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“Everything you do is cute”

Jungkook giggled as he stared happily at the phone screen. He was live in the dorms with you behind the camera. It was no secret that Jungkook loved talking to and answering the fans questions, he honestly would do anything for them. For you it was blessing just to watch him in his aura.

He had done a lot of requests that the armies had asked him and they just kept coming, piling up in the chat. Each close to the same as the one previous. While he talked and fulfilled the requests of many armies his eyes would flick upwards to you with a small smile.

Of course he was happy to be talking with the people that supports him but the fact that the person he loved was watching him and helping him made the young boys heart swell. Life for him was definitely perfect at this moment.

“Rap Suga’s part of Cypher” Jungkook read out making you release a quiet giggle. Jungkook raised his eyebrow at you obviously mentally challenging you, there was no part of his mind which doubted that he could do it being the cocky boy he is. Your relationship was no secret to anyone watching in fact you had both gone public quite sometime ago and he is so grateful for that day now he could show you off to the world. 

Whilst keeping a steady hand you moved to turn on the music which was just loud enough to hear him over. You skipped ahead to the chorus before Yoongi’s part had started and waited patiently with Jungkook for it to start. A couple seconds into the rap and Jungkook had already stumbled into the word clearly being defeated by the speed of his hyung

Finally once Yoongi’s part had ended Jungkook had finished as well hanging his head low just listening to your mockery. Gathering his pride he sat silently battling with the embarrassment but not after long he had joined in with your never ending laughter. “That was cute”  You observe while gathering your breath. “Y/N It wasn’t meant to be cute!” Jungkook defends trying to bite back his laughter. “Kookie, everything you do is cute”.

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…ok I think I love him now

anonymous asked:

I need some Daddy Daughter Time with Byron and Emma, Please do it I'll do anything ANYTHING

You’ll do anything? Then Anon, bring me the Haisute casts! (o´艸`)

A small whine across him.



A soft tap on his desk.



A pout unseen.


“Yes, love?” From the document he was reading, Byron finally looked up to gaze at his four-year-old daughter who was standing in front of his desk, or what he could see of her for that matter.

The young king could only see his daughter’s eyes and hair for his humongous desk absolutely dwarfed her. He was even pretty certain that she was standing on tippy toes with the way she was tightly clenching the edge of his desk for support.

Wide (E/C) eyes stared back at him for a second before her brows furrowed, an indication that she was pouting at him. “Daddy, you promised we will go see the puppies today!” she whined, but because her mouth was hidden behind the desk it came out a bit muffled.

Byron resisted the strong urge to smile as he rearranged the documents he was reading and stood up from his chair. The squeal Emma let out at his actions placed all the resistance in vain as he swept his daughter into his arms. “Have you asked Uncle Sid about seeing Jess today though?” he asked as he walked out of his office with her in his arms.

Tiny arms wrapped his neck as Emma wiggled to face him. Bopping him on the nose, she giggled. “Silly Daddy. Uncle Sid told me I could visit Jess anytime.”

Byron smiled at his daughter before giving her a sound kiss on both of her rosy cheeks which made her giggle once more. “Then let’s go see Jess.”





“Yes, Emma?”


Deja vu, Byron thought as he looked up from his desk and found himself staring back at his daughter’s wide (E/C) eyes. “I thought you’re going to pick flowers with Uncle Nico today?”

“I want Daddy to come with us!” Emma exclaimed without preamble as the door to Byron’s office opened and in came Nico.

“Emma, are you ready?” the younger male asked.

“I want Daddy to join us, Uncle,” Emma said as she looked at Nico before she returned to stare at Byron who was staring at her with a completely blank gaze.

Seriously, he really couldn’t believe that this tiny adorable creature was his.

Emma, who seemed to have taken Byron’s silence as a no, tightened her grip on the desk as her eyes watered. “Daddy does not want to go with me?” she asked, voice dropping to a whisper.

“Emma…” Nico was about to move to comfort the young princess when Byron beat him to it. The king swiftly got up from his chair and pulled the sniffing child in his arms, letting her hide her face at the crook of his neck.

“I’m sorry, my love. Don’t cry please,” he murmured as he rubbed her back comfortingly. “I’m not saying no,” he added and the sniffles immediately stopped. “I just have to finish work quickly and then I’ll follow you and Uncle Nico to the gardens, is that okay?”

