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I’ve buried my love in the moon dust .

Missed me? || Liam Dunbar (part 2)


“She didn’t say anything about coming with Theo?” Liam growled as stiles and scott tried hard to hold him back from running to the other side of the parking lot where the girl he thought he knew so well stood with the shady boy.

“I told y'all he was into something and now she is too” Stiles exclaimed as they managed to pin Liam against the bus stopping him from attacking.

“We don’t know if there is something shady about them , they might just know each other. You know both being new students nd stuff” Kira said trying to reason with stiles.

“We can torture them int-” Malia’s suggestion was very quickly cut off by almost a roar of disagreement.

Scott sighted looked to where Y/N and Theo previously stood noticing they were both gone now “How about we get to class now, there are gone now anyways”

Stiles looked ready to disagree but after a while nodded picking up his own backpack from the ground. Liam looked over his shoulder one last time to where Y/N stood before quickly walking back to his history class. Y/N was as accepted not there in the history class but when Liam entered his math class , she was right back in the corner. A part of him wanted to walk as far away and sit on the other side as class but it seamed like his legs carried him to the chair beside her.

“Where were you last period?” Liam asked once he sat down on the chair.

“Nowhere , dad” she smirked tearing her eyes from the book and up to him.

His breath caught in his throats when their eyes met , the color he remembered from their young ages. He remembered it like it was burned in his memories forever , the smile that would light up her entire face but most visible around her eyes , small crinkles would appear on the right side under her eyes while a small dimple would appear on her cheek.

“Speaking of not being in class , where did you run of to?” She asked hands crossed over her chest and the smirk still visible on her features.

“The couch wanted something” he explained , tearing his eyes way from her.

“That sounds real” she said turning around returning to her book “ if the couch had being in history class tying to talk people into joining the team”

In the corner of his eyes he sow her smirk growing wilder for each moment and he could himself feel the frustration smell his body was radiating. As he opened his mouth to come up with some lie the teacher walked in cutting the conversation short.

Focusing in that class seamed to be an impossible task form Liam , after Stiles pointed it up he couldn’t help but focus on it. Her scent. It was unlike anything he had ever smelt before , not a werewolf like himself or scott, not a werecayote like Malia and definitely not a kitsune. He wasn’t gonna die , it was distracting, not only the scent but rather the lack of it. Even with the trace of scent of her , there was nothing even slightly suggesting a feeling. She was calm , unlike their young ages where even without wolf powers he could smell the reeking anxiety and sadness from her.

“Mr. Dunbar” the teachers voice woke him up from his daydream to see an empty classroom “ the class is dismissed and in all honestly I doubted that you love algebra so much”

From the corner of his eyes he caught Y/N walking out the class , with a apologetic look at the teacher he stood up from the seat and nearly ran out the door.

“I swear she was just here ” he mumbled to himself before making his way to the lacrosse field.

“Finally Dunbar , thought you forgot about your lacrosse priority like the rest of this team” Couch yelled once Liam ran in the locker room and walked toward the back where stiles and scott stood.

“Did you talk to her?” Stiles asked quietly as Couch starter giving them a lecture.

Liam gave a small glare to stiles before returning to changing into his lacrosse gear “ No and if you want to know her evil master plan talk to her yourself” and with a final glare he made his way to the field followed by Scott.

“Unbelievable ” Stiles mumbled and hurried , tripping over his own legs to follow them.


By the time they had finished practice it had already been dark. Stiles had offered to drive him home but Liam chose to wait for his step dad. He had only been there for a few minutes when he heard a sound from the school. With a last glance at the parking lot , he decide to take a look before his step dad would be there. It would be an understatement saying that the school look scary in the dark but he quickly with the help of scent found his way to the source of sound. Around the corner and he sow y/n standing , her eyes locked at something in front of her.

“uh, what’s going on here?” He asked , his eyes wild once he noticed the body in front of her feet.

She turned around eyes for the face time showing sign of emotion “I promise, he was like that when I got here.”

“…Is he… dead?” Liam quietly questioned , already knowing the answer.

“Well, either that, or he should really get that gaping hole in his chest looked at" She said looking up from body over to Liam with a smile but the fear visible in her eyes.

