the year of the lamb

What if you replaced one word from every band name with nugget.. *Imma let these sit here* 🤔

Bring Me The Nugget
Pierce the Nugget
My Nugget Romance or My Chemical Nugget
Panic! At the Nugget or Nugget! At the Disco
Nugget Veil Brides
Fallout Nugget
Sleeping with Nuggets
Enter Nugget
Too Close to Nugget
Nugget For Hire
Of Mice & Nugget
Nugget in Reverse
Motionless In Nugget
New Year’s Nugget
The Wonder Nugget or The Nugget Years
Arctic Nugget or Nugget Monkeys
Nugget of God
Vampire Nugget
Nine Inch Nugget
A Nugget to Remember
All Time Nugget
Nugget FoundGlory
Dance Nugget Dance
The NuggetAffliction
Breaking Nugget
Ice Nugget Kills
Twenty One Nuggets
Crown the Nugget
Nugget Deep
Mariana’s Nugget
Cage the Nugget
Smashing Nugget
Moose Nugget or Nugget Blood
You Me at Nugget
Bowling for Nugget
Memphis Nugget Fire or Memphis May Nugget
We Are The Nugget Crowd
Florence and the Nugget
Two Nugget Cinema Club
Good Nugget
All American Nugget or All Nugget Rejects
Pearl Nugget
Nugget Self-Indulgence
Fleetwood Nugget
Red Hot Nugget Peppers
Guns N’ Nuggets
Nugget Zeppelin
Nugget Maiden
Nugget Undead
The Pretty Nugget
The Nugget Massacre or The Birthday Nugget
Modern Nugget
Blue Nugget Cult
Nugget Park
Nugget Alive
Nugget Plan
This Wild Nugget
Nugget For My Valentine
Never Shout Nugget
Brand Nugget
Nugget is Dead or Chilvary Is Nugget
Nugget Dispute
Frank Iero and the Nugget
Dead or Nugget
Nugget Overboard
Nugget Leppard or Def Nugget
Asking Nugget
Foo Nuggets or Nugget Fighters
Breathe Nugget
Foster the Nugget
Nugget Town or Ghost Nugget
Thirty Seconds to Nugget
Hands Like Nuggets
Nugget Starship
Nugget Eat World or Jimmy Eat Nugget
As Nugget Is
Nugget Killers
Nugget Parade
Nugget Politics
Nugget Royale

Thanks to the help of my special nugget Jaque: @im-dead-but-musicisstillmylife

Nugget Bowie
Nugget Del Rey or Lana Del Nugget
Marina and The Nuggets or Nugget and The Diamonds
Bon Nugget or Nugget Jovi

It’s August 29, 2017. 

It is two years since the US airdate of The Wrath of the Lamb. 

Bryan Fuller has already shared that conversations to bring Hannibal back have begun! 

It will take time for the feast to present itself. But all the key players - Bryan, Mads, Hugh, and Martha - have repeatedly expressed the desire to return to the table. 

Meat is truly back on the menu! 


The horses are coming
   So you better run~

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170224 Myeongdong Fansign

Q: As you’ve mentioned on Twitter, you still have 6 years until your lamb skewer’s business, who do you want to employ?
1.      Seokjin
2.      Hoseok
3.      Namjoon
4.      Jimin
5.      Taehyung
6.      Jungkook

Yoongi ticked all and wrote ‘all the members’
The fan asked if Yoongi is going to exploit workers (sweated labor), he replied: “no, I will pay the minimum hourly wage.”

Q: In the distant future, do you want to become a farmer?

Taehyung: No

Q: When will the new contents come out on Vapp…

Taehyung: Not yet…

Fan: I thought farming was your dream?
Taehyung: I just said it. Otherwise I would be unemployed. (sincere)
Before the fan moved on, she asked if 만다꼬 ended, and he said yes.
Fan: Hwarang has also ended…
Taehyung: Ah, I’m planning to keep acting!
Fan: Fighting!

Q: I just graduated from high school too, can we be friends? ㅋㅋㅋ Congratulations on your graduation ♡

Jungkook: X, congrats congrats!

