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MaleMc: First day: 7am-8am

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It was 7am and Zack had just finished moving half of his stuff into Rika’s apartment. He was exhausted and frankly he was a little confused. He heard his phone beep. It was Yoosung, he was in the chatroom. Zack placed his box of books on the floor wiping his brow with the back of his movers gloves.

Yoosung>: Do you know that Zen always complains about being single these days?
Yoosung>: But I’ve never even been in a relationship T_T

          <:I hear ya, although I don’t like intimate relationships.

Yoosung>: Wut… you don’t?

          <:Hate to be that guy but it’s complicated.
          <:Parents have are married I guess it’s just
         <:their circumstances that confused me about love.
        <:Guess I’m a bit cynical.

Yoosung>: That’s really sad. T_T

Yoosung★>: But… I am happy that we have something in common.

      <:Forever alones unite! We will have magic powers.
      <:Don’t die dateless dummy

Yoosung★>: Holy crap! You played that game too!?

         <:I have a knack for getting magic powers

Yoosung★>: Ha ha! Yeah I got the bad ending a lot too!
Yoosung★>: To be honest no one’s as innocent as I am in the group. 
Yoosung★>: I think out of everyone here I’m the only one
Yoosung★>: whose never dated!

Yoosung★>: Well I’m not sure about Seven but…
Yoosung★>: It’s been fun because you’re here now!

      <:Time to have a singles get together or whatever

Yoosung★>: Singles Unite!!!


Yoosung★>: By the way do you play LOLOL?

      <: I’m bad at MMORPGS

      <:Some old roommates of mine played it a lot though.

Yoosung★>:I should teach you some time!
Yoosung★>: Argh! I have class at 9.
Yoosung★>: I’ll talk to you soon Zack!

      <:Yeah, pay attention in class :P

Yoosung★>:So tired just thinking about it…

                            Yoosung has left the chatroom

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Ezra Miller & Ray Fisher
  • Q: So, can you tell us a little bit about how you won the role of Cyborg?
  • FISHER: I can, yeah. I was doing a play off Broadway back in 2013 –
  • Flash shows up.
  • EZRA MILLER: Hi, how you doing?
  • FISHER: I was regaling them of how I came to be.
  • MILLER: No, no no don’t do that. You’re doing origin stories? You’re not supposed to give them origin stories!
  • FISHER: No, an origin story of how I, as a person, came to be. [laughs]
  • MILLER: Get outta here, man.
  • FISHER: You guys know Ezra, right? I was in a play off Broadway playing Muhammad Ali at the New York Theatre Workshop three years ago now. And around the time, Ang Lee, one of his upcoming projects was a 3D boxing movie about Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and he came and saw the show at that time. And I hadn’t had an agent or a manager up until that point, but once people caught word of that, they started coming to the show to see who’s this guy that people are coming to look at and from there I signed up and went out to California for a visit and met up with Lord Kennedy and Kristy Carlson from Warner Brothers and they said, “we have something that may be right for you, but we can’t tell you what it is. It’s just in the real of the Batman/Superman universe.” And I was like, “I’m done, I’m done. Sign me up. I’ll play a tree.”
  • MILLER: And now he’s playing a tree. [laughs]
  • FISHER: And now I’m playing a tree, they’re just going to CGI it around.
  • MILLER: You have to be really careful what you say in those meetings. [laughs]
  • FISHER: But yeah and from there, I just put something on tape for Zack while I was in New York. And we went out to Detroit and tested and it just sort of fell into place very quickly and I’m extremely grateful that it did. Coming up in the theatre and grinding for ten years, trying to make the ends meet. It was a pretty sweet payoff.
  • Q: The last movie, Batman and Superman didn’t really get along that well. But it appears that Cyborg and Flash are hitting it off. Is that only behind the scenes?
  • MILLER: We cannot confirm or deny anything regarding any people named silly names like the ones you just – I don’t even know, what did you say? [laughs]
  • FISHER: I don’t even know who these characters are, I’ve never heard of them.
  • MILLER: I need to run this scene with you.
  • FISHER: Which one?
  • MILLER: The one we’re doing.
  • FISHER: The dance solo? The tap dance number?
  • MILLER: We need to run our routine.
  • FISHER: Okay, sweet.
  • MILLER: Forgive us, guys. We need to run our routine.
  • FISHER: Which routine are we running?
  • MILLER: The dance routine.
  • ASSISTANT: The one on the rooftop.
  • FISHER: Oh, we’re actually running the routine.
  • MILLER: Yeah.
  • FISHER: I’ll be back then, I guess. Thank you guys. Did they send you over for me?
  • MILLER: Yeah, yeah yeah.
  • FISHER: You sort of pinched me on the butt.
  • MILLER: No, because I told them, “we can do it by ourselves!” And they were like fine, Ezra, go get ready.
  • FISHER: “We don’t need the Cyborg!”
  • MILLER: Bring him whatever drink he wants and then get him to set.
  • FISHER: Just put a cardboard cutout and CG it.
I Will Always Love You (V x Male! MC) Sequel Introduction

