the year of the lamb

The one with Claire’s life

“I had never actually had a home. Orphaned at five, I had lived the life of an academic vagabond with my uncle Lamb for the next thirteen years. In tents on a dusty plain, in caves in the hills, in the swept and garnished chambers of an empty pyramid, Quentin Lambert Beauchamp, M.S., Ph.D., F.R.A.S., etc., had set up the series of temporary camps in which he did the archaeological work that would make him famous long before a car crash ended his brother’s life and threw me into his. Not one to dither over petty details like an orphaned niece, Uncle Lamb had promptly enrolled me in a boarding school.

Not one to accept the vagaries of fate without a fight, I declined absolutely to go there. And, recognizing something in me that he had himself in abundant measure, Uncle Lamb had shrugged, and on the decision of a heartbeat, had taken me forever from the world of order and routine, of sums, clean sheets, and daily baths, to follow him into vagabondage.

The roving life had continued with Frank, though with a shift from field to universities, as the digging of a historian is usually conducted within walls. So, when the war came in 1939, it was less a disruption to me than to most.

I had moved from our latest hired flat into the junior nurses’ quarters at Pembroke Hospital, and from there to a field station in France, and back again to Pembroke before war’s end. And then, those few brief months with Frank, before we came to Scotland, seeking to find each other again. Only to lose each other once and for all, when I had walked into a stone circle, through madness, and out the other side, into the past that was my present.

- Dragonfly in Amber 

170224 Myeongdong Fansign

Q: As you’ve mentioned on Twitter, you still have 6 years until your lamb skewer’s business, who do you want to employ?
1.      Seokjin
2.      Hoseok
3.      Namjoon
4.      Jimin
5.      Taehyung
6.      Jungkook

Yoongi ticked all and wrote ‘all the members’
The fan asked if Yoongi is going to exploit workers (sweated labor), he replied: “no, I will pay the minimum hourly wage.”

Q: In the distant future, do you want to become a farmer?

Taehyung: No

Q: When will the new contents come out on Vapp…

Taehyung: Not yet…

Fan: I thought farming was your dream?
Taehyung: I just said it. Otherwise I would be unemployed. (sincere)
Before the fan moved on, she asked if 만다꼬 ended, and he said yes.
Fan: Hwarang has also ended…
Taehyung: Ah, I’m planning to keep acting!
Fan: Fighting!

Q: I just graduated from high school too, can we be friends? ㅋㅋㅋ Congratulations on your graduation ♡

Jungkook: X, congrats congrats!

Jungkook: 98…?
Fan: Yes, you’re legitimate my oppa!! Can we be friends?
Jungkook: If you start working (lit.: go out to society) then we can’t.
Fan: Then you can be my oppa.
Jungkook hold out his fist and banged with a thud.
Fan: Ah oppa!!! When are you going to upload Manolo?
Jungkook: Ah, I’m not sure! I don’t have the time~
Fan: Ah, please upload it when you’re free ㅠㅠㅠ
And he held the fan’s hand when she was moving along.
Fan: Oppa, your hands are cold??
Jungkook: Really? That’s because my heart is warm.
Fan: My hands are hot.
Jungkook: Then your heart is..?

Q: Have you really abandoned Ryan? ㅠ

1.     No. I can’t let Ryan go even if I die. ㅠ
2.    New love with Brown ♡ ✓

Namjoon wrote ‘humph’ and drew Ryan.

The fan gave Namjoon a sheep plushie.
Fan: I saw that oppa went to a sheep farm but didn’t see any sheep!!
Namjoon: Wow thank you, I really like sheep.

Fan: Oppa, I like you the most ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 
Hoseok: Really? How much?
Fan: How am I supposed to express that ㅠㅠㅠ
The fan took out albums
Fan: This album suits oppa (the fan also gave him the one that she couldn’t give to Jungkookie, since it’s the same artist so it looked natural ㅋㅋ)
Fan: This artist used to a country artist, nowadays is trendy…? So, it suits oppa.
Hoseok: That’s right, I need to listen to this once again. It’s such a great gift, thank you!!
Hoseok: It seems that you like music?
Fan: Ah, I like this artist hohoho…

The fan went over to Jimin, gave him the hair band and asked if he could put it on. And he went like this!!!!! But of course, he didn’t wear it at the end.

