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Kathrine Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, is racing it this year

  • Women haven’t exactly crossed the finish line when it comes to gender equality, but we’ve certainly come a long way since Kathrine Switzer first hit the pavement at the Boston Marathon.
  • It was 1967 when Switzer, then a 20-year-old journalism student at Syracuse University, became the first woman to officially enter the historic marathon.
  • At the time, women were woefully marginalized in the world of athletics. 
  • According to CNN, Switzer had been training with the men’s cross-country team at Syracuse when she decided to enter the race, with little encouragement from her coach. 
  • In her memoir, Switzer recalled the Syracuse coach telling her the 26-mile marathon was too long for a “fragile woman.”
  • During the marathon in ‘67, race director Jock Semple chased Switzer down and ripped her bib off of her.
  • Now, after running 39 marathons, 70-year-old Switzer will run in this year’s Boston Marathon — wearing the same bib number an angry man tried to rip from her 50 years ago. Read more (4/17/17 11:26 AM)

Hello world! Today I have been uploading quite a lot hehe..anyway on the 7th it was @therealjacksepticeye ‘s birthday! Honestly I had completely forgotten about it with my grandfathers memorial and all. You see the weirdest part of all is that the last time I drew something for Jack it was for the game “That Dragon,Cancer” ,I was so surprised and happy that he saw it ^^ , at that time I also wrote something under the the drawing. I wrote my feelings on the subject of cancer and how my grandfather was ill with it. It happened that on the 8th of Febrouary of 2016 my grandfather died after being in intence care for a week. So today was actualy his one year memorial…the reason why I forgot about Jack. But while I was kinda down and all I saw his video “The day of birth” and it tottaly cheered me up instantly so I sat down and drew this. It’s cute and it’s my first time trying to draw @wiishu…. I hope I did good heheh [also I may or may not have done a small wiishu marathon lol ] Anyway I think I vended long enough… cheerful and all ahahaha…I need to get my cheerful mojo back aaaagh… I WIISHU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAAAAAACK!! <3 yup that’s more like it :)

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, June 5 to Sunday, June 11.

Two absolute shockers here. First off, Adventure Time has reruns for the first time since July last year. (excluding April Fools Day) It’s a weekly slot airing in order from Season 1. That’ll be a lot of episodes to air. It even gets to be the movie filler for the movie preceding it.

Second, The Amazing World of Gumball has DETHRONED Teen Titans Go! from #1. This time without a (advertised) marathon. I don’t know if I can even count all that Gumball on Saturday or Sunday as a marathon because, well, that’s pretty identical to the schedule we had last week. Seriously, scroll down a bit on my blog. It’s the same.

Clarence is back, this time with a hour and a half long miniseries premiering this Monday. Before you ask, yes, despite CN cancelling Clarence, they ARE advertising this month-long bomb. And then there’s new episodes Tues-Thurs. Uncle Grandpa gets new episodes this month too, albeit unadvertised. I have a feeling this is going to be the final few episodes of the show before being done forever. Reruns of Uncle Grandpa are being added to Boomerang this week.

Looks like Steven Universe’s Friday reruns have a theme. This week’s theme: Season 3 episodes where Steven learns new powers. Floating, dream hijacking, body hijacking, spiky bubbles… stuff like that.

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

  • Clarence: Stormy Sleepover - Hour and a half long event - Monday at 4p
  • Clarence - Tues-Thurs at 4p
  • Uncle Grandpa - Tues-Fri at 4:15p, Two new episodes on Tuesday
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6p
  • Ben 10 - Friday at 6:30p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - Saturday at 6:30a
  • Justice League Action - Saturday at 7:30a
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Sunday at 5:30p

Top 3 shows:

  1. The Amazing World of Gumball (#1 for the first time since December) - 131 - 36%
  2. Teen Titans Go! (#2 for the first time since December) - 128 - 36%
  3. Ben 10 - 46 - 13%

The top 3 shows are roughly 79% of the schedule.

(something I forgot to put on the schedule pic: the “Summertime Go” block airs Friday from 6p-8p.)

