the zombies that ate the world


I just read “Kojiki” for class and I still can’t figure out the meaning behind the title of chapter 137, “Izanagi”. Well, unless it’s a not-so-subtle allusion to how Izanagi couldn’t accept the death of Izanami, his sister and co-creator of the world, and went to the underworld to retrieve her. I guess that this could both be an allusion to the revived corpses of Furuta’s zombie army or to Kuroiwa senior’s supposed death(?) and how it could possibly tie to his childhood trauma of losing Mikito, especially now that he seemed to be opening up to him. 

That, or maybe the allusion is more subtle. When Izanagi visits the underworld, Izanami tells him that she can’t go back because she already ate the food of the underwold, but that she could try to convince its lord to let her go, if only he promises not to look at her. Predictably, he does, and sees her for the real monster that she is, and runs away terrified, while she furiously chases him. 
Now, I’m not really sure how this could tie with the current happenings of TG, but if I may hazard a guess, I’d say that this could be a reference to his soon-to-be(?) reunion with Shirazu in his zombie form. Ever since Shirazu’s death, he’s been determined to bring his corpse back (the comparison is a bit stretched here, I know), because of what he said about how funerals are for the people who were left behind to move on, but what if then, the moment he’s actually faced with Shirazu’s corpse, he is horrified by the revelation that having his (revived) corpse back doesn’t give him any closure, but actually makes his grief even worse because he’s faced with the reality that he couldn’t save him from such a horrible fate, the zombification?

This way, even if Shirazu doesn’t reappear immediately, the connection to him would still be there thanks to this panel: 

Which, in turn, is a obvious reference to Kaneki’s words to Urie when Shirazu died:

Which only goes to show how little Urie’s grown as a character, and how he’s still putting people on pedestals and blaming himself instead of the system that made him an orphan in the first place.

Idk, thoughts?

i ate a delicious breakfast of hash browns, toast with three different kinds of jelly, and a cheese omelet, spent the day with my most favorite person in the world(my sister) and my mom(who i had 0 complications with), didn’t have school, got my hair chopped off, found the last hot pocket in the freezer and ate it, watched moana for the fourth time, had some bomb macaroons, got to see my kitten, and came across a 20 page fic of zombie apocalypse gallavich written by an author who i love(also just discovered) and who is presently writing another fic as we speak. today is such a good day. i think i’m going to cry

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Either Isak and even morning routine or night routine! for the prompt

<3 beautiful prompt my angel 

Isak could feel something tingling his skin. he felt soft warmth, heat up his face and fingers gently dance across his cheek. Isak kept his eyes shut, pretending to be asleep as Even nose kissed and created imaginary art on Isak’s face with his fingers. 

Finally he felt Even’s warm lips on his and he couldn’t pretend anymore. He wrapped his hands in Even’s hair and softly let himself be awoken by true loves kiss. 

Even smiled against his lips “morning sleeping beauty.” 

“are you always going to wake me up like that?” 

Even raised his eyebrows “are you complaining?” 

Isak blushed and ferociously shook his head. “nei nei nei never” 

Even grinned “come eat breakfast” he said pecking Isak on the nose before jumping off the bed and pulling Isak up with him. 

Isak hugged Even from behind as he finished cooking the eggs and sung to the radio. Isak hummed to the tune as he set the table. 

While they ate they discussed what the world would be like if they were taken over by aliens, zombies and finally cats.

“cats?” Even laughed shaking his head 

“um ya! have you seen a cat? they are smart as hell Even!” 

“you never stop surprising me” Even smiled fondly, finding another reason to love the boy siting right next to him.

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In Today’s Magic Story...


  • I’m too old for this nonsense. – Liliana Vess
  • Demon calling her out, and Liliana responds by setting her hair.  If you’re gonna slay a demon, slay ‘em with your looks.
  • Speaking of Demons, Razaketh calls out Liliana’s age.  Rude.
  • Razaketh has flying.
  • What was that?  Involuntary motion?  Is this Razaketh’s doing?  Or is Raven Man taking initiative?
    • Nvm it’s Razaketh.  I think.  Although speaking of Raven Man, he was able to stop Emrakul from warping Liliana, albeit not for long.  Shouldn’t he be helping now?
  • Well this is depressing.  Liliana, a character who always had a way with wit and words, is rendered nothing more than a puppet to Razaketh.  For someone who always took charge to be reduced to this…  I really feel for her…
    • Also, am I the only one expecting Liliana to ask for Raven Man’s help, a la Princess Leia?
  • While being controlled, Liliana rots Chandra’s & Nissa’s hands. Or at least withers them a bit.
  • Finally!  Raven Man!  Nice to see you again!
  • Shut your mouth, Liliana – the dude is the one thing you can hear over Razaketh, and you’re telling him to go away?  I know you’re an independent person, but you’re running out of options!
    • Also, this is a very interesting note.  Raven Man says he’ll leave if she kills her demons.  Just what does his agenda hold…?

