the yule family

A family of witches is full of its riches

Last night my sister came over to spend the night, she just wanted to get away and hang out which I was happy with.

Out she hauls her copy of Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, a bottle of wine and her grimiore I made for her.

We chatted about guys, tattoos, movies, and finally I asked what she wanted to do; “It’s the new moon after all. Anything in there you’re wanting to try?”

After deciding that a Lucky in love spell would be better suited in a couple months, talking about spirits and how hedge crossing works, I took the reins.

“I’m going to lead you through centering, grounding, and shielding because they only briefly mention it in any book. And then, we’ll make you a witch ball. That way you’ll be ready to do whatever working you want, and you’ll be safe.”

We go to the guest bedroom where I’ve got all my witchy stuff stored, lit some incense, pulled out the selenite and started unloading my trunk and drawers of items. Pulled a clear ornament off the tree, chatted about saturnalia, how half of our heritage is based in Ireland and Celtic in nature and went to work.

No correspondence books, not rattling on about this does that and that does this. We just sat, and talked and I gave her herb and ingredient after ingredient to touch, smell, meditate with and just think about how it made her feel. After she chose, she’d tell me why, and I’d give her some info or history if it’s use etc.

Asfoetida, mandrake, iron nails, salt, beach sand, seaweed, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, mugwort, wormwood, datura seeds, datura blooms, dead bees, tobacco, mistletoe, cypress, chamomile, rose, lavender, thorns, ginger, lemon peel, hawthorn, juniper, patchouli, white sage, Palo Santo, damiana, witch hazel, pepper corns, pepper flakes, onyx, tigers eye, amethyst, rose quartz on and on and on. I kept pulling ingredients out. And it was amazing. For so long I’ve learned from her and shared moments in her world, but she’s entering mine now and it’s my favorite thing.

After she went through each one, asking questions, sharing stories, memories and random stuff she picked her herbs and filled up the ball. I know it’ll work for her because she chose them based on what connections she felt, her own correspondences, her own witchy nature. I got to be her book for the night.

I’m just so proud and happy to have another witch in the family.

Blessed Yule (Spell for a positive holiday season)

As the weather grows crisp, wind chilling fingertips

May your heart grow strong, love strengthening bonds

Safety in travels and smiles abound, winter music and cheerful sounds

A blessed holiday to all that you love, protection from the Goddess above

Witcher Headcanon: Yule/Christmas (Partially Modern AU)

  • Even as Ciri got older, Geralt always will write “From: Santa” on some of her presents and pretend they aren’t from him. She always plays along.
  • When Yennefer asks Geralt what he wants for Christmas he always says all he wants is for the unicorn to be destroyed. He does not get what he wants.
  • Ciri still has a stuffed animal that Geralt got her for Christmas when she was little.
  • Every year, Geralt and Yennefer host a Christmas party at Corvo Bianco.
  • Yennefer always buys gifts for all the children on the estate.
  • Yennefer tends to get Geralt clothing related items every year. But the real gift she only gives once they are alone.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Geralt and Ciri tend to get sad around Yule because it reminds them of Vesemir.
  • Since he got Corvo Bianco, Geralt always gives bottles of wine away as presents. Yen teases him by calling him cheap for not buying anything.
  • The Witcher Family always spends Christmas Eve sitting around the fire and telling stories.

Hey everone, I hope you enjoyed! Sorry I didn’t have more, I couldn’t really think of much. I’ll make another list later on if I think of anything else. Thanks for reading! :)

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Dragon AU! Does Loki ever come back and meet Tony for some reason? And Tony's so happy and bumbling he's just like 'why are you like this???' And then just threatens to murder all those who harm in and slithers away and Tony's like 'He's lonely' and 'I like him'

Loki actually plans to never come back because he is 1) On the run from both his family and the knights chasing him and 2) Too solitary to fit in with the happy family that is the people in the dilapidated castle. But then he hears that all the knights chasing him have met a… tragic end. So he goes back to see for himself, because he doesn’t trust people’s words. He trusted his parents, after all–and they turned out not to be his real parents.

