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Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Parents AU with too much fluff.

Count: 1,059 words.

The morning invades the bedroom through the window pane, basking all that lays within in a shade of gold that melts the furniture to be indecipherable from the floorboards, limbs becoming one with the crisp white bed sheets. Everything moulds into a sole conglomeration of yellow in the blur of your lethargic vision, still waking, opening to another new day, a twenty-four hours of the kind of repetition that you adore. Live for. You rub the heels of your palms into your eyes, ridding of the sleep that still remains tucked and cosy within the corners, the haze eventually clearing to find your own corneas staring back at you in a face of four.

The tiny bird wriggles, speaks. “Morning, Mama.”

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yellow. all yellow.

this involved a small headcanon for a high school AU in which han owned that jacket but it’s So Ugly Yellow he puts it in lost & found to get rid of it. luke though finds the jacket and uses it even if it’s too big on him but han finds this Oddly Adorable on him. but anything on luke seems pretty cute except for the poncho

Am I the only one who gets distracted throughout the show because of Sunny? She is too adorable!

My favorite Yellow Rangers for @morphingrid‘s Yellow Ranger Zine!

Katie from Time Force being my absolute fave followed by Summer from RPM, Trini from MMPR and Kira from Dino Thunder!

While working on this, realizing that Yellow might just be my fave ranger color if I generalize. Cause again, as much as I ADORE the hell out of Katie..I still kept going “oh but man I wanna draw ALL of these others too.” With Pink, I really only hesitated with one other choice and when I did Red, there were ZERO. Yup. It’s decided. I dig yellows. 


More adorably tiny things found on the property: 1mm orb weaver spiderlings which newly hatched from their egg sac recently. They are either golden silk orb weavers or black & yellow garden spiders. I could not locate their egg sac to be sure. They have been on the move the last few days and show up in different places in one area of the property. But for now they seem to love the flowers in the planter on our picnic table. ♥

👉Arachnophobia? My arachnid photos have helped so many of my followers become far less afraid of spiders. Maybe they will help you too. Please note that all nature hate comments on my photos are not welcome & will be deleted! I take a lot of time photographing & IDing these creatures I would never harm them.👈

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Do you get what a complex character Jasper is?

As a Jasper fan, I wasn’t very happy abaout these recent episodes showing Jasper as nothing more than a faded-to-lose power maniac villain. BUT, they made up for everything at that last few seconds of “Earthlings.” 

Okay, first, we learned that Jasper was made on earth too, just like Amethyst, but in a less qualified Kindergarten. Considering how Peridot was using it to cheer Amethyst up, I guess where you come from is important for gems. Even the hole you came from can say a lot abaout you. 

I’d like to point out also that some of the injectors were crushed, possibly by crystal gems, to prevent homeworld from creating decent gems and if that’s the point then it worked. None of the holes came out right. Well, except for one, of course. Jasper came out perfect as the “Ultimate Quartz.” And it was her fate to fight and so she fought from the second she broke free of the earth’s crust. Fought for her colony. (Which she might have loved.) Fought for her planet. (Which she might have loved.) Fought for her Diamond. (Which she probably loved.) But she FAILED. Everything she fought for was ruined. By Crystal Gems. By Rose Quartz. 

So she entered under Yellow Diamond’s command (”Because when you’re at the bottom, you follow anyone that makes you feel like less of a failure.”) but it wasn’t her diamond. Homeworld wasn’t “home” for her. And her comrades wasn’t her colony. She only came back to earth to take revenge of these things that taken away from her. But she has defeated once again. By fusion, something that should be based on trust and compaionship, the two things that Jasper has never gained. Nobody she fuses with ever wants to stay and she’ll always be defeated by fusion. Because she doesn’t get it. Because she doesn’t know a thing about love or friendship or any related feelings. All she knows is fighting and being strong. 

But she even failed at the only thing she knows, probably the only thing she’s good at. She couldn’t fulfill her main purpose, what she was made for. She was a failure

So she let corruption took over her. She let this shallow planet twist her too, just like it did to those disgraceful freaks. And she became one of them. Because “We all get what we deserve, right?” 

My conclusion is, all those insults she threw away at Amethyst and anyone or anything she saw as a failure and how she always fights with them to show who is better… It was all an unavailing attempt to prove herself that she wasn’t a failure but in the end, she admitted the truth. 

But she’ll surely be back. 

All we’ve seen and heard abaout Rose Quartz until now was that she was a pacifist lady who fought for the earth as she believed “all life is precious” and did nothing wrong. But these recent episodes (Especially “Bismuth” and “Earthlings”.) just shattered that image (No puns intended.) and led us and Steven to question her. Steven’s main goal was always been to be like her mother but is she really the one he wants to become? I think show is going to a direction where Steven will be better than her mom, won’t make the mistakes she did and even fix them. And what will he start with? Yes, my guess is Jasper. 

I believe that Jasper will surely get her redemption arc and it’ll be the best one. Because we’ve never seen her with an expression other than angst or smug, until “Earthlings" at least. Imagine her laughing sincerily at some joke Amethyst made or getting confused abaout some earth thing that Steven showed her. Imagine her learning to love her home once again.  

To me, it was always hinted that Peridot is a dork and I wasn’t surprised at Lapis becoming an ally. Earth has only set them free but Jasper will be the one who is truly changed by it. And if it really happens I’ll love this show even more, altough I already love as much as I can! 

I only want Jasper to be happy.

EDIT: Guys, some anon mentioned that injectors were broken by Jasper to use their legs as cage bars (clever), not crushed by Crystal Gems during the war. I didn’t see it, thanks to that anon for fixing that. :) 

Aesthetic - Hufflepuff

Now, I know I’ve already made a Hufflepuff aesthetic, but I made another one a while back and I love it way too much to not share it.

This one is more of a Hufflepuff guys one I guess? Although idk these people’s gender identity so I don’t want to ~just assume~ and call it that, you get me?

I really love how this one turned out - the colour scheme and the flowers and just agh yes I think it is v cute. The pin is absolutely adorable  - I WANT IT - and the quotes are too and just YES I LOVE THIS I am very happy with it :D

I do accept requests for aesthetics! Just send me an ask (anonymous or not) and I’ll try and get it done :)

Jean-Marc, Cécile, David, Enoch, Baltazar, and Medor 


@heavenfell-au is salt momma and @huntertale-au is father fluff

The Pilot

I sit and watch the planes take off every Sunday
The prettiest one has bright yellow paint
I like the way it looks in the sky
A shooting star absent of night
A thought so nice, we adore birds so much that we copied their flight
A thought so nice, that excessive joy can make us cry
And a light too bright births water to our eyes
Oh what a beautifully chaotic life
My dear there’s no need to be scared to die
Happiness is found once you conquer fear of heights
Who says you can’t paint your light bright yellow,
No ones stopping you from trying
Everyone has their right to brush the colors of their mind upon the endless canvas in the sky
But if you never jump,
If you never test your luck,
You’ll never know how truly lovely it feels to fly

Please don’t miss out on the beauty you could become
Please don’t forget to live before you die.

sometimes when I’m sad I like to think about holtz doodling little stars all over her notes and blueprints with a yellow gel pen and sometimes she ends up doing it on erin’s notes too when she’s reading over them and erin sees it one day and just smiles and shakes her head because god this dork is so adorable and she’s so in love with her and yeah it makes me feel happy