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RFA + Saeran + V, if you can, headcanons about how would they react to MC wearing that cute set of kitty underwear / lingerie ( you know tgat cute bra with a keyhole shaped as a kitty head. Its really adorable ^^ )

I actually don’t know what you meant but aaaah. I still think it’d be kind of like this? :00 I only did the RFA btw lolol


MC Wearing Kitty Lingerie Set


  • “Hey, Yoosung?” you called out to him from behind
  • “Hmmmm?” he lazily replied, distracted by the incoming attacks from the other team in LOLOL. His eyes were focused on the game, his fingers instinctively pressing controls to evade the attacks.
  • You spun his chair around, disconnecting his headphones from the computer, which almost fell to the floor.
  • “What is it, MC, I was winnin—“ he gaped at your barely clad body, then blood started dripping from his nose, and he began to stammer, trying to cover it up.
  • You panicked, grabbing tissues to help him, leaning in so close, your breasts were against his chest.
  • At this point, Yoosung was seeing stars.
  • Oh. I think he just fainted.


  • Why is there a present from Jumin Han in front of my door?
  • Zen stared dully at the neatly wrapped gift that sat innocently on his doorstep, and reluctantly took it inside, his eyes narrowed with suspicion. Why would the Trust Fund Kid send him anything?
  • “Zenny~”
  • The endearing sound of his lover’s voice filled his ears, and all thoughts of the trust fund kid dissipated as he turned around to face you. You snuggled up to him, fully wrapping your arms around his muscular body.
  • “Jagi, you didn’t have to wait up for me,” he said with a soft smile on his lips. He gently pushed you away, a light blush on his face. “I-I’m all sweaty from my workout, I don’t want you to get dirty…”
  • You smirked at him, lacing your arms behind his neck. “But Zenny~ Jumin sent me such a nice gift~”
  • Zen finally allowed his eyes to travel down your body, and immediately sucked in a breath as he did. His eyes lingered on the the cat-shaped keyhole sitting suggestively in between your breasts, almost teasing him… He averted his eyes immediately, feeling the need to restrain himself from attacking you.
  • Then, he processed what you’d said earlier, a frown making its way to his face. “Wait… Jumin sent this to you?”
  • You nodded cheerfully, beaming. “Yep! He left you something too. He left it at the door.”
  • Zen quickly unwrapped the box he’d found earlier, only to find a pack of condoms inside. The fuck?
  • A note laid behind the pack: Zen, Seven told me that you’ve been… frustrated lately. He suggested that I send these items to you. As your friend, I hope it helps.
  • Although he didn’t like that your clothes had come from the trust fund kid, he didn’t find it to be a problem. All he needed to do was simply remove them, after all…
  • You took a step back from the sudden mischievous glint in his red eyes, but he grabbed your wrist to pull you closer. “We should put his gift to good use, don’t you think?”


  • The two of you were out shopping for new underwear (after… accidentally ripping apart too many of your old ones…)
  • You gasped, “Ooh, look at this one!”
  • Jaehee turned around just as you held up matching panties and bra against your body.
  • Her eyes gleamed.
  • “Put it on,” she commanded.
  • So you went into the changeroom to try it on, carefully clipping the bra at the front of your chest. Ooh, it made your breasts stand out more than you thought, what with the kitty sitting right in your cleavage.
  • You peeked out from the changeroom shyly, making sure no one but Jaehee was there before stepping out to show her.
  • As soon as you did, she pushed you back inside the change-room.
  • “On second thought, please take it off, MC.”


  • Ever since the first time you’d worn cat ears, he’d been insistent on seeing you wear a whole set of cat lingerie, and he’d bought you a couple…hundred.
  • A couple hundred.
  • Needless to say, it freaked you out when you saw the mountain pile of bags containing cat patterned lingerie all over the couch. You didn’t question it, assuming it was for someone else. (WHO, MC, WHO ELSE???)
  • So it wasn’t until one day when you had no other clothes to wear that you carelessly grabbed one of the few hundred sets of cat lingerie. You didn’t realize (nor care) what you were wearing, so when Jumin came home… well, he was surprised (pleasantly so) to find you finally wearing it.
  • He merely cuddled with you the whole night, being more touchy than usual while the two of you read a book before bed together.


  • “That is NOT how you wear those,” you deadpanned, staring blankly at Saeyoung, who was calmly showing off his latest crossdressing outfit—cat lingerie.
  • And he was wearing it OVER his clothes.
  • He shook his head in denial. “Nono, I’m Supercat,” he excitedly explained, placing his hands on his hips as he posed proudly in front of you. “That’s why I’m wearing it over my clothes!”
  • Trying to abide by his logic, you reasoned, “But if you’re really Supercat, your superhero clothes should be your birthday suit, so you should wear your… underwear over that, right?”
  • Saeyoung gasped in shock, “YOU’RE RIGHT!! …Hnng, maybe I’m not cut out for Supercat, after all.”
  • He handed the lingerie set to you with a sad look on his face, his eyes glimmering with (fake) tears which practically begged you to become Supercat in his stead.
  • Very, very, VERY reluctantly, you complied, changing into the cat lingerie.
  • He was on you the moment you finished changing. “YOU’RE~ SO~ CUTE~~” he cheered, snuggling into you.


  • Jumin had asked you to help model a new fashion line his business partner was designing, and you agreed on the condition that V would be the photographer since you felt that you’d be most comfortable that way
  • (Jumin: Why I asked you, MC? Because you’re the most beautiful woman I know, of course.)
  • The whole day, you modelled many different outfits… and then you were told to model… lingerie. Cat lingerie, at that.
  • Come to think of it, all the pieces you’d modelled so far had some form of cat, too. You were just too busy feeling shy to notice earlier. Ugly cat sweaters, abstract cat patterned tights, pawprint designs… no wonder Jumin endorsed in this.
  • Jihyun almost dropped his camera when you returned from the changeroom, a small frown forming upon his face. “MC…”
  • Your cheeks flushed as you covered yourself a bit, feeling embarrassed. “Wh-what?”
  • He pouted a bit, “I don’t want to do this, MC…” When you tilted your head in confusion, he continued in a whisper, “I don’t want the world to see you like this. I-I’m sorry, even though I promised Jumin…”
  • Jihyun looked so conflicted, you decided to stop the photoshoot. “Let’s ditch,” you grinned.
  • And that was how the clean up crew found an empty room with a camera full of cat patterned clothing photos.

