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people who have cosplayed/are dressing up as Todd for Halloween: where did you find your outfits? I’m not having much luck but I’ve also barely begun my search. Any tips for places to check out would be awesome (brownie points if they’re cheap/comfy!!)

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Have I said how much I hate racism and terrorism or a homophobic people? (I’m sorry if I spelled any of it wrong. I’m Latvian. Sorry)  It’s horrible. It makes no sense to me. Those people to me are crazy. Like what the fuck

We are all the same. I hope I don’t sound weird or anything else but I love gay people. They are so honest, so sweet, so strong and just fucking amazing. Oh and the rest of us who are so called  “white”, “black”, “yellow” or any other weird fucking color you want name us, we all are amazing. I actually want to be called  blue becasue I like the color blue. Because that’s the color of the shy . Or yellow because I love mornings  sunrise and the sun is yellow .

I’m sorry but to me a color is what you paint a fucking wall. Not a person that you describe. A person is a person. Its a fucking human , not a paint. It’s fucked up. So the next time when you talk to me about someone you tell me their name not their color of the skin. I don’t care about the skin. I care about the heart. REMEMBER THAT. . 

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