the yu beacon


Beacon Academy is one of the most prestigious duelling schools in all of Remnant, drawing the attention of talented students from all over. This year, too, a fresh batch of promising newcomers have been accepted into the academy.

Ruby Rose is the latest discovery of Beacon’s headmaster himself. As he is convinced of her talent after witnessing a street duel, he agrees to make a special exception in accepting her early. Ruby’s Red Hood archetype specializes in summoning many monsters to support one another. She packs Pendulum Cards as a secret weapon as well as Synchro Monsters such as her ace, Red Hood - Crescent Rose

Weiss Schnee is the youngest daughter of the president of Schnee Co., a game company that helped fund one of the major academies and is the leading producer of duelling equipment in Remnant. As such, much is expected of Weiss and the pressure only grows as she is defeated by Ruby in an unofficial duel before the opening ceremony. However, over time, she learns to relax and adapt more, thanks to Ruby and her other friends. Her Ice Glyph deck boasts many strategies, making use of Xyz Summoning, Counter effects and LP management, all supported by her ace monster, Ice Glyph Empress Myrtenaster

Blake Belladonna was a serious and lonely duellist before attending Beacon, but has gotten used quickly to being around friends, but even then she keeps many secrets, particularly about her past… Blake plays the Wild Fang archetype of Beast-Warrior-types and specializes in Fusion Summon, culminating in her ace card, Wild Fang Beast - Gambol Shroud

Yang Xiao Long, Ruby’s half-sister, is energetic and headstrong, always up to a challenge and unlikely to back down. To some she would appear like nothing but a loud boaster, but she can back up her claims very well with her duelling skills. Using powerful Dragonoid cards, supported by the Heat Engine archetype, her duelling style is just as straight-forward and secure as her personality. Her ace monster card, Dragonoid Kaiser Ember Celica, is her favourite possession.

Jaune Arc barely made it into Beacon at all, his results are so bad that some claim he must have cheated his way in. His confidence is lacking as well, but thanks to supportive friends and a bright attitude, he keeps trying time after time. His Crusader deck was highly traditional, using no Extra Deck summoning methods at all, relying completely on monster effects and spell cards alone, until Pyrrha gave him some Pendulum Cards to increase his options. Despite being somewhat difficult to summon, his ace monster Crusader King Crocea Mors is quite powerful.

Nora Valkyrie is even more energetic as Yang, her train of thought is sometimes difficult to follow, but she is loyal and supportive, or at least tries her best to be. Her Valkyrian deck is surprisingly well thought-out, using Xyz cards among other things, with her ace card, Valkyrian Legend Magnhild, boasting both brute force as well as powerful effects.

Pyrrha Nikos is a young duelling legend, having won several junior cups before enrolling at Beacon. She is a strong contender for the title of Vytal Champion this year and her family is already in talks with several businesses for advertisement deals. Her true feelings, however, are much more in turmoil and insecure as one would expect. Regardless, she puts others before herself and even goes out of her way to help Jaune, giving him some of her cards, which might also be related to a more personal interest in him. Her deck is made up of the Myrmidon archetype, using Pendulum and Fusion summon in unison. Her ace card is Myrmidon Champion - Miló Akoúo, fused from two already powerful cards.

Lie Ren is a childhood friend of Nora and the two of them stick together most of the time. As he is usually calm and collected, he sticks out as almost stoic next the hyperactive Nora. He also makes really good pancakes. His duelling skill is above average compared to beacon standards, despite being the one most commonly underestimated among his group of friends. He makes use of the Terra Kenpo archetype, which includes Synchro Summoning and many effects to support the use of spell cards. His most powerful monster is Terra Kenpo - Storm Flower