Emma, her eyes still sparkling with unshed tears, nodded vigorously. “Pinky swear, Daddy,” she said as she extended her pinky finger to him, her expression so determined which had Byron and Nico secretly found cute.

“Pinky swear,” Byron repeated as he tangled his pinky with hers. The delighted face his daughter made was enough to make the young king’s heart swell with love and adoration.

This is his child and he will go through any lengths just to see her safe and happy.

Even if it means having to wear the flower crowns she’s keen on making for him.

And yes, thirty minutes later, the queen and Albert found the three of them at the garden with Emma and Nico picking flowers while Byron sat watching them wearing a flower crown on his head.

I will love you until the end of time

an experimental songficlet based on Moulin Rouge soundtracks. let me know what you think? i’d love to incorporate all the soundtracks in one lovely story with a happy ending :)

read on ao3

How much hope could fit in this young writer’s heart! It swelled happily at a mere sight of the beautiful man before him, whose eyes were so expressive with love.

Credence rocked gently in Percival’s embrace, lips pressed to the sweaty skin of his forearm. Wind played with the man’s shortcut fringe, caressed his cheeks with delicacy.

“Never knew I could feel like this,” he mumbled against Percival’s skin. Even as a writer he could barely find words to describe what he felt. Everything around him seemed so beautiful and new. Like he had never seen the sky before, the way it sparkled and shone down on the two of them, embracing each other and being embraced by mild morning sun.

Credence felt a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth and he imprinted that secret smile on a place where no one could see, but where Percival would feel. The young man’s lips touched Percival’s chest as he kissed and smiled at the same time. How much he wanted to hide that smile on other places, and so he moved up and traced the collarbone with his full lips, aligned his mouth curve to the curve of Percival’s shoulder, finally searching for his lips to vanish inside his kiss.

“Every day I love you more and more,” Credence whispered in a hot mouth which opened willingly. And when an eager tongue flicked at his lips, he couldn’t help the electrifying feeling deep inside him which brought too much happiness for him to bear. If only Percival could listen to his heart, he’d probably have heard it sing.

And Percival could have said those very words and his heart must have been singing the same song as he held Credence close to his heart. Just a few days ago he truly had nothing. What were the jewels he had to wear, what were the costumes of glitter and silk that he put on every night to entertain people who only saw him as an object and subject of their one-night-stand passions? Now his heart raced as it told him that he was given everything.

He would have stood on the edge of the wide French hotel balcony, Credence pressed to him and their bodies wrapped in one wrinkled sheet, and he would have watched the seasons change, winter to spring, but he knew that even with days, weeks and months passing by, he would have loved Credence until the end of time.

There were days when Credence, lying on top of him and admiring, would look up, his face suddenly so sad, and ask:

“What if Lord Grindelwald discovered us, Percival?”

Percival would take Credence’s hands in his own and kiss his fingers, fingertips, roughened from the touch of a typewriter. He’d pull at Credence a little, bringing him closer, their naked bodies warm and comfortable against each other. He’d bring his arms to his collarbone and rest the young man’s hands there.

“Come what may, Credence. Let him know. If I should die from his wrath, I will still love you. Until my dying day.”

He said it often. Added honey to the words which were already sweet with love. And that love coloured the world with many tones that either couldn’t see before. The way an autumn leaf danced down to rainy road, the way the music filled the streets of joyful Paris. So sudden was the change, the world seemed such a perfect place and moved with such a perfect grace.

And such a pleasure, Credence thought and so did Graves, it was to live. And life no longer was a needless waste. Why bother with the bitterness and pain when heart rejoices, wallows in the warmth of love. When Grindelwald, the Lord of Moulin Rouge and Graves’ supposed betrothed one, couldn’t see what writhing boiling love was made behind the curtains. And only silent witness, the yellow disk of moon, would know the world revolved around them.

If there had to be a day for them to part, it wouldn’t truly keep their hearts in distance. For what are mountains, they can’t be all too high, and rivers can’t be way too wide for them to cross and meet. And let the sweetest song of their melded hearts sing on, and they would be like at each other’s side and never parted.

“Look, Credence,” Percival pointed at the gloomy sky where storm clouds gathered on one side and stars collided on another, “the night has come. And nothing warms my heart as much as knowing I can stay. And you will stay.”