So Loki comes back, and he asks Thor, because for all that his family hurt him, Thor has never lied to him, not knowingly. Thor is just explaining in detail how Bruce trampled two of the knights when Loki hears a yelp, and then a “TONY NO,” before something bashes into Loki’s side. Loki turns with a snarl just in time to see Tony scrabbling up his side, beaming. “You came back!” “I’m not staying,” Loki answers immediately, but Tony ignores him, running down the length of Loki’s body to the tip of his tail before running back up to his shoulder. “You’re really long! Thor’s not long. He’s just big. Will I be long?” Loki digs his claws into the ground and makes a little wheezing noise. “Unfortunately, the likelihood is quite small,” Thor answers. “Just like you.” “I’M NOT SMALL!” Tony bellows, offended, and swings his wings petulantly. He knocks himself off-balance with his flailing and yelps as he accidentally throws himself from Loki’s shoulder. “Ah!” Loki makes that wheezing noise again. Thor smiles at him fondly.

“I cannot possibly afford to feed you,” Rhodey tells Loki, and Loki regains his bearings and snarls. “I am not staying.” “Good, I don’t want you here,” Rhodey retorts. Loki feels the immediate and petulant urge to never leave just to piss this man off. But he is an adult and not a slave to his baser urges, so he will not. “Do you wanna meet my babies?” Tony asks excitedly, and Loki lifts his hand to clutch at his chest in horror, because this child can’t possibly have babies. Well, technically he could, but he can’t imagine Thor would allow a little one to rush into having a clutch like this.

The bot-lizards are smaller than one of his scales. Loki lets out that wheezing noise again. They are not Tony’s actual children but they always rush back to him after scaling Loki like he is, chirping, and Tony always looks ridiculously proud when they do so. “Alright, well, it’s time for supper. Let’s leave the giant scary dragons to talk about giant scary dragon things.” “I’m a giant scary dragon!” Tony whines, and he bot-lizards chirp in agreement, bouncing on their toes. “…You’re a medium-sized scary dragon,” Rhodey allows. Tony turns to look at Loki and Thor for a moment before looking back at Rhodey and nodding. “Yeah, alright.” Rhodey smiles fondly and turns to lead the way back into the castle. Tony and the bot-lizards trot after him cheerfully. It’s like watching a mama duck and her ducklings. Loki wheezes again.

“It almost makes you want a clutch of your own, doesn’t it,” Thor chortles. “NO,” Loki says loudly even though it does. “I’M LEAVING.” “I wish you safe travels.” Loki starts to slither away, but then he whips right back, getting up in his brother’s face. “If anything happens to that boy I will ice over the entire country.” “Or you could just come help us,” Thor suggests. “The. Entire. Country.”

(“I like him!” Tony says happily. Rhodey sighs out his nose and lies, “He seems nice.” “I think he’s lonely! He looked like I felt when you found me with Mom and Dad.” Everyone makes sad noises at him but Tony remains oblivious, ripping his rack of pork into smaller pieces for the bot-lizards.)

((Loki arrives back in the winter months, awkwardly explaining, “It is… tradition, to spend Yule with family.” “Alright,” Rhodey says slowly. Natasha is a little more than pissed off when some tall asshole with long black hair follows Rhodey into the dining room. “Another person?!” “Brother!” Thor booms happily, spreading his arms. “I do not want a hug. Thor, I do not want a hug. I DO NOT WANT A oh for the love of,” Loki sighs as Thor pulls him into a hug anyway.))

Spell for a happy family gathering

Items needed-

Red flowers (poinsettias are popular this time of year)

Cinnamon (sticks or ground)

sage (any variety, whole or ground)


black pen

white or yellow candle


Have a clear intention of what you want the spell to do. In my family there’s lots of disagreements around this time of year because of the high stress. Think about the “why” of the spell, and change the wording of the spell to fit your needs.

