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Ur much more 'visible' n the Castle fandom than I, so hopefully by sharing this w/u it'll get more notoriety. Went 2 buy stuff on Amazon & found out that if u shop thru smile-dot-amazon-dot-com, u can choose an org & they'll donate 0.5% of ur purchase 2 the charity. "How is this Castle-related?" u ask? Alternative Travel Project is on there! U can choose/change ur charity @ any time, but I thought it was a neat thing to share (Im easily excited lol) Good juju all around no matter the charity! :)

Absolutely. Basically Amazon smile is a free program that allows you to donate 0.5% of the purchase price of the most items you buy on Amazon to a charity of your choice, all you have to do is go to the, choose a charity, and shop.

Here’s a list of several smaller charities supported up by those involved in Castle that you can select from by choosing “search all charities” and searching for the charity of choice:

Alternative Travel Project (Stana)

Young Storytellers Foundation (Terri)

Kids Need to Read (Nathan)

Camp Del Corazon (Castle Writers)

It’s a small percentage, but it can add up quickly. Especially for smaller charities, like these.

The Young Storytellera Foundation was amazing!

The show was absolutely awesome and everyone was so funny and it was just an all around great show for a great cause!

I got a lot of photos from the show, but I’m going to upload them when I get home. After the show we went to the VIP lounge where all the actors/actresses met up afterwards.

Naya didn’t show up so we didn’t get to meet her, but I will assure all of you that she is as sexy in person as she is on TV/pictures!

We went to Kevin first and got to him pretty quick. He was really nice! He asked if we enjoyed the show and I told him yes and that they all did an awesome job. He signed my Glee DVD, I got a picture with him (thanks to Angie for snapping it for me!), and then I asked for a hug after and he said “Of course!”. He was just a genuinely nice guy!

Next we got in the huge Darren line. He was surrounded by 3 bodyguards! We got to him and he shook my hand and introduced himself and I was thinking in my head “are you kidding? I know who you are!”. He asked us how we enjoyed the show. I told him that he was awesome and that they were all great. Then I asked him to sign my DVD first. Now keep in mind the DVD I brought was the season 3 one so he looked at it, opened the case, pulled the paper out of the plastic case as he said “Bam!” (It was super adorable), and then he started to draw a little doodle in the ‘e’ in “Glee” and he said “Im drawing myself!” and I was like “It looks just like you, haha” (because I’m stupid but gosh was I nervous!). He drew an arrow to it and signed his name. Then Angie took our picture. I told him thank you and that I was a big fan. I asked him for a hug and he said “Absolutely!” and omg guys he gives AMAZING hugs! I told him thank you again and left his area because they were trying to get everyone to hurry. He was such a sweet guy and I was so lucky to meet him!

Last and not least, Max Adler! He didn’t have a big line but I was really excited to meet him since I think he is adorable and a wonderful actor. He was talking to the girl before us about how they came a long way to see the show so I told him that Angie and I flew out here to see it too and he thanked us for coming out and he was happy to hear that we enjoyed the show. He signed my DVD and then we got our picture together. I also asked him for a hug which he was more than happy to give me. He gives REALLY awesome hugs and he’s just big like a bear!

Dot and Iqbal left while we were in the Darren line and Dean was leaving when I went to him so I didn’t wanna bother him.

All in all it was an awesome show! I got lots of pictures that I will upload when I get back. And Darren, Max, and Kevin were SO nice and really sweet, I’m so happy that I got to meet them! I will upload the pics that I got with them and some that I got from far away of them in.a bit!