Q: Jimin oppa, is Jungkook oppa still a cute dongsaeng? Or is he a strong (scary) dongsaeng?

Jimin: A cute, big gigantic child

Fan: Oppa can you win..?
Jimin: Of course not.
As the fan moved on while holding his hand, she suddenly remembered and asked: “oppa can I measure the size of your hand?” They compared their hands and his hand was bigger than the fan’s.

Fan: (taking out the presents) Oppa, do you watch Haikyū!! 
Jin: No?
Fan: Oh? Then I won’t give you this. Oppa please wear this, oppa is the King!
Jin: Oh okay, King.

Q: I will be attending university this semester! From the perspective of a graduate, what do you think I must do during university?

1.     Relationship
2.     Study
3.     Quit university
4.     Academic warning ✓
5.     Eating show
6.     Fangirl over BTS

Fan: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Academic warning ㅋㅋㅋ
Jin: ㅋㅋㅋ You have to get an academic warning ㅋㅋㅋ I had one ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: I heard that it’s really easy to get an academic warning ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


“It’s like, I’m the only one that has to make five million comebacks, but everybody else it’s just like ‘Oh, you did some little thing and then you stripped and you’re fine, you’re great,’  but for me there’s different rules, I don’t know why. I don’t know why, it’s not okay that I was just like, victimized and vilified by the situation.“ -Mariah Carey on the aftermath of her New Year’s Eve performance. [x]


For shinjiminbaby ; Here, pigglet ♡

♡ Note: None of the small things lower in the post are meant in a sexual way. At all. So, before you blow up my inbox, know my intentions were nothing more than innocent. [ REPOST because my phone is an asshole. ]

▪ Honestly pretty sweet
▪ One of the youngest of the pack
▪ But, not really new
▪ Don’t underestimate him
▪ Keeps to himself
▪ Listens to the Alpha
▪ Good boy generally
▪ Likes being out in nature
▪ ☆ Human
▪ Everyone wants to touch his hair itssofluffythough
▪ Smile that kills
▪ Avoids the urge to bite
▪ Oral fixation, tbh
▪ Likes music
▪ Often wears headphones to block out the noises from miles away
▪ Grade spikes
▪ It’s your fault
▪ He’s been in love with you since kindergarten
▪ Turns a lot of girls down
▪ Sensitive about hurting people
▪ Draws a lot
▪ Mostly that girl from kindergarten
▪ Aka you
▪ Aka the one he can’t stop staring at
▪ Donghyuck is sick of hearing about you honestly
▪ ‘How does this look..?’
▪ ‘Looks like the last fifty drawings of her, Mark.’
▪ Eventually goes to the Alpha like a lost puppy
▪ ‘Is it possible to find your soulmate at a really young age..?’
▪ ‘Anythings possible.’
▪ He basically confirms you’re his soulmate sodoeseveryoneelse
▪ Approaches s h y l y
▪ With flowers
▪ ‘I know we don’t talk..and you..don’t really know me but..let’s—’
▪ You take the flowers, and chuckle
▪ ‘Took you long enough’
▪ He dies a little on the inside
▪ Over time, you obviously find out
▪ Hey I’m dating a wolf (’:
Wait is that why you growl a lot
▪ You love it
▪ He’s so soft to you
▪ [ We’ll get back to that ]
▪ ☆ Wolf
▪ Protective, and defensive of his people
▪ aka You, and the pack
▪ Likes to run
▪ Generally found under a tree
▪ Loves food
▪ Likes nuzzling your hand
▪ Head
▪ Thigh
▪ Side
▪ Basically anywhere
▪ He really just likes nuzzling you
▪ L i c k s your face just like a puppy
▪ Is really a pup honestly
▪ Likes collars
▪ Many collar jokes
▪ ‘You gross, kinky so—’ -Donghyuck
▪ ‘Don’t make me throw you in a river, Hyuck.’
▪ Yes he likes fetch
▪ Likes to be active
▪ ‘Mark, give it-’
▪ Grr-
▪ ‘Mark Lee, give me that ball right now, or no petting for a week’
▪ Whimpers
▪ Drops said ball
▪ ☆ Little things
▪ Bite marks
▪ Mark just likes biting, and gnawing on things
▪ Almost like a teething child
▪ So, he tends to nibble on you
▪ Hand
▪ Shoulder
▪ Arm
▪ Not hard enough to hurt, but enough to leave marks
▪ ‘I have SCHOOL, Mark.’
▪ ‘At least other boys don’t bother you’
▪ Innocent smile
▪ You can’t help but melt, and let him continue
▪ He’s a rather innocent minded kid
▪ So he avoids the others teasing, and remarks
▪ When it comes to his mate, aka, you
▪ You, are his world
▪ Just you
▪ Goddess
▪ You heal him
▪ Expect him to always be connected to you
▪ Hand holding
▪ Arm around waist
▪ Holding your shirt
▪ He n e e d s to be holding onto you
▪ He aches to be in your arms
▪ Can not go one day without you
▪ Very affectionate
▪ Only towards you
▪ Protective
▪ He is not afraid to rip someone to pieces for breathing in your direction
▪ ‘Couple bracelets!’
▪ Frown
▪ ‘It would break when I change..’
▪ Pouts from you
▪ ‘….Tattoos?’
▪ You both beam
▪ Hng
▪ You eventually get SMALL matching tattoos
▪ Something innocent
▪ That really stands for you
▪ Like he has a tiny lamb on the side of his wrist
▪ You have a wolf
▪ Cause, you’re his fragile little lamb
▪ He’s your guardian wolf
▪ Years later?
▪ Wedding bells and puppies