Playboy, bad boy Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by namjoonie00

Series genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Description: Kim Taehyung, one of the nastiest human beings you have ever been associated with. You despite even breathing the same air as him yet he still somehow finds a place in your life.

note: Park Jimin will also play a major role in this series. Also, this chapter will have some Harry Potter references that are not absolutely necessary to the story itself. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

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Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay

KATHRINE SWITZER. First female to run the Boston Marathon in 1967 under “K.V. Switzer” as women weren’t allowed to run (🙄) until 1972. They tried to stop her but she kept on going. Now more than half the marathon runners in the US are women. She’s back running the marathon this year and her bib number is now going to be retired. #WCW FOR REAL🏅💪.

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Fact: Remus Lupin is a half blood. His mother, Hope Lupin (née Howell), is a muggle.

Headcanon: When Remus goes home for vacation he and his mother do a marathon day in which she shows him what movies he missed through the school year.

on the year of 1975 “Rocky Horror Picture Show” came out and Remus loved it so when he came back to Hogwarts sometimes he would find himself singing the songs of the movie, absent minded. 

Let’s just say that Sirius didn’t find it very funny the first time he heard Remus say “I’ve been making a man with blond hair and a tan and he is good for relieving my… tension.”

CP bachelor AU: part 13

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Laurent bends his legs, pulling his ankles out of direct sunlight and back into the shade of the poolside umbrella. He’s had sunburned feet once in his life, and never plans to repeat it. He throws an annoyed glance at Damen, who is stretched out on the adjacent lounge chair. Damen has spent the last three days turning steadily browner while being very lax about sunscreen.

The villa they’ve rented on the west coast of Santorini has its own pool as well as its own tiny courtyard complete with mosaic floor and fountain. Sunshine off white stone and white paint makes it feel overbright and otherworldly during the day, shimmering with heat and light. Laurent tried for an hour this morning to go over his notes on the Theran eruption and the formation of the caldera, but the heat snuck into his brain, and he can’t make himself mind. He feels looser, and happier, than he ever imagined he could.

The ratings for the show’s finale were unprecedented. With the story of Erasmus and Kallias under their belts, the finale was marketed as an even more shocking twist, and Laurent and Damen have become the new faces of unexpected romance. They’ve been asked to present at the Logies, and to appear on every morning show in the country.

Laurent has never been a celebrity in his own right, nor wanted to. He’s… adjusting.

The most obvious benefit is that Damen’s stock in the eyes of his PR department has shot way, way up, and his father has–after a long talk with both Damen and Laurent, which left Laurent feeling like he’d run a marathon–agreed that Damen will assume control of the company as planned. Theomedes looked like a man who’d already planned the first three years of his luxury retirement and had one impatient foot out the door; he was ready to throw Damen the reins immediately.

Damen promptly turned around and declared that he was leaving the company in the care of his brother Kastor for six months, extending the leave of absence he’d taken to come on the show.

“To do what?” Theomedes demanded.

“This and that,” said Damen, eyes dancing at Laurent. “Expand my horizons. Travel.”

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This is a picture of Katherine Switzer, the first woman to ever finish the Boston Marathon. She had to try harder than anyone else to complete the race, here you see the race organizers trying to stop her from competing in 1967. 

What the hell?

Well, 50 years ago there was this nasty thing called Sexism. Its actually still around but its getting better, I hope.


Second Half Marathon done!! Finished it in 1:34:25 which is more than 4 minutes faster than I ran last year!
My only goal was to stay under 1:40:00 and I decided to just run by feel not by pace. ~4:25 min/km pace felt easy after the first kilometer and it still did 20 km later. It went by incredibly fast and I did not once wish for the finish line to come sooner. 21,1 km has definitely become my new favourite distance :)

A Big Thank You

For the second year in a row, I’ve accompanied my eldest daughter Rachel to VidCon (a convention for video stars) in Anaheim. As she just finished her junior year, this trip seemed like an opportunity to look at some colleges.

In the last five days, we looked at eight Southern California colleges (walking over a marathon of distance, by the way). To accomplish this, I asked for volunteers from my Tumblr and Twitter.

I got a whole bunch of responses. I chose the first person to volunteer for each school to be our guide. For a few schools, we had more than one guide.

All the guides were amazing. They did research, answered Rachel’s numerous questions, and gave us a passionate tour of their school. I just wanted to take a moment to thank each of them publicly.

