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Forgive or Forget

Forgive or Forget
[Sometimes it’s just not possible to forgive and forget │Simon D & Christian Yu]

You were almost embarrassed by the amount of time it took for you to get ready for this fashion event. AOMG were invited to many of the Seoul fashion week events, including the one for some designer you couldn’t even pronounce that you attending now. You posed alongside your long time boyfriend Kiseok as the photographers snapped away. Calling his name and Jay’s name every few moments to grab their attention.

You used to hate being a plus one- This wasn’t who you were. Glam events and photographs were out of your comfort zone. But somewhere between the lovely fitted dress that Jay’s stylist picked out for you and the killer custom boots you were rocking you felt pretty proud of yourself. Besides after three years with Kiseok, these events were a walk in the park.

Kiseok wrapped his arm snuggly around your waist, placing a kiss just below your ear as the shutters continued to go off. You smiled up at him laughed. “What are you doing?”

“I just want everyone to know you’re mine” he chuckled, straightening your necklace before walking you inside the event.

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anonymous asked:

what was your unbiased opinion on the atop the fourth wall movie?

Well that’s a tough question, I can’t really give a totally unbiased opinion because I’ve been a fan of @atopfourthwall for several years, just the fact this passion project of his exists makes it awesome to me.

I definitely thought that for what it was, it was absolutely spectacular. I was never a fan of the tgwtg crossover movies but I couldn’t peg why, until I saw the atop the fourth wall movie. The movie had a point and actual character development and meaningful moments while not feeling overcrowded or like anybody didn’t belong ( my personal feelings about Brad Jones withstanding )

For an independent director working on a limited budget Lewis accomplished something pretty stellar, a feature length film taking place a majority in space and using the “continuity” created by others on the website as a launching point to further his own story, interweaving the continuity of everything together really well.

It’s not perfect, but I feel weird talking about its flaws given its independent status but it might be fun given a lot of story deconstruction I’ve learned from Lewis over the years.

My only huge complaints would be the inclusion of Mechakara and Linkaras. .. weird fluctuations in character.

For anyone who hasn’t seen at4w Mechakara is an alternate universe version of Linkaras robot Pollo ( I JUST NOW GOT POLLO IS NAMED AFTER THE SPANISH WORD FOR CHICKEN OH MY GOD ) that stole the skin of his linkara and became a recurring villain for our dimensions linkara ( yes this series of videos of a guy reviewing comics requires a fucking plot debriefing I love it )

In my personal opinion Mechakara kind of out stayed his welcome? I know that may sound ungrateful or unappreciative, and really I’m not trying to, I just personally felt vice and Mechakara both stuck around a bit more than they needed to ( vice especially though he’s the frieza of the series )

His inclusion as the antagonist of the movie feels kinda like they got halfway through the writing process before going “SHIT! This can’t just be a character piece we kinda need a bad guy.” Cause for 80% of the film the primary conflict is Linkara and the depressive state he’s going through. ( Lewis has him refer to it kinda as an early midlife crisis but that is straight up a depressive episode )

Linkara is questioning his life, and how he kinda is just living from battle to battle and while he’s not suicidal he’s … ready for the hit that ends his life. It’s a pretty heavy subject and one that from a realistic point of view is great to address given Linkara starts the series as just a typical dude, and has had to deal with some horrifyingly traumatic stuff. It would make sense for the character to have ptsd out the ass even if Lewis doesn’t feel comfortable writing characters that suffer from mental problems he doesn’t suffer from personally ( the man is very comfortable in his lane lmao )

It actually reminded me a lot of the end of the three kings arc of yu yu hakusho, where Yusuke is questioning why he fights and why he’s trying to get stronger. Which is why I was kinda dissapointed how quickly he resolved his personal feelings.

Admittedly it was solved quickly in yu yu hakusho as well, but yusuke had an easy quick answer his gf keiko.

Now don’t miss understand, I’m not decrying the choice I completely understand time constraints and all that, I was just kind of dissapointed that he figured out his reason for continuing was the comics ( we knew that would be the answer ) simply by talking to Allens dead body.

I’ll excuse it though, because he was also under duress and pretty sure he was gonna die and that can kick your brain into high gear and help you reach conclusions a non panicked brain wouldn’t.

The only other complaint with his character was - Linkara was … well he was kind of a cock to allen for no discernable reason. Allen, his contact with the government, was never shown to have much interaction with Linkara throughout the series.