Gather your items in one place.

Light the candle

place the sage in the bowl


“Sage brings cleansing, may it cleanse my family’s souls”

place the red flower in the bowl

“red is the color of love, may it make us see the love we have for each other”

sprinkle or place the cinnamon in the bowl and say

“Cinnamon brings love, happiness and health to my family”

Write your intent on the paper  “the family get together on this date will be peaceful, loving, kind and happy”

put the paper in the bowl and say

“I call the spirits one by one to help this goal come to pass”

drip the wax that has melted from the candle on to the contents of the bowl

“the wax of this candle will bind us together”

meditate over it for a few minutes. visualize in your mind your family getting together and having a good time.

Extinguish the candle

you can bring the items to a river, lake or pond and put them in there


you can burn the contents outside at nighttime

and say

“Now is the time of Nyx’s Three,
This spell is bound with harm to none, so mote it be“

DMMd Yule Log, inspired by the Christmas Drama CD :D
(which takes place in the anime universe but Ren is still a dog and Mink is still in Midorijima, but whatever, there is a miniskirt santa Clear.)

I wasn’t sure about which design to use for Mink, but since he was mostly sighing and grunting I guessed he was still in his Scratch design xD

I asked my brother to take the picture with his camera because mine wouldn’t take good pictures UvU

Happy Winter Holidays from the Mods!

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We thought we would share some of our traditions with you!  We all celebrate a variety of them, and hope that your own are merry and bright!  Stay safe and warm this holiday season.  <3  Salt & the Mod Team

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Hermione Granger

Taken by Ginny Weasley before the Yule Ball in 1994

Odal - Part 16

Fandom: Vikings

Paring: Ivar x Reader

Type: Viking Times

Word Count: 3412

Warnings: none

[All Parts Here]

A/N: This week was far too busy, so I apologise for taking so long for this chapter. Here is is though! Enjoy! Also, again, thank you all for your positive feedback, it means the world to me! I’m glad that Bragi blessed me with enough inspiration to keep on writing ^^

[Playlist] - For this chapter especially the new Song from Danheim to which I’ve listened on repeat for the past 3 days! - [Rúnatal]

Summary: When you were just a child, you had been adopted by two shieldmaidens, as one of six sisters. Now, all grown up, the lot of you join king Harald to avenge the death of Ragnar in England. A journey, that is going to change the life you’ve known before.

Tags: @lightningwitcher @lovelynerdytraveler @everlasting9 @cbouvier23 @hallowed-heathen @twilight-loveer  @kingniazx @moondustmemories

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100 Holiday Writing Prompts!

Send me a character/pairing + fandom and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

  1. Carol
  2. Mistletoe
  3. Bows
  4. Lights
  5. Oranges
  6. Ivy
  7. Ribbon
  8. Fruitcake
  9. Snowflakes
  10. Angel
  11. Nutcracker
  12. Pudding
  13. Ornaments
  14. Goose
  15. Parties
  16. Jumpers
  17. North Star
  18. Pageant
  19. Icicles
  20. Stable
  21. Paper Hats
  22. Stockings
  23. Pine Cones
  24. Toys
  25. Wreath
  26. Chestnuts
  27. Camel
  28. Sleigh
  29. Elf
  30. White
  31. Donkey
  32. Pie
  33. Frost
  34. Antlers
  35. Tinsel
  36. Pear
  37. Snowman
  38. Yule log
  39. Bells
  40. Family
  41. Scarf
  42. Candy canes
  43. Traffic
  44. Snowflake
  45. Red
  46. Crackers
  47. Fir
  48. North Pole
  49. Drums
  50. Turkey
  51. Eve
  52. Ornament
  53. Poinsettia
  54. Coal
  55. Green
  56. Cranberry sauce
  57. Chestnut
  58. Heritage
  59. Jingle
  60. Shepherds
  61. Mittens
  62. Menorah
  63. Shopping
  64. Cards
  65. Kiss
  66. Merry
  67. Eggnog
  68. Trains
  69. Hymn
  70. Gingerbread
  71. Stuffing
  72. Holly
  73. Gift
  74. Solstice
  75. Fireplace
  76. Winter
  77. Chime
  78. Parade
  79. Snow globe
  80. Tradition
  81. Berry
  82. Invitation
  83. Spirit
  84. Partridge
  85. Nutmeg
  86. Rooftop
  87. Chimney
  88. Garland
  89. Robin
  90. Bauble
  91. Candles
  92. Sled
  93. Reunion
  94. Oven
  95. Wrapping paper
  96. Sweets
  97. Resolution
  98. Baking
  99. Decorations
  100. Choir

