the yoga temple


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I did an oracle card reading earlier and it kind of confirmed my thoughts that I’m on the right spiritual path
If you post anything that has to do with paganism, witchcraft, druidism, especially a lot of focus on the Goddesses! I will follow all of you,, please



Good morning!

(Playing while I waited for my friends to get ready for the Temple burn on Sunday )

It’s 3:38 AM in Utah. We just arrived after driving 19+ hours from the desert. Exodus from Burning Man took 8 hours! My flight to Texas is in an hour, so I thought I’d say this now: it was hard to say goodbye at The Temple again, but you are always in my heart… And my hair, my pillows, shoes, toes, etc😜

Missing those sunrises and sunsets already❤️

Happy whatever day it is!