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Hi!!!! I really in love with your writing!!!! OMG!!!!! Virtual hug to you!!!!! Can i request minific like rfa+saeran lost their wife MC in their anniversary night because of car accident? Like MC die on the spot? Thank you! I love u soooo much! Muah!


Did you miss me? Cos I missed you all a SHIT TON. LIKE OMG. So I’m like the absolute worst because of my two-month hiatus. Honestly, guys, life has just been sucking. Welp, I’ll go more in-depth later buuuuuut I am posting once again. I want to apologize because my writing is SUPER DUPER RUSTY. So I apologize ahead of time if the ficlets suck :( BUUTTT YA GIRL IS BACK. So without further ado the request :3 It was a GREAT prompt but ya girl can only do so much with car accidents D: Leave me some comments guys, critiques anything you’d like to see me do, or anything :)

As always show ya girl some love FOLLOW/LIKE/REBLOG <3

Oh, and if I were you guys, I’d uh prepare your hearts for some major angst >:D

Wanna know why I was MIA????

Need a master list? I gotchu


It was your first anniversary together as a married couple. Four years of having your beautiful soul in his life, Yoosung was thankful for the fateful day you staggered into the RFA chat room.

In the beginning, he didn’t think anything of it, he knew he thought he was just attached to you because you had filled Rika’s spot. The differences between you and Rika were colossal. He loved you more and more every day; he couldn’t believe his ears when you accepted his marriage proposal.

You were his and he was yours. He had finally graduated school and now he couldn’t wait to start a family together with you. He bolted out of work, excited to meet you. You guys were celebrating your first anniversary together and everything had to be perfect.

He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He grabbed a bouquet of flowers, sunflowers, your favorite. You always thought roses were super cheesy and excessive, in his opinion he thought that it was fitting to you. Like the flowers, you made his life much sweeter and brighter by simply existing.

He began walking to your rendezvous point when he spotted you. He felt his heart skip a beat and his breath lightly catch in the back of his throat. You were beautiful. Feeling his eyes on you, you glanced over at him, smiling brightly and Yoosung just melted. He felt his pace quicken, the need to have you in his arms overwhelming him.

 You quickly made your way over to him, not paying attention. That’s when it happened, a car ran a red light and smashed into you. Yoosung froze. He couldn’t register what was happening. The world was spinning and he couldn’t seem to hear anything. He was your limp body lying there on the pavement as the car sped away.

He saw blood pool near your body and that shook him back into reverie. He ran towards you, tears streaming down his face. This couldn’t be happening. It was your anniversary, the first of many. You were his happily ever after. How could this happen?

He gingerly lifted your head, his tears slowly falling on your face. There was no movement or reaction from you. Cold realization settled over him. He became hysterical, “MC? MC? Open your eyes babe. Please” he broke down sobbing.

Darkness clouded over his eyes and the next thing he knew was he woke up in a hospital bed. Seven sitting in the corner noticed the movement and quickly was at Yoosung’s side. “Hey bud, how are you feeling?” he asked tentatively.

Yoosung groaned, “I don’t know what happened dude, I just had the worst dream that MC was in a car accident.” He clutched his head and let out a breathy laugh. “Speaking of, where is she Seven?” he asked.

Seven just looked at Yoosung, heartbreaking in his eyes. The color drained from Yoosung’s face. It wasn’t a dream after all. His life was a living nightmare. Tears began running down his face once again. He didn’t know what to do, what to say, he just needed to see you, one last time. 

He walked into the solemn operation room, the hum of the machinery just clawed at his ear drums. He knew what exactly the ominous sound meant. He walked over to the bed, a silhouette was draped in white cloth. Its funny, a year ago seeing you draped in white cloth brought tears of joy to his eyes, but this white cloth was the antithesis of that.

This white cloth signified the end, happiness being wrenched from his arms. With shaky hands, he removed the cloth to see your face one last time. He couldn’t do it. First Rika and then you; he couldn’t bear to see your face. He covered your rigid cold body once more and slowly kissed your forehead. Tears streamed down his face as he made his way out. 

He walked out of the hospital into the night. He never did show up to the funeral. He didn’t think his heart could take it. You had managed to glue the pieces that Rika has shattered but how could he ever get over your death? You were his everything. He lost contact with the RFA, moving into a quiet rural area, practicing animal husbandry. He vowed that he would never fall in love again. It was much too painful and he simply couldn’t move on from you. You were his soul mate, his life partner. He just lived his life quietly and alone, waiting for the day he could meet you again.  


She never really knew what her life would be without you. Honestly, everyone has a life but until the day Jaehee had met you she hadn’t really lived.

Her days previously were dull, focused on working and becoming a successful, thriving member of society. Now she looked forward to so many silly things. Waking up in the morning next to you, sharing a simple meal with you, stealing quick glances at you, your little inside jokes and so much more.

She found joy in everything that involved you. In the beginning, she was hesitant. She didn’t know if this was friendship but she knew it was something deeper. Never in her life, did she have such a connection with anyone and she was grateful that you had the patience to wait until she realized her true feelings.

She loved you. It was as simple as that. You two had tied the know two years ago and were celebrating your two year anniversary. You both didn’t like doing anything too extravagant. Just spending time with each other was more than enough.

Jaehee was lost in thought, as she walked alongside you. Admiring your beauty, she didn’t know how on earth she was able to live before. Looking back at how she used to be, she seemed so dull and serious. She was grateful having you in your life.

She heard skidding, and she saw a car barreling towards her. She froze, finding herself unable to move. “Jaehee” she heard you screech. To her surprise, she felt herself hurtle over and a sound of a crash behind her.

No,” she thought to herself. “Please, it can’t be” She turned to see your limp body lying on the side of the road, smoke coming out of the assaulting vehicle. A whirlwind of emotions flowed through her, but she got ahold of herself. She dialed 911 and reported and accident with casualties. She then sent a mass text out to the RFA, alerting them of what happened as she sidled up to you.

You appeared to be unconscious. That’s a lie. She didn’t need to be a doctor, but she knew there would be no way you could survive with your body laying like that. She had faith though. She knew life couldn’t be so cruel. 

She felt numb as she climbed into the ambulance with your body, not responding to the EMT. She couldn’t say anything. She couldn’t feel anything. She sat in the waiting room of the hospital as the members of the RFA hurriedly shuffled in. She looked up with blank eyes, “Everyone, it seems that MC is no longer with us,” she stated as calmly as she could. She heard the boys break down in tears, holding their heads in disbelief.