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hey! what advice could you give me as a beginner at wicca? it's been pretty hard for me to find good websites/books/resources.

I just want to start off by saying Wicca is a religion, and doesn’t have to have anything at all to do with Witchcraft. In Wicca the masculine and feminine forces in nature are embodied in the God and Goddess. You don’t have to give them a face, or name to worship them and give them thanks, but if you want to then you can choose a god and goddess that you connect with from a pantheon, and use them as your link as they are all smaller depictions of the larger forces. Here is the Wiccan Rede. This is the set of rules and sayings that Wicca revolves around. Wicca as a religion does not agree with cursing, or hurting others since the phrases “An ye harm none, do what ye will” are in the Wiccan Rede. Wicca is the worship of the God and Goddess in all their forms in nature. If you want to show thanks to the Lord and Lady here are some non-ritual things you can do:

  • picking up trash in your community
  • keeping the plants around you healthy
  • leaving out HEALTHY snacks for the animals in your neighborhood (BREAD IS NOT HEALTHY FOR ANIMALS leave seeds, granola, grain, or berries instead)

Some other information on Wicca: 

  • The ongoing changes in the God are worshiped on the Sabbats
  • Every full moon an Esbat is held in honor of the Goddess and is usually celebrated with wine, ale, or juice and cakes/cookies
  • Here is a Sabbat cakes recipe and Here is an Esbat cookie recipe
  • Wiccans can be witches, but they don’t have to be. Witches can be Wiccans, but they don’t have to be. It is entirely up to the person as to what path they want to follow. 

List of the Sabbats (on their usual day but not always on this day as it changes every year depending on the solstices):