So, the movie actually was a chance to push their relationship to a better place and develop Allan as a character. However more time is spent on re affirming Linkaras relationship with MarzGurl which is perfectly fine - she was amazing in the film, it’s just that it was a bond we already knew about ( and this is very much a film for his fans and is in no way a jumping on point )

Having Linkara realizing he was a dick to allen after he dies just …mmm felt kind of lazy? It would have been nice to see Linkara realize he was being needlessly paranoid about allen through some action on Allens part. ( hell Allens death is pretty much an accident )

Such as possibly finding out Allen has turned down promotions to stay on Linkaras case, or that Allen actually had to sacrifice something great and call in a lot of favors to get the snipers off of Linkara, basically show how Allen stretches himself thin to protect Linkara and for Linkara to then realize he has no fight with Allen and can trust him.

And explaining all that character conflict you probably ready forgot there was a robot bad guy huh? The final confrontation with Mechakara is absolutely fucking awesome awed despite the fact I giggled when Linkara said fuck, I absolutely loved it none the less.

But the movie is ultimately very fucking character focused to the point where Mechakara almost feels like an afterthought like “oops we need a bad guy this time.” to the point where, despite being kinda tired of him I hope that wasn’t the final time we see him cause that would kind of suck as a send off for a long time villain.

However despite that I loved the movie so much, and lewis is my writing IDOL and I absolutely adore anything he puts his brain into. Any criticism is done with full love and admiration for the guy.

The Perfect Getaway (iKON Hanbin)

Tears, screams, anger had arosin, the tension grew thicker around the four walls. The neighbors knew the routine, shut their windows and blinds. It didn’t matter how many times she’d intervene, her mother would proudly defend her boyfriend. The luxuries didn’t matter no longer, she felt alone. Whatever was left of her bruised up mother was gone. The one best friend she had wasn’t allowed to socialize with her. All she wanted and wished for, was for her absent father who abandoned her at birth. The more it dawned on her, Alex could no longer bare with the torn up world she lived. This night was no different than any other night. They both raised their voices, pushed and shoved, until eventually watching her mother topple to the ground. The tears no longer came, nor did her body react. He’d just stare and raise his voice at her, hand gestures thrown her way to go away, his voice faintly fading as she ran away.

Swinging the door open, dried up tears no longer rolling down her delicate cheeks. Phone tightly gripped in her hand, Alex ran. Ran far away from home, from the judgemental society she lived in. Running away from the only one place she called home.

It felt like a sauna as everybody claimed a seat in the crapped up back room. Hanbin knew being outside was much preferable than sweating with 12 other people. Wiping his forehead, gazing up in the night sky, hoping this last night in L.A wouldn’t end. The pleasure of being far away from home. Away from the routines he was so use to. He didn’t like breaks but this one was far better than any vacation given. 

The cold breeze running through his silk shirt as he sighed at the view of the beach ahead. Moments like this he wished would last forever, but just as he imagined a new life in California an all familiar touch awoke him.

“What’re you gazing at? It’s too dark to see anything.” Bobby’s voice faintly speaking.

Smirking, before looking at Bobby, “Sometimes it’s just nice to gaze around even when you can’t see it.” before letting himself back into the building.

Meanwhile Bobby was trying to break down that complex quote, wondering its meaning. Was it really a trick question?

Eventually the sound of her dragging feet stopped as she sat on the piers edge. It was much more beautiful at night. Nightfall seemed to greet her with warm arms as she gazed around. Forcing her tears out before reaching down to look at her phone. As usual not a single text from her mother. What was her purpose for having her? Just to let her only child suffer alone and in the cold? Alex quit second guessing her purpose. 

It was there she found the courage to call her last hope. A place farther than she could expect. Nervously dialing the number, losing hope after the 3rd ring, but before she could hang up the phone. She could hear a husky voice on the other line saying hello. Swallowing back her fear.

“Is this Mr. Yu?” 

“Yes this is he. May I ask whose calling?” the voice no longer sounded strange nor bothered.

“I… I….I’m…” Alex couldn’t bare saying who she was. It seemed the words chocked her everytime it tried slipping out.

“You’re who? Look I’m a very busy man. Incase you have any further question or comments my assistance can further assist you.”

Before he could hang up, “I’m Alex Yu. I’m your daughter.”

“Daughter? I never heard such thing. Look if this is a scam, I’ll report you.”