The horses are coming
   So you better run~

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  • Who killed Charlotte and why
  • Who killed Jessica and why? ANSWERED: IT WAS MARY WANTING REVENGE
  • Who’s Charlotte’s father ANSWERED: IT’S TED!!!
  • Who’s Spencer’s father? It is Peter? ANSWERED: YES, HE IS.
  • Since we already know Spencer’s Mary’s daughter, why Jessica wanted Bethany to call her “Aunt Jessie”?
  • Did Jessica do that just because she had something with Bethany’s father?
  • Why did Bethany draw Jessica’s at her house? How did she know how her house was? I mean, the drawing is exactly the same as Jessica’s house.
  • Why were Noel and Aria’s file stolen from the bunker before the fire? WHY ARIA’S??
  • Why was Noel helping Charlotte? Since when?
  • How long has been Jenna helping Uber A?
  • Who wrote “He’s going to kill me -M” at the dollhouse closet? Who’s M? Maya, Mona, Melissa? And who is “he”?
  • For how long was Sara Harvey helping Charlotte? Since she disappeared?
  • At Radley (6x10) and in Season 7, Sara tells Emily she was always trying to protect her. From Charlotte? From Uber A? But if she was, why she still helped Charlotte?
  • What were Melissa and Charlotte talking about THAT night?
  • And why Charlotte/Cece was wearing the yellow top?
  • For how long Charlotte knew she was a Drake? She used the Drake name for her “Cece” identity.
  • Who were Wren talking with on the phone in 4x10?
  • Why was Wren painting a family drawing with a brunette hair red coat?
  • Why was Wren so shady visiting Mona at Radley?
  • And since Charlotte was a patient, why Wren gave her a visitor pass with the name CECE DRAKE? HE KNEW?
  • Why was Wren shady?
  • Mona was high on drugs so she didn’t recognized Charlotte but she created a plan to escape sometimes?
  • How the blood did get to Spencer’s bag in London? It was Wren or Melissa?
  • Who were part of the original A-Team? Just Toby?
  • If Wilden was paid off from the beginning, then why the fuck was he trying to solve Alison’s disappearance for all those years?
  • What Maya knew?
  • Where’s Eddie Lamb? Why he disappeared like that? 
  • Why Eddie Lamb recognized Aria in Radley?
  • Did Aria went to Radley instead of Iceland?
  • Does Aria know her brother is now a werewolf?