Jungkook: 98…?
Fan: Yes, you’re legitimate my oppa!! Can we be friends?
Jungkook: If you start working (lit.: go out to society) then we can’t.
Fan: Then you can be my oppa.
Jungkook hold out his fist and banged with a thud.
Fan: Ah oppa!!! When are you going to upload Manolo?
Jungkook: Ah, I’m not sure! I don’t have the time~
Fan: Ah, please upload it when you’re free ㅠㅠㅠ
And he held the fan’s hand when she was moving along.
Fan: Oppa, your hands are cold??
Jungkook: Really? That’s because my heart is warm.
Fan: My hands are hot.
Jungkook: Then your heart is..?

Q: Have you really abandoned Ryan? ㅠ

1.     No. I can’t let Ryan go even if I die. ㅠ
2.    New love with Brown ♡ ✓

Namjoon wrote ‘humph’ and drew Ryan.

The fan gave Namjoon a sheep plushie.
Fan: I saw that oppa went to a sheep farm but didn’t see any sheep!!
Namjoon: Wow thank you, I really like sheep.

Fan: Oppa, I like you the most ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 
Hoseok: Really? How much?
Fan: How am I supposed to express that ㅠㅠㅠ
The fan took out albums
Fan: This album suits oppa (the fan also gave him the one that she couldn’t give to Jungkookie, since it’s the same artist so it looked natural ㅋㅋ)
Fan: This artist used to a country artist, nowadays is trendy…? So, it suits oppa.
Hoseok: That’s right, I need to listen to this once again. It’s such a great gift, thank you!!
Hoseok: It seems that you like music?
Fan: Ah, I like this artist hohoho…

The fan went over to Jimin, gave him the hair band and asked if he could put it on. And he went like this!!!!! But of course, he didn’t wear it at the end.

Q: Jimin oppa, is Jungkook oppa still a cute dongsaeng? Or is he a strong (scary) dongsaeng?

Jimin: A cute, big gigantic child

Fan: Oppa can you win..?
Jimin: Of course not.
As the fan moved on while holding his hand, she suddenly remembered and asked: “oppa can I measure the size of your hand?” They compared their hands and his hand was bigger than the fan’s.

Fan: (taking out the presents) Oppa, do you watch Haikyū!! 
Jin: No?
Fan: Oh? Then I won’t give you this. Oppa please wear this, oppa is the King!
Jin: Oh okay, King.

Q: I will be attending university this semester! From the perspective of a graduate, what do you think I must do during university?

1.     Relationship
2.     Study
3.     Quit university
4.     Academic warning ✓
5.     Eating show
6.     Fangirl over BTS

Fan: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Academic warning ㅋㅋㅋ
Jin: ㅋㅋㅋ You have to get an academic warning ㅋㅋㅋ I had one ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: I heard that it’s really easy to get an academic warning ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


“It’s like, I’m the only one that has to make five million comebacks, but everybody else it’s just like ‘Oh, you did some little thing and then you stripped and you’re fine, you’re great,’  but for me there’s different rules, I don’t know why. I don’t know why, it’s not okay that I was just like, victimized and vilified by the situation.“ -Mariah Carey on the aftermath of her New Year’s Eve performance. [x]

Celebrate #ItsStillBeautiful with us from August 20th-27th

Two years ago, the third season of Hannibal finished, and a bit after that, our dear Bryan Fuller told us to “ask again in 22 months” in relation to whether the show would be back. If Fannibals are something, it is patient and determined, and we have waited the 22 months. We have endured time and we’re now stronger than ever, our fandom growing each day. In August, the time will be up, but we will also be celebrating the two year anniversary of The Wrath of the Lamb and the end of the third season, and the fact that we have much more to look forward to!

That is why, for the second year in a row, we’ll be holding #ItsStillBeautiful. Create anything at all (fanfic, art, craft, gifsets, playlists, songs, etc) and post it from August 20th-27th.

The theme of this event is anything at all as long as it’s set post-TWOTL— it must be canon-compliant up until the fall, and then the limit is your imagination! Whether it’s about one character or a pairing, includes flashbacks, other characters from the Hannibal fandom (like the rarepairs), or anything at all is up to you, but it must be set post-TWOTL, and since we want to encourage creativity, we don’t accept anything that has been posted before.

Thanks a million to @sheep-in-clouds for the gorgeous art!!

Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter for all our updates, and check our FAQ. For any other questions you may have, send an ask or tell us via Twitter!

Happy #TwotLTwoYearAnniversary Fannibals!

It’s been an incredible ride, and when we’ll get something like above (we better *coughs*) in a few years time we’ll look back in bewilderment at the time spent beautifully in between, and the myriads of gifs, manips, fanfics and art, musicals and books, flyers, jewelry, journals, pillows, shirts and WHATEVER this fandom creates. 