“I promise you sir. I can prove it to you. I’ll even take a DNA test.”

“Hmmm seems fair. Now Alex Yu when are you free for DNA test?”

“Im from Los Angeles sir.”

The voice seemed buffled and surprised. “California? How did you end up there?”

“My mother left Korea when she found out she was pregnant with me.”

It went dead silent. Before she could hear a slight whisper from him, “Are you.. Sonin’s daughter?”

“Yes.” Alex’s voice was filled with confidence.

“I’ll get you a plane ticket to Korea. I’ll let my assistant send the rest of the information via text. I shall see you Alex Yu.” before the line went dead.

She was a step closer to becoming a free bird. Finally leaving her once so called home. Alex never met her father nor seen him. Whatever relects left of him were scratched out from photos or contacts. But as she slowly analyzed her situation, she found herself abandoning her mother.

Stretching himself on the bed, it was the first time in many nights Hanbin could really say he’d be alone. Luckily for him, his manager had to book him a hotel room by himself because of room conflicts. He’d be 2 floors away from his loud managers, staff members, and members. But as he layed there he couldnt help but feel the empty side of the bed. 

Life lately was great, but lonely. He had friends that became family, he came from nothing to something. The more he dag into his past, present and potential future. Hanbin craved love lately. More than other days. The touch, voice, a certain feeling, all he wanted was a girlfriend. One he could sneak off into the night with. A girl who would crave the exact feeling. The more he explained it to himself, he’d chuckle at the thought of his chessyness. 

Love would find a way. But it seemed it has forgotten him completely. Whatever hope he had was left in remains of lyrics. 

The house seemed like those houses people wold avoid, more like the movies you’d see in horror movies. It seemed broken beyond repair, but at some moment it was a vivid view, people surrounded with smiles not with blank stares. Making her way around the back, peering through the kitchen window to look for her mother. Pushing the rock off to reveal the key underneath it. She told her mother it was the worst place to put a key but she never listened. Then again when did she?

Opening the door with caution, taking her shoes off to avoid making noise. He fluffy socks skating softly over the marble floor. But as she could make it up the stairs, an awful hair pull brought her to her bottom. It was a dragging sensation, the more she fought she could feel her hair coming off her sculp. 

“You think you could walk in this house and whore around like your mother?” his voice was ruthless and cold.

“Let me go.” as she screamed hoping the neighbors would hear her.

“You stupid little bitch. Scream just like your mother. Nobody is going to here you…” his grip loosen as she watched him topple to the group.

Scooting away from his body, the sound of a pan making contact with the floor woke her up. Her mother had her makeup smeared at every angle, her puffy red eyes and black eye made it hurt to stare any longer. 

“Get up Alex!” it was a command rather than a request.

Quickly rising to her feet running into her mothers arms, her mother wanted to embrace this moment but she couldnt. The one thing she cherished in the most was about to be gone for the rest of her life. She knew life was at its ends.

Cupping her daughters face, “Go upstairs get your backpack, I left you money and an address, go and don’t come back.”

Each tear fell harder than the other, how could she leave? Especially when she didn’t know where.

“Please go with me mom. We can leave it all, we can leave him. Please go with me.” her mom avoiding to be moved by her daughters words. She realized the heavy burden she left on her daughter.

It was a peaceful walk through LAX, no flashing cameras, crowded crowds toppling them to death. Hanbin slipped his headphones and stayed last in the line avoiding to make contact with the others. As everybody made there way through security, Hanbin was caught by a figure seating by the bathrooms. He squinted to make a better view of it. 

“Move it along buddy.” the security guard said.

Nodding his head before continuing forward. “Hanbin you ok?” his managers hands on his shoulders.

Avoiding to speak but giving him a nod on the head. “Not speaking much today huh? Well go wash your face to take that tired look off your face.”

- its a short one lol

Why Shenmue Matters

It has become a running joke in gaming communities that the much anticipated Half Life 3 will never be released. The continually disappointed desire for this sequel from Valve has inspired people to jokingly declare “Half LIfe 3 confirmed” at the slightest provocation. Everyone is in on the joke. They’ve been waiting for 11 years for that game. 

Well, Shenmue fans have been waiting for 14. Their game was released on the doomed Dreamcast console. The SEGA that funded the game is long dead and buried. And yet, somehow, Shenmue fans have been surprisingly resilient, unable to accept the death of their beloved franchise and move on. What is it about Shenmue that inspired this kind of passion?