“Y/N you can’t just stand over a dead body , that’s the fucking janitor. We have to call this in” Liam basically yelled at her pulling out his phone to call the sheriff office.

“Don’t ” she said grabbing his hand that held the phone in hers “its been taken care of”

Liam gives her a questioning look but puts the phone away , before she could pull her hand away , he held them in his “ You are gonna tell me everything. Over a large ham and pineapple pizza”

A smile broke out on her features and she made herself nod a little. They walked out of the school is silence , liam too afraid to ask about anything cause he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

“Hey , y/ns staying over for dinner ” liam said to his step father stepping into the car as y/n got into the backseat.

“Y/N , that sounds familiar ” Dr. Geyer replied giving the girl a smile in the mirror “I’m guessing you want to order in for dinner?’

’‘Yeah we were thinking pizza” liam saying turning up the music to avoid any further conversation in the car.

a few minuetes later they pulled into the driveway of a big house and both kids got out , Y/N started walking to the from the front door as liam waited in the car for a moment talking to his step dad before him exiting the car and the car driving away.

“ Where did you step dad go?” Y/N asked while Liam slightly struggled to unlock the front door.

“He had to work” liam replied pushing the door open and letting her walk in first.

“It’s nice here ” She said as they started walking up the stairs and too his room “ I gotta say , I liked the old place better”

Liam stopped in his track for a moment before dropping his bag on the bed and turning to face her “ yeah i liked your old place too before it became a crime scene”

She stopped to think for a moment , as if she was considering telling his the truth or not when she finally sighted and shook her head“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”

“You killed your entire family” liam replied slightly disturbed by the girl’s lack of emotion.

“…I’m really sorry?” She tried with a questioning voice “ liam listen , I had too and you know tha-”

“You father was an evil bastard , what about your sister? Your mom? They were innocent people Y/N and you know that” he only noticed he was shouting at her when she flinched the slightest and something inside of her looked broken “ I’m..I’-” he started apologizing before he was cut off by the phone ringing. With a last apologetic voice he picked the phone.

“There’s been a murder at school , the janitor. He had been drained of blood and guess what, Y/N backpack was there as well and we looked through, not my ideas but lydias , and liam we were right. The scent , the everything. We know what she is” Stiles rambled on once Liam picked up the phone , he slowly turned around seeing Y/N sitting quietly on the bed looking through an old photo album.

“ yeah mom , i call you if we need anything , i have a friend over now ” he hung up leaving the boy on the other end rather confused.

“Hey you still keep the pizza places number on your refrigerator?” She asked standing up right after he hung up.

“Yeah , you can do the honor to call if you want , I’m just gonna call Lydia about a school assignment ” he said offering her a smile as she nodded leaving the room.

The phone only rang for a few minutes before lydia picket up “ Stiles told me”

“Stiles thinks its something to do with Theo ” lydia explained and Liam could hear stiles voice in the background.

“I found her there, over the body right after the practice” Liam whisper yelled as he could hear her voice downstairs, suddenly his eyes fell on her phone laying on the bed. He knew it was wrong and god he was gonna regret it but he had to check and curiosity took the best of him.

“Liam where is she now” she said over the phone as he heard her yelling something to the others before stiles voice was heard over the line as he most likely took the phone from her “ Liam is she with you now?”

“She is ordering pizza” he said not really listening to what the older boy was talking about as he was going through her text “ all of her recents are to one person”

The line was quit for a few seconds before stiles voice was heard again “ you are going through her phone liam tha-”

“I’ll call you back” he said and threw the phone on the bed beside him as he starte reading the texts between her and one and the only Theo raeken.

“3rd period. Meet me in the parking lot” -Theo

“Police still blames the family on you. Don’t give them any proof, I will take care of dinner” -Theo

He felt a weight being lifted of he shoulder , cause he knew she hadn’t the blame in the murders but what did Theo have to do with this? The thought of her covering something for him almost made Liam sick to the stomach but the relief didnt last for long before he read true last text.

“Dinner served. Janitors closet 6:30”-Theo

“Curiosity killed the cat” Y/N voice made him drop the phone and turn around seeing her leaning against the door frame.

“You lied , you said you had no idea what happened to the janitor” he said standing up from the bed , the IED getting the best of him.

