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Our ego often clouds our minds, creating alternate realities based on current experiences. Many times in your day, bring your awareness into present and realise that you’re alright, regardless of anything going on.

How To Overcome Your Ego

Stop being offended
Let go of the need to win
Let go of the need to be right
Let go of the need to be superior
Let go of the need to have more
Let go of identifying yourself by your achievements
Let go of reputation

Namaste 🙏🏽

“Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. And so to whatever degree any one of us, can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building to the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all is what it’s really all about.” Terence McKenna

Steph on CP and Yoga.

Christen Press- Then we have Christen, who is in the corner performing a Los Angeles rendition of the Nutcracker ballet. Christen has informed me and Samantha Johnson that if we continue to distract the others (since when is twerking during downward dog and cuddling during Shavasana inappropriate??) she’s going to suggest we be kicked out of Yoga.

Well Christen, if you read this, 1) how about a retweet and 2) it’s not that easy for me to follow along either when your auditioning for a broadway show. Regardless, I plan on buying a tutu and practicing nutcracker ballet yoga every night in the confines of my own home to see if its the secret to acquiring world class composure in front of goal.

Bonus: This week, with myself and a small number of others egging her, on she bluntly asked with her signature look (resting b**** face) “Is yoga mandatory this week?” Without delay, Rory replied that Yoga absolutely is mandatory, and that her question is probably better suited for a private conversation at a different time. Good on you Sam, you miss every shot you don’t take. 

(The Bonus my way of saying Rory loves Christen so much he is now a yoga advocator)

“High standards are the foundation for great achievements.” #AimHigh <3 #betterforit


Top left from weeks ago (months?) The three shallow containers are now under the bed in the guest bedroom.

Top right is the rest of the containers and bags of stash inherited from DH’s aunt. It’s finally all cataloged on ravelry and with photos!

Bottom left has all the knitting needles, crochet hooks, miscellaneous craft tools, books, patterns, and wips (some inherited, some mine).

Bottom right is floor space! I can actually use my exercise ball and weights and do yoga now!

Yay Team UfYH! !!!


Excited for the Rio Olympics! USA! USA!

Power Rangers Supportive Headcanons: Mental Health edition

this one is gonna be emo, y’all

  • All of the rangers start experiencing intense mental health issues in the aftermath of Rita’s attack. Pile that on top of school and ranger training and keeping secrets, and it’s a little Too Much sometimes. It’s also rough that they can’t talk about it in therapy, because how does one casually tell their therapist “i’m one of the superheroes that saved angel grove”?
  • every day in the rangers group chat, at least one of them reminds the others to take their meds (usually it’s Zack, who texts them after he give his mom her meds) it helps keep them all on track, and it’s also a show of solidarity and support.

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munchinmelli  asked:

I know you are a runner and I wanted your opinion. A trainer at my gym said "don't waste your time running if you want to burn 200 calories just eat 200 calories less. Only lift weights that way you're building strength, you can't do that running" 😩 I was under the impression that running does make you stronger and is great for your heart? Idk i can't even run for a minute straight so i thought I'd ask a runner. What do you think?

Hey :) Thanks for the question!

TBH, I am surprised a certified trainer would say that. :/ Like many things - the real answer isn’t quite that simple.

Running is great for your heart - study after study shows that it promotes cardiovascular strength which can have a huge impact on both length and quality of life. Runners tend to live longer and have fewer chronic heath problems than the average non-runner.

It is also true that strength training is an awesome way to gain muscle mass which can promote health and weight loss. I LOVE to see people, especially women embrace weight lifting as a path to weight loss and overall physical fitness. Adding even a little muscle can help rev up your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine. 

There are lots of other options too like swimming, team sports, yoga, martial arts, etc etc etc. There are so many paths to fitness and they all have merit. 

My best tip is to find what you love and the best way to do that is to try everything. Trying new things is how I learned I love bike touring, but hate Spin classes with a passion. That Yoga makes me feel strong in the body while running makes me strong in the mind…. 

Once you find the thing(s) you love you can find ways to use them to drive you toward your goals. :)

Good luck!

gym class is the worst like wtf. im not someone who thinks we should have no phy ed requirements, because being healthy is important, but i think the whole gym class thing around american (as well as other countries) high schools and middle schools needs to have a major renovation. its really sad that people are terrified of going to this class..whether they’re afraid to undress in front of others, uncomfortable with swimming around half naked with both sexes, or are embarrassed with their athletic ability. even if you do enjoy it, it has its cons for everyone. gym class shouldn’t be something students are afraid of but a lot of us are. when we are scared and anxious for these 50 minutes, how is that going to help us be physically active? yes, there are people who enjoy it perfectly the way it is and thats great but there’s so many others who do not. at my school, we have this thing called ‘flex’. basically its an extra class that we have on tuesdays and wednesdays. we get to choose a new flex class every few weeks. i think gym class for high schoolers and maybe middle schoolers should be like that. every few weeks, students can choose a new 'gym flex’, they can choose what they want to do for gym. something they like and feel comfortable with, so they enjoy it and are happy and are actually accomplishing things. like, students may be able to choose from things like yoga, team sports, or something simpler like walking/running/jogging. and they can set personal fitness goals. idk just a thought sorry for the rant

anonymous asked:

Hello! The rebel team doing yoga together please? 🤗

I’ve never done yoga, how is it?

  • Megumi and Isshiki wanted to help everyone relax after all the matches.
  • Takumi was totally up for it and he almost fell asleep because of how relaxed his muscles were after.
  • How do you do tha-oh God! Didn’t know the human body could bend that way..
  • Erina is kind of struggling, wanting to perfect the exercises.
  • She gets knocked over by Kuga, who was trying to do a one-legged exercise.
  • Kuga just wants to look graceful but he’s KNOCKING OTHERS OVER.
  • Megumi and Takumi are freaking out over a passed-out Erina and Isshiki is just trying to move Kuga somewhere far away from the others.
  • Mimasaka is aCTUALLY GRACEFUL.
  • He looks like a fucking swan.
  • Megishima is just meditating while the others try to be as graceful as Mimasaka.
  • Kuga is throwing a fit.
  • This wasn’t very relaxing in the end.