What Might Have Been

Shenmue was released at a moment where the future of gaming was very much in question. It symbolized all of SEGA’s hopes and dreams, and was a peak moment for Japanese creativity and ambition in gaming. Shenmue’s creator, the legendary Yu Suzuki, was attempting to fundamentally push games forward in a big way. Ultimately, the Dreamcast just couldn’t compete with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Shenmue found itself released on a console with a fast approaching expiration date. Shenmue II was released half-heartedly on the Xbox, and it was clear that the dream was dead.

To a generation of fans, Shenmue came to represent an aborted vision for gaming’s future.

Shenmue is Not Like Other Games

It is hard to compare Shenmue to anything else, because there is simply nothing else like it. One could say that Shenmue is an “open world” game but it is not like any other game that comes to mind when you hear that phrase. 

Shenmue is a singular piece of work.

This is a game where you can call your friends on the phone for absolutely no reason and than have really awkward conversations. You can go to the convenience store and spend a bunch of time trying to find the right food for an abandoned kitten. You can try to bury your grief for your dead father by distracting yourself with arcade games and gambling. If you stay out too long, your housekeeper Ine-san will let you know that she was worried about you. You can still stay out late if you want, but you’ll feel guilty about it.

This is Shenmue.

Shenmue Feels Real

More than any other game I’ve played, Shenmue creates the feeling that you are this person. This is your life, this is your house, these are your friends, and all of it has been tainted by this horrible event that has shattered your life.

In most games the heroes just leap into action with no consequences, but with every bold action you take in Shenmue you are made to feel the ways in which you are scaring and hurting the people around you who care about you. 

Intimate Scale

Most games, especially “open world” games, seek to impress by throwing as much information at you as possible. Look at all those hills! You can walk up them and maybe you will find a bandit that you can kill! 

Shenmue has its own kind of grandiose scale and it is found in the micro-detailing that has been applied to every aspect of the game’s universe.

Shenmue is a game in which you can walk through every room in your house, pick up every item, open every drawer, and really feel that everything was put there for a reason.

A Different Kind of Martial Arts Game

One should not forget that Shenmue was created by Yu Suzuki, creator of the Virtua Fighter series. Martial arts violence is commonplace in video games, but Shenmue was always interested in dealing with the more philosophical and practical qualities of martial arts, rather than just the visceral violence. 

Shenmue is a game in which you must practice carefully in order to improve. You’ll find yourself standing with an old man in a park practicing the same simple move over and over until you can do it elegantly.

Again, Shenmue is not like other games.

Virtual Tourism

Shenmue summons up a true sense of place. If you want to know what it was like to live on the coast of Japan in 1986, this game is as close as you’ll ever get. The game has an undiluted sense of cultural immersion that is totally unique. It is not just cosmetic, you can truly interact with almost everything in the world around you.

Shenmue also had an innovative weather and time of day system that was jaw-dropping when the game was first released. Every inhabitant of the game’s village had their own schedule, seeming to live their own life. As the seasons changed, it was reflected beautifully by the game world. 


A few days ago, the impossible happened. On the Sony stage at E3, Yu Suzuki came out and announced that he was working on Shenmue III and was launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for it.

The campaign reached its two million dollar goal in less than ten hours and will run until July 17th. 

Shenmue III on Kickstarter

Why did I write all of this?

Shenmue had begun to feel like some strange shared dream, a gaming memory that only a select few still held onto. A dead game on a dead system, and a story that would never be completed. What is happening now is the kind of thing that almost never happens. Shenmue is back from the dead, and may be discovered by a new generation of fans. 

Recently, I have noticed that some of the verisimilitude and subtlety that Shenmue had pioneered seemed to be coming back in style. The games of Quantic Dream, and the recent Life is Strange seemed to be exploring some of the same territory in terms of wanting to connect the player to a world and character in a grounded and sophisticated way. 

And yet, none of those games had anything close to Shenmue’s scale and level of player control. I couldn’t help but notice that these games were doing things that had been done even better 14 years earlier. It felt like it might be the time for Shenmue to return, and now that is precisely what is happening.

Shenmue is a game that has never been well understood. When it was released it was so far ahead of its time that people didn’t really know what to make of it. But now, in 2015, Shenmue seems like exactly the kind of deep, thoughtful game experience that people will embrace. 