MA / 6888 words

Childhood friends - Dunkirk Harry

Part One

Unknown number:
Little Lulu Lamb, is that you?

Who the hell is this?

Unknown number:
Your mum passed me your number.

Although the reply hadn’t exactly answered my question, I thought I might have known who it was, just because of the name. Little Lulu Lamb. It was something I hadn’t heard for years.
I scowled down to my phone, because although I’d taken a guess, I manged to talk myself out of it very quickly, since it had been years since we last spoke. He’d gone off and auditioned for The X Factor, and then the boy I’d grown up with just wasn’t around anymore. I hadn’t even seen him since, and I wasn’t sure it was because we’d just missed running into each other, or because we’d never really tried to see each other.
All I could think was that it couldn’t possibly be him.
Why would he bother getting in touch now?

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yellowfeather84  asked:

Shifted ficlet prompt: can we please have some Claire and Murtagh fluff. Maybe Claire helping Murtagh as he's getting older. Discussing their shared concern about Jamie or the bairns. Or even reminiscing about Paris and Murtagh escorting Claire to l'hopital everyday. Their relationship in the show is so close and caring that it would be wonderful to see more of that during happier times.

For the next few weeks I’ll be writing one-shots in the Shifted universe, filling in the blanks that we don’t see in the main story, before we resume the main action with Part 7 - The Visitor.

If there is a particular scene you’d like to see, send me an ask and I’ll see what I can do!

In Shifted, the premise is simple - what if Claire had gotten pregnant with Brianna a month or two earlier in the story, and she and Jamie had re-evaluated  their priorities and decided that the cause was lost, and they were able to slip away from the army and quietly return to Lallybroch?

Previous installments…

Interlude – The Injury

Lallybroch, Autumn 1756

Murtagh hissed as Claire splashed the wound with raw whisky, muttering several very filthy words in the *Gaidhlig*.

Three-year-old William Fraser gasped from the doorway of Claire’s surgery.

“Out!” Claire ordered, head still bent over the deep gash that had sliced the top of Murtagh’s hairy foot nearly to the bone, drawing the lantern a bit closer over the smooth wood of the table Jamie had made her.

“Ye heard yer Mam! Out!” Murtagh echoed weakly, gripping the sides of his chair, bobbing his uninjured leg up and down.

Jenny appeared in the doorway and softly swept William away to the kitchen.

Claire rose from her crouch and quickly crossed the room, taking her tray of needles and the earthenware jar of sutures – the long, delicate strands of catgut Murtagh himself had helped Jamie prepare (based on Claire’s instructions) not so long ago – from the cabinet Brian had made Ellen when Jamie and Jenny were small. As stubborn as the Fraser who had made it, the cabinet had seen many uses over the years – from Ellen’s dishes, to Jenny’s linens, and now Claire’s medicines.

“It’s a miracle you didn’t slice your bloody foot off.” Claire’s voice was even, methodical. From years of practice, Murtagh knew better than to crack a joke when she was like this. “Weren’t you watching what you were doing? And hasn’t it *ever* occurred to you that we’ve already got a number of able-bodied men on the estate who should be doing that kind of work? I daresay your reflexes aren’t as keen as they used to be – ”

“What will ye have me do, then? No’ help Jamie wi’ the harvest?” Murtagh shifted uncomfortably in his chair – keeping his injured foot steady – and glared at the chignon pinned at the back of Claire’s neck, watching her carefully thread the needle. “Ye ken that Ian canna do it. Young Jamie is still too small to do much in the fields. Fergus can help, aye, and so can Rabbie MacNab – but it’s no’ enough.”

“You can stay here in the house – God knows there are enough children running around to keep you busy.”

