the ~full photo~


There must be a gigantic distance

between the same place of two separate universes

Yet you still come across here

in front of me.

(Based on this photo that I have been found for so long)

Betray not your anger, lest Darkrai will come. 
Weep not with sorrow, or Darkrai will draw near.
When joy and enjoyment come natural as the very air, that is happiness.
Let such be blessed by the hand of Master Cresselia.
Those words were spoken often as customary.

No, no. No wait. Let me get this straight.

I am in Costlemark Tower, getting my ass handed to me by three Red Giants and a Nagarani. One of my party members has just been turned into a frog. Prompto thinks NOW would be the perfect time to not just snap a pic, but get down on the floor, in the middle of a pitched battle, for a close-up.

….I love this game so much.