the yellow one is adorable too

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not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

HEY!!!! LOVE THIS. i REALLY REALLY REALLY like the colors!! the colors are spectacular!! i love the blue purple flames… the yellow eyes are SUCH an incredible contrast. it looks so elegant and cool. the gothic design… the spirals! the body!!! the MOUTH. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know this is another one of laura’s favorites, but i genuinely love it too. what a great lookin gal.

jun; stupid cupid (m)

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feat. matchmaker!Jun x female reader

genre/warnings: university!au, fratboy!svt, semi-crack, lots of silly humor and fluff, minor use of penetrative sex toys, slight dom!Jun

word count: 8.4 k 

summary: After seeing your best friend get paired up through an alleged matchmaker, you can’t help but wonder about the credibility of his business. Wen Junhui, your resident Cupid, can’t help but take on the challenge of setting you up with Mr. Right. (Un)fortunately it seems like that person is right in front of you.

for @wen-junehui, remember that jun loves you to lil bitty bits and misses you

College was supposed to be some sort of life-changing experience, but the only thing that was currently blowing your mind was the lack of experience.

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GOT7 REACTS TO: Having a chic s/o

Anon Asked: Got7 reacts to having a chic/savage S/o?

So you’re asking me to do a reaction of Got7 dating me? - Admin Dayna


While he’s absolutely immune and unfazed to your generally cold shoulder, he likes to be a little extra and fake hurt just to annoy you a bit. He’d laugh off your harsher words like it’s nothing, but put on an entire theatrical death scene to your tamer, pettier jabs.

Your attitude never really hurts his feelings much. You usually only ever act that way in public anyways. During intimate moments you were warmer and far more affectionate then you put off. 

So for the most part Mark just rolls with it.

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It’s like Jaebum is dating Jaebum. 

The entire relationship’s foundation is saying the exact opposite of what you actually mean or do. He’d tell you “I love you” you tell him to fuck off. You’d ask him to do you a favor and he’d just tell you to get tf up and do it yourself… only for him to get up and do it anyways. 

“You know you’re extremely luck to be dating me, [y/n].”

“You say that because you don’t have to wake up to see your ugly face in the morning.”

“It’s this very attitude why I always leave your ass on read.”

Honestly, people outside of the relationship really don’t understand how you guys are even together.

“Alright, I’m ready to go, Jae.”

“… you can’t stand beside me dressed like that, Jagi. 3 meter radius distance.”

“My foot is about to be 3 meters up your ass.”

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Clingy BF x10000000000


Jackson will pay you a compliment and will never let you get away with a half-assed, response. If you don’t act like the Earth hasn’t shifted off its access after getting a compliment from thee Wang Jackson himself, he will pester the fuck out of you until he does. 

You can be as chic and savage all you want, Jackson WILL NOT leave you alone until he gets the answer he wants.

“Jagi~! That shirt looks really good on you! Yellow is your color.”

“I know.”


“I said that shirt looks really good on you! Yellow is your color!”

“I know… everything looks good on me.”

“Aish… this [insert your gender here] I swear - I SAID, THAT SHIRT LOOKS REALLY GOOD ON YOU! YELLOW IS YOUR COLOR!”

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[Insert Street Fighter BG Music here]



If Jung motherfucking Jinyoung gives you his time of day and you don’t appreciate that shit, he won’t let you live another day without remembering how you’ve wronged him. Remember that one time he blew you a kiss and you pretended to catch it and throw it away? Yeah. He remembers that, too. Remember when he complimented your hair but you insulted his own right after? Yup. He remembers that, too. Vividly. Remember when you told Youngjae he was adorable but when Jinyoung did aegyo for you, you told him that he’s creeping you out? WelL GUESS TF WHAT?


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*Gif* “Hey now… don’t be like that…”

Suppose opposites do attract.

While Youngjae showers you with affection and the romantic cliches, You respond with insults and sassy clapbacks. From an outside perspective you just look like a really awful s/o (oop), but Youngjae honestly finds it hilarious.

