the yok and sheryo


ART SCHOOL | Sheryo & The Yok 

Talented and world-traveling artist duo, Sheryo & The Yok are known for their massive murals and installations all over the world, inspired by their travels, cartoons, and psychedelic imaginations. Their passion for painting large scale murals and their vision for creating immersive art installations make them both inspirational and mind blowing to fans and artists alike. We’re excited to interview these spray painting nomads and talk about their travels, their art processes, and their upcoming projects which include “a crocodile temple in Singapore” and “a bat house/shack under a bridge in Berlin.”

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Top photograph by Rainer Christian Kurzeder

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Opening Pics from Screaming Hand Art Show at HOV Brooklyn

Big HUGE thanks to all the folks who came out to see the 30th anniversary celebration of Jim Phillips Screaming Hand art exhibition at the HOV in Brooklyn!  The exhibition featured works by artists such as SKINNER, Sasha Barr, Nat Russell, Andrew Pommier, Hanai Yusuke, Sheryo & the Yok, Jeremy Fish, Scott Teplin, Oliver Peck, David Cook and many more.   

Photographs by Colin Sussingham


Tonight was the opening of the 21st Precinct Art Exhibit on 22nd Street in Manhattan. A collection of dozens of graffiti and street artists covered nearly every interior surface of a 4 story building, formerly the NYPD’s 21st Precinct, with graffiti and art. Artists included Cash4, Rambo, Noxer, Faust, Pixote, Erasmo, Duel, Sheryo and the Yok, Chris of Robots Will Kill, Elle, Hellbent, Vexta and many others I can’t recall off the top of my head. The show is open to the public on 8/17, 8/23 and 8/24 after which the building is scheduled for demolition during the last week of August.