“Calm down wolfie , it’s not like you’ve told me everything” She smirked taking a step forward and they were almost face to face now before she dropped her gaze to the photo album. His eyes followed her seeing that her cocky smirk was gone , replaced by a smile sad smile.

He follows her eyes to the album both looking at the last picture of them “How did you find out? ”

“I’ve picked up a few things along the years” She said with a shadow of a smile sitting down on the bed picking up the album.

“so you are one of us?” He asked , his back turned on her and his voice quite.

“I can assure you I have a shit time once a month as well but that is for complete different reasons” she said with a slight chuckle but the laughter died down quickly “ Do you remember this day?”

The boy finally turned around standing in silence in a few seconds before sitting down beside her looking at the picture that had previously caught both their attentions “ We took this a week before you…left” he replied being rather careful with his choice of word “ I gave you one of those dollar necklaces and we promised we would always be there for each other and we planned out future”

“Liam-” she mumbled before being cut by him.

“That’s the girl I knew , that is my best friend” Liam continued.

“You have no right to say that” she said standing up dropping the album simultaneously “I am this way cause I needed to survive , you have no idea what it’s like when everyone blames you for everything , where your dad buried all his anger in booze and would beat the crap out of daily , when everyone blames you for the death of your mother and sister, none of you were there I tried doing something but when I came down stairs he… he I could stop hi-”

“Him?” Liam questioned standing up from the bed as she calmed down eyes wild in terror of what she said.

“I should go” she said grabbing her stuff running out before he could react.

He was right , she was innocent. Well atleast when it came to the murder of her family.

// Part 3?


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Playlists for the zodiac signs: AQUARIUS

 I follow rivers // Lykke Li 

 Hunger of the pine //  alt-J

 10,000 emerald pools // BØRNS

 Cough syrup // Young the giant

Maybe we’re meant to be alone // Bad suns

Past lives // BØRNS

Runaway // AURORA 

Turn to dust // Wolf Alice

Wasting my young years- London grammar 

She had the world // Panic! at the disco

Cigarette daydreams // Cage the elephant 

Amirilith Nelson, Amy for short, Lightborn Ranger. Ambassador for Birroth and the council. Kind and very trustable, her power and desire to do good stems from positive celestial energy infused into her very being. Loving nature from a young age led her to her wolf companion that she named Chica.

(DnD au 2/?)

(Amy Nelson is a lightborn, people who are imbued with celestial energy that gives them special powers. Unfortunately I couldn’t give Mark a farmiliar companion but I could with Amy so that’s what I did. Being an ambassador for the city led her to meet the leader of the guard who she soon fell for. And also to meet other ambassadors, quickly becoming friends with a half elf ambassador from the Spire of Spring that goes by the name Lady Nestor.)


The only sound in the room was the blood dripping off the edge of his sword, but that couldn’t overpower the roaring in Rowan’s ears.

Maeve was dead, her broken body a crumpled pile at his feet. Her head lay near the dais, nothing but a long, stain of blood separating the cold, cruel face from the once powerful body.

The female who had once been his blood-sworn queen had died by his own sword, and he found he felt no remorse for the action, only that he had shown far too much mercy to his former majesty.

Heavy, pounding footsteps rushed down the hall and Aedion ran into the room, taking in the carnage and the killing calm still settled on Rowan’s harsh features. Pine green eyes met turquoise ringed in gold. “Lysandra found her scent, she’s not in the dungeons.”

It was enough to spur Rowan back into action, taking off after Aedion. Blood coated nearly every surface in the stone castle. Guards he’d known for centuries, some he’d even trained himself, laid unmoving on the ground. He couldn’t spare them a thought, as the two warriors barreled through the halls. Aedion led the way, but only just.

This had been his home for far longer than the man next to him had been alive, and he knew the sadistic nature of Maeve. She would do anything to torment his queen and knew precisely what her weakness was. Him.

As soon as they turned the corner, the hall leading to Rowan’s own former chambers, he shifted, ice and wind carrying him faster than legs ever would. Aedion fell back, allowing his queen and brother their reunion in what little way he could. The ghost leopard slunk from an open doorway on silent paws and he swore he could see tears in her green eyes.