Just like Mark, he’s immune to your chic attitude and savagery…

Maybe he’s been around Jaebum and Jinyoung for too long…

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He’s gotten used to your attitude, and responds to it in his own way - annoying the shit out of you. It was just the way you guys showed love to one another. You bully tf out of him, he gets on your ever lasting nerves, and the two of you live happily ever after.

It must be working out pretty damn well for you guys.

Nobody has ever seen such an uhh… eccentric… couple.

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Spongemock Meme™

You: You like acting like I’m not out of your league and can’t do better.

Yugyeom: YoU lIKe aCtiNg LiKe i’M noT OuT oF yOuR LEaGuE aNd cAn’T dO BeTtEr.

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Young Justice Characters: A Summary

Season One:

Dick: cute little ninja boi, pun lord, obvs dating Kid Flash

Wally: silly lil yellow blob of sunshine, even more adorable when he’s with Robin, really tho stop hitting on girls to pretend ur str8

Connor: sad boy with daddy issues, the YJ writers think he’s the hot one

Kaldur: actually the hot one, srsly why are the ladies ignoring him, Too Mature For This Shit

Artemis: will shoot you if you look at her wrong, kick-ass lady with daddy issues, I want to marry her

M’Gann: such a mary sue ugh why did they–OH MY GOD JUST KIDDING SHE’S A BADASS

Roy: daddy issues are starting to look like a theme with this show, the Other Archer, don’t call him a sidekick, hot when he’s angry

Season Two:

Dick: HOLY PUBERTY BATMAN, voice makes my panties drop so hard they dent the floor, why dont we get to see him more??, I KNEW he was hiding a fantastic ass under that cape

Wally: where tf is he tho, my baby grew up, srsly are Wally and Artemis still a thing?? why

Connor: poor lost puppy, someone pls love him, m’gann did him dirty, but at least Superman accepts him now

Kaldur: Didn’t think he could possibly get hotter but then he went darkside

Artemis: why isn’t she hooking up with Zatanna again??

M’Gann: heartless looks good on her

Roy: the “after” side of the before/after pic you see inside anti-drug pamphlets, married a super villain and fathered a child he didnt know about, way to go Roy you nailed this whole ‘adulthood’ thing

Splashes Of Colour

Warnings: A bit of self hate, but it’s mostly fluff this time. I know, I’m surprised too. 

Ship: Polyam Sanders (though there is a lot of Prinxiety in there because I just needed the fluff)

Notes: This is a soulmate au. It’s the one where you can’t see colours until you lock eyes with your soulmate. I also hope I did the romance and polyamory bits right because I don’t romance haha. This fic will be on AO3 later, as I spent almost three hours editing it and it crashed at the emojis (thrice) and I didn’t wanna edit again yesterday, so it’ll be up later.

Tag list (message me if you want to be included): @musicphanpie-b, @imin-loveanon, @ordinary-chaos, @sandersandthesides, @ajumbleofwords, @demonickittykat, @zadi-jyne​, @serenefreakgeek, @fandons-mangoes, @leesacrakon, @analogicalisreal, @getupanddothething, @love-sanders-sides

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Croagunk, Mudkip, and Marshadow!

not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

oh yulen, i could never rate this one poorly, because when i see it i think of my best friend! :) i think the orange/blue contrast is executed stunningly here, with the black/white/yellow accents finishing it off perfectly. the orange middle fingers are so punkish! what a bad boy! the expression is also great - look how silly and mischievous! what thick eyeliner he’s got on. and of course, the orange cheeks. great job, croagunk! you’re very loved by my bff and thus by me too :)

not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

i’ve seen mudkips before, but bulbapedia’s page image mudkip made my heart stop. LOOK HOW CUTE!!!!!!!! i love the expression and the pose… floating there, content with the water, eating algae and bugs probably. i don’t know what mudkips eat. i think the little legs are so cute!!!!!

what a great pokemon. excellent!

not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

OHHHHH… i can see how this would be a pokemon you like. does laura like it too? anyway i love the tiny little frown… it looks secure in its sadness, and a little bit angry too. this is a spirit with stuff to do! i love the fluffy collar and the fluffy hair!! excellent. a little stormy fog. and the FISTS. YEAH. GET EM. the eyes are also very good, ready to DO THAT, and the shape of the face is so cute!! AND I LOVE THE FEEEEEEEET ! ! ! ! the little trailing wisky socks… yes!! make sure not to trip, marshadow!!!!