  • Yule (December 21):  Longest night of the year, the turning point when the days will become longer, and spring will be coming. The Goddess gives birth to the God who will be her child and eventual lover. It is a time for food, family, a yule log, and gifts for Wiccans (Winter Solstice).
  • Imbolc/Oimelc (February 2):  Marks the recovery of the Goddess after birth of the God. The God fertilizes the Earth, and so the earliest beginnings of spring occur. This is a sabbat of purification, a festival of light and fertility. It’s also a traditional time for initiations into covens and self-dedication rituals (also called Brigid’s Day and the Celtic goddess or fire and inspiration, Brigid, is also worshiped on this day by some people).
  • Ostara (March 21):  The Goddess gives fertility to the Earth while the God grows to maturity. Days and nights are equal and days are slowly growing longer. This is a time of beginnings, action, planting spells, and of tending the gardens. This is the start in the pagan year of spring among Wiccans and Celtics. The first flowers are praised, and the God and Goddess thanked for the return of Spring. Ostara is one of the more colorful holidays. Feasting and socializing are the important factors in this holiday as well as the celebration of the return of color to the natural world (Spring Equinox).
  • Beltane (May 1): This is the holiday of fertility and love starting at dusk on the 30th and continuing until the dawn of the 1st. The union of the God and Goddess to conceive the new God for the following year happens on this day. The Maypole is a symbol of the union of the God and Goddess to create life. The pole itself a phallic symbol while the dancers and their streamers or vines of flowers represent the fertile womb of the goddess as it takes in the God to create their child. Besides the Maypole often a bonfire is present, and members of the group are encouraged to jump the flames for luck and their own fertility. In most sects the celebration of unions of love are enacted. Beltane is the time of  many marriages/handfastings in the pagan community.
  • Litha (June 21):  The longest day of the year, the Solstice is the celebration when days are longer than nights. The God is at this strongest point in life. Flowers are common in the circle, roses and bright cheerful wildflowers are upon the altar and usually worn. It is the changing point of the year, and the celebration of the spiral dance of the year is common among Wiccans. It a celebration with much joy, and much feasting. Many wiccans wear bright colors and flowers. Litha’s usual food is honeycakes or cornbread. In the past, bonfires were leapt to encourage fertility, purification, health and love. Midsummer is a classic time for magick of all kinds (Summer Solstice).
  • Lughnassadh/Lammas (August 1):  This is the big celebration of the harvest. As always there is feasting and dancing, but it is a bit more somber than many of the other holidays. Some Pagans celebrate this day as the day to bake their bread and cakes for the coming winter, and do no actual rituals except for blessing the foods prepared. Pagans see this as a time when the God loses his strength as the days grow slowly shorter. The Goddess watches in sorrow and joy as she realizes the the God is dying, but her son will be the new one.
  • Mabon (September 21): This is the weavers festival.Cords are braided together to add to someone’s life and make it better. Covens will braid everyone’s braids together to combine and unite the power symbolically. This holidays is not as widely celebrated as the others, but there is still food and drinks. It is somber as the God is losing more strength and will die soon. (Autumn Equinox)
  • Samhain (October 31): This is a somber day when Wiccans reflect upon all the people they have lost in the past year and come to terms with their losses. It is a time for dimensional openings and workings, and also the mourning of the death of the God. It is a timeto end relationships and bad situations, and it is the time when one can see the glimmer of hope in the future.

I hope this Sparksnotes version of Wicca helped you! If you have more specific questions don’t hesitate to ask me! ^^

Requested Story

So this one is actually part of a requested story that I should have posted ages ago, but the idea blew up into a full blown prequel of a much longer story idea I was playing around with so yeah… I had to then fix it up a bit and make it fit more in line with the much longer story idea. I don’t have much in the notebooks but I did write down a few scenes for the story. 

This request was: Ron/Krum Yule Ball.  Supportive Family/Friends. 

Not going to lie, I took a left turn while writing this and it got WAY out of hand so it both fits and absolutely does not fit what was requested which is actually kind of impressive in its own right. 

Into the Closet 

Ron did not think he had to ‘come out.’ He’d made his crush on Krum pretty freaking obvious and no one had batted an eye. He’s never hidden anything when it came to his preferences so its a bit of a shock when 1) Hermione shows up with Krum on her arm to the Yule ball and 2) No one seems to know why he’s angry. 

#Friendly teasing at the Quidditch Tournament had not been the easy acceptance Ron had taken it for. 

But things work out in ways Ron never expected. 

#Ron still gets to dance with Krum

So, all in all, the supportive family thing does not happen here because I decided to make it part of a much larger project I had already been playing around with. Working Title: Unrequited. BUT the supportive family does occur in the larger story. Its actually quite funny, because I had been struggling for a way for Ron to make the decision as a student to not mention his sexuality and this kind of gave me a huge push to write something quite perfect. 

An Aunt for the Holidays

From Aunt Tammy,

Hey, kiddo.  I’m thinking of you, knowing you’re feeling blue, given it’s That time of year.  I hope you’ll consider coming to hang out with us this year, if you can manage it.  I remember how lousy the season can be with nowhere to be and no one to spend the days with—I had far too many lonely holidays in my earlier days to be comfortable with you stuck out there by yourself.  Come to our place.