1:57:04 // Today, I ran my first half marathon. And it meant the world to me. It was more than just a physical goal- Ive been running consistently for years. I know I’m capable. It was more than just a mental goal- because let’s be honest, races are a mental game too.

This race was an achievement because it symbolizes to me everything I have gone through to find balance and joy living in health and hope.

In 2012 I signed up for the Boston BAA Run to Remember half marathon. I trained for it for months, only to succumb to an injury due to my restrictive eating (the lowest point of my eating disorder). I was devastated and so upset that I gave running up after that, and didn’t return to it until November of 2014.

I cried today as I crossed the finish- not because of the pain, not because of all the cheering, and not because I finished way below my goal time. I cried for the 16 year old me who didn’t understand health and happiness. I cried for all those moments where I felt the shadows of my past creeping in. I cried because this is what I wanted and dreamed of for so long– and I finally did it through grace and strength.
My legs and my lungs and my heart and my body have endured more than some do in a lifetime. And I am so grateful that they stayed strong with me. Thank you Jesus and thank you God– for all of it.

Skyway” Rudy Lord, 1987

The first Disney skyway made its debut at Disneyland a little under a year after the park’s grand opening. In Disneyland, (as well as Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland) the suspended gondolas shuttled between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. Guests could enjoy a breezy aerial view of the parks and give their legs a break from the marathon of visiting a theme park. All three Skyways have gone to Yesterland, making way for Winnie the Pooh, Rapunzel and Flynn, and a galaxy far, far away.

Art ©️ Disney

beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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making my heart beat again

so, thanks to @startofamoment for the absolutely amazing prompt (this and all the others, which you should check out here!) and to @elsaclack for all her help - hope y’all like it!! (title from stuck like glue, by sugarland)

He’s still chuckling at her screaming sheep prank as he walks out of the break room. He’s ten paces away when he turns back, ready to stick his tongue out at her and yell one last comeback. Except that’s when he sees it: the Double Tuck.

His first thought is of Rosa and her scarily accurate Amy impression and then all of a sudden that won’t leave his head. Amy’s put her phone away, is pouring a packet of sugar into her coffee, and he’s standing completely still with the image of Rosa smiling and tucking her hair behind both ears overlaid on images of Amy doing the same thing. It replays for maybe a second or maybe an hour or maybe a month – he can’t really be sure because his stomach is bottoming out and his foot is tapping uncontrollably and every rational thought in his mind is on hiatus. Then, finally, the buzzing in his brain stops and he hears Rosa talking about how, “When Amy really likes someone…”

And his feet are moving.

He’s not sure what he’ll do when he gets to the break room. He has no plan, no inkling of what he wants to say to her. But she likes him and he keeps repeating it to himself in his head so that the words take on rhythm as he walks – shelikesmeshelikesmeshelikesme – and then he’s at the door of the break room, putting his hand on the handle.

She looks so beautiful that it takes whatever breath he still had away for a moment – her forehead is a bit scrunched in the way it is when she’s focused on a difficult problem as she pours milk into her mug with the precision of a scientist. Her hair is falling like curtains around her face, largely obstructing his view, and he takes a moment, as he always does, to wonder what it would be like to touch it.

And then he remembers: she maybe likes him so he’ll maybe get to find out.

That sobering thought brings him crashing back to reality. His stomach, which had been swooshing back and forth, settles. His mouth closes, his teeth clacking together with the speed of the movement. His hand falls limply off the doorknob. Because he has no idea what comes next.

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So apparently I’ve been “misleading”

It has come to my attention that I am not a good representation of a person interested in fitness because I am “thick” and “bigger.” So at the risk of misleading more people, here’s a disclaimer:

- I am not skinny

- I’m not petite 

- “One-size-fits-all” clothing does not look flattering on me 

- I don’t have a low body fat percentage 

- I have rolls when I sit down, a lot more than I would like too 

- I don’t have a thigh gap 

- I’m not “ripped” or “shredded” or “lean” 

- My BMI is considered overweight 

- I won’t wear a sports bra and spandex in public because I don’t have the ideal body type to do so

But here’s what I am:

- a competitive soccer player of over 12 years. I won several titles, was MVP, played every position under the sun and worked harder than anyone on my team 

- Without experience playing basketball, I made my JV team in high school. by the end of the first season, I was moved up to varisty and was a starter within the year

- Never rowing in my entire life, I tried out for my college crew team. Within two months I was practicing and in the lineup for a D1 NCAA rowing team. 