The scent of him in these halls was still strong, if not a bit stale, almost overbearing, though it was missing the wildness of fire it now held. The fae who had lived in this castle was not the same male he was now, Aelin’s scent and effect ever present. The scent in the wings was that of a fae warrior, of course, and of pine and wind and snow, but it no longer belonged to him. It would be a constant reminder to anyone with fae blood in their veins that he had been here, though, that he had lived here.

Like Aelin, for instance.

Reaching his quarters, he shifted back into his fae form and twisted the lock until it broke in his powerful hands, the door swinging open easily, and her scent slammed into him like a battering ram. It almost brought him to his knees, the scent of his beloved bombarding his senses after over a year. “Aelin!”

He couldn’t pinpoint which set of rooms she was in. He ran to his own suite, finding it practically untouched since his departure from Doranelle. Frantically, he began to search the abandoned rooms in the Whitethorn wing of the castle. Her scent began to get stronger and stronger, but it was mixed with something he’d never experienced, something sweet and vulnerable and everlasting. He began to hear a soft, mewling noise.

At first, he thought that his Fireheart was crying, that they had truly broken her. But as he came closer to a door left slightly ajar, he realized that the cry did not, could not, belong to that of a grown woman. He moved slowly, gods, so slowly, that by the time he reached for the door, he wasn’t sure that he was even moving on his own accord anymore. The pull of his mate, of his wife’s scent, was the lone thought as he pushed the door open.

The room was no more than a glorified closet. Bars cut the room in half, allowing no more space than would fit a small bed and a wash basin. There were no windows to allow in light, a lone candle lit high in the room illuminated the small area. Chains and shackles had been drilled into the wall, however, they laid unlocked on the thin mattress.

In the corner, a small figure was curled in on itself, quietly singing in a long forgotten tongue. The blonde hair was tangled, dirty and matted, longer than the last time he’d laid eyes on it. The pointed tips of her ears stuck out through her limp hair. The wicked, deep scars on her back, the now ruined tattoos he’d given her with his own hands were visible through the thin white shift she wore. She was so focused on the song that she didn’t hear his approach, didn’t hear him unlock the cell, even with her fae hearing.

He could hardly believe it. She was here, she was alive, not unharmed, but he hadn’t deluded himself to believe there was a chance of that. His throat was thick, scarcely able to truly speak, much less say the words he’d been longing to say since she was taken from him. So he did what he could and breathed her name.


She stiffened, clutching tightly out of instinct to protect whatever was in her arms. She glanced over her shoulder and Rowan was home.

Her turquoise and gold eyes welled up with tears as she whispered, “Rowan.” The word was nearly impossible to hear, scratching its way out of her throat as if she hadn’t had water in weeks, but it was the most beautiful noise he’d heard in over a year. But that breakable, beautiful, unknown scent blasted his senses again and as she turned her body towards his, he fell to his knees.

The whimpering child against her breast couldn’t be older than six months, and as it fussed and cried, the candlelight shone on the soft, silver hair. Aelin watched as Rowan, as her strong, warrior prince, collapsed to his knees at the sight of the squirming baby in her arms.

Rowan could only stare as Aelin looked at him, at the love and trust and surprise that he truly did come for her, as it all shown on her face, as the tears began to slip down her cheeks. Before even the first had the chance to fall, he was there, wiping them away with his thumbs, mumbling into her hair, “Fireheart. I’m here, Fireheart.”

At the slight commotion of their reunion, the baby began to fuss and Aelin looked down to him, cooing and crooning in a voice that Rowan had never heard, yet wholly loved in that moment all the same. His hand went to rest on his mate’s shoulders and she smiled up at him. Despite her pale skin, despite the dark circles under her eyes and the malnourished, gaunt figure, that smile was gorgeous and spectacular and ripped the gods damned air out of his lungs.

He glanced down at the baby and Ashryver eyes looked back at him. Rowan reached down, gods, he was shaking, and ran his fingertips over the soft skin of his cheek. The fussing stopped almost as soon as the physical contact was made and Rowan crouched to the ground, settling on his knees in front of his wife and his…

His son.

He could barely find his voice. “What’s his-?”

“Lowell,” she whispered, “The young wolf.” Her fingers brushing his silver hair off of his forehead, hair so much like his own. Gods, he had so much hair. “He was born with it,” she said, answering his unspoken thought.