“So ye want me to be a *nursemaid* then? Hmm?” Were he able, he would have pounded a table in frustration. “Is that all I am, now? Is it no’ enough that my clan and plaid have all been taken away from me? I must give away my *manhood* as well?”

Claire carefully brought the fully prepared tray to her work table and set it down beside the lamp.

“You *know* that’s not what I mean.”

He felt her gaze burning on him – and defiantly matched it.

“What, then? I am getting auld, yes. But must ye remind me, Claire?”

“I want you to take care of yourself.” She paused, pursing her lips. “You – you can’t just do anything anymore. You *must* be more thoughtful. I’m not saying you don’t think – of course you do. But I certainly *don’t* want happening to you what befalls most men your age. Or what happened to Brian.”

Murtagh physically recoiled. “That was due to shock – ”

“Of course it was – but he *had* to have had an underlying condition. Farming is hard. I’ve come to appreciate that so, so much since I came to Lallybroch. And of *course* accidents happen.”

Now she turned to retrieve a needle, the suture trailing behind like a long, shiny trail of dew. Then took the lantern in her other hand, set it on the floor beside Murtagh’s foot, and knelt before him.

“I can’t lose you,” she said finally. “You’re the only father I’ve ever known. And if I have to keep you bloody locked up in this house to keep you safe from yourself, then damn it that’s what I’ll do. You’re too important to me – and to Jamie – and to the children – and to Jenny and Ian and bloody everyone else in this house.”

She splashed more raw whisky on his foot. This time he didn’t – couldn’t – flinch.

“This gash is just an inch from your anterior tibial artery. Had that artery been severed, you would have lost an incredible amount of blood. And I wouldn’t be patching you up – I’d be amputating your foot. And where would that leave you?”

As gently as she could, she inserted the needle and made her first suture.

“I – suppose – wi’out a leg – to stand on,” he hissed.

Claire lay her left hand on the back of his ankle, bracing the foot to help with the stitches. Her face was still turned away from him – but he watched her shoulders shake in a silent laugh.

“Ye ken I’d never purposely put myself in harm’s way. I *do* always have ye and yer wee family on my mind.”

Claire pulled another suture through the two sides of the wound. “I know that. And I appreciate that. I should tell you more.”

“No need, lass. I ken it, and ye ken it, and yer husband kens it. That’s all that matters.”

She worked in silence then, pausing to collect the other suture she had prepared – but not before pouring the rest of her raw whisky in a beaker and handing it to her patient.

“Here – this should take the edge off.”

Murtagh sniffed the glass, then inhaled deeply. “Aye. It’s better than when we first made it – but it’s still enough to knock ye flat on yer back if ye’re no’ careful.”

Claire pressed the sides of the wound closer together. “So, will you be a bit more careful from now on? For me?”

He took a swig, exhaled, and then belched.

“Aye. Ye ken I’d do anything for ye, Claire.”

She nodded absently.

“Hey.” Now he nudged her side with the toe of his good foot. “That’s no’ the drink talking. That’s crabby old *me* talking. Aye?”

“Aye,” she echoed. “You’ve proved that often enough.”

Two more minutes, and then it was all done.

And Murtagh’s whisky was all gone. He handed the empty glass to Claire with a smile so wide that it reminded Claire of the Cheshire Cat illustrations in the book Uncle Lamb had given her for Christmas one year.

“Ye do mind me of Ellen, now and again.” He tilted his head, studying her as if with new eyes. “Foul mouth. Kind heart. Staggering to look at. And a heart so beautifully full of love that she doesna ken what to do wi’ it all.”

Claire flushed. They hadn’t spoken of Ellen since that night in the cave on the beach – a lifetime ago.

“So why would I no’ pledge myself to yer service? Why would I no’ heed every word ye say, Claire?”

Clearly he was waiting for an answer. All she could do was lay a gentle hand on his shoulder and kiss his sweaty brow.

“I’ll be right back, all right? Let’s get you settled in to bed upstairs. You’ll feel much better in the morning.”

And when she returned with Jamie, who helped his godfather stand up and offered his shoulders for support to walk out of the room and up the stairs, Murtagh blessed Claire with another beatific smile.