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Risks: 10k imagine

To say that (Y/n) was reckless was an understatement. When the zombie outbreak started she was alone for the most part of it. Being alone in a world full of the walking dead really did something to a person.

It was like she wasn’t really afraid to die. She did whatever to survive. And through the months, the years she became reckless. (Y/n) had no fear anymore.

When she first met Delta-xray-Delta when they were near the Mississippi. They that she was insane. From how odd her interactions where and just how much of a killing machine she was.

10k has been captivated by the girl since he first saw her in the Mississippi town. He could tell she wasn’t a local. He was about to be hanged, she was in the crowd. His eyes couldn’t leave her. He never thought anyone can look perfect.

His eyes wander after her as she waved through the people, he can see her slipping her small hand, taking ammo and whatever else. She was like liquid gold, slipping though everyone.

Her (y/e/c) locked with his before sending him a smile. What a shame to have such an attractive guy be hung. Yet his group came to save him.

Everyone was dispersing at the zombies came running through the town. 10k couldn’t help but looked for the girl as he was running with Doc. He saw her fighting off Z with a long thin sword.

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The signs as Farkle things
  • Aries: Zombies Eat Your Brains 4
  • Taurus: "They made a big deal of you riding a bull for five seconds. Well I ate him."
  • Gemini: The gray denim Hot Topic jacket
  • Cancer: Planetarium ceiling
  • Virgo: Princeton
  • Leo: Farklenation
  • Libra: Jennifer's ring
  • Scorpio: Donnie Barnes
  • Saggitarius: Page 73
  • Capricorn: Spoiling movies
  • Aquarius: "I'm Batman!"
  • Pisces: Convenient pocket prism
AU where the SnK characters are actors and everyone screws up their lines (Chapter 53)
  • Hange: Hot! Eren you're going to hot me to death-wait, that's wrong huh? shit! it's burn, damn it!
  • Levi: You and Eren share a marriage-fuck! It's carriage! ughhh.
  • Eren: So i can get hard? CAN'T! its can't get hard. Re-do?
  • Hange: Sorry, packed up your face again-its fucked up isn't it? great just great.
  • Mikasa: Eren has done his best to get hard- Fuck! that isn't part of the line huh? its just that you guys are talking about getting hard so much ughhh! line?
  • Levi: Eren isn't big enough for that hole and everything smells like piss and piss and piss and hard and piss- im sorry but this whole speech i give its just to much. my character is crazy. lineeessss?
  • Hange: After the first experiment, everything went well. after you built things and in the last experiment you started to act like a zombie and ate the blocks and then lost control and........and.....and...ughh i hate this whole scene and all these lines! can't i just say eren fucked up?
  • Erwin: The only things that can change this tiny world are hope and....and....hope? fuck. line?
  • Mikasa: Your body is still hard don't- fuck this scene. line?
  • Sasha: EH! HISTORIA! EREN! THEY GOT BAKEN! what? oh my god ughhh its taken. Re-shot?
  • Eren: That bastard clearly isn't me! that poker face- wait you got to be shitting me! damn it! this is what i get for listening to lady gaga and i hate this horse face joke anyways. im tired of saying it...can it stay poker face?
  • Mikasa: Is your bear okay? bear? where did i even get bear? ughh i hate everything. line?
Yhwach tries to guess which Stern Ritter will betray him

As requested by anon. :)

Of course, since Yhwach can see everything or whatever, he ought to know who will betray him. But let’s say that just to be fair, Yhwach turned off his foreseeing abilities. So since it’s basically a given that at least one of the Stern Ritter will eventually betray him (because who doesn’t like that trope?), who does Yhwach think is the most likely to eventually betray him?

1. Possibility #1: Ishida

“Yes, everybody thinks that Uryu will betray me. But for that very reason, I think this one to be extremely unlikely. Is Tite Kubo so predictable a writer that he would choose as my betrayer the man whose mother I killed? The man whose father is in the world of the living, and hence will be killed in this attack? The man whose friends are all begging him to return to their side? If Ishida Uryu betrayed me, that would be far, far too obvious of an ending. Far more shocking would be if Uryu stayed loyal to me…until the very end.”

Ishida: But if you’re not expecting me to betray you because it’s too obvious….then if I DO betray you, it becomes a surprise, right??

Yhwach: It super doesn’t work that way.

2. Possibility #2: Bazz-B

“I suppose that Bazz -B is currently quite angry with me, given that I left him behind. And tried to suck out his life force. Also, he appears to be quite happily bonding with the shinigami. Plus he appears to be modeled on Grimmjow, and Grimmjow was never one of Aizen’s more loyal followers. For all these reasons and more, one might suspect that Bazz-B intends to betray me and start fighting for the shinigami. But I doubt it. I don’t think the shinigami would have him.”

Bazz-B: Clearly you underestimate my bonding skills!

Liltotto: Hey, Bazz-B, I think the shinigami all took off for the Royal Realm and left you behind.