He watched as she pressed feather soft kisses to his forehead and to each of his pointed ears, a sign of the strong fae blood running in his veins, and he felt as if his heart were going to burst. He didn’t deserve this blessing, couldn’t. After what had happened to Lyria, what had happened because of him, after all of the pain he had caused since, the gods would never give him this. Carefully, oh so carefully, he wrapped his arms around her, his own scent mingling with that of his wife’s and his son’s, and Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius, Prince of Doranelle and King of Terrasen, thanked the gods and wept.


The Starks:

Brandon Stark “the wild wolf”

Eddard Stark “the quiet wolf”

Benjen Stark “the young pup”

Lyanna Stark “the she-wolf”

The Starks at the Tourney at Harrenhal.

By the light of the moon || Closed

Marinette placed Tikki inside of a box with a tiny hole so the miraculous could see. She then placed it on the top shelf of her bookshelf. “I’m sorry Tikki. I don’t want to have to put you there either, but I also don’t want to hurt you. Especially not tonight.” Her blue eyes glanced at the window. It would be dark soon.

Nails scratched at the bite scar on her left arm. The curse happened when she was only three years old. Marinette had been just outside the bakery on the sidewalk, watching an airplane go by in the night sky. The next thing she knew, she was on the ground crying after some large dog came up and bit her. Then she had started to change. Each month at the full moon she would become a mindless wolf.

Since she was so young when she had first been bitten, her parents had been able to control her. She had only been a pup after all. As she grew, she began to recognize the scent of her parents, accepting them as members of her pack so she never attacked them.

“Marinette. Are you ready?” Her father opened the trap door and looked up at his daughter.

“Yes dad.” She glanced at the box again before walking over to him. They were going to a wooded area away from the town so she wouldn’t hurt anyone.


Full moon.

A loud, annoyed growl breaks the quiet of the night as she struggles to get up. Her limbs are shaking, they feel weak, as if they were like jelly. And, after what seems like an eternity, You can finally stand … On all fours.


She lowers her head to see what is so wrong right now, and her eyes land on two paws, resting on a tuft of grass. A surprised yap escapes her mouth as she stumbles backward. Once she’s come to a halt -meaning that her butt met the ground once she had tripped over a visible root-, she shakes her head and internally sighs.

It happened again.

Glancing up, You closes her eyes after seeing the moon in her full phase, irked.

The full moon sucks.

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Newcomer (Final Effect)

The uplifted cat slunk into the bar and hopped onto a stool. The stool immediately reshaped itself to better accommodate his form.

“I need something strong,” the cat said. “It’s been that kind of day.”

“Is that so?” the bartender was a young wolf Faunus. She had a kindly air about her despite her elongated canines and slightly lupine features. “Must be pretty bad for you to come in on a Wednesday.”

The cat shrugged. He usually dropped by on a Friday after he was done with work at the museum. As an uplifted cat, his intelligence was comparable to the average person’s, and having a cat’s body wasn’t a disadvantage when it came to guiding tours. If anything, it was an advantage. Even if uplifted animals had been around for centuries, humans and Faunus still found having a cat for a tour guide to be a pleasant surprise.

“I found out my humans are going to have a baby,” the cat said as the Faunus set a bowl down in front of him. It was filled with what passed for alcohol amongst his kind. He took a small sip. “I’m not sure what to think.”

“That’s right,” the bartender murmured. “This would be their first kid, wouldn’t it?”

The cat nodded. “I’ve been with my main human since she was fifteen. She’s twenty-five now. That’s ten years. I don’t mind my other human. He’s okay. And, well, she loves him, so there’s that.” The cat frowned. “But a baby? That’s another story. We’re probably going to have to move. They’ve been talking about it. They want a proper house instead of an apartment to raise the kid in.”

“A proper house? That’s a good thing though.”

The cat took another sip from the bowl. “Maybe. But it also means a longer commute for me. There’s also the expenses to consider.” The cat scowled. “We’re doing okay. She’s a nurse, and he works down at the refinery. But a kid? That’s going to stretch things.”

The bartender leaned over the counter. “The refinery? You mean the Aura-metal refinery, right?”

