the zombies that ate the world

The signs as Farkle things
  • Aries: Zombies Eat Your Brains 4
  • Taurus: "They made a big deal of you riding a bull for five seconds. Well I ate him."
  • Gemini: The gray denim Hot Topic jacket
  • Cancer: Planetarium ceiling
  • Virgo: Princeton
  • Leo: Farklenation
  • Libra: Jennifer's ring
  • Scorpio: Donnie Barnes
  • Saggitarius: Page 73
  • Capricorn: Spoiling movies
  • Aquarius: "I'm Batman!"
  • Pisces: Convenient pocket prism
Zombies R Us

Jon check their ammunition as he counted the bullets for each gun they had. Two pistols, one magnum a shot gun and a bow and arrow. He slowly ate a piece of beef jerky as he watched his sister sleep as he kept his ears trained to listen to the slightest movement. After nightfall left and the sun started to rise Jon woke up Casey. “Hey, did get up we gotta move. Grab your knife and you’re katana.” He said pulling on his backpack.