“I love you,” Credence whispers in his lover’s mouth, his skin, his breath imprinted on a love-kissed arm.

“I love you too. I’ll love you till the end of time.”


Bom muitas pessoas me perguntam quais são as músicas da minha play e eu morro de ciumes de falar todas mas eu larguei esse meu ciúmes e irei falar o nome de todas as músicas que tem até hoje na minha play (Chamo ela de: Porta para minha alma). Porque só tem músicas que eu realmente amo. Enfim chega de falar…

  1. With arms wide - Creed
  2. Amar novamente - Alma d’ jem
  3. Do i wanna know ? - Arctic monkeys
  4. Morada - Forfun
  5. Casinha - Armandinho
  6. Porque não eu ? - Guto santanna
  7. Zóião - Emicida
  8. Counting stars - OneRepublic
  9. A ilha - Armandinho
  10. A praia - Haikaiss
  11. Pisando descalço - Maneva
  12. Paulinha - Armandinho
  13. Ursinho de dormir - Armandinho
  14. Menina índia da montanha - Circulador de fulô
  15. Kajra re - Aishawarya rai
  16. Eu juro - Armandinho
  17. Wrecking ball - Caked up remix
  18. Pra você - Onze:20
  19. Sem graça - Haikaiss
  20. True to myself - Ziggy marley
  21. Desejos do mar - Armandinho
  22. Australia - The shins
  23. Hollywood tonight - Michael jackson
  24. Better together - Jack johnson
  25. What you wanted - OneRepublic
  26. Me namora - Natiruts
  27. 1406 - Mamonas assassinas
  28. Everything changes - Soja
  29. O que elas precisam ouvir - Igor bidi
  30. A garça - Forfun
  31. Demons - Imagine dragons
  32. I’m yours - Lost at sea
  33. A noite - Oriente
  34. Jai ho - Slumdog milionaire ost
  35. New navy - Zimbabwe
  36. R u mine ? - Arctic monkeys
  37. Wonderwall - Oasis
  38. Se oriente - Oriente
  39. Sleeping with sirens - James dean
  40. Stay the night - Caked up remix
  41. Ideologia - Oriente
  42. Show me - Weeklychris
  43. Outra vida - Armandinho
  44. Upside down - Jack johnson
  45. Feel again - OneRepublic
  46. Anjos - O rappa
  47. Analua - Armandinho
  48. Leve com você - Natiruts
  49. Starfix - Armandinho
  50. Pra ela - Chimarruts
  51. Não é sério - Charlie brown jr.
  52. Tudo em paz - Seu cuca
  53. Dez - Seu cuca
  54. Best day of my life - American authors
  55. Tropicália digital - Forfun
  56. Royals - Twenty for seven cover
  57. You and me - Soja
  58. Que sou eu - Oriente
  59. Aquele lugar - Planta e raiz
  60. Só sei dançar com você - Tulipa ruiz
  61. Sunshine - Matisyahu
  62. Hear me - Imagine dragons
  63. Between the bars - Elliot smith
  64. Dissolver e recompor - Forfun
  65. Dear no one - Tori kelly
  66. Guerreiro - Oriente
  67. Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World - Israel kamakawiwo'ole
  68. True love - Soja
  69. Summer vibe - Walk off the earth
  70. Groove bom - Natiruts
  71. Descendo o rio - Forfun
  72. Alegria compartilhada - Forfun
  73. Águas passadas - Aliados
  74. Morena - Los hermanos
  75. Lighters up - Snoop lion
  76. Mãe natureza - Armandinho
  77. Good vibes - Rebelution
  78. Quem vai, vai - Forfun
  79. Palavras repetidas - Gabriel o pensador
  80. Reggae do porto - Banda eva
  81. Já passou da hora - Scracho
  82. Raiz de todo bem - Saulo
  83. Zóio teu - Saulo
  84. Cuida de mim - Scracho
  85. Cachimbo da paz - Gabriel o pensador
  86. Toda manhã - Seu cuca
  87. Sol loiro - Armandinho
  88. Esperança - Aliados
  89. Segue a vida - Planta e raiz
  90. Sorri, sou rei - Natiruts
  91. Sem parar - Gabriel o pensador
  92. Eu sei - Papas da língua
  93. Kushnéma - 3030
  94. Sounds of sunshine - Michael franti
  95. Redemption song - Play for change
  96. Washing dishes - Jack johnson
  97. Tape deck - Jack johnson
  98. Música - cover onze:20
  99. Segue o som - Vanessa da mata
  100. Take me home - Cash cash
  101. Buzzin’ - Shwayze
  102. João e grazi - Onze:20
  103. Até o final - Projota
  104. Brincando comigo - Seu cuca
  105. O  seu lugar - Seu cuca
  106. Verdadeiro valor - Ponto de equilíbrio
  107. Estar com você - Ponto de equilíbrio
  108. Só quero o que é meu - Ponto de equilíbrio
  109. De você só quero amor - Planta e raiz