The cat nodded. There were certain metals and alloys that could only be refined using Aura, and only certain Semblances could be used for the process. His other human was lucky enough to have one of those. It guaranteed him a job, but the work was tiring, and his reserves weren’t high enough to work more than a few hours a day before he exhausted himself. Factor in the expense of buying a house, getting new furniture, medical bills, and everything, well, things would be tricky.

“I’ll help, of course,” the cat said quickly. “I’m part of the family, after all. And my job at the museum pays pretty well. I don’t really need much either, at least, in terms of expenses.” As a cat, he didn’t need much in the way of clothing or furniture, and he was happy to share the money he earned with his humans. “But I do worry.”

“It’s not that bad,” the bartender said. “This is something most couples go through.” She grinned. “My father once said that no one is ever really ready to have children. You kind of just… go with it and hope for the best.” She glanced off to the side. “But if you’re worried, maybe you could talk to the professor.”

The cat followed her gaze. A grey-furred hamster was munching on a few treats on the other side of the bar. His master, a pink-haired Dia Farron who looked to be about forty-five, was reading through something on his scroll. 

“I might do that, actually.”

Professor Huggles was someone the cat had met a couple of years ago when he and his humans had first moved into their current apartment. The professor was a war hamster, so the other uplifted animals often went to him for advice. In between all the fighting he’d done and the fact that his master was a combat medic, amongst other things, and there was very little the professor hadn’t seen over the years. Besides, it was always good to have a friend who could transform into mobile heavy artillery.

The hamster stopped munching on his treats when the cat reached him. He gave a quiet squeak and nudged a treat the cat’s way. The cat appreciated the gesture, but hamster treats weren’t his thing. It was also funny how hamsters had never adopted the speaking devices that most uplifted animals used to transform their gestures and vocalisations into proper speech. Perhaps it was because the Dia-Farron spent years learning to interpret the squeaks and gestures of their hamster, or perhaps it was just an old habit. Still, all hamsters carried around a translator, just in case they actually needed to speak, not that they used it much.

Fortunately, the cat could understand hamster.

Huggles must have heard what the cat had been talking about with the bartender because he was quick to offer his thoughts. The cat sat back on his haunches and listened intently. Huggles’s master had raised several children, and the hamster had found himself in the cat’s position before.

His advice was actually quite simple. Did the cat love his humans? Yes. Well, then, the odds were pretty good that he’d love any children they had too. His best bet was to help out. It would be tough during the pregnancy, and it would be tough after it too. The kid would need a lot of care and attention, and most kids happened to like animals. If the cat played his cards right, he could really establish a strong bond with the kid, as well as deepen the bonds he already had with his humans. Besides, the kid might even end up as his minion.

The cat bit back a chuckle at that. That was definitely a Dia-Farron sort of thing to say. But maybe he was overreacting. People had kids all the time, and most of them turned out okay. His humans weren’t total idiots. They’d probably end up fine.

“All right.” The cat nodded firmly. “I’ll do what I can, but tonight… tonight, I drink!”

X     X     X

Coral looked at her scroll anxiously. She’d tried call her cat several times, but he hadn’t activated his scroll. Was he lost? Had something happened? He’d said he was stopping off at that club on his way home, but it was already late. He never came back this late on a weekday. Beside her, her husband was also worried. 

“Where is he?” Coral whispered. “Maybe I should call the Guardian Corps…”

She trailed off as a large shape lumbered down the street and then came to a stop in front of their apartment. It was a war hamster, and although it wasn’t armed, its sheer size and bulk made it a cute yet intimating figure. She was about to ask the hamster what it was doing when someone leaned over the side of the hamster with her cat.

“Here.” It was a Dia-Farron. “He’s a bit of a lightweight. He challenged Professor Huggles to a drinking contest, but I don’t think there’s a cat alive who can outdrink a war hamster.”

“Uh… right.” Coral gently took her cat from the Dia-Farron. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. Professor Huggles and Patches there are friends. It’s the least we can do. I mean… can you imagine a drunk cat on public transport? Heh. Not a pretty sight.” The Dia-Farron nodded again, and the war hamster mirrored the gesture before the two of them rumbled down the street.