Jumin walked over to her, and bent down, “Assis- Jaehee, are you alright?” She wanted to laugh, how on earth could she be all right? What an asinine thing to ask? She looked up at him incredulously ready to fight, but her eyes met with his grey irises, his heart breaking in them.

He knew she wasn’t all right, he wanted her to stop pretending that she was. Her eyes filled with tears and her body shook as she let out a cry, “It’s not fair. It’s just not fair. First father and then mother, I tried so hard to protect my heart but she wheedled herself in and now she was taken from me as well. How can life be so utterly cruel?!”

She buried her face in her hands as she felt arms around her. Everyone loved MC and it broke their hearts to see such an abundant expression of sadness from Jaehee, the stoic ex-employee of Jumin.

She held the wake for the funeral for MC at the coffee shop, she knew its what you would’ve wanted. Your family and friends showed up, everyone loved you. Jaehee smiled bitterly, it was so hard for her. She was so used to having you in her life, being the center of her joy. She didn’t know what she was going to do. She was grateful. She was happy that she had the chance to get to know you and fall in love with you. She was grateful that you showed her how to truly live. She would never forget you as long as she lived, she felt eternally indebted to you. She closed her eyes as she slowly wiped the trickling tears from her eyes, “Goodbye MC, I love you.”


He was handsome, that was common knowledge. What Zen loved the most about you was how down to earth you were. All his previous relationships were so incredibly shallow; it’s no wonder that they ended. Actually, that’s wrong, it was destiny. They ended because he was waiting for you.

You were always there for him and so supportive. When you had mysteriously joined the RFA, he had joked about being single. Sure, you piqued his interest. He thought you’d go running when you saw how narcissistic he was, to his pleasant surprise you saw right through him. You saw that it was simply a coping mechanism, seeing that he was actually really insecure and he just “faked it until he made it”.

Zen was sure he fell in love with you in the chat room, even to him that sounded silly. How on earth could you fall for someone you’ve never even met before? He just felt such a strong connection to you he couldn’t help you. When you had shown up to his apartment, he was absolutely floored. You were just as beautiful on the outside as you were in.

He knew he was moving fast, but when you were almost kidnapped he realized that he wanted to be with you. He knew, that he had gotten it right this time. Here you were celebrating your first year together as a married couple, two years together in total.

Everyone said you two were moving too fast, but you didn’t care. Zen loved you more than anything in the world and he knew you loved him just as much. He was still so insecure; you deserved everything in the world, the absolute best. He was still climbing the ladder to fame but you never ever voiced a complaint. Was he doing a good job loving you?

He made sure that your first anniversary together would be special. He picked you up on his bike and tossed you a helmet. You grinned as you put it on and hopped on the bike behind him, wrapping your arms around him tightly. He felt your warmth against his back as he revved up and drove.

He took you to your special place and you were pleased to see a blanket laid out with all your favorite foods and a bouquet of flowers. You looked up to your movie star as he bashfully laughed and lead you over to your feast. He loved this, these little moments, spending time together. He kissed you deeply as he asked you to close your eyes. You looked at him skeptically as you obeyed.

You felt him reach around you and move your hair to the side. He placed something around your neck and you opened your eyes. You held up your phone to get a better look at the necklace as you saw a simple pendant with a gold star.

He blushed, “I know it’s nothing too fancy, but when I’m a huge star I’ll get you a proper one. I just wanted to give you that so you know that no matter how famous I become, I am always your star first. ARGH, I’m being too cheesy” he said as he buried his face in his arms embarrassed.

You grabbed his face and kissed him deeply, smiling as he returned it appreciatively. “Zen, unfortunately ” you said breathlessly, “I love you more than anything, don’t ever forget it please.” He was on cloud nine, as he peppered you in kisses. You both cleaned up and started to head back.

He zoomed on his motorcycle, carefully maneuvering his way through traffic when he heard a loud honk and just silence.

Zen found himself gaining consciousness in a hospital room. He smelled the stale air in the hospital and he heard Jaehee stir as she cried out, “He’s finally awake.”

He groaned as he held his head and felt bandages. His leg was in a cast and his shoulders were throbbing. He opened his eyes to see the members of the RFA in front of him, well except-

“Where is MC guys?” he asked as he clutched his head once again, “Yoosung, why are you crying I’m fine?” he exclaimed lightheartedly.

Everyone was silent for a minute and then Zen heard Jumin break the silence, “Zen, I am sorry to in, unfortunately, did not make it. You two were struck by a drunk driver and she was pronounced dead at the scene,” he said stoically.

Zen snorted, “Very funny guys, where is she? Hiding in the hallway?” He started to get up from his bed. The RFA members just looked at him solemnly as it slowly dawned on him. They weren’t joking.

That’s not possible though, there is no way you could be gone. You two were destined for each other, made for each other. How could this happen? “I need to see her,” Zen said forcefully as he abruptly stood up, pushing the members away. 

Seven blocked his path. “Zen please, she’s gone,” he pleaded with her. Zen grew aggravated, “Get out of my way,” he roared as he shoved the red-head to the side. He found Jumin standing in front of him.

“Zen, I understand you are upset but please, you need to rest, you were also badly injured.” Zen couldn’t take it anymore, he felt all of this emotions and frustrations bubble over and he punched the chairman’s son in the face. “MOVE.”

Jumin gingerly touched his lip and swiftly raised his hands to calm his bodyguards down, “Let him go, he’s grieving” 

Zen hurriedly made his way down to the reception desk, “Excuse me, can you tell me where my wife MC is?” The nurse led him over to a room, void of any light. There you lay in the middle of the room, lifeless. Your body was covered in cuts and bruises but you were still as beautiful as ever. No wonder the room was dark, lifeless, you had taken it all when you passed. Just like this room, his life would be reflected like this dull, lifeless.

There was no him without you. He felt tears stream down his face as he began to sob. Everything that he had, it was thanks to you. All of his efforts it was for you, hell he even forgave his family for you. How could he possibly go on? He went to check out of the hospital. His wounds would heal, at least the ones that he obtained from the accident. However, his heart would never heal. Zen knew you were his one.