Thank you all for all the beauty.

The… MeatIsBackOnTheMenu :)


For shinjiminbaby ; Here, pigglet ♡

♡ Note: None of the small things lower in the post are meant in a sexual way. At all. So, before you blow up my inbox, know my intentions were nothing more than innocent. [ REPOST because my phone is an asshole. ]

▪ Honestly pretty sweet
▪ One of the youngest of the pack
▪ But, not really new
▪ Don’t underestimate him
▪ Keeps to himself
▪ Listens to the Alpha
▪ Good boy generally
▪ Likes being out in nature
▪ ☆ Human
▪ Everyone wants to touch his hair itssofluffythough
▪ Smile that kills
▪ Avoids the urge to bite
▪ Oral fixation, tbh
▪ Likes music
▪ Often wears headphones to block out the noises from miles away
▪ Grade spikes
▪ It’s your fault
▪ He’s been in love with you since kindergarten
▪ Turns a lot of girls down
▪ Sensitive about hurting people
▪ Draws a lot
▪ Mostly that girl from kindergarten
▪ Aka you
▪ Aka the one he can’t stop staring at
▪ Donghyuck is sick of hearing about you honestly
▪ ‘How does this look..?’
▪ ‘Looks like the last fifty drawings of her, Mark.’
▪ Eventually goes to the Alpha like a lost puppy
▪ ‘Is it possible to find your soulmate at a really young age..?’
▪ ‘Anythings possible.’
▪ He basically confirms you’re his soulmate sodoeseveryoneelse
▪ Approaches s h y l y
▪ With flowers
▪ ‘I know we don’t talk..and you..don’t really know me but..let’s—’
▪ You take the flowers, and chuckle
▪ ‘Took you long enough’
▪ He dies a little on the inside
▪ Over time, you obviously find out
▪ Hey I’m dating a wolf (’:
Wait is that why you growl a lot
▪ You love it
▪ He’s so soft to you
▪ [ We’ll get back to that ]
▪ ☆ Wolf
▪ Protective, and defensive of his people
▪ aka You, and the pack
▪ Likes to run
▪ Generally found under a tree
▪ Loves food
▪ Likes nuzzling your hand
▪ Head
▪ Thigh
▪ Side
▪ Basically anywhere
▪ He really just likes nuzzling you
▪ L i c k s your face just like a puppy
▪ Is really a pup honestly
▪ Likes collars
▪ Many collar jokes
▪ ‘You gross, kinky so—’ -Donghyuck
▪ ‘Don’t make me throw you in a river, Hyuck.’
▪ Yes he likes fetch
▪ Likes to be active
▪ ‘Mark, give it-’
▪ Grr-
▪ ‘Mark Lee, give me that ball right now, or no petting for a week’
▪ Whimpers
▪ Drops said ball
▪ ☆ Little things
▪ Bite marks
▪ Mark just likes biting, and gnawing on things
▪ Almost like a teething child
▪ So, he tends to nibble on you
▪ Hand
▪ Shoulder
▪ Arm
▪ Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to leave marks
▪ ‘I have SCHOOL, Mark.’
▪ ‘At least other boys don’t bother you’
▪ Innocent smile
▪ You can’t help but melt, and let him continue
▪ He’s a rather innocent minded kid
▪ So he avoids the others teasing, and remarks
▪ When it comes to his mate, aka, you
▪ You, are his world
▪ Just you
▪ Goddess
▪ You heal him
▪ Expect him to always be connected to you
▪ Hand holding
▪ Arm around waist
▪ Holding your shirt
▪ He n e e d s to be holding onto you
▪ He aches to be in your arms
▪ Can not go one day without you
▪ Very affectionate
▪ Only towards you
▪ Protective
▪ He is not afraid to rip someone to pieces for breathing in your direction
▪ ‘Couple bracelets!’
▪ Frown
▪ ‘It would break when I change..’
▪ Pouts from you
▪ ‘….Tattoos?’
▪ You both beam
▪ Hng
▪ You eventually get SMALL matching tattoos
▪ Something innocent
▪ That really stands for you
▪ Like he has a tiny lamb on the side of his wrist
▪ You have a wolf
▪ Cause, you’re his fragile little lamb
▪ He’s your guardian wolf
▪ Years later?
▪ Wedding bells and puppies