“We should get a dog…” Patches slurred, curling up against her. “You know, to help with the baby… maybe I can order the dog around too…”

@anditsxsorrows│♕│ Continued From Here

Her grip on the phone tightens and she lets out an audible sigh, directly into the speaker because god he’s annoying. She didn’t meant to be gone so long. The morning sickness was getting worse and since her discomfort wasn’t exactly a priority to him she figured she’d handle it herself. So, she went to get some herbs from one of the magic shops in town – which led to her running into the young wolf beside her. And okay she ran into some witches earlier in the day and now there was a dead guy at her feet. Yeah, he wasn’t going to be happy. 

“Oh, what will happen to your life if I am with the witches? An untimely death? Because if so then I’m with the witches,” she joked a tired grin tugging at her lips as she glances at Alana before realizing she was going to have to tell him. “Um, also I’m not alone – and I might or might not need a way to dispose of a corpse…preferably before the police come back.”

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∯ - “How did they know…it’s not like I announced anything…”

∯ - “I wonder if she ever found him…”

∯ - “I wonder what she’s up to…and if that wolf of hers is alright.”

∯ - “She seemed so young to have all those responsibilities…I wonder how that happened..”

∯ - “I still don’t understand how he managed to find me…”

∯ - “I need to buy more blankets…someone likes to ‘borrow’ them…”

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The Little Wolf: Pups and Jealous Brood-Mates (Chapter Two)

Summary:  When a pack of werewolves, who had been allied with the Hales, are wiped out by hunters a young pup finds her way to Beacon Hills. the gang has to now balance raising a Born-Wolf pup while fending off Deucalion and the continuous attacks of mysterious supernatural creatures and hunters.

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: N/A

Melissa glanced up when a plastic bag of food was dangled in front of her. She set down the chart she had been checking and thanked Scott who frowned and sniffed her, with a reluctant sigh she led her son to the on call room where the sleeping werewolf was curled up waiting for Melissa to finish her shift.

“Who’s that?” Scott asked quickly as his mother gazed down at the girl with a mixture of happy contentedness and worry.

“Her name is Amelia, her pack was… well a group of hunters saw to it that there is no more pack but she survived.” Melisa began to explain, she paused when Amelia stirred and growled playfully in her sleep making the Alpha smile a little.

“She’s the only survivor… how’d she get here?” Scott asked quickly making his mother role her eyes at him.

“She ran, did Derek or Deaton tell you what happens to werewolves that are still in their pup faze lose their packs?” She asked, nodding to a nurse who indicated to Melissa that her break had finished.

“They get sick.” Scott said simply as he followed his mother back to the main entrance of the hospital where Stiles, Malia and Lydia were waiting for him.

“They die without a pack because they’re too young to cope with being a lone wolf.” She muttered quietly, Scott frowned as it dawned on him that the girl could be about to die alone without a pack.

“Can I help her?” Scott asked his mother who smiled at the determined look on her sons face, nodded and showed home a photo copies of adoption papers.

“Whoever packed her bags prepared to have her adopted and quickly, Chris thinks they planned for something like this to happen.” Melisa said, she explained that Scott would have to help her look after Amelia because she’d offered to adopt her so she could have twenty four hour access to her alpha without raising suspicion.

“So you and Stiles’ dad got all this done in four hours?” Scott asked quickly as he flicked through the paper work and handed it back to his mother who nodded and stopped in a patient’s room indicating for Scott to wait outside.

“You need to accept her into the pack and soon… I know it’s a lot to happen and quickly but I managed to convince your father that she was a distant relative of ours and that you were her uncle.” She muttered the last part to herself making Scott snort.

“Mom… thank you for helping me and setting Isaac up in the spare room, now this.” Scott smiled when his mother pulled him into a quick hug and pointed to him.

“You owe me, now go wake up Amelia… also you’ll need the booster seat that’s in her room so Stiles can give you both a lift home… she is not to go on that bike.” Melissa said firmly as she hurried off to help the incoming patients.

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♗ : Child!Character my muse would adopt.

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Accepting│✧│ @ofbeinghuman ❣ 

♗ :  Child!Character my muse would adopt.

@krakens-flayed-wolf Hayley would and has adopted her as her own. Hayley see’s herself in Alana and it’s one of the reasons she’s driven to help the young wolf and why she accepts the girl into her family. She’s one hundred percent her daughter even though she didn’t actually give birth to her. A sister to Hope, a nuisance to Klaus (as are all the people he cares about) and family. Always and Forever.