I’m Sorry That I Love You  |  Next  | Mobile List | List 

*NOTE: This is a sequel. If you’d like to know what happened before click the I’m Sorry That I Love You link above. 

Well since I can’t get photographingv to say Male!MC is his number 2 (Aye, aye I didn’t even try :P) I guess there’s only one solution. Write up a scenario myself. And what better way than to finally put out the sequel to I’m Sorry That I Love You. Thank you all so much! And I hope you enjoy :) Please let me know what you all think. I’m afraid if this intro is too weak.;;


It had been over a month since the two had moved back in together. V had resigned the rent to the apartment, much to the landlords dismay, and the two were living together. Well somewhat. V still had old, deep, wounds that were failing to heal. Scars that refused to mend. They slept in separate rooms, and ever since the park, they hadn’t even moved from holding hands. No kissing, no touching, not really any hugging. V glanced at Zack as he typed away on his laptop.

And yet Zack never complained. He could tell he wanted to do more but he was waiting for V to be okay with it. This isn’t fair to him though. V thought to himself as he continued looking through his digital camera. This is so frustrating. I want to touch him and see him smile but every time I try it’s like reaching towards fire. I can’t do it. “What’re you looking at?” Zack’s voice pulled V out of his thoughts.


“You’re looking at your camera like it just insulted you.” He chuckled. “Bad picture?”

“No.” V smiled. “Just thinking.” Zack nodded and went back to typing. Maybe…maybe I need to just go for it? He reached out and grabbed Zack’s hand. As if it were fire he pulled away. Without even looking Zack gripped his hand and slowly laced their fingers together.

“Don’t pull away.” Zack said looking up from his computer. He smiled and closed his laptop with his other hand and pushed it off his lap.

V felt his hands start to clam up. Noting this Zack gave him a gentle smile and slowly let go. “One step at a time right?”

V didn’t say anything. He couldn’t say anything. One step? It was more like one twitch of the muscle at a time. “I think I’ll turn in for tonight.” He felt his heart tighten at the sad smile that befell the young man before him.

“Okay.” Zack forced himself to sound normal. “Have a good night.”

V closed his door and locked it. Sitting on his bed he leaned over and opened his bedside drawer. Inside was the picture of his beloved, the one Zack had torn. He remembered seeing the ripped remains, how a blur of anger had washed through him. He had nearly shoved Zack aside to pick up of what remained of his treasure but when he saw his face, saw how broken and destroyed the young man was… He couldn’t. And when he had received the gift of the fixed picture, V couldn’t help but feel his heart swell and nearly tear apart against the throne that had grown around it.

What was it about this one man that made his mind clear? That made the pain disappear every time he saw his face, heard his voice, felt his presence. V clutched at the bedsheets as he stared at the picture. He reached out and traced the tiny bumps of wear Zack had glued and taped it back together. But he wasn’t thinking of Zack anymore. No, he was thinking of the woman in the picture. Her gentle laugh. Her eyes that were so full of life. Her graceful movements. Rika. My beloved.

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