Top 20 Art Hoe Closet Basics

So I was asked by a lovely anon to make a list of the top 20 pieces an art hoe might have in their closet ~

I based this on what I’ve seen a lot of on the tumblr tag as well as what I personally like to wear!

1. Circle Shades

I see these everywhere and I think they’re so cute! My best friend has a pair that she wears all the time <3

lucyfromtheskyxx looks absolutely adorable in hers: x

2. High Waisted Jean Shorts

Bonus points if they’re patched, painted, patterned, or embroidered!

jaseyb looks like a goddess in hers!! x

3. Black & White Striped Top

The black & white striped top is a pretty big staple I think, whether it’s a crop, tank, tee, ect ~

cactusforce looks so cute in her stripey tee tbh x

4. Red & White Striped Top

Sort of an alternate of the black & white, I haven’t seen this as much but it’s still very cute!

vegangodess shows us how it’s done: x

5. Art Socks

Art socks are one of my favorite staples, I have a pair of knee high starry night ones that I just adore <3

peachyfro‘s art socks are amazing!! x

6. Overalls

I think they look especially cute with one strap undone!

sighingbud looks so cute in hers omg: x

7. Floral Buttondown

Buttoned, unbuttoned, or tied around your waist <3

picassoplants looks v v nice in hers!! x

8. Kanken Backpack

Usually in yellow, green, blue, or red ~

9. Black Crop Top

This isn’t a specifically “art hoe” piece, but I’ve seen it a lot paired with high waisted shorts and mom jeans

witchbetterhavemymonet looks like a goddess in hers!! x

10. Doc Martens

You mostly see the original black pairs, but I think the floral ones are nice too <3

11. Jean Jacket

Bonus points for cute pins!!

daniliion pulls it off so well and her whole aesthetic is honestly great: x

12. Choker Necklace

The black squiggly ones are most common, and the ones with yin-yang signs

otterprints daisy choker is causing me major choker envy tbh: x

13. Mustard Yellow SOMETHING

Sweaters, crop tops, shirts, skirts – as long as it’s mustard yellow, you’re “gold” <3

skatewitch4lyfe looks like she was born to wear this color omg <3 x

14. Cobalt Blue SOMETHING

Just like with mustard yellow, cobalt blue is a really important color! Wear it on anything ~

honey-vanhoe‘s blue tank top is the cutest!! x

15. Grid-Print SOMETHING

Bonus points for a matching top and bottom set! <333

sexy-avocado-party looks like art in hers: x

16. Mom Jeans

I’ve heard that you can usually thrift these, and they’re super comfy?! I’m still on the lookout for a pair

hellobowlme‘s mom jeans are on point: x

17. Quirky Baseball Cap

Usually forwards, sometimes backwards, always cute <3

18. Oversized Artsy Graphic Shirt

The bigger the better! Bonus points for tucking it into your high waisted shorts/jeans and rolling up the sleeves!!

coqnac‘s is A+++ x

19. Converse

I mostly see white converse, and some black as well ~

distortxd paired hers with art socks!! x

20. Huge Cardigan

Again, the bigger the better! Wear them all the time with anything <3

idiot4art has such a cool cardigan: x

So that’s my top 20!! Like I said it’s based mostly on what I’ve seen and worn, everyone’s unique and everyone’s got their own idea of what the “art hoe” style is ~

My favorite Yellow Rangers for @morphingrid‘s Yellow Ranger Zine!