  110. 100 anos - Falamansa
  111. Avisa - Falamansa
  112. Protesto do olodum - Olodum
  113. Samba reggae - Olodum
  114. Maré - Olodum
  115. O vagabundo e a dama - Oriente
  116. Eu gosto dela - Emicida
  117. Comofaz - Flora matos
  118. Ponto de equilíbrio - Ponto de equilíbrio
  119. Nossa história - Ponto de equilíbrio
  120. Mari - Vitor conor
  121. Minha praia - Seu cuca
  122. Juro - Marcus freitas
  123. Power in the words - The green
  124. Beija flor - Cacife clandestino
  125. High for this - Ellie goulding
  126. Levanta e anda - Emicida
  127. Good trip - Forfun
  128. Aonde vai chegar assim - Ponto de equilíbrio
  129. Esperar o sol - Isadora (cover)
  130. Jah jah me leve - Ponto de equlíbrio
  131. Sei lá - Emicida
  132. Triunfo - Emicida
  133. Taca ele fora - Emicida
  134. Ela me faz - Sérgio dall'orto
  135. Do lado de cá - Chimarruts
  136. Não precisa mudar - Saulo
  137. Mun rá - Isadora (cover)
  138. Esquadros - Saulo
  139. Whiite sandy beach of hawai'i - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  140. Daykeeper - Haikaiss
  141. Baby boy (da prince) - Saints remix
  142. On lânche rien - Hk e les 
  143. La mar - The beautiful girls
  144. A cada vento - Emicida
  145. Desorientado - Oriente
  146. Xo - John mayer
  147. Diane young - Vampire weekend
  148. Hoje eu me sinto tão bem - Oriente
  149. Máximo respeito - Oriente
  150. Reggae do horto - Zignal
  151. A punk - Vampire weekend
  152. Royals - Caked up remix
  153. My friends never die -Odesza
  154. Tô bem assim - Scracho
  155. Semente - Armandinho (album todo)
  156. Dark paradise - Amanda coronha (ian duarte remix)
  157. Lado bê - Scracho
  158. Vagabundo também ama - Oriente
  159. Is this love - Bob marley
  160. Lágrimas de jah - Ponto de equilíbrio
  161. Get lucky/ lose yourself - Jamz
  162. Young and able - Current swell
  163. Ela me deixou - Skank
  164. Dez segundos - Manitu
  165. Amor sem roteiro - Manitu
  166. Lembra ? - Manitu
  167. Rude - Magic
  168. Perfect picture - Carlos bertonatti
  169. The spins - Mac miller
  170. Donald trump - Mac miller
  171. Kids - Mac miller
  172. What you know - Two door cinema club
  173. Next year - Two door cinema club
  174. Stay with me - Sam smith
  175. Eu vou rezar - Banda cone
  176. Já que você não me quer mais - Seu cuca
  177. Asas - Falamansa
  178. Calma menina - Lucas dcan
  179. All of me - John legend
  180. Replay - Julia sheer 
  181. Pon de floor - major lazer ft. vybz karte
  182. Work it out lightbull thieves - Street dance
  183. Thugz mansion - Tupac
  184. Chama os mulekes - Cone crew
  185. Viva - zimbra
  186. Baby baby - Tropkillaz
  187. Eu louvei - Adão negro
  188. Changes - Tupac
  189. Thugz mansion - Oriente
  190. Free fallin’ - John mayer
  191. Você diz que amor não dói - Marcelo d2
  192. Fella - Marcelo d2
  193. Am i wrong ? - Nico e vinz
  194. Thinking out loud - Ed sheeran
  195. Beating heart - Ellie goulding
  196. Faxing berlin - deadmau5
  197. Morena - Tiago iorc
  198. Eu não sei na verdade quem eu sou - O teatro mágico
  199. Blame - Calvin harris
  200. Changing - Sigma’s vip remix ft. stylo g
  201. I’m yours - Jason mraz ft. jah cure
  202. Samba makossa - Charlie brown jr.
  203. Pensando em você - Cláudia leitte
  204. Amor de índio - Maria gadú
  205. Mais ninguém - Banda do mar
  206. Solar - Banda do mar
  207. Faz tempo - Banda do mar
  208. Mia - Banda do mar
  209. Muitos chocolates - Banda do mar
  210. Dia clarear - Banda do mar
  211. Vamo embora - Banda do mar
  212. Pegue pra ela - Criolo
  213. The heart wants what it wants - Selena gomez
  214. Devaneios retianos - Filipe ret
  215. I see fire - Kygo remix
  216. Hóstia - O rappa
  217. Meu santo tá cansado - O rappa
  218. Rodo cotidiano - O rappa
  219. O que sobrou do céu - O rappa
  220. Mar de gente - O rappa
  221. Minha alma - O rappa
  222. Pescador de ilusões - O rappa
  223. Oldie - Odd future
  224. Orange juice - Odd future
  225. Mau olhado - Onze:20
Green jacket


