how the hell I wrote this lmao..but I realized I’m definitely not the only one who’s stressed with school at the moment, so I thought what’s a way to cheer up all of us? Write something very random and not requested!!! asdfghjk I hope you like it x

genre: smut, car sex, reader (female) x optional bias

~ 2.1 words

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„Oh no, run!“ you shouted, as the sudden rain became heavier. You were holding your boyfriend’s hand, pulling him after you.

The two of you had spent the day at the zoo, not having been on a real date in a while. Afterward, you had decided to get ice cream and go for a little stroll in the nearby nature. The sun was setting, but it didn’t matter. You couldn’t make out a single sun ray behind the dark gray clouds that hung low in the sky. It was summer, so the heat had created a thunder storm, and now it was pouring down onto the both of you, before you had the chance to get back to your car.

“Hurry!” you shouted again, pulling on his hand as you ran through the grass to reach the empty parking lot you had left your car in. Your eagerness only made him laugh, which then caught on to you. Stumbling, you giggled while the thunder growled above your heads. Around you, endless fields and forests stood, not a human soul close by. You had almost made it to your car. When you reached for the handle, he subtly grabbed your arm and pulled you away, confusing you.

“What are you doing?” you spoke over the noise of the downpour, water running down your face.

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“If requests are still open for LinkedU fanfics I’d love to read smth like this: The links adventuring and all and suddenly Twilight turning into a wolf without knowing why and transforms back being in terrible (like TERRIBLE pain) and its all because the twilight realm reopens and monsters are there for a fight. And if you could include Midna that would be AMAZING … Thanks” @awesomeunicat

(also in answer to LU discord’s prompt: Taken/Loss)


The group walks along the forest path in a companionable silence. They had changed worlds again and none of them knew where they were. The trees are large and full of green leaves and the sounds of the animals chatter around them. Not much help with distinguishing a location when every Hyrule had these traits.

Twilight yawns and looks around him, trying to spot some kind of landmark or anything that could clue in the group as to where they are. Yet there is nothing; only the endless expanse of forest.

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There is a vast melancholy in the canticles of the wolves, melancholy infinite as the forest, endless as these long nights of winter and yet that ghastly sadness, that mourning for their own, irremediable appetites, can never move the heart for not one phrase in it hints at the possibility of redemption; grace could not come to the wolf from its own despair, only through some external mediator, so that, sometimes, the beast will look as if he half welcomes the knife that despatches him.
—  Angela Carter, from The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories; The Company of Wolves.
Will It Happen In The Books?

That’s the other major theme of the questions I’ve been getting today.

I can’t say I think the show’s taken nothing from future book events. There are those things that feel consistent with the plot trajectory and themes of published material: Jaime knighting Brienne, Sansa overseeing Littlefinger’s trial, Dany making a more aggressive and morally questionable push for the Iron Throne, Jon/Dany (and condolences to people who don’t like the ship).

Below a cut for more spoilers.

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Cabin Fever - Jason Voorhees x Reader [Chapter 2]

In an effort to remove yourself from your previous life in the big city, you move to Crystal Lake. The cabin you had inherited from your father makes the perfect place for a fresh start, however, there is a secret in these woods (and within yourself) that you must come to accept…and to love.

A second chapter up now! The reader meets Jason for the first time on a snowy walk and, well, things go…less than expected for either of them.

Autumn faded to winter, which came and went before you could register its mere existence. You had contented yourself with tidying up for the first few weeks, clearing away snow from your yard and unpacking the majority of your knick knacks to organize vagrantly around your home. You had stocked up on firewood to keep yourself warm throughout the snowy days, lived off of canned vegetables and you made a silent promise to yourself that, when the snow calmed itself down and the roads were deemed drivable yet again, you would head to town and procure some fresh meats and fruits when you had the chance. While the idea of removing yourself from the isolation of the forest was anxiety inducing above all other emotions, you knew that it was necessary. Just until you were capable of rebuilding the home you were slowly chewing through to its original, self-sustained glory of gardens and animals meandering about your legs. All good things took time, you had remembered your father’s words echoing in your heart, and hard work. They would be worth it, though.

Your eyes traced the droplets of snow that fell, the beginning of a second bought of storms slowly making their way through the Crystal Lake area. Snow had fallen early this year, you noted, starting in the middle of November just after your move and continuing on without reprieve until the middle of December.

Your body ached with the need to stretch. To stand and walk and enjoy the peace so close to you in the form of frosted forest trees and nipping wind. The bite of the cold helped to remind you that you were alive and well, constantly needing to move and shift in order to be kept warm and free of the hypothermia that dared nip close to your heels. It was because of this aching need that constantly sung its cravings in the peripheral of your mind that you found yourself slowly sliding on your snow boots and parka, fingers wiggling into gloves while you made sure the layers of shirts along with the long scarf you wore underneath remained in position. You had scarcely recalled getting dressed for the cold until you found yourself standing outside of your home, eyes fixated on the endless forest before you.

With one last fleeting look to your home, you gave a nod to yourself before pushing forward into the misted woods.

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Expedition to Sol2487-3

Here is my first “earth is space australia and humans are space orcs” post. Have read those and got stucked on the “poisonous oxygen breather”. If other races would breath less deadly (and less energetic) gases for their cell functioning, their bodys were bound to have quite inefficient growth compared to us. So basically, oxygen breather are just fricking huge to aliens. Oh, and I think human’s and bird’s eyes are quite the thing, our eyesight goes beyond most sentinent race’s imagination, but that’s a later term. It’s planned to have several episodes, hope you enjoy it. Please don’t mind my english and leave a comment.

