the young king of the black isles

Conceal, don’t feel.

Request: I’d love to request an imagine with Carlos and the daughter of Hook (aka Harry’s sister) and how that effects his crush on her? - @villainouskid

Pairing: Carlos x reader

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Part 2?

y/n Hook, one of the isle’s most fearsome pirates and a rival to Mal’s group.

But being apart of Mal’s group and having any sort of chance with y/n was almost non-existent, rivals didn’t associate with one another and they definitely did not create meaningful relationships. Y/n is just different, the way her (h/c) hair blew against the wind, her (e/c) orbs lit up in excitement whenever she was pilfering across the isle with her twin brother Harry.

But nothing could ever happen between us, it is practically forbidden and dating isn’t really a thing here on the isle.

“Well, well, well, look at what we have here” A sing-song tone rang out from behind me, turning around to come face to face with the few people that we never expect to see.

“It look’s like we have found some strays? Not so mighty without the leader are you?” The other voice chuckled, raising a glinting hook in the air and pointing it towards Evie, Jay and I.

“Just leave us alone, Hook” Evie snapped, gesturing the two Hook twins. Y/n’s reply was a laugh, a loud indignant laugh as she took a short step towards us. I could feel my features begin to redden with a blush as my longtime crush moved closer towards me- even if it was for all the wrong reasons.

“I could hurt you” Her voice became soft and her eyes stared directly into my own as a cool, metal hook was placed gently against my neck. I could feel my breath hitch in my through as she ran her tongue against her light pink lips, still staring intently between my features and her own shining hook.

“Come on sis, no point wasting breathe on these, they can’t defend themselves” Her brother spoke, reaching out and grasping onto y/n’s forearm and tugged her back towards him.

The pair then began to walk away; laughing their deranged heads off… But I still couldn’t help it, something about the girl was just too intriguing! I wanted to get to know her, hold her in my arms when she was feeling particularly vulnerable- not that it is frequent but I want to be her reassurance.

I never saw much of y/n after that day on the isle- you see, Evie, Mal, Jay and I were invited to tend Auradon prep under the soon-to-be-king, young prince Ben’s new proclamation and we never went back to the isle. But due to current actions, they are moving more Villain Kids to Auradon from the isle… Including y/n and her brother. I feel like a giddy little kid again just thinking about her!

The day finally arrived and can you guess where I was? Yup, standing up front and center of the welcoming committee with Jay, Mal, Evie, Fairy godmother’s daughter Jane (I think she has a thing for me) and Lonnie- Mulan’s daughter. Watching eagerly as the black limo made its way through the large arched gates, tires crunching against the sand colored gravel leading to where we were currently stood. Bright beams of concentrated sunlight glimmered off the hood of the vehicle due to the humid summertime. Announcing it’s already known presence with a short honk, the limo rolled up at the front of the school, doors facing the castle so that when they step out they are greeted by everyone- not that I think they would want that… I remember when I first arrived here in Auradon.

“Oh! Ah! Ow! Stop!” Jay pushed my back against the door, furiously trying to grab the deep blue fabric out of my grasp.
Suddenly I could feel the door being pulled open and I tumbled straight out onto the hard, sunlit concrete- still fighting for the rights to own what I have already rightfully claimed.
“You got everything else! Why do you want whatever this is?” I tried questioning Jay but seeing as his heavy boot was pushing down on my chest, it came out more like an airy growl
“'Cause you want it!” He exclaimed back, pulling harder on the fabric, lifting my body up with him due to his strong grip

“Give it to me!”
“Let go!”

We were swiftly interrupted from our exchange by Mal shoving me with her foot as she noticed our company.

“Guys, guys, guys! We have an audience” Causing us to both instinctively glance ahead of us where a lady with dark brown hair and wearing a baby blue dress was stood, clearing her throat. Jay then let go of my fabric and held his hand out to pull me up, smiling awkwardly and clutching onto the other things he stole.
“Just cleaning up” He stated- we really made an impression that day, back when it was just us four against the world. I really do miss us being that close.I was too caught up in my day dream that I didn’t notice the isle kids getting out of the vehicle and making their way over to the crowd.

Y/n looking as beautiful as I remembered…

y/n POV
I never wished for this to happen like many virtuous, slum dwelling children but we were dragged to this disgusting city with the four traitorous kids that none of us wished to see again.There they stood, upfront and centre with the King and the headmistress Fairy Godmother; Mal had gone back to her old style of dark purple hair but now accommodated a white dress that flowed down to her knees, Evie was still dressed in a dark blue dress, matching gloves and a red shoulder bag- her fingers intertwined with a dopey looking boy. Jay hadn’t truly changed, his long dark hair was still underneath a red beanie except he had adopted a more classy dress sense and wore a black jacket instead of his usual rainbow colours that made my eyes want to vomit just by looking at him for too long.But short in size, white and black hair that was now parted in a side parting and he still wore a black and white leather jacket paired with some black and red shorts and boots. Carlos had always caused a foreign feeling to bubble up inside me, his adorable features made my insides melt but my brother and I were raised to be heartless thieves- not to have futile feelings such as love. So instead I exchange the absurd sentiment into resentment and bury my true feelings deep, deep inside, pushing up my walls so that nobody can ever find out.

The Arabian Nights, their best-known tales.
Edited by Kate Douglas Wiggin and Nora A.Smith.
Illustrated by Maxfield Parrish.
New York, Charles Scribner’s sons. MCMIX.
Published 1909.

“The Young King of the Black Isles”

When he came to this part of his narrative, the young king could not restrain his tears ; and the sultan was himself so affected by the relation, that he could not find utterance for any words of consolation. Shortly after, the young king, lifting up his eyes to heaven, exclaimed, “Mighty creator of all things, I submit myself to Thy judgments, and to the decrees of Thy providence : I endure my calamities with patience, since it is Thy will that things should be as they are ; but I hope that Thy infinite goodness will ultimately reward me.”