A/n: I upped the Shimada’s ages 5 years to make the story have more sense. Hanzo:43 Genji: 40. This is a story about family, there is no incest.

 “Genji, Winston would like a word with you. He says that he has received a peculiar message regarding you” Athena’s voice chimed in the gym where he and Zenyatta were meditating.

 “Did Winston tell you what it is?” The omnic chimed in. 

 “I have not been authorized to reveal any information at this time.“ The AI monotonedly replied. 

 “Is Winston in his normal area?” Genji asked as he got up. 


 “Good luck” Zenyatta waved as Genji made his way to Winston’s control room. As the green ninja made his way to the control room he couldn’t help but to wonder what Winston was keeping in that message. 

 The doors to the control room opened with a ‘hiss’ as he walked in and closed behind him. Winston looked over at him and Genji could tell something was wrong. 

 “Winston what troubles you, friend..?” Winston shook his head. 

 “W-well, I have seemed to be sent a message by an unknown sender. I mistakenly opened it think it was for me by one of our undercover’s…“ he adjusted his glasses and turned to the computer tapping in something that opened a video. 

 " was for you. I-i can’t express how apologetic I am for opening it and pryin-.." 

 "Friend, it is alright. It was an accident. You meant no harm.” Genji tried to clam the moon ape down. 

 "I’m..I’m just gonna go…heh" Winston grabbed a jar of peanut butter and walked out of the door; it hissed closed. 

 Genji chuckled to himself and walked up to the keyboard. He tapped the space bar making the video play. 

 A young woman appeared, one that pulled at his memory. Her striking red hair was all to familiar to him. 

But the ninja struggled to place her in his memory. 

 "I don’t particularly know how to start a video message like this..“ she spoke in a soft calm voice. 

 "My name as of now, has no importance, for you more than likely have forgotten it.” She looked down with a sad smile.

 "All that you do need to know is at one point in time you and I have a ‘long’ relation by your standards. You were a young 'carrot’ as I would call you".

Genji instantly remembered who this woman was. He was 20 when they meet. Her striking hair was what attracted him to her; She was a tourist..

 'Kami…What Was Her Name?!’ the green cyborge was brought back to the video by her voice. 

 "Genji..There is really no way to properly tell you…I-I had your child…“ His eyes widen behind his visor. 


 "After our fling, I found out that I was with a child but being the person you were…I didn’t think you should have know…" 

 Genji clenched his fist…he knew what she meant.. 

 'I’m long dead.. I made this video while Y/N is five..I hope you never get this video but if you do; it means someone is actively looking for our daughter, Y/n. 

'A girl?’ the young dragon heart swelled. 

 "I had a favor from a young purple hacker that would put a sensitive information trigger on this so if someone Was actively looking for her; you would be sent this with the location she is at or about.” the red headed woman started crying while holding her face. 