The funeral was small and quiet, just family and members of the RFA came to show support. Zen was devoid of all emotion; you had taken his heart. He approached your open casket to say some final words when he felt his breath hitch. You were wearing the necklace he had gifted you and everything flowed out of him. He lost energy in his legs as he fell to the ground sobbing. To his surprise Seven and Jumin came to his side, squeezing his shoulder supportively. He recollected himself as he held his fingers to his lips, kissing them tenderly and placing them on your cold blue ones, “Goodbye my love, until we meet again.”  


“Money can’t buy happiness” When Jumin had first heard that, he simply thought it was something commoners used to say to not feel so inferior to people like him who were better off. He foolishly believed that he had everything, and then he met you.

Sure at first he had his suspicions. Would you be another one of those gold diggers that liked him for his brand and money or would you be like his mother and break his heart. You see, he had very little faith in women. His stoic nature was a product of his upbringing; he couldn’t exactly help it.

Yet you understood him at a deeper level than anyone else had. When he lost his mind when Elizabeth the 3rd went missing you were there for him, you understood him and the pain he felt, the loneliness he felt, the fear he had of giving himself to someone just to have them break his heart. You accepted all of that and in turn loved him, the man he is today is all thanks to you.

For once in his life Jumin Han, could say he was actually happy. He had a beautiful wife that gave him everything, including a family. You two had gotten married pretty quickly and when you told him you were expecting twins he was ecstatic but terrified. He wanted to be an amazing father, fill the voids he felt when he was younger and you assured him that he would be amazing. Not only that but he wouldn’t be alone, Jumin had finally found a home.

You had been married for five years now; life was amazing. Jumin woke up every day with a smile. You had given birth to your youngest son two years ago and life was blossoming. Jumin felt blessed every day to wake up next to you. Sure your Elizabeth, your two sons, and daughter sprawled across your bed ruined the mood a tad, but he loved every second of his life.

Seeing you tackle being a mother to all three of his kids and be the poised collected wife of the C&R Heir, he was awestruck at how you managed to do it all. Every day he found himself falling deeper in love with you. 

Because it was your five-year anniversary, Jumin had made sure to have his father watch his children. He needed time with you alone and he loved his kids but this was his day with you. Money was never an issue with Jumin, but he knew you hated all the extravagant presents. So he took you to a suite in a hotel and made you dinner. Candles and all, the table filled with your favorite foods. 

He loved it because to him, the little things were what made your bond stronger. He rested his head in your lap and you just enjoyed each other’s company. Sure it wasn’t lavish and expensive but this was exactly how you two loved it.

Jumin abruptly sat up and turned to you, “MC, if you would please be honest with me my love. Have I done a good job as a husband, loving you, caring for you?” 

You grabbed the poor man’s face and hugged him tightly, reassuring him that yes, you were the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Jumin closed his eyes and breathed in your scent, his heart pounding, tears threatening to fall. It’s odd, everyone teased him for being robotic and stoic, but you stirred all types of emotions in him. 

It was getting late and you two knew that the Chairman had probably had his fill of his grandchildren. You two made your way down the stairs and settled next to each other in the car, cozying up to one another. The driver started up the car and made its way down a busy intersection when your vehicle was stuck.

Jumin felt his body fly forward as he lost his grip on you. He awoke outside the vehicle, lying on the cold hard ground. He groaned as he grabbed his head in agony, his skull was throbbing. He heard sirens in the distance and he looked around and finally spotted you.

He made his way over to you, but he knew. You had not made it. Not with your body at that angle. He clutched your lifeless body and sobs escaped him. He cried out your name over and over again. Screaming. “Please god, I’ll do anything, please don’t take her. She is the only thing I have ever truly wanted, PLEASE”. 

He cried out, but it was futile. You had left him. What was he going to do? How was he going to survive? You were his everything, his only reason to live, you understood him like no other. What was he going to do, oh mc? He let out another loud cry.

The funeral was painful. The magnitude of despair in his eyes was enormous. He took one last look at you. Hair, that you changed every day, always making you beautiful not matter how it was styled. Your eyes, that captivated him, the mischievous glint, how they sparkled when you smiled. Your smile, that gave him warmth and solace. Your arms which embraced him, finally giving himself a home after all these years of being alone. He couldn’t, he didn’t want to go back to the cold loneliness he felt before, the abyss of darkness he felt of being devoid of any emotions.

He turned; he was going to let Assistant Kang know that he was going to pour himself into work. Not to be bothered, he couldn’t deal with emotions they were too troublesome. He saw his three children, your three kids, in the arms of the RFA.

You hadn’t left him alone after all. He broke down once again as he embraced his children. How could he forget? How could he abandon them?

Emotions weren’t troublesome. After all, all three of your children were born from the love you two had. He wouldn’t regret a second, not one moment of him being with you. He wanted it all, the good, the bad, the heart-wrenching.

He kissed your forehead for the last time, “Thank you, my love, for everything you have done and everything you have given me. Words can’t begin to explain how much I love you, but just know that I do. Don’t worry, I will take care of the kids properly and love them just as much as I love you. Wait for me my love, for I will be forever yours.”


He didn’t deserve you. Seven knew that he knew it better than anyone in the world. The problem was he was madly in love with you. From the second he had laid his eyes on you on the security camera, he knew he was in trouble.

He also knew that he was no good for you. But the more you two talked the deeper he fell for you. You were perfect for him; he wanted you. This was him though; he didn’t get a happy ending. He was sentenced to a life of misery.

He pushed you away; it hurt him more than it hurt you. You, however, were as stubborn as ever and he was happy you were. Every step he took back from you, you took ten forward. He didn’t want to hurt you, he wanted you to be happy and safe, even if that meant that he had to be mean to you and show you better options.

He couldn’t do it though. At the end of the day, he loved you, more than anything in the world. To his disbelief, you loved him too. After the whole debacle with Mint eye and his brother, you two could finally be together.

Everyday Seven had to pinch himself, to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Surely there wasn’t a catch, right? There was no way he could be this happy without any catch? There wasn’t though, it was simple you loved him and he loved you. 

You had gotten married after a year and were celebrating your two-year anniversary. He couldn’t believe it, he had spent two years with you as his beloved. To be with him through sickness and in health, through good and bad, he would do it all as long as it meant you would be by his side.

It was your two-year anniversary but he planned to do the same thing every year. He packed up a fulfilling lunch of HBC and Ph.D. pepper and you two hopped into one of his babies and made your way to the countryside. Stargazing was your favorite pastime, sure you weren’t able to get married at the space station, but you would take a look at the stars every anniversary.