“More whisky?”

“Now?” Jamie’s brows rose skeptically. “Ye smell like the still house – God kens why Claire thought *that* was a good way to fix yer foot.”

“First bed. Then we can talk about more whisky.”

Then Murtagh FitzGibbons Fraser blew her a kiss, and for once in her life Claire Beauchamp Fraser was at a total loss for words.

In a very “Year of the Lamb” fashion I’ve decided to take on Lent in a very different way this time around. Rather than simply giving up a luxury for a few weeks I am instead choosing to begin to make active moves towards living with less.* Basically, I’m striving towards a modern take on what Jesus told his first disciples:

“Do not get any gold or silver or copper to take with you in your belts—no bag for the journey or extra shirt or sandals or a staff, for the worker is worth his keep. Whatever town or village you enter, search there for some worthy person and stay at their house until you leave. As you enter the home, give it your greeting. If the home is deserving, let your peace rest on it; if it is not, let your peace return to you.“
-Matthew 10:9-13

So yeah, after years of dreaming of a lifestyle like this, I’m finally going all in.

I’ll be donating a good majority of my clothes, electronics, and other things that have been cluttering my life for too long. Who knows, maybe I’ll even finally downgrade away from my precious smartphone! I’m also going to be abstaining from buying anything (other than food) during this season. I’m sure after Lent I will have to make a purchase of some sort but even then I hope to do it out of need rather than want.

Prayers and good vibes are beyond needed because I know Jesus isn’t going to make this easy. Regardless, I’m stoked to see what these changes will do to my heart and life.

Happy Ash Wednesday, little flock!

*Be aware that I have nothing against the traditional approach to Lent but I’ve personally learned that giving up soda or Facebook for six weeks has never made me feel any closer to Christ.


A little vision of the sight at the end..

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Fic: The Fall from Grace

part 6 in my Heartlines AU

Other parts can be found here

This chapter is a short one. Let me know what you think :-)


He lowered Claire to the ground and looked speculatively at his uninvited visitor.

“What the hell are ye doing in my house, Geneva?” His voice was low but the anger was clear.

Geneva examined her nails casually for a moment, for looking up at Jamie.

“Oh you know, when you get a phone call from a friend to tell you your husband is fucking some whore against a front door in Glasgow, it tends to raise some questions”

“What are you talking about Geneva? Your husband? I’m no your husband. I’ve not been your husband for three years and let’s face it, I wasna your husband for a long time before that either” Jamie’s voice was raised slightly now, The sheer incredulity of his ex wife stood in his living room, apparently having let herself in and accusing him of infidelity.

Geneva chose to ignore this point of order.

“Is this her?” she rounded on Claire, the appearance of nonchalant composure starting to slip “rather plain, isn’t she? I mean that hair” She spat out the last word, whilst reaching up to smooth her own gleaming chestnut locks.

“Geneva, I will no discuss this with ye. I owe ye nothing and you owe me nothing in return. I want you to leave now Geneva. I want you to leave and no come back. I want you to delete my number from your phone. I want ye to forget where I live. Hell, I want you to forget you even know me.” Jamie’s anger was roused, in part from protectiveness of Claire and in part absolute outrage at situation he currently found himself in . “I don’t know were you always this crazy, but you clearly are now. Get out of my sight.”

He moved towards the door and held it wide for her. She glared at him.

“No.” she yelled, stamping her feet. “No, no, no, no. This is not how this is supposed to happen. You are not supposed to move on. You are meant to come back to your senses and come back to me” She pointed her finger at him in accusation.

“Geneva,” he said with a sigh “you don’t want me. I ken ya are a proud woman and your pride was hurt when we split and I ken that’s what keeps you calling and turning up. But the time has come to swallow that pride. I didna make you happy. You didna make me happy. You’re man now, David? He makes ya happy.  Claire, Claire makes me happy” His voice softened and he looked over at Claire who was looking at him, eyes soft and warm. The moment went on a fraction too long for Geneva’s liking and she let out a banshee shriek before launching a large soap stone paperweight in Jamie’s general direction. Jamie dodged the missile and it landed on the floor with a thud after dislodging a large piece of plaster from the wall where Jamie’s head had just been. She skirted round the room looking for something else to throw. Jamie glanced around looking for a safe defensive position.

