the yellow brick road


The Eerie and Abandoned Land of Oz 

In 1970, 31 years after The Wizard of Oz was released, the Land of Oz amusement park opened in the resort town of Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

Equipped with a real yellow brick road and costumes from the movie set, visitors were made to feel like they themselves were Dorothy - venturing from the tornado ridden house to the Emerald City.

But only 10 years after opening, the park officially closed due to the developers going bankrupt. Today, the park is open by appointment only, and during some of the town’s high traffic seasons. Otherwise it’s completely empty, just like photographer Johnny Joo, an explorer who documents abandoned spaces, likes.


Not Listening When You Say Goodbye

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Summary:  South Mosely has said goodbye to almost everyone near and dear to her. She thought she had gotten used to it, but that was before the lights started flickering wherever she went; that was before a blast from the past came cruising into town in a 1967 Chevy Impala.

Part Nine: The Yellow Brick Road

Pairing: Dean x OFC

Word Count: 2360

Warnings: None.

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Tuesday's Truth

I am following 353 people. I have acquired that number over a year now. I didn’t just randomly click ‘follow’. There was either something they said on a favorite blog of mine that made me laugh or something they shared that made me say, ‘huh, that person be smart!’ or perhaps they followed me thus I discovered they are on here and after an archival study, I dug their chili.

I doubt the same discretion and thought motivated the majority of my followers of late, aside from porn bots. I know what they are thinking with. I’m not someone who counts followers. I’m someone who gets uncomfortable with followers who are not blogging parent, kid, art, photography, Harry Potter…any stuff I’m interested in. It makes me more paranoid about what I share. It makes me question their intentions for following me in the first place. The majority of my recent followers are not parents, have not interacted with me at all, and have blogs that are not safe for my kids’ eyes.

So I challenge any of you who thoughtfully clicked ‘Follow’ in the last few days. Separate from the pack. It’s high noon. The town is watching. 20 questions. You start.