 "Please protect her, Genji. She is a young dragon…“ the video went black; ending. 

Genji’s eyes looked at the keyboard in urgency he began to look for the video’s date tag. From what she said in the video their daughter was five when she made this.

20 years since his daughter’s birth.

15 since this this message was made.

15 years since his second spirit dragon left him when he needed it.

15 years of wondering why his second dragon had left him. 

The dragon didn’t abandon him, it was protecting apart of him he didn’t even know about.

A child.

His child.

The dragon warrior froze in cold blood. A child. A Shimada child. A child that carries the spirit dragon within them that to his knowledge is untamed. 

Genji looked back at the blank video,  if what your mother said is true.. then someone was actively seeking you as he stood there. 

“Athena!!” he shouted as he zipped out of the room almost running into the door.


“Where is my brother?! I have to speak to him urgently!” Genji turned corner almost taking his shoulder out.

“The Gardens.”

Even with all the upgrades and the machine body his had to his disposal, genji felt like he could’t run fast enough. it had felt like time had slowed for him as he pumped one leg after another. After a excruciating amount of time passed when he got the gardens. He spotted his elder brother meditating on a large rock and he called him something that they both had not heard in 15 years.

“ANIKI!” Genji shouted at him. Hanzo whipped his head around eyes wide to look at his brother.

Something terrible was about to happen.


Progressive Music Awards with the Prog God’s, 2012-2016.

Rick Wakeman: “I’ve always believed that these days there is hardly a band or musician anywhere who haven’t used some element of prog in their music. It’s all about freedom of expression, which in my case is often in seven different time signatures! I am genuinely very, very proud to get this award.”

Ian Anderson: “Prog is FUN! Prog music popularity grows again from strength to strength with a new generation of young fans swelling the ranks and encouraging the welcome appearance of new bands and artists who follow the progressive creed.”

Peter Gabriel: “Despite prog probably being the most derided musical genre of all time there were - as today - a lot of extraordinary musicians trying to break down the barriers to reject the rules of music. I see it all as a very healthy part of growing up.”

Tony Banks: “I’m not normally picked out for this recognition – in fact, I’ve spent my entire career trying not to be noticed. Now someone has seen through my clever disguise. I’m really gratified to get this award. It’s nice to know people appreciate the music I’ve helped create. Being in such rarified company is also something I’m delighted about – Rick, Ian and Peter are probably the first people you think of when you mention the bands they’re most associated with.”

Jon Anderson: “After all these years, it’s just wonderful to be getting this very special award. Music has guided me along to this point in my life and I’m forever excited about the new and progressive musical adventures I am given by the gods of music. Making music is like breathing to me, and I am blessed to be able to create music every day. A very grateful and humble thank you.”

That’s your cue

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Alec tells Magnus apropos of nothing.

Magnus frowns. “I’m on the other side of the table!” he protests… not that he wasn’t thinking about some light groping per say, but they’re in public, Alec might not be into it and, while he’s good at concealing it, Magnus does have manners. Sometimes. 

“I’m talking about your magic,” Alec says without looking, making a perfect shot and taking out two of his stripped balls. Damn those archery skills. “You’re terrible at this game,” Alec comments offhandedly as he lines up his cue stick for another shot.

“I’m actually very good,” Magnus counters. Counters, not pout. Magnus is 400 years old for Raziel’s sake, he doesn’t pout. And he certainly wouldn’t start because he’s loosing a pool game of all thing. To his boyfriend. At least Alec doesn’t look smug… he’s destroying any chance of Magnus wining meticulously, like he’s slaying demon after demon. Like it’s a job. Where’s the fun in that? He refrains from messing with the laws of physic to his advantage as Alec shoots again.

“Because you cheat?” An other perfect shot punctuates Alec’s playful accusation.

Why did Magnus let him play first? Ah yes, dreamy hazel eyes, the promise of that masterpiece of an ass bent over the pool table and the assurance that Alec never, ever played pool before tonight.

So what if Magnus wanted Alec to be terrible at something so he could kiss his consecutive frown better? 

“I usually just smile at people,” he shoots back. It really works, he’s that beautiful. And before today, Alec seemed to be too flustered by Magnus’s presence to do anything else than to stop and stare and babble in that earnest way of his. 

