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My TLD theory

I have reason to believe that, although pretending to be someone else, Eurus was in fact suicidal. Sherlock, while high off his ass, never makes wrong deductions. She may have pretended to be someone she’s not, but as Irene Adler once said, “it’s always a self portrait.” Broken, alone… suicidal. Who the hell knows about the paper and shit, but I think she went to her brother for last hope indeed. She spent time finding him and finding out about him. She, as we later find out, wants a game. Not only one to find out if Sherlock is smart the way she wants him to be, but too see if he was truly able to save her. If she found him and he wasn’t able to figure anything out about her “case” she would leave and probably commit suicide. She was in pain, she had no one to turn to. Except for the brother she always wanted as her bff. If he could help her “case,” he could help her. If not, she had no one left to save her and then she would exist no more. And even high-as-a-kite Sherlock can’t guess (most) things wrong. He said and did the right things. So on her game went.
(Also- “you’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips. Trust me, it’s about the only perk”?!?!?! Owww my heart it broke)


Every fairy tale needs a good old fashioned villain.

yes but can we talk about Child!Lock

and child!John? this one is less similar btw (poor lil boy with a bad family)

then we have teen!lock (not mature at all)

and same for teen!john (maybe just arrived @ the college/king’s cross’s station)


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young jane moriarty growing up in catholic ireland, with big black eyes and a brain for math that everyone tries to dismiss

young jane moriarty who isn’t interested in boys and looks at pretty girls’ legs, but that gets a boyfriend every year few days before valentine’s day because she wants to receive chocolate and roses and because every year she wants to break the poor guy’s heart in a more painful and creative way

young jane moriarty who is also left handed and gets called “the devil’s daughter” and that talks about her childhood to the woman she loves, sherlock holmes. sherlock holmes who shakes her head, beautiful dark curls on pale skin and kisses her lips softly before whispering “you are not the devil’s daughter, you are satan itself”

9 Pop Culture Villains You’re Secretly Rooting For

You know that feeling when you realize you have a soft spot for the evil guy? For us, it started with THE YOUNG ELITES heroine Adelina, who, even though she’s descending into darkness, is totally awesome – and we have her back 100%. Sometimes you just have to accept that you’re secretly rooting for the bad guy and THAT’S OK. Read on for 9 we think deserve it!

1. Cersei from Game of Thrones

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Ok yes, you certainly performed some questionable deeds but NO ONE deserves that infamous walk through town…

2. Malificent

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Getting to witness your old favorite Disney movie from the antagonist’s perspective is actually awesome, and we kinda feel like Malificent’s evilness is justified after getting to know her back story. 

3. Adelina from The Young Elites

When you’ve been mistreated your whole life and it seems like everyone who likes you only likes you because of your dark powers, it TOTALLY makes sense that you’d want a little bit of revenge. Plus Adelina’s powers are out-of-this-world cool and even though we feel like cringing when she wields them, we can’t help but cheer her on.

4. The Penguin from Gotham

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Why is it IMPOSSIBLE to tear our eyes away from someone with such sadistic inclinations masked by perfect politeness?

5. Tom Riddle/Voldemort from Harry Potter

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Yes, Voldemort is the worst, but as the series go on and we get to know the boy who became a monster…feelings get complicated.

6. Magneto

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Moving asteroids, manipulating chemical structures, teleporting, and becoming invisible barely scrape the surface of your resume. We know where respect is due. 

7. Benjamin Linus from Lost

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So eerie, so methodical…you’re quite simply a maniac but for some reason you utterly captivate us.

8. Moriarty from Sherlock

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We can’t help being a little obsessed with the character who completely overhauled our definition of creepy.

9. The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who

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There’s something to be said for one of the most original monsters we’ve ever come across. Feeding off of the potential energy of someone’s life by sending them back in time?? Utterly terrifying, but kinda awesome.

Ready to meet your new favorite villain? Start THE YOUNG ELITES!















Some Moriarty things because of theinvader5

  • Jim Moriarty growing up in a family with no father and a mother who tried her best but never really had time for him and was always tired.
  • Jim Moriarty reading a lot because he could escape in the stories.
  • Young Jim Moriarty being unable to socialize properly because he was extremely intelligent for his age and really fascinated in science and space and reading and none of the other kids understood so they just made fun of him instead.
  • Jim Moriarty teaching himself chemistry as a first grader.
  • Jim Moriarty no longer reading books for their stories, but instead for their infinite knowledge.
  • Jim Moriarty dissecting dead things at eight years old.
  • Jim Moriarty killing a little boy who made fun of him and feeling so powerful for the first time in his life, because he had actually done something and stood up for himself, and no he still didn’t have any friends but at least he wasn’t helpless.
  • Jim Moriarty breezing through university and getting a degree in astrophysics and chemistry.
  • Jim Moriarty deciding that he doesn’t really like killing people himself but he knows that to make people respect him, they need to fear him.
  • Jim Moriarty offering people whatever they want in the whole world for the price of their souls.
  • Jim Moriarty climbing his way slowly, painfully, to the top of the food chain until even the PM owes him a very large debt.
  • Jim Moriarty, who still can’t socialize properly, learning how to act so that he can fake it.
  • Jim Moriarty growing tired of faking it and searching for a second in command because he can’t run this empire on his own and he needs someone that he can trust and actually talk to.

oh oh and also remember when we realized that what happened to 6 yo Sherlock ended up driving him to fixate on Carl Powers’ murder a few years later and therefore first get the attention of one young Jim Moriarty, yes that was fun