the yolo one tho

So! I finally started playing FE: Echoes! And because I’m a master at foresight, I made a total of 0 mages out of my Villagers- and while that actually went alright and I didn’t need to worry too much while playing through, I got to the last part of Act 1 and saw Desaix sitting there with a droppable Dracoshield. Of course I decided “I want to beat him just to have that and tell myself i did” but then looked at his stats and knew of course there was NO WAY Silque would even be able to dent him, or come out alive to tell the tale, so what to do… 

…In a desperate attempt, I took one of those freebie pitchforks and made my strongest unit a villager in hopes to turn them into a mage and be able to take him down. So… my best bet was Lukas… I had no idea how the whole stat thing really worked out yet when swapping classlines but like I said I was desperate so I tried it out… and now I have a hilariously bulky physical fighter killing machine that takes pretty much no damage and he knocked out Desaix while he was still even on his healing tile no problem and I have my free Dracoshield lmao  

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Omg can I just say Interview shattered my image of Older Noctis! I honestly didn't think much of him in the game (I saw the cutscenes before I played the game so I feel like I kinda cheated myself of the experience the first time around) but now with playing it a little and reading yours and everyone's work from UTW, I've been converted to the sinful church that is King Daddy and I'm never leaving it! 😁

I’m glad you liked it! CAUSE IT DESTROYED ME TOO

I mean, I’ve always been in King Daddy hell. Ever since he jumped out that crystal with a +700 to Fine As Hell stat I knew I was in deep shit. Like whoa boy, he could tell me whatever he wanted of me and I’d just concede automatically.

But @mistress-light comes around and be like “I love bearded Noct”

And I’m like “me too, oh you going for a job interview I HAVE A GREAT IDEA”

And… now…

King Daddy hell is also eternal. My cooter is on high alert for the Chosen King of Lucis and I can’t fight it at all. I tried. Cooter wins out every time.

So yes, let us burn together in this hell. Happily. Forever.

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hey so i'm gonna ask a really lame question kajlsa what's the eye color and hair color of the people from rt? (mainly the ah guys tbh) i mean, i know what their hair colors are?? visually talking?? but i don't know the "official colors" like blond or redhead or something else, and the eyes i really have no idea whatsoever and i need to know these stuff to write fanfics wow this is awkward someone should just take one for the team and make a list or something jesus chris t sORRY

Achievement Hunters:

  • Caleb — Medium brown hair, blue eyes
  • Gavin — Ash brown to light brown hair, blue eyes but with central heterochromia that’s brown
  • Geoff — Dark brown hair, blue eyes
  • Jack 2 — His beard is orange but his hair is kind of chestnut brown? so whichever is fine I guess, brown/hazel eyes
  • Kdin — Medium brown hair, blue eyes
  • Lindsay — Red hair, blue eyes (but they do change to green sometimes as Michael has talked about in the Newly Wed Game video)
  • Michael — Auburn hair, brown eyes
  • Ray — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Ryan — Dirty blond to light brown hair, blue eyes

RT Employees: 

  • Aaron 2— Medium brown hair, blue eyes
  • Adam B. — Ash brown hair, blue eyes
  • Adam E. 2 — Light brown hair, blue eyes
  • Arryn — Black hair, green eyes
  • Ashley — Honey blonde hair, blue eyes
  • Barbara — Light blonde hair, blue eyes
  • Blaine 2 — Dirty blond hair, I’m pretty sure his eyes are hazel b/c sometimes they’re green and other times they’re brown
  • Brandon — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Burnie — Medium brown hair, blue eyes
  • Caiti — Golden brown hair, blue eyes
  • Chris D. — Medium brown hair, brown eyes
  • Gus — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Joel — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Jon — Dark brown hair, blue eyes
  • Jordan 2 — Ash brown hair, blue eyes
  • Jose (JJ) — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Joshua — Black hair, brown eyes
  • Kara — Medium blonde hair, brown eyes
  • Kerry — Dark blond hair, brown eyes
  • Kyle — Dark brown hair, brown eyes
  • Matt — Light brown hair, blue eyes
  • Meg 2 — Red hair, brown eyes
  • Miles — Dark brown hair, brown eyes
  • Monty — Black hair, brown eyes


  • Dan — Dark brown hair, brown eyes
  • Griffon — Light blonde hair, blue eyes