- I’m a runner. I run on a weekly and daily basis. I’m signed up for my first half marathon this spring and I’m both excited and terrified. 

If my size is the determining factor in how fit I am then I am ashamed of what this world is coming to because I have more talent, work ethic, and determination in my thick leg than most people have in their body. I’ve never been the smallest on any of my teams but surprisingly that never stopped me from being one of the most successful. I’m so sick of this culture emphasizing thin as the key determinant for health and fitness level. I have my body and my body kicks fucking ass so you can take your “misleadings” and shove them up yours. There’s nothing wrong with being lean and shredded and impressively muscular. But those aren’t the only ways to be in shape and more people need to understand and accept that.

First woman to officially run Boston Marathon finishes race again at 70
Fifty years after becoming the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer has done it again.
By ABC News

Fifty years after becoming the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer has done it again.

“I’m exhilarated,” she told ABC News after finishing the 26.2-mile race on Monday. “All the way along the route, people had heard my story, saw my bib, and they were holding signs up that read ‘261 Fearless’ and 'Go, Kathrine!’ They were screaming and going crazy. It was amazing, especially the little girls who were there with their moms. They were just jumping up and down.”

Behind pioneering female runner’s return to Boston Marathon 50 years later

Switzer, 70, crossed the finish line with an unofficial time of 4:44:31, just 24 minutes slower than her time as a 20-year-old. She said it has always been her dream to return to the streets of Boston after making history there in 1967.

“It’s just an enormous sense of gratitude for the city of Boston, the streets of Boston, which changed my life and helped pave the way for what is nothing less than a social revolution in women’s running,” she said. “When I crossed the finish line — to celebrate 50 years of looking back and seeing the huge progress and changes that have been made — I can only say that I’m extremely grateful for the experience.”

Switzer signed up for the 1967 Boston Marathon, which until that point was predominantly run by men, as K.V. Switzer. While women were not officially barred from the course, people did not believe women were capable of running such a distance. A woman previously ran the race without a bib number. Race officials did not know that Switzer was running until she entered the second mile of the race. That’s when race official Jock Semple ran up behind her and tried to rip off her bib in order to disqualify her. She was able to break free of his grasp, and her boyfriend shoved him to the ground. She kept running, becoming a symbol of girl power in sports.

Switzer said she was thinking of Semple, who later became her friend, as she passed that spot in the race today. Semple died in 1988.

“I just blew him a big kiss. I said, 'There you go, Jock,’” she said. “This was the guy who, for better or worse, changed my life. As it turned out, it was for better. At the time, it was a terrible experience, but in the fullness of time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Switzer donned her original bib number, 261, for the 2017 race. This time around, she was accompanied by 125 runners raising money for her charity, 261 Fearless, which helps empower women and girls through running. After she crossed the finish line, the Boston Athletic Association retired her bib number.

Having fought sexism when she ran Boston the first time, she said she already knows the next boundary she has to break through: ageism.

“People are saying about old people in sports what they used to say about women — 'You shouldn’t push yourself, you’re too weak, you’re too fragile, you might break, don’t push it,’” Switzer said. “I don’t think there’s any limit for aging, and I think this is the next new frontier.”

Kenyan policewoman Edna Kiplagat wins Boston Marathon in unofficial time of 2 hours, 21 minutes, 53 seconds

After finishing the race, she said, she wanted a “cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate.” She plans to celebrate with a Boston-brewed draft beer over dinner with her husband and friends tonight. She said she has no intention of making this her last marathon: She hopes to compete in the New York Marathon in the future.

Her goal is for her story to inspire women of all ages to be active, strong and confident in themselves, she said. For her, that strength was on display down to the smallest detail.

“I had a choice of what to wear today — capris or shorts. At 70, my legs are not gorgeous like they were when I was 28. And I said, 'I’m wearing the shorts,’” Switzer said. “I’ve got 70-year-old legs, and they deserve to look gnarly. But I don’t care, because I just want to run and run well.”