the yoga farm


Went to a local farm last weekend. It was raining, so we held our yoga class in the barn. How is this related to phalloplasty? Got sacked for the first time… and by a goat! Fun!

But on a serious note, I am able to hold my own body weight on my right arm again. I still shake a bit when holding positions for long, but it doesn’t hurt. And my flexability is awesome. I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come.

4 good things

  • got a position i really wanted at a pr firm that represents natural & ayurvedic wellness  / organic, vegan, & healthy food / cannabis farms / and yoga brands  
  • seeing myself, my dreams, my goals, & my intuition with clarity 
  • 200 days of meditation milestone 
  • warm sunshine 

3/13/2016 Aerial yoga Practice

  1. My favorite thing for my back, just hanging from my hips and letting gravity give me an adjustment.
  2. Basically the same as 1 but with a little stretch for inner thighs too.
  3. Supported Handstand – it’s not as supported as you’d think. Most of my weight is in my arms, but it takes the fear of falling away to have the hammock around me.
  4. Plow
  5. Holding my full body weight in my arms upside down. 
  6. Shoulder stand – most of weight is on my shoulders (vs. arms in the previous pose)
  7. Supported Warrior III both sides
  8. Mountain climbers. Did 2 sets of 20 (10 on each side)
  9. Shoulder opener
  10. Ahhhh … rest. Corpse pose.

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Life on the Farm with the Designer @ambikaboutique

For more photos and videos of Ambika’s sheep, rabbits and goats plus the occasional design made from their wool, follow @ambikaboutique.

Ambika Conroy (@ambikaboutique) makes accessories and swimwear but on Instagram she’s far more likely to share moments from life on her farm. “I think the simple daily happenings are what you take with you when you die,” she says. "I also hope that my pictures inspire people to want to live and create more consciously and sustainably.”

Many of Ambika’s pieces are made from fibers such as angora that she sources from the farm. There, she and her partner Josh have built a community, inviting guests to stay in their farm, attend yoga classes, visit the animals or even record an album at their studio. “There is so much to learn from animals and nature,” she says. “Keeping my hands busy keeps my mind still and my body strong.”