You lay on the blanket giggling gazing at the stars, as Saeyoung looked at you. You were so beautiful; he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to find someone as amazing as you in his life. You were there for him when things were rough and he was so lucky. He felt his eyes fill with tears and drops trickle down. “Fuck,” he cursed.

You looked over at him, worried at his sudden sadness, “Saeyoung, what’s wrong babe?”

He pulled you into a tight embrace and kissed you. “Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong as long as you are going to be with me forever.”

You giggled as you wiped the tears from your redhead’s face. “I plan on being here forever mister, so don’t try to get rid of my any time soon,” you joked. He laughed as he grabbed you to cuddle. 

It was nearly dawn; you two began packing your stuff to get ready to head back. In the distance, Seven saw a vehicle, which struck him as odd since this area was extremely deserted. He saw the vehicle zoom closer and recognized it, as someone from another intelligence agency.

He yelled at you to get down, as he sprinted towards you. It was too late, you turned and he saw the confusion etched on your face as your body was thrown into the air. You hit the ground with a sickening thud. He pulled out a gun from his car but it was too late, the perpetrator had gotten away.

He sprinted to your limp body, praying with everything he had, that you were ok. That God was not so cruel to take you from him. He pleaded, bargained, begged him, saying that he would leave your life forever, that he should take him instead of you.

It was too cruel. He was the target, why had they come after you. Why did this happen to everyone he loved? Was he cursed? Damned to roam this planet, forbidden to get close to anyone or anything. Please God, if you’re there, don’t take her away from me. She is all I have ever wanted. I will do anything, anything you want me to JUST PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. 

He sobbed ad he lifted your lifeless body into the car. He saw a tiny box wrapped up sitting on the passenger seat, which belonged to you. He opened the box carefully, wondering what on earth you could have gotten him.

He held the note and read it in disbelief, “Dearest Saeyoung, now my love you can make all the stupid dad jokes you want. I love you.”

His hands shook as he held up the positive pregnancy test. Tears flowed out of his eyes as he screamed. You were pregnant. How could the world be so cruel?

He cried and punched his seat until his throat was raw and his fist were bloody. There was only one emotion running through him now. He drove back to his house, contacted the RFA and held a small funeral; halfway through he disappeared, he couldn’t take it.  God damn it MC, I told you, I told you I was no good. Sure I would be heartbroken, but I’d rather that than have you dead. 

He went off the grid; his bloodlust was the only thing that he felt. He didn’t stop, he hunted day and night for the people who did this, for the people that took away his one source of happiness; the people who robbed him his wife and child.

Vengeance was the only thing that was on his mind. He finally found the perpetrators and exterminated them. He felt nothing; he had accomplished the final thing he had to do. MC, I can’t do it. I can’t live without you or our baby. I’ll see you soon.

He lifted the gun and held it to his head; he wasn’t scared. He was going to see you, and finally be happy. With a pull of the trigger, he made the ultimate profession of love for you.


He never said, “I love you” to you. Which seeing that you two had been married for a year, seems odd. Sure he felt it and you conveyed it verbally more times than he could count.

He did love you. He didn’t know why he couldn’t say it. It was your one year anniversary and Saeran was determined to say it to you today.

He chalked it up to nerves but honestly. Saeran had no idea why you were with him. You were beautiful, smart, kind and patient. It seemed that everyone in the RFA loved you, but you wanted to be with him. Was it because you felt bad for him? Did you pity him?

As pathetic as it was, even if that were the case, Saeran would take it. You made every day bearable. He loved how warm your embrace was. How your eyes seemed to light up when you spotted him in the crowd. How you always did all the talking but always remembered the little things he would say. He loved you. It was as simple as that.

Being with him wasn’t a walk in the park. Sure he had gotten better but you had been with him for five years. It took him four years to open up to you and even then he couldn’t say those three stupid words. He knew, that you knew how he felt. It was nice to hear it though, just like how his heart swooned every time you told him, he wanted you to melt as well.

He began walking over to your usual ice cream parlor for your annual date when he spotted you outside. He groaned inwardly, how was it possible for you to be this cute? You turned and spotted him, lighting up immediately, and he felt the heat rise to his face.

You excitedly grabbed his hand as you grabbed your ice cream and made your way to the park to cloud watch. You were happily chatting away as Saeran began feeling down. You deserved everything in the world, someone to tell you that he loves you every second of the day, someone affectionate and kind, someone that was the complete opposite of him.

He felt a pang in his chest. Maybe you deserved better, maybe he should let you be happy. Was he holding you back? He dropped your hand and began walking the other way 

“Wha- Saeran? Where are you going?” you called as you chased after him.

“I can’t do this. I need to go home. We need space,” he said as he began crossing the street.

“Saeran, a break? I love you! What do yo-” you were interrupted by a loud honking sound as you were flung into the air.

Saeran hearing the commotion, turned around only to see you sprawled on the ground. He broke out into a run, his feet pounding the pavement. No. NO. NO. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You deserved better. He was giving you a shot to be better. You were right behind him how did this happen. He shouldn’t have turned around.

He finally made his way to your body, as he lifted you onto his lap. His hands were wet and matted with blood, he let out a sob, “No, MC, babe I’m sorry you can’t leave me. I’m sorry please, say something anything please.”

Tears began flowing down his face. He called and ambulance and then his brother, “Saeyoung, I don’t know what happened she was right behind me and now she’s bleeding, please oh god.”

He broke down crying hysterically. He couldn’t do this. He had never loved anyone like you. He never wanted to love anyone else but you. He heard you groan, “Sae- Saeran? Don’t cry love, I’ll be fine.”

His body shook, even now you were tending to him. He cried, tears flowing freely down his face, a siren in the distance alerted him that help was near. He saw your eyes flutter lightly, “Hey no, no. MC stay with me. I love you. You hear me you idiot, I love you so you can’t leave me ever.”

Your eyes fluttered, the ghost of a smile played on your face, “You finally said it… I love you too Saeran. I lo-” and with that, your head lolled to the side. He kissed you, saying “I love you” chanting it like a mantra that could possibly bring you back to life. 

He watched as the EMT’s lifted your lifeless body into the ambulance. They pronounced you dead at the scene. He saw his brother and broke down in his embrace. Why didn’t I tell her that I loved her sooner? Why didn’t I tell her I loved her every second of every day? Why is life so cruel?