Katie from Time Force being my absolute fave followed by Summer from RPM, Trini from MMPR and Kira from Dino Thunder!

While working on this, realizing that Yellow might just be my fave ranger color if I generalize. Cause again, as much as I ADORE the hell out of Katie..I still kept going “oh but man I wanna draw ALL of these others too.” With Pink, I really only hesitated with one other choice and when I did Red, there were ZERO. Yup. It’s decided. I dig yellows. 


Unleash Your Persona!

By: KL Tiago

Persona 5, the JRPG from Atlus, is one of the best games of this year as well as all time.  In my opinion.  But also it’s true.

The characters are thought out and interesting. The story is deep and engaging. The gameplay is fun and strategic. The soundtrack is out of this world. It’s overall just an amazing piece of work.

One of the best things about this game, beyond the aforementioned points, is its visuals.  Persona 5 bleeds aesthetic.  The anime-style comes through in the character design, the musical choices, the fonts; everything.  It’s all very uniquely Persona and all very amazing.

What I want to dissect specifically, is the fashion. The costume design of this game is top-notch.  Character outfits are fashionable, stylish, funky, and on-trend. I’m going to go one by one through the Phantom Thieves’ battle costumes to discuss what a fabulous job this game did with its aesthetics and their fashion choices.

First up, the main protagonist Akira Kurusu aka Joker.  Black trench coat with an oversized turned up collar?  Yas.  Boots with the hint of a heel and slightly curled toe?  Yas.  Fit-ted vest to snatch that motherfucking waist to Hades?  Yas, bitch.  A secretive, white, pointy mask to hide all of the Joker’s got-damn secrets? Yas.  Red accent gloves?  You betta believe it!  Akira is serving some midnight-warrior-Protagonist-realness and will lead you straight to fashion nirvana.

Ryuji Sakamoto, your first friend, goes by Skull. Henny is giving you knee pads for safety and fun.  Pants tight like the bonds of friendship, complete with anime-trope-doubled-up, X-crossed belts.  Yes they’re functional too, miss-miss.  Where else would Skull hold his shotgun shells?  Fashion and function, yes, ma’am.  Did I mention the yellow gloves and thin red scarf to maximize the accessorize?  I did now.

Who’s that blonde in the drastically-impractical zip-up, red leather body suit?  Miss Panther: Ann Takamaki.  It is what?  Glued to her body.  She is where?  Covered head to toe except for a very-practical boob-window. Mmm-hmm.  Do those thigh-high boots zip up?  NO MA’AM: they are pulled high as Heaven brought up by the Lordt.  And don’t think for one motherfucking minute Ann left her accessories at home.  Her purr-fect primadonna mask faces some feline features and her hot pink gloves are giving Barbie, Kirby and Kimberly Ann Hart respiratory problems.  She is painting the town red with her colour-palette, honey.  Live.

Yusuke Kitagawa, the stone-cold Fox with a mask of a Kitsune. HUH-KNEE.  Yu-su-ke-is-snatched-like-but-ter-he-is-run-ning-with-this-look-to-the-run-way.  That collar is up to HERE, honey.  His outfit is fitting like his ice-blue gloves–like butter!–creamy, silky, smooth. Sleek, is his look.  But wait!  Flounce, darling!  Flounce!  Are those sleeves puffed like a pastry?  Mama, yas!  Are those knee-high boots white like a wedding dress?  Bitch-is-PURE.  What’s that striped blue and white sash hiding, Yusuke?  Mr. Kitagawa, is that a fluffy tail, you furry trash?  MA-MA, YAS!

Next up is queen, kween and also codenamed Queen: Makoto Nijima.  Her outfit is black as?  Night.  Her corset-inspired leather is? Dangerous.  Those spiky shoulders are giving me Balmain in a war-zone, honey.   She is a steel-toed, iron-masked, deadly-fisted honor-student from the right-side of the tracks and she will rip out that throat and help you study arithmetic, honey.  She is a whom?  Multitasker.  Ask Miss Makoto if you can borrow her lengthy, flowing, beautiful black sash to hang yourself with because her look will leave you deceased.

