the ~premiere~ killed me

lauren shippen, releasing the 55-minute season finale of the bright sessions on wednesday: “i am ready to cause lots of pain and suffering”

gabriel urbina, cackling to himself as he releases a 2-hour special episode of wolf 359 today, earlier than anybody expected: “lol watch this”

You guys Os is gonna confront Ed and Ed’s going to see it as a second chance just like he did with Isabella and as much as I want them to get over it and love each other Os isn’t gonna let that stand and he shouldn’t because it was a shitty thing to do but now that Ed’s just about figured his emotional shit out Os is gonNA GO ON A REVENGE KICK AND BECOME THE ENEMY THAT ED’S WANTED THIS WHOLE TIME AND THAT’S GONNA BE COOL FOR THEIR VILLAIN PERSONAS BUT NOT FOR ANY KIND OF RELATIONSHIP AND I JUST WANT MY CHILDREN TO STOP FIGHTING YOU GUYS




but i know that you would like me, if only you could see me


Even Deanmon still remembers the pain when Sam didn’t search out for him when he’s in purgatory….and he shared it with his new ’bitch