He couldn’t even attend the funeral. He saw your face and locked himself in the bathroom to cry. He spent his days at your grave, and he spent his nights awake, often crying himself to sleep, just to repeat the cycle the next day. He loved you more than anything in the world and he couldn’t believe you were gone. He didn’t know what to do without you. He was empty. The only thing he seemed to be able to say was, “I love you MC”. If only I had been able to say it to you before it was too late.

WOW. Holy shit this was a loooooong one and hella depressing. OMG, I like low-key cried a few times while writing this. Worse because I played this song on a loop while I wrote this D:  be warned kiddies. But um hello? Who is amazing for reading this long ass ficlet, that is a bit rusty because of this ol’ writer, YEAH DAS RIGHT YOU BABY GORILLA <3
Just a friendly PSA- so just like in the fic, driving can be super dangerous. Please make sure that you all drive safely and responsibly because it’s not only your life that can be affected. Let me know which fic broke your heart the most >:D As always I love you guys <33333333 MUAH <3

Gasp, I sense a bad boy. Possibly a serial killer as well

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Técnica zen antigua para sanar emociones

“Primero que nada, las emociones sólo pueden ser sanadas por tu propia acción, nadie las va a sanar por ti, puedes acudir al psiquiatra, al médico, al psicólogo, pero ellos no pueden sanarte, nunca han sanado nada y no van a empezar contigo.

Segundo, para sanar una emoción primero deberás tomar consciencia de la emoción a sanar, hazlo sin juicios de valor, no elijas, no pongas etiquetas de bueno o malo, hacerlo sólo te hundirá más en el sufrimiento. Si sientes dolor, concibe al dolor como tal sin adjetivos de malo, desagradable, etc. Si sientes tristeza, concibe tristeza, si sientes soledad, concibe soledad.

Tercero, quita los posesivos ‘tengo’, ‘soy’, 'padezco’, etc., eso es desligarse y desapegarse de la emoción. Debes entendender que tú no estás padeciendo, ni tienes algo y ni eres algo; pon una distancia entre tu verdadero ser y eso que el cuerpo o el corazón sienten. El desapego es crucial, sin desapego a la emoción entonces ni siquiera intentes este ejercicio.

Cuarto, el universo es todo energía y tú no sólo eres parte de esa energía, sino que eres esa energía, y aquí es donde empieza la verdadera transmutación o sanación de las emociones, la única energía que existe es el amor, todo lo demás es irreal e inexistente, todo lo que crees que ocurre es eso, una creencia, la materia no está hecha de materia sino de pensamiento que tú proyectas con base en creencias y todas ellas no son tuyas, te han sido implantadas, impuestas, lo único que realizas es repetirlas una y otra vez toda tu vida.

Entonces bien, todo es energía y la única energía que existe es el amor (divino), para sanar o transmutar cualquier emoción es agregar ese amor, ya que toda emoción es ausencia de amor, es decir, las emociones son sólo una expresión de la falta de alta frecuencia en tu energía.

Aumentarla elimina las emociones. Fuera de ti no existes, existes en tu mente, en tu consciencia, en tu concepción de ti y de lo que crees que eres, pero fuera de tu consciencia no existes, fuera del 'yo’ no hay un 'yo’. Las emociones son eso, un yo que cree que existe.

También debes entender que no puedes crear amor, el amor es una energía y como tal no puede ser creada ni eliminada, el amor ya es, lo único que te queda es permitir que esta energía fluya en ti, o lo permites o no lo permites, para permitir la energía amor es necesario quitar al 'yo’. Presencia de emociones es presencia de 'yo’, ausencia de emociones es ausencia de 'yo’”.

High School Band AU: Ch. 3

Man, I got so carried away, this is so long! Hope you have patience to read all this.

Also hope you like it, of course! ^^

“Do you have a curfew or something?”

“Not that I can recall.” You never needed one, since you don’t go out too much at night.

“Oh, so you have a few hours to kill?”

“I guess…” both yours and his voices are muffled due to your helmets. Also, yours is a little tight, guess of all the girls that hopped on his bike, you have the biggest head.

You thought he was taking you to the ice cream shop or that place with the French fries, you heard some girls that are in your class talking about these places where Zen usually takes his dates, but… of course you’re not his date, so it makes sense he’s taking you somewhere else… right?

Okay, so you’re not a date, you’re just… how did he say that time in the audition? Weird quiet girl sitting in the back? Yep, and add a big head to that! And… you don’t want to go all paranoid again, but… does he take all weird quiet big headed girls to this neighborhood? What have they done to deserve this?

Yes, it’s hard not to tilt your head, trying to find some place familiar, and not get insanely scared when you’re not able to. Where are you? Why is he taking you to this part of town?

He stops the bike side to side to a whole line of motorcycles, you’re still looking at these fancy Harley-Davidson when Zen clears his throat, his hair tickles your forearm lightly, that’s when you realize you’re still grabbing his shirt in his sides.

“O-oh… sorry.” You quickly pry your hands and take your helmet off, avoiding any glance to the rearview mirror. You can’t even imagine how awful your hair must look right now.

“If you were that scared, you could have just wrapped your arms around my waist, you know that?” he says jumping out of the bike and offering his hand to help you.

“I wasn’t scared.” You pretend you didn’t see his hand and jump out by the other side of the bike.

“Of course you weren’t.” you’re pretty sure he’s being sarcastic, though his tone doesn’t sound like that, so it’s better just ignore it.

“So, what are we doing here? Looking for trouble?”

“With you dressed like that? Maybe…”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“You know, those shorts are a little… short?”

“Shorts being short? I did not see that coming…” you roll your eyes and give him a lazy smile.

“Seriously, just take my jacket, MC.” He takes his leather jacket off and hands to you, you were about to refuse, but his serious expression and tone made you reconsider.

“Do you have a fake ID or something?”

“Well, I wasn’t feeling like committing a crime today, so I forgot mine home.” You try to accentuate your words with your hands, but his jacket is so big on you the sleeves are covering up until your fingers… you must look so pathetic right now.

He chuckles looking at you. Yeah, not even your sarcasm can be taken seriously when you’re wearing a leather circus tent all over your body.