Sakura-comma-Futaba.  Baby-girl better get herself out of her socially-anxious closet because the world needs to see her LOOK.  Little lady isn’t called Oracle for nothing honey.  Those cute, bug-eyed, red goggles of hers can see into your soul, can see into your mind, can see into the future, Miss-Honey.  Which is where she pulled this Tron-gone-fashion aesthetique.  Those neon green lines are pulsing over that slight frame, Futaba.  Those popping green fingers, heels and toes are hacking into fashion, Futaba.  You may not know how to hold a normal conversation, Futaba, but honey can hold an outfit.

The Heiress of a hamburger fortune, lemme take a bite out of Haru Okumura: M’ilady of the dark, mademoiselle Noir.   Let’s start from the top, shall we. Bitch-that-feath-thered-hat-is-give-ing-me-ev-ry-thing.  It’s cute.  It’s Shakespeare.  It’s delicious.  Lady Okumura, where did you get that lilac pink blouse because I need it.  I need that adorable vest to make it an ensemble, and the lil’ silk tie to circle dat throat.  Mm-kay?  Call Ryuji, his shotgun shell belt just became last season.  Haru is holding.  Grenades that is.  Which she launches, honey, like she launches us into fashion celestiality with those poofy short-shorts, black leggings and good-girl loafers.  Haru may be armed with an axe, but she’ll behead me with her own two hands in those hot-purple leather gloves, ma’am!

Is the dissection over?  NO MA’AM!  It is NOT! No team of heart-stealing fashion-bandits is complete without animal aid!  Meowing Morgana pulls up to the curb in them-got-damn-self because Miss-Codename: Mona can transform into a bus. Yes queen!  This feline accessorizes with a 2.3L turbo-4 engine and 300 horesepower!  Handy and fashion: because that bus has ears.  For what?  To hear the haters coming and drive the fuck away, Miss-Miss!  Morgana is serving adorable-counterpart-reality with a cute yellow handkerchief collaring that cute, kitty-cat neck.

The Phantom Thieves are what?  Sickening.  They have stolen what?  Your heart.  Why?  Because: fashion.

If you still doubt me in terms of the incredibleness of Persona 5, I can’t help you.  Honestly, seeing them should have been enough to make you place an Amazon order or get your ass down to a GameStop.  Love yourself: play Persona 5.  Or do one better: dress like Persona 5.

Turn up that collar.  Accessorize with too many belts.  Feather that hat, honey.  Make yourself into the person you wish you’d be with all the craze and fabulous you deserve. Unleash your Persona!  Unleash fashion!

Persona 5 is available for PlayStation 4.


Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Parents AU with too much fluff.

Count: 1,059 words.

The morning invades the bedroom through the window pane, basking all that lays within in a shade of gold that melts the furniture to be indecipherable from the floorboards, limbs becoming one with the crisp white bed sheets. Everything moulds into a sole conglomeration of yellow in the blur of your lethargic vision, still waking, opening to another new day, a twenty-four hours of the kind of repetition that you adore. Live for. You rub the heels of your palms into your eyes, ridding of the sleep that still remains tucked and cosy within the corners, the haze eventually clearing to find your own corneas staring back at you in a face of four.

The tiny bird wriggles, speaks. “Morning, Mama.”

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yellow. all yellow.

this involved a small headcanon for a high school AU in which han owned that jacket but it’s So Ugly Yellow he puts it in lost & found to get rid of it. luke though finds the jacket and uses it even if it’s too big on him but han finds this Oddly Adorable on him. but anything on luke seems pretty cute except for the poncho

@evil-rainbow-sunshine it’s completely unedited, and kind of rushed because I need to leave for an interview in five minutes, but I heard you were sad and wanted to do something to cheer you up, just like your promptis videos always, without fail, manage to cheer me up.