“Coffee Beans” - YOI AU (1)

so instead of one giant coffee shop au fic i’ve decided to post random drabbles here and there in that universe. they’ll all be labeled with a number and they’ll go chronologically (unless i decide to write something from the past/future but i’ll give a heads up if that’s the case). here are some important things to know beforehand: 

  • there is no figure skating involved whatsoever (but i may do a cute ice skating victuuri date at some point)
  • since he’s not a professional athlete yuuri is the adorable chubby teddy bear we saw in episode 1, bless
  • the coffee shop is independently owned by celestino and is not a chain/franchise 
  • phichit works and lives with yuuri (they’re both international students who are studying abroad) 
  • victor is a businessman that travels a lot between russia and the u.s.
  • this entire thing takes place in detroit, michigan

there’s not a lot of snez in this first one because it’s mostly set up. there will definitely be more to come, however! c: (ps, i was totally listening to this cute song while i was writing and it definitely fits how yuuri feels, haha)

inspired by this comic by savi

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My Top Ten Olicity Scenes...*so far*


Okay, so a lovely nonnie asked me (*about a week ago, sorry for the delay!*) to list my Top Ten Olicity Scenes…so far. So, I decided to make a big deal out of the request and post it as an Olicity meta, because times are so hard with this hiatus. I miss Oliver and Felicity so much and it’s only been a month since the finale. One month, four more to go. It still hurts. So, this is for all my Oliciters out there who enjoy talking about these scenes as much as we love living by them.

With that being said, this was not an easy endeavor. Oliver and Felicity have gone through a lot together during these two seasons, and there are soooooo many scenes that could have easily made my Top Ten, but I had to really sit back and give every moment a rating on some arbitrary scale that I cooked up in my crazy head. Since there are only ten spots on the top, I decided to add 15 “Honorable Mentions” to the mix. Now, these are scenes that are not particularly “heavy” moments, but lighter and I’m having more fun with them, whereas the Top Ten picks are a bit more profound in my opinion, and left me with a graver understanding of this pairing.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy reading this!


My Top Ten Olicity Scenes (in decreasing order):

10.) “You’re Not Gonna Lose Me”:

I absolutely love this scene, because, for once, it’s Oliver comforting Felicity. It’s intimate; it showcases their connection in a way that it hasn’t been showcased before. The last place Felicity wants to be is at a fucking pep rally for Moira Queen. The last place she wants to be is in Moira Queen’s presence, breathing the same air as that woman (whom I love and thought was so damn BOSS is so many ways, but was a habitual liar who was kind of in love with her secrets), and OLIVER NOTICED. He was all over it, watching Felicity even before Moira showed up to give him a hug. He gave her that, “What is wrong with my bb?” look. Now, Oliver has pretty substantial evidence to the fact that there is something going on, from earlier in the episode when his bare naked abs and jack-hammered biceps were not being appreciated, but it still makes me giddy that he didn’t ignore it.

It gets very interesting when Oliver notices that Felicity is being cold to the bone. Cold as ice. Andre 3000 Ice Cold. Oliver knows one thing of many about Felicity Smoak. She’s never rude. She’s never distant and detached, and more specifically, she’s never distant about his family. When Thea went missing (again), she worked her magic to help, and it was emotional, she was invested. When Moira was standing trial, she was worried; she was emotional about the outcome, for Oliver’s sake. But here, Felicity is all up in her feelings for her, and for Oliver, who has no idea what is going on. She can’t stand Moira’s lying, secret-account-having, secrets-period-having ass and it’s my favorite. Oliver takes note and finally goes to her about it. The way he said, “Fe-li-city” IS ALL I NEED IN LIFE. The “Nothing”/”Don’t say nothing…the truth please” exchange thrills me like you would not believe. He was on point on with her disposition, and it was wordlessly beautiful. It was time for Oliver to be a comforting concerned friend and it was very nice to see him take on that role.  

EBR acted the snot out of that moment, with Felicity practically vibrating with fear over losing someone else who is important to her *i.e Papa Smoak*. Oliver assuming that this person was him gave me huge pause (How big can your ego get man? She could be talking about her dying grandfather and you would have completely missed the point), but to his good fortune, Felicity was talking about him, and once again, earned Oliver’s trust in telling him Moira’s secret. The writers could have had her wait, sit on this information, amp up angst for a blow-out later on, but they didn’t. They knew it wouldn’t have been genuine for a woman who said about herself, “I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved”, to keep the truth a secret from the parties who deserve to know. Her whole mistrust of Moira started as she was helping Walter, her then husband, find out the truth about his wife. She would not have kept it a secret from Oliver, a son who is flipping over with adoration in front of the whole city, while his mother lies to him….again.