Alec looks up at him then -finally-, stares a good ten seconds, gulps down and wets his lips before refocusing his eyes on the game. Then back on Magnus, who’s smirking, but not for long. Because now, he has Alec’s laser-focus on him, on his face, his lips, his eyes. It’s like a physical weight -a very pleasant one, almost a caress. `

The Hunter’s Moon isn’t crowned tonight but it isn’t empty either. Magnus barely hears the chatter, the shouts, the laughing or the singing. No, his heart is beating too loudly for that. Alec has a way to make Magnus feels terribly young (foolish and hopeful and far too single-minded for his liking) and it keeps messing with his head.

Their eyes meet and Magnus melts, affection for this young man swelling like music, rattling his bones like he’s standing too close from the bass speakers at a concert.

Then the cue stick hits a ball and Magnus looks down, appalled to see that Alec just won the damn game without looking at what he was doing.

“You… How?”

Alec gets up, putting the cue stick aside and shuffles on his feet a moment before smiling at Magnus, shy now. “I thought you’d be impressed.”

Magnus snorts loudly, but Alec’s expression crumbles and he looks away. Shit, Magnus thinks. He think I’m making fun of him. 

“Darling I was thoughtfully impressed the first time -and second time- I saw you. And you know, ever since,” he says truthfully, getting around the pool table so he can put his hand on Alec’s forearm.

And it’s back, that rueful smile on Alec’s pretty lips, as if he’s not used to gratuitous compliments. Well that can be easily arranged -it’s not like Magnus would be adverse to make Alexander Lightwood realize how wonderful he is. For the greater good. Of course.

Alec gets a bit closer, face angling down and intention obvious even if he takes his sweet time to reach Magnus’ lips. Probably to let Magnus the time to avoid the kiss. How fucking considerate. How adorable. How very Alec. Magnus speeds up the move though, crashing their noses together and laugh into the kiss when they meet.

It quick and chaste but Magnus feels it everywhere, fingertips (his entire being dammit) tingling like when he’s itching to use his magic.

“You want a rematch?” Alec murmures, cheeks a fetching red even in the dim light of the bar.

Magnus nods and snaps his fingers, magic putting the balls back in the center of the table without him having to look away from Alec’s wide eyes.

“I’ll start, this way I can show you some of my move,” Magnus says shamelessly before taking aim at the balls with the cue stick

Behind him, Alec chokes on his beer and Magnus smirks.

Rumbelle Christmas in July 2016!

Giftee: @penguinboy 

It’s been a pleasure chatting with you and writing this for you! I really hope you enjoy!!

Marked by Fate
Rated Explicit

Prompt: Soulmate marks AU
Word count: 14k

Belle and Rumplestiltskin both developed mysterious marks as children, designating them as two of the lucky few who would find a soulmate. Starry-eyed dreams would fade in the light of harsh reality. But Fate will find a way. This wasn’t exactly the love story either were expecting but it could still lead to a Happily Ever After.

Chapter One

Queen Collette and King Maurice tried for years to have a child. The advice of medics, the prayers of clerics, herbal concoctions that smelled awful and tasted worse - nothing helped. Still Collette’s womb remained barren. It was only after meeting with a local midwife (rumored to be a hedgewitch, as well) that Collette was able to convince her husband to try one more time. She would never tell Maurice what the old woman told her or what had changed her tearful countenance to one of serene acceptance upon leaving the midwife’s ivy-covered cottage. Maurice had his suspicions but he kept them to himself. He was getting on in years and had no heir. And he loved his wife. They’d married for duty, not love, but the years had made them both grow fond in their own ways.

Lo and behold, a few weeks later, Collette told him, tears in her eyes, that she was with child. The usual amount of time passed, with Maurice doting on his wife and her swelling belly. He prayed for a strapping boy, one who could keep their lands and people safe. The day of the birth, he rushed to Collette’s bedside as soon as the healers would let him. She was flushed and breathless, a sheen of sweat on her brow and a mewling babe at her breast.

“It is a girl.”

Maurice felt his heart fall at that announcement. He tried not to let his face betray his disappointment. Keeping his spirits buoyed for Collette’s sake, he looked upon his daughter’s face for the very first time. And she was beautiful. She was not the son he’d longed for but a lovelier child he could not have imagined. They decided easily on a name; they called her Belle.

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