“STOP IT” the voice was loud and clear and held authority. Claire was stood now directly in front of Geneva, her hands on her hips. Geneva froze looking at Claire. “Geneva” she said calmly, “I think you should leave. I understand you feel hurt, but you should leave before you do anything you regret” Jamie thought there was a certain irony to that statement given that Geneva had broken into his house, accused him of adultery and tried to kill him with a paperweight. He said nothing however.

Geneva flared her nostrils and exhaled heavily. “Oh you think, I’m just going to give him to you, do you…”

Claire cut her off before she could go any further. “He’s not your property and he’s not mine. You can’t give him and I can’t ‘take’ him from you. Now I really think you should go” Claire picked up Geneva’s bag and jacket from where they lay across an arm chair and held them out to her. After a moment she reached out and took them. She breathed heavily for a moment and then with a flip of shiny chestnut hair, pushed past Claire out into the hallway. A second later the front door slammed, followed by the gate. They stood for a moment in complete silence, hardly even breathing. Jamie was trying to decide where to start in his apologies when Claire started to laugh. It started as  giggle and in moments was a fully blown belly laugh. Jamie joined in as Claire slide down the wall to the ground clutching her sides.

“Does, does that happen often?” She managed to choke out between gales of hysterical laughter.

“No, no” Jamie attempted to reassure her. “Only once before, but she got me with the paperweight that time.”

He crossed the room to where Claire sat trying and failing to regain her composure. He held out a hand to her. “Do you still want to have dinner with me, Claire?” He voice was calm now and held a hint of uncertainty “would you prefer it if I just took you home?”

“No, Jamie. I would love to have dinner still” She reached her hand out to him so that he could help her up and as he did so she pulled him close. “She leaned up and spoke quietly into his ears as she wrapped her arms around him. “I meant it when I told her you weren’t mine. But I want you to be.” He cupped her face in his hands and searched her face. In it he saw his own thoughts and feelings mirrored back at him. The feeling that he had, in this woman met the other half of his soul had been a constant since the moment that he had first laid eyes upon her, but now he truly got the sense that she felt the same. He tucked her hair back behind her ears and kissed her hard.

“And I want you to be mine, Mo Neighan donn. I am yours body and soul and have been since the moment I spilled whiskey down your pink dress.”

Dinner was light hearted and relaxed. The chatted about music that they liked and films that they had seen. They talked of places they had visited and places they still wanted to go. Claire had Jamie in stitches as she told him the story of how she had fallen off a camel in the middle of the Sahara whilst trekking with the Toureg to get to Uncle Lamb’s dig. Claire laughed heartily as Jamie recounted his adventures in Paris during his placement year. “This is what happiness is “ He thought to himself as Claire recounted yet another of her seemingly inexhaustible anecdotes from her teenage years travelling the great archaeological sites of the world with Uncle Lamb. “This is what it is to be with someone who completes you”

They cleared plates together and loaded the dishwasher, both finding an absurd amount of pleasure in even these mundane domestic tasks.

Claire looked at her watch.

“Do you want me to take you home now, Claire?” he asked quietly “I ken you’ve likely a busy day tomorrow”

“Let me stay, Jamie” her voice was almost a whisper. She looked at him, her jaw taut with tension and nerves.

“I’d like that verra much, Sassenach” came his soft reply. He took the cloth she had been holding from her and placed it on the counter.

“Come then, Sassenach. Let’s go to bed”

- honestly though. there’s just so much left unsaid between the scenes, and i fucking wish that they’d used this.

- i mean, i love anthony heald to death, same as sir anthony hopkins. BUT GODDAMN SIR, YOU SHOULD HAVE DESTROYED THAT BASTARD. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO ORGASMIC TO WATCH.

[crawls into a hole and weeps loudly]