So happy to see the levels at which this relationship has evolved. Oliver can read that something is bothering her, Felicity is struggling with whether or not he will forgive her for it, but Moira’s ploy falls so flat. Felicity not only told Oliver, but did so right in Moira’s face. Moira Queeen was definitely the Supreme, but Felicity Smoak just didn’t give a fuck. 


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Be Kind, Rewind (Olicity, S2 ficlet, T)

Summary: “Oliver,” Felicity said, grabbing his arm and turning him. “Kiss me.” (Set in first half of S2 somewhere…)

(Part of my You’ve Gotten Into My Bloodstream ficlet collection)

You can also read at: AO3 |

Her toes were dying a slow, agonizing death.

These shoes - these cute, sky-high shoes that she had found a mere three hours before the charity event tonight - were becoming the bane of her existence. And her existence included a lot of bane; she had a lot of bane to complain about.

For example, the fact that Oliver Queen - former billionaire playboy turned faux-CEO by day and hooded vigilante by night - could not get the damn security door relocked.

“What kind of security door doesn’t just lock again when you close it?” Felicity whispered and Oliver grunted in response. “Is this how we’re going to get caught, we’re going to go to jail for relocking a door?”

“Felicity, now is not the time,” Oliver said as he twisted the tools in hand, waiting for the click to sound.

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Arrow Fanfic: The Land of Sand and Blood

Summary: Felicity Smoak, Egyptologist/librarian, must seek out the aid of a prisoner in her search… [The Mummy AU]

[Notes: I have so many ideas for fun little AU’s… but I simply cannot take on longer fics right now. So I’ve decided to write up little one-shots for them in a collection of AU fun—which I realized I haven’t written yet for Olicity, only “canon” (or spec, really). I can’t say I will never follow any of these up, but at this point, I am really not planning to. I hope you guys can still have fun with them! And I’m playing pretty loose with the basics, here, just to warn any purists out there. :)] 

Read on AO3


Felicity Smoak takes a deep breath as she steps over the compacted sand, following the stout little man into the courtyard of the prison, while ignoring the shouts and hollers from the inmates pressed against the bars. Fidgeting with her spectacles, and the pins digging through her blonde curls into her scalp, she crosses the yard towards an empty cell along one wall, as the man calls to the guards.

“Both of them?” the man asks her, his accent emphasizing each syllable.

“If both gentlemen were present when this item was confiscated, then yes, both of them,” she says, holding out the small metal puzzle box. When the man’s eyes spark with curiosity, she folds it back into the pocket of her leather bag, held tightly in front of her. “At the same time, preferably, as I have always found that to be most efficient in handling more than one man—that is, in conversation, of course, I would never… I do not even…”

She’s spared from further indignity by the door at the back of the cell opening with a clang, and two men are escorted out with their hands bound in front of them. Both are silent and stoic, faces fixed in blank expressions—and both possessing large, muscular frames. One man has darker skin, black hair shorn close to his head, stern dark eyes that are assessing her warily and looking more and more amused by the moment.

But it is the other man who captures her attention, and for once, she falls completely silent.

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anonymous asked:

You wrote a thing that was kinda based on the"kiss as a distraction"trope.But Felicity freaked out during and after because Oliver was pretty much unresponsive.I really wanna read it again but cant seem to find it lol.Can you provide the name or link

Ah, yes! That’s Be Kind, Rewind!

Be Kind, Rewind (Olicity, Season 2)


Her toes were dying a slow, agonizing death.

These shoes - these cute, sky-high shoes that she had found a mere three hours before the charity event tonight - were becoming the bane of her existence. And her existence included a lot of bane; she had a lot of bane to complain about.

For example, the fact that Oliver Queen - former billionaire playboy turned faux-CEO by day and hooded vigilante by night - could not get the damn security door relocked.

“What kind of security door doesn’t just lock again when you close it?” Felicity whispered and Oliver grunted in response. “Is this how we’re going to get caught, we’re going to go to jail for relocking a door?”

“Felicity, now is not the time,” Oliver said as he twisted the tools in hand, waiting for the click to sound.

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