You can help me feed the feral cats in the garage and on the front porch, and the back yard wildlife (pigeons, squirrels, the odd opossum or raccoon) and pet kitties—since Patches moved in with my brother-in-law, we have eight in-house (well, Sluggo and Lummie still go outside, Sluggo to accept worship from anyone who passes by on the sidewalk, and Lummie so he can come right back in through the door he didn’t leave from).  Wubbie will purr in your ear and drool on you, Peabody will rub his nose on your face and shed on you, and the rest will come around when they’ve decided you’re okay.  Sluggo and Lummie will also grace you with their company inside.

You and Tim can argue over what to watch—you know we don’t do holiday programs, right?  Except for the original, Boris Karloff-narrated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and the hilarious, not-too-Christmas-gooey “A Christmas Story.”  But you two can decide on movies or streaming shows: we have a big selection of adventure, historical, Bollywood (yep, I said Bollywood!), and action movies, as well as what’s on the tube.

You know our celebrations are kinda weird compared to some families.  We’ll have candles for Yule, and you’re welcome to light them with us: bayberry and beeswax, the best smells around when you want to make light during the longest night of the year.  You can even have your own if you have private wishes to make.  They look beautiful in the dining room with the lights out.

You can help me make my cranberry conserve, if you like: either chop the oranges and walnuts, or pick out the squishy and under-ripe cranberries before I cook them, your choice.  

Then we’ll drive to New York (with regular stops for Starbucks) to spend Christmas Day with Raquel and her mom.  We always go a couple of days early and stay a couple of days late, so pick what you would like to see: the tree at Rockefeller Center, that Japanese book and stationery store I told you about, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or even movies.  Raquel will want to show you the Highline, the park built on an old set of railroad tracks above the Lower West Side, though that might depend on the weather!  And on Christmas day we swap gifts—you don’t have to bring anything, but Tim and I will have something for you—and then we’ll probably eating at Gene’s, since Raquel’s mother doesn’t like to cook the way she used to. There are two small fuzzy dogs to play with as we watch completely non-holiday movies—Raquel loathes Christmassy sentimental overload.  

Then it’s back to Syracuse and relaxing, playing with stuff and laying around the house until New Year’s Eve.  Where would you want to go?  We’ve got the Syracuse Zoo, which has some good indoor exhibits, and the Women’s History Museum in Seneca Falls, as well as the Corning Glass Museum.  The choice is yours!  With luck no one will have left any kittens on the porch for us to add to the menagerie, though you might think emergency kitten rescue is fun! On New Year’s Eve Bruce and Kathy have invited all of us to their house, where we eat lentil-and-sausage soup (for luck in Bruce’s family—Tim will be defrosting the pork roast for our New Year’s Day lucky pork and sauerkraut).  We’ll maybe play a game or watch a movie—don’t worry; we won’t foist one of our Bollywood movies on you unless you’re actually interested! —and mostly talk as other friends and family arrive.  You’ll get to meet the grandbabies whose pictures I keep showing you, and pet Bruce’s cats and dog instead of our cats, for a change.

I know this isn’t the family’s idea of a holiday celebration.  My mother managed to screw holidays up for me, so I start to shake the moment I see decorations go up.  This is what I love best: the people I care about, which includes you, friends more than presents, talking more than singing carols and going to church, and on just enough food rather than stuffing ourselves.  It’s the kind of holiday for people who just want to hang out together, and we’d love to have you with us.  You can even call us from the airport or bus station and say you’re here.  No fuss, no bother.  It would be good to see you.


It’s Yuleday and time to celebrate (I don’t remember inviting Angus Våg but he has walked all the way from the field province to celebrate Yule with the Järn family in the mountain province). 

I thought that maybe this time everyone would sit down at the table. But no, Terje took his plate and walked to the bench. Even on Yuleday one sim always choses to do this.