Happy Birthday. You’re awesome.

He’d considered, really, telling Noctis. He had. But Noctis had been very busy lately, with his royal obligations, and Prompto had known that he wouldn’t be able to make time to see him, and he’d known that Noctis would inevitably feel bad.

He’d opened his mouth, had hesitated, and had, in the end, said nothing. Only wished him a great weekend, and ‘I’ll see you on Monday, Noct, and I am so gonna beat your high score tomorrow!”

So this year, October 25th is going to be spent like any other day. Like the year before and the year before that.

He’s going to spend his birthday alone. This is fine. He’s used to it.

On the way home, he makes a small detour to his favourite café – the one with the mint-chocolate frosted cupcakes he likes so much but indulges in so very rarely. One of these days, he’s going to have to bring Noct – Prompto is sure he’d love it. It’s a quiet place; more of a hole-in-the-wall, really. A remnant of the time when Prompto was slightly more of a low-burning candle than trying his hardest to be a 100 watt light bulb; when he was still the quiet, reserved boy who’d sit quietly in the back of that café, looking through his photos.

The barista hands him the cupcake in a brown paper bag. “On the house,” she says. “Happy birthday!”

Prompto smiles. It should be enough, for one person to remember.

(It’s not, but he wants it to be. Prompto doesn’t want to be selfish.)

When he gets home, he places his bag on the chair at the dinner table, slips out of his tie and loses his jacket.

He takes a shower first, and then, hair still wet and wearing the most comfortable shirt he owns, he grabs a small plate for the cupcake and opens the bag.

There’s a birthday candle stuck in the frosting, and really, Prompto vows to tip more the next time he goes to that café.

He gets a lighter from the drawer in the hallway, and lights it. Sits at the table and stares at the flame dancing on the pink and white wax.

“Make a wish,” he tells himself, corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. He closes his eyes, thinks of blue eyes and raven hair; of laughter and warmth and videos games played in an apartment too big for one single person, and blows the candle out.

And when he opens his eyes, he adds, almost in an afterthought, “happy birthday to me.”

Cupcakes are really hard to eat, actually, without making a mess. He considers getting a spoon for the frosting, but then shrugs to himself, and just takes a bite. It’s really not like anyone’s going to be seeing him get frosting all over his face.

Except the doorbell rings.

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Your Denki and Seri get me so shook i'm act considering them so much it's unhealthy

Nothing unhealthy about that ship anon!!!! *O* I’m glad you decided to consider it!!!!

Anon said: Just wanna say, I really like the way you colour your art!!! It’s really nice

OHHHH!!!!!! ;O; thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! This actually means a lot omfg <3<3<3

Anon said: Fatgum being a Dad to Kirishima and Tamaki gives me life, they’re such a gOOD family.

They’re the best family I’m so glad they both have Fatgum tbh !!!!!!!! He’s such a great man I love him a whole damn lot

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{ a winter's ball }

pairing: alexander hamilton x reader

prompt: none!

t/w: none!

a/n: a short imagine based on “a winter’s ball” 

Tonight was the night. Your family had been invited to the annual ball that took place in the beautiful city of New York. You were feeling hopeful that night as you rode in the carriage with your mother and father. The bravest soldiers would be there along with the most prominent leaders of this land. The most beautiful women would be here too. Even still you hoped for a dance or two, even if you were required to be on your best behavior that night. 

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Month One

Part one of A Year Without His Heart

Characters: Lin, Daveed, Reader

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: Small amount of angst, horrible freestyling, sad!Lin

Word Count: 819

A/N: So here’s my try at writing Lin. And mine and Laurens try at doing freestyle (spoiler alert: we suck!) but we persist. Do enjoy, and let us know if you want more! -Mulligan (PS: Yes, we are adopting the names based on some of our hobbies. There’s only two of us, and I’m the one writing this!)