“Maybe I still have one… here. Let me check.” He leans closer and reaches for the inner pocket of his jacket. His fingers brush slightly in your belly, making you shiver. He’s close, really close! Is his hair really silver? Isn’t that premature grey hair? Who cares? It’s so beautiful, it looks so soft, if you could just…

“Found it! Here you go, MC!” he hands you a little rectangle made of plastic. “Or should I say, Miss… Lana Del Rey, 24 years?”

“Wait, does it really say Lana Del Rey?” yes, it does. “Oh. My. God! And the photo is Lana Del Rey too! Couldn’t you even get an asian chick, at least?”

“An asian girl named Lana Del Rey?” he has a point… wait, he doesn’t. Actually… you don’t see what would be a better option in this.

“Zen… whatever you’re thinking, nobody will believe I’m 24 and my name is Lana Del Rey.”

“Well, tell that to Marshall Bruce Matthers, 25 years old, who gets into that club every Saturday night.”

“Marshall Bruce… you mean Eminem?” he looks at you puzzled. Hum, not a big hip hop fan here, apparently. But wait… a … club?

“I… don’t think it’s a good idea, Zen…”


“Whatever. I don’t think we should go into a biker’s bar, we’re…”

“Biker’s bar?” he looks at where he parked his bike, oh yeah, in front of a well known bar where bikers get together to get drunk and angry. “Oh… no, MC. We’re not going there, we’re going… there.” He holds your shoulders to turn you to face this night club, where flamingos made of neon shine, indicating that you’re welcome to Pay It no Mind.

“A… gay bar?”

“Have you been here before?”

“No, I… just heard about it. Have you… been here before?”

“Yeah, a friend of mine own this place and I leave my guitar in the backstage there.” you blink a couple of times and you both stare at each other, in silence, then he jumps in surprise. “Oh, he’s really my friend, he’s not my… boyfriend or anything. I don’t… I don’t date guys.” He clears his throat.” So don’t worry, cutie, I’m straight.” Don’t worry? You feel like rolling your eyes so hard they’ll end up stuck in the back of your head. “So… shall we?”

“Zen… Marshall. I’m… I’m too young, I’ve never been in a place like this, what if is dangerous?”

“What kind of danger you would face in a place where all the guys don’t want anything to do with you?”

“I… I don’t know! You never know! I…”

“Are you scared? Like you were in my bike?”

“I wasn’t scared back then and I’m not scared right now!” you realize you’re actually yelling, okay, now this is really pathetic. “Why would you even bring me here?”

“To have some fun. It was probably a weird stressful day for you, you know, being kidnapped by Saeyoung, then having to breath the same air as Jumin Han for so long…”

“You don’t like Jumin?”

“I… it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just… he does some things that I disagree with…”

“What things?”

“Uh-uh! We’re not playing this game! You won’t do this cute face and expect I just forget what we’re here for. Come on, Lana!” he grabs your hand, you would fight if you weren’t confused. What Jumin does that Zen would consider wrong? That guy doesn’t seem the type to do anything wrong… and… were you being cute? How would you even look cute with your messy hair and this jacket swallowing you?

“Good to see you again, Marshall. Have fun, Lana.” The guy that watches the entrance barely looks to your IDs, oh… so security isn’t really strict, that’s why two asian kids can pretend to be two white famous singers and walk into a club just like this.

“Zenny! You’re back!” the bartender greets him cheerfully. “Hi, honey!” then he waves for you with a big smile, you wave back, shyly.

“Hey, dude! Good to see you.” This guy approaches him, giving him that familiar jock greeting when guys bump shoulders brutally. Hum… odd scene for a gay bar… or maybe it’s just you not being able to run from gay people stereotypes… “And you must be Zen’s new girl!”

“I… I’m not…

“She´s, she’s not… she’s hum… Mystic Messenger’s new vocalist.”

“Oh… that girl who sang Barbra?” he hugs you, you widen your eyes in shock, you’re not used to this kind of affection all of a sudden. “Hyun talked a lot about you, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but I’m glad he’s getting what he wants, at least.” The guy brushes his fingers in your hand… that is still holding Zen’s, you immediately pull away and blush. “Awww, you were right. She’s cute.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re making her uncomfortable. Just quit!” he sounds really annoyed. Hum… maybe he is the one uncomfortable here?

Then this guy invites you two to his table at a VIP section and Zen doesn’t look so uncomfortable anymore. And as you watch these people dancing and having fun, you realize you’re not uncomfortable either. You’re having fun, just like Zen wanted you to.  

“So… you two are neighborhood friends, for like…”

“10 years?” Zen nods. “Yeah, something like this. Can you believe? This fella here is like 4 years younger than me and yet, he saved my ass from some guys trying to beat me up for being… well, you know by now…”

“Gay.” You say bluntly, why would he be scared of saying this in a place like this?

“Exactly. Who could tell, right? Our little bad boy here likes to protect minorities, isn’t he cute?”

“Yeah… I mean, protecting minorities is… cute. Actually, it’s important, not… cute.” The guy chuckles, making you feel really good. You wouldn’t like to let him bothered in a place where he can be absolutely himself.

“You’re cute too, huh? Wearing a jacket that is twice your size, having this frizzy hair, you almost look like a little kid…” Hum… “It’s almost hard to believe you’re a vocalist of a high school band…”

“Come on, bro. Just leave her alone…”

“No, I want to hear more. Why can’t you believe?”

“I don’t know. You don’t seem… sexy enough for this.” You narrow your eyes, biting the inner part of your cheek.

“MC… let it go… he’s just teasing you.”

“I want to know! As far as I’m aware, I should be a good singer, my… sex appeal or whatever shouldn’t play a part on this. Right, Zen?”

“Well…” he looks to the side, avoiding your eyes. “B-But I disagree with him, MC. I think you’re sexy! I mean… you’re cute… I mean…”

“Dude, just shut up…” you glare at them both. “You see, cutie?”

“I’m not seeing anything. Not yet. Tell me… do you have an electric guitar here?”

“MC…?” Zen meets your gaze. “What are you thinking?”

“Do you?”

“Yeah, it’s in the back, Zen plays it here sometimes…”

“Come on, Zen.” You get out of the table and head to the little stage.

“Shit, this girl is crazy!” Zen follows you. “MC, what are you thinking?”

“I just want to have some fun, Zenny. Can you grab the guitar in the back, please?” you say smiling and reaching for some hair elastic bands in the pockets of your shorts, tying your hair in two piggy tails.

