the yogurt society

Hi Culture Club members!

From the founder of Berry Chill, we’re proud to announce the launch of Culture, The Yogurt Society. We’ll be announcing our official launch date shortly but of course, our Culture Club members, Twitter followers, and Facebook fans, will receive an exclusive sneak preview!

For our first of many contests, we would like our most loyal fans to help us name our first truck.

The winner will receive a private Culture yogurt party for them and 10 friends, anywhere in the city of Chicago.

So just follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and submit your name ideas. The contest will end on Friday, August 26 2011, at 12PM CST.

Culture - The Yogurt Society

First off, they call it a yogurt “society” but it’s a truck. I don’t get that. Also, they serve the yogurt in this weird container. What the heck is this? 

Anyway, I got a plain (not vanilla) yogurt, with a topping of fresh blueberries. Here’s what it looks like. I think the container would have made more sense if I had gotten a large serving. Instead I had to plunge my spoon in awkwardly, like i was mining for gold.

I was a little worried that the tartness of the plain yogurt would be overwhelming. but there was a nice balance of sweet creaminess made even better with the fresh fruit. It’s definitely tart though, so if you like your fro-yo to taste like soft-serve ice cream for some reason, avoid. I enjoyed the real yogurt flavor, though. When i was little, I remember  my mom having a yogurt making machine. I don’t remember her actually making any yogurt with it, but this is what I imagine it tasting like if she had.