That puny little Planet in System Sol2487, the only one with liquid water there, was indeed a scary one. Our ship was sent to investigate, take some specimens, and leave. No extraordinary thrilling task. The atmosphere was breathable, enough C02 to keep our bodies running, and nothing eminently deadly in there. The oxygen content was somewhat high though. And the sun’s radiation, too. This planet was so tiny in comparison to our homeworld, but much nearer to this system’s sun. Better not risking anything and taking the full protective gear with respiratory support. And those interferences with our ship’s navigation system bothered me. Some mysterious electromagnetic radiation, maybe signs of a sentinent race’s culture? But here? Oddly enough there was life on this overcooked lump of spacerock, but sentinent one? I doubted it. Must have been the planets magnetic field.

The gravitation was stronger than expected of that little planet. Not that far off to my own homeplanet. That was at least twenty times larger, though. How was this possible? We landed on a flat, grey and solid hard surface. At the horizon we saw near endless forests, except for two opposing directions, where this weird grey soil reached til the line of our sights and probably far beyond.
“Is this an empty river’s bed?” I remember asking my first mate, Xato Nexgrra. He was Pakoralean, a race of rather slender built, but quite of the bright site of the universe, capable of some serious multitasking with his fifteen flexible limbs.
“Negative, Captain” he had replied. “It’s stone, once liquid and now hardened again.”
“A vulcano?”
“No, Sir, I examined it with my tactile knots and it feels sort of, I don’t know, artificial to me. A Street. Of hardened tar.”
“Ok, a sentinent race on this planet. Well, that’s unexpected. But who in Xaleates’ damn universe would build a street in the middle of nowhere, wide enough to fit two of our expedition space crafts next to each other, on this puny planet?” It wasn’t like me to use our races deity’s name that informal, but for all that I knew, this was weird. Not even the Morians, the biggest of the known sentinent races, would be in need of streets that wide.
“Captain!” It was Loxxar Kraes, my head of security, an Ukraera, quite smart for his race, but his biggest trade was his speed and agility. Must be down to the fact that they use five of their seven limbs for running.  “We secured the landing zone to the edge of that forest, but… uhm, that ain’t no trees. It’s grass.”
“Grass? You mean, like a meadow?”

We gathered in front of the “grass”. Nothing uncommon about grass. In one form or another, it was fairly common on all habitable ecospheres in all universe. But this one was fricking huge.
“That is no meadow” proclaimed Dr. Proaxl, she was a female Qzaor and with her bodyless, misty physique and her unique mental skills she was fit to be in command for both our medical and scientific squads. “That is a field. It is indeed a subtype of grass, but I believe it’s a cultivated form, meant for feeding of thousands of individuals of an organized culture. Or dozens. It depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“On the size of that sentinent race’s individuals” she closed.
“How big can they be? I mean, this is a teeny weeny planet.”
“You are aware there are known microbiotic life forms in explored universe, that not like ourselfes breath carbon dioxide, but pure oxygen? Imagine there would be higher lifeforms, even sentinent ones, breathing oxygen.”
“That’s nature’s legitimate killer, the cause of every known destruction over time. How could a sentinent race breath that? And how’s that related to one’s size?”
“In contrary to our CO2 burning cells, those primitive oxygen breather are capable of extracting food’s inherent chemical energy up to four times as efficient. And in experiments it was clear, that the higher the atmosphere’s content of oxygen, the faster the growth of that cells. I do believe, if there is a higher life foarm based on this kind of cells, it’s size would be physically limited by the surrounding oxygen. And just think of the plants your race has cultivated for food, that grows in fields. How big is that compared to your own size?”
It felt like a glass of liquid oxygen was poured into all of my six breathing holes. This planet couldn’t be for real.

Eye Colors

Oh look it’s my first non-fandom piece. I am the nervous.


Blue Eyes

  • Foaming waves crashing on perfect sandy beaches, beanies, curly hair, delicate creases in silk fabric, hair ties and leather bracelets on freckled wrists, flecks of gold or silver, faded denim jackets, antlers, fluffy animal tails, dove wings, slip dresses, frost, fog, dreams

Green Eyes

  • Endless forests, leaves dappled by sunlight, sour candy, big toothy grins, mischievous giggles, cardigans, running on dirt roads, round stones of muted color, absentmindedly pulling at blades of grass while talking, songwriting, bonfire dances, adventure

Brown Eyes

  • Fire, passion, delicate smiles, mystery, unfinished writings, the quiet calm in the middle of the night, lace, fishnets, gently bitten lips, chewed on fingernails, the smell of books, the warmth of early sunrise, pierced ears, long lashes, velvet, creation

Hazel Eyes

  • Antiques, chipped nail polish, thick-rimmed glasses, introverted, the soft clicking of typing on a keyboard, scentless candles, small backpacks, tall platformed boots, mazes of hallways, fleece and minky blankets, stuffed animals, gentle breezes, early sunlight shining through partially closed curtains, #2 pencils, careful

anonymous asked:

I really like your little red riding hood character designs!! Is there any way I can know their plot and backstories?

Thank you! There’s a lot of stuff I won’t go into detail about until the comic starts, but I’ll share some general knowledge with you :) I’ve said a lot of this stuff in replies to YouTube comments but I realise I haven’t made a post to direct people to. I’m itching to reveal the title, but I can’t until I make the final decision on what site it’s gonna be hosted on. Anyway, here we go.


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The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales

Genre(s): MMO, Social
Playable Animal(s): Deer
Platform(s): PC
Features: Multiplayer, exploration, unlockable skins/masks, screensaver

“The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game and social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends. When your computer goes to sleep you appear as a deer in this magical place. There are no goals to achieve or rules to follow. Just run through the forest and see what happens.”