Okay, Zen is scared and excited, the fire in your eyes is… impressive, he can’t take his eyes from you under these colorful lights, you remind him… of himself, getting ready to a performance for the musical theater club… that one he never had a chance to actually talk to you?

“Fine. Grab the mic. I’ll follow you.” You smile at him, and he feels super hot, for some reason.

You go up the little stage of the club, and a great amount of eyes drop on you. You shiver, but this one is bigger than that one you felt when Zen touched you.

“H-Hi… Ladies and gentlemen and… ugh, who am I kidding? Fuck gender, am I right?” you gain some cheers and whistles. Okay… don’t screw this up, MC… think!

You run to Zen, who’s setting the guitar equipment, and whisper something quickly to him. He nods and smiles, watching you reassume your position in the mic.

Zen plays the intro. You cannot believe he actually knows the song…

“You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need your body, babe, from dusk till dawn… You don’t need experience to turn me on. You just leave it all up to me, I’m gonna show you what it’s all about.”

The audience quickly plays along, you look behind you and Zen is smiling while looking down to the chords of the guitar.

“You got to not talk dirty, baby, if you wanna impress me. You can’t be too flirty, mama, 
And know how to undress me (Yeah) I want to be your fantasy, maybe you could be mine
You just leave it all up to me, we could have a good time”

Then he joins you in the mic for the chorus

“You don’t have to be rich to be my girl , you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with. I just want your extra time and your… kiss.”

You end up the little impromptu performance feeling hot, but you’re shivering at the same time, it’s amazing! And you don’t know how to describe. But the audience cheering you makes you feel like you’re in top of the world.

Then Zen hugs you, and you hug him back. You don’t mind right now, he was amazing just following you like this. He is… much more than you could imagine, huh?

You two meet his friend a little after you got off the stage, both of you smirking teasingly.

“Look at you! You know how to do sexy, huh?”

“Nah… I just know how to have fun.” Then you look at Zen and smile.


It’s Monday, and you walk these hallways triumphally, still tasting that rush from Saturday night. Ah, the audience… the stage… the guitar player… it was perfect! And nobody knows a shit about this, so this victory feels like it’s yours, just yours… and Zen’s, alright.

Or maybe this isn’t something so particular… you feel pairs of eyes checking on you, or… maybe it’s just your imagination?

You are heading to your locker when a cold hand meets your shoulder from behind. You look to find its owner and…


“I’m calling an emergency meeting. Come with me.” He uses his hand to guide you, you’re confused, but… your learned by now not to mess with him, dude is scary! And handsome… you didn’t have a chance to notice his features, but now that he’s so close… and angry…

“Something wrong, MC?” shit! He realized you’ve been staring…

“I…I… you tell me.”

“Don’t worry. I know it’s not your fault.”

“F-fault?” he walks you to this abandoned room. You know this place, it used to be the musical theater room…  but why is it so dark and… why is Jumin taking you to a dark room?

Okay, first of all, this room isn’t dark. Second, you need to get your mind out of the gutter, this is becoming very troublesome… you barely walk the room and Saeyoung runs to hug you.

“Oh, my little viral is here!”

“Your… what?” oh no… could it be?

Sure you’ve noticed a few cameras among the audience, Zen sent you the links for the videos, but… a viral? No, it couldn’t be, the video with most views just reached like, 200 views.

“Saeyoung, it’s not a viral.” You state as you see the same video from before, yep, 200 views.

“Well, it is a start, you never know what can go viral.”

“After two days? Well…” Jaehee apparently agrees with you.

“Ahh, you’re just like my brother, why don’t you let me have even small things?” he does a dramatic gesture and looks to his brother, who basically ignores him.

“Jumin, why did you call a meeting? Class will start soon.” Yoosung says, clearly annoyed and probably a little sleepy. Oh, so he’s grumpy in the morning, that’s unexpected.

“Yes, I’ll be quick, we just need Zen here and… ah, here you are.” Zens walks in, his eyes immediately meet your and he smiles.

“How was the rest of your weekend, Lana?” you just giggle and blush slightly. “What’s with this fuss, jerk? I hate coming to class in the first period and you know that!”

“I’m doing you a favor, since you’re here, you could actually, you know, go to class?”

“Don’t tell me what to do and just cut the crap, asshole! What do you want?”

“I want to scold you for taking a freshman to a nightclub and putting her up a stage for her to be filmed and watched by everyone on Youtube.” Everyone? It’s just 200 people…

“Jumin, Zen didn’t make me do anything, I…”

“MC, you’re new here, I don’t know you very much, but I know him very well. You can’t expose our new vocalist like this, Zen.”

“Dude! You’re so uptight! We were just having fun!”

“Oh, I see how much fun you were having, the way you looked at her clothes and the song you picked. Tsk… you’re so vulgar.” Excuse me?

“Jumin, I really hate this word.” You say, and all the eyes in the room go to you.


“Vulgar. It’s such an awful word! Do you think Prince is vulgar?”

“MC, I… didn’t mean it like this. I…”

“Then what did you mean, dude? Because you can’t call MC vulgar! And can we actually talk about how you’re the last person to judge what’s vulgar and what’s not?”

“Zen, I got this…” you say, your hand goes to his shoulder, which he gently pries away.

“It’s fine, MC. This jerk needs to listen! Playing the moralist on me? You, Jumin? Who are you to say anything about vulgarity and… morality and…? You’re such a hypocrite!” he steps towards Jumin, uh oh…

“Dude, calm your ass down…” Shit! Even Saeran is telling him to chill, what’s happening?

“I hate guys like you! You do the shit and then just walk away like nothing ever happened, right? But what if everybody knew who you really are, Jumin? What if V knew?” it’s quick as a bolt, you just see Jumin grabbing Zen by his collar shirt.

Saeyoung places himself in front of you, like he’s protecting you. But from what? They won’t really start a fight, will they?

“You’ll keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you.” That’s all you hear Jumin muttering. Saeran and Yoosung try to separate them, but Jumin is tightening the grip. Shit!

“Guys… let’s calm down. We don’t want anybody finding out we’re using this room for the band meetings, so we can drive attention, especially this kind of attention. Jumin… let him go.” Jaehee says as she’s talking to two kids. Jumin’s eyes quickly meet your curious and horrified ones… then he lets Zen go. Everybody is finally able to exhale.

What the fuck just happened here?