3. Possibility #3: Liltotto

“Like Bazz-B, Liltotto is one of the followers whom I deemed…unnecessary. She seemed bitter about it. She dodged my light and saved Giselle too, indicating that perhaps she knew somehow that it was coming. Or at least, she wasn’t surprised. So perhaps Liltotto will try to betray me. Or perhaps she is too smart for that sort of thing.”

Liltotto: Not to mention I ate most of Squad 11, so I don’t think the shinigami would welcome me with open arms.

4. Possibility #4: Giselle

“I just doubt that Giselle has any concept of loyalty. Except insofar as she expects her zombies to be loyal to her.”

Giselle: What? Sorry, I was thinking about zombies.

5. Possibility #5: Pernida

“People who wear hooded cloaks all the time are highly suspicious. What face is Pernida hiding from the world? Is it the face of a…..betrayer?”

Pernida: Actually I just sunburn really easily.

Komamura: Awwww, I was hoping you’re a puppy!

6. Possibility #6: Askin

“I asked Askin to come with me, even though Askin is not traditionally part of my royal vanguard. That might strike some as suspicious. And why do Bleach villains keep their subordinates close by? Well, traditionally because said subordinate is aiming to murder the villain. Perhaps, like Aizen, I like to keep the people who are planning to murder me close.”

Aizen: First you say you planned everything, and now this?

Aizen: You’re such a copycat.

Askin: Um I think I was supposed to respond….oh, whatever.

7. Possibility #7: Nianzol

“People are called “double-tongued” when they are liars. Nianzol literally has two tongues. That is symbolism if I ever saw it.”

Nianzol: Or I just really love lollipops.

8. Possibility #8: Lille

“Lille has shown no obvious signs of betrayal. He seems to be modeled on Starrk, who was never anything but loyal. Plus he just fired directly at Kurosaki Ichigo. But then, isn’t it always the ones who you suspect the least who betray you in the end?”

Lille: ….no?

9. Possibility #9: Gerard

“He certainly looks like Thor. And Thor is a paragon of goodness. I don’t think Thor would ever try to destroy the world. Perhaps Gerard is secretly Thor. Or perhaps I ran out of likely candidates for betrayal.”

Gerard: Okay but seriously who is Thor and why does he keep ruining my reputation??

10. Possibility #10: Haschwalth

“Ah, Haschwalth. Everybody’s second favorite candidate for betrayal. Sad, really. Simply because you are my second-in-command, and so parallel to Gin. Just because you broke Kurosaki Ichigo’s sword instead of killing him. Just because you don’t appear to be around right now, as if you have snuck off for some nefarious purpose. Just because your hair gleams with goodness and light.”

Haschwalth: Actually I am incredibly loyal.

Yhwach: I know, man. I know.

Art by finni.

I prayed to the Hero-King for a small part of the strength he used to save the world. But I need this subterfuge no longer. I choose to fight as Lucina now.

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Intelligent Systems

In the event that an evil dragon the size of a small country raised a zombie horde and ate most of the people you cared about, what would you do? Well, if you’re Lucina, apparently you rally a ragtag resistance and defy a few fundamental laws of nature in the name of putting an end to it. An incredibly driven and determined young girl, Lucina is a heroine that refuses to give up even in the face of fated defeat.

She’s also afraid of really big spiders, so points for relatability.

Zombies Ate My Homework

Title: Zombies Ate My Homework
Author: shipperluv
Rating: K
Summary: That video game at Farkle’s house got something started. Lucas leads Riley through the world of zombie killing. And she gets a bit addicted.
Warnings: Inexplicit zombie guts. And fluff
Author’s Note: From the little bit of searching I did, I’m relatively certain that Zombies Eat Your Brains is not a real game. That being the case, I took a lot of liberties with the gameplay. And please keep in mind that my gaming knowledge is somewhat limited, so if you see any glaring errors that I’ve made, feel free to point them out to me so I can fix them. And in other news, I am officially unable to write a short fic.


Unlocking the apartment door, Lucas swung it inward, then held it open for Riley. “My mom should be home in about half an hour, so we won’t be bothered until then.”

Accepting the news with a nod, Riley entered the apartment, her fingers locked a little nervously around the strap of the bedazzled backpack hanging over her shoulder. They hadn’t been completely alone like this since they’d all come back from Texas. They’d all adjusted to the changes in their relationships in the months since then, so it wasn’t like she was afraid to be alone with Lucas or anything, they were only friends. But somehow they weren’t exactly the same as they’d been before their unofficial thing became officially over. Their one-on-one interactions didn’t seem to be as easy as before.

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Zombies R Us

Jon check their ammunition as he counted the bullets for each gun they had. Two pistols, one magnum a shot gun and a bow and arrow. He slowly ate a piece of beef jerky as he watched his sister sleep as he kept his ears trained to listen to the slightest movement. After nightfall left and the sun started to rise Jon woke up Casey. “Hey, did get up we gotta move. Grab your knife and you’re katana.” He said pulling on his backpack.