Originally posted by alexanderhamllton

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/ / Personal / /

/ / Background / Lockscreen / /

@averyslife707 asked: Hey! You made me a wallpaper a little while ago (which I’m still madly in love with btw) and my friend wants one! She doesn’t have Tumblr, so here’s what she’s into: dodie Clark, books, tea, fairly lights, the rain and she’s a show jumper so she loves that too! Thank you so much ❤️            

Baby’s first Halloween and cold night cuddles – Karl Anderson

Originally posted by toosweetme

Baby’s first Halloween and cold night cuddles – Karl Anderson

Summary: Baby’s first Halloween and cuddling on a cold night with Karl Anderson

Word Count: 412+

Warnings: none

You and Karl had welcomed your first child- a healthy baby boy- almost a week ago. Life ever since has been hectic. But you love being a mom to your little one. Life couldn’t be more perfect. (Y|S|N) was not even a week old and it was his first Halloween. You were surprised you found an outfit that would fit him. You and Karl decided to dress him as Batman. He was wearing an adorable Batman onesie that had a yellow cape on the back.
(Y|S|N) was too young for you to do anything Halloween related. Since it was colder weather, you didn’t want him to get sick. So, you and Karl were just staying in, cuddling and watching movies. Next year though, he would be a year old and you will be able to do a lot of things with him. You were currently on the couch, (Y|S|N) laying on your chest. 

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In our eye dan is the yellow one obvs but idk phil could be very clingy in private

listennn at first i actually thought the yellow one was more reminiscent of phil bc i thought the blue one seemed kind of unhappy or grumpy and the yellow one was trying to make the blue one feel better using v cheesy methods which automatically feels more reminiscent of like phil consoling dan (’how bout i get u some chocolate’ ‘go make a terrarium it will calm u down’ ‘cuddles are more important than kisses’ etc.) but then idk if u just take the yellow one as being generally adoring of the blue one and unable to keep it from showing on its face, then it seems more like dan …. damn . .. i thought way too hard about this

Okay, but rockstar!AU DGHDA. 

Maybe not megastardom, but Todd’s band is fairly successful. They have a lot of fans, they have groupies and endless gigs lined up. Todd even has a specifically weird groupie in a yellow jacket who always happens to be in town wherever they’re playing and he always finds time to ramble excitedly at Todd about how amazing he was on stage. In fact, he always finds a way past their security too. And the venue’s security, when they have some. He seems to absolutely adore Todd and the rest of the band joke about it, except for one band member who’s like, ‘maybe you should give him a try, he’s cute’. Todd can’t deny that it’s always a reluctant riot when Dirk shows up, but he’s adamant he’s straight. Eventually out loud to Dirk. 

“Look Dirk, you seem like a nice guy… Well, you seem like a guy… Which I’m not into, so… stop.”

And Dirk’s a little crestfallen but he insists it doesn’t have to be anything like that. He just wants to be a part of Todd’s world. Todd tells him he’s trying too hard and it’s weird and he needs to leave.

But next time he sees that yellow jacket it’s against a wall and Dirk’s eagerly making out with the not-so-mocking band member and whoa. Todd is surprised at how uncool with this he feels. He can figure out what this means later, but for now…

“Hey! That’s my groupie, asshole!”

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Kissing prompt 3 with Stenbrough?

kissing prompts!!!

#3. kissing so desperately that their whole body curves into the other person’s 

ahh thanks for the prompt!! enjoy!! x

Bill’s car is the perfect make out spot.

They’re parked on the side of an empty road, the street lights the only thing illuminating the old, used, blue car.

Stan sits in the passenger’s seat with one of Bill’s hoodies on, practically drowning him in warmth and the smell Bill’s cologne. It’s a little too long, and the sleeves cover his hands.

Bill thinks he looks adorable. He’s in the driver’s seat, but the car is in park and he’s turned to the side to look at Stan with wide eyes and a slack jaw. He’s in total shock at how adorable his boyfriend looks like this, in the street lamp’s yellow light, in his hoodie, in his car.

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