the year of the first marathon


Peter: it’s been a year
Me: yeah, okay

This is a picture of Katherine Switzer, the first woman to ever finish the Boston Marathon. She had to try harder than anyone else to complete the race, here you see the race organizers trying to stop her from competing in 1967. 

What the hell?

Well, 50 years ago there was this nasty thing called Sexism. Its actually still around but its getting better, I hope.

11 Week Progress

I’ve had lots of ups and downs in the past 11 weeks. I’ve eaten cookies and drank beer. I celebrated Halloween, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Years, and Taco Tuesday. But with an 80/20 percent of healthy, intentional eating and consistent workout, I have still been able to see a decrease in weight from about 225 lbs to 216 lbs. I am so glad I didn’t give up those first few weeks when I thought I didn’t see progress. I’m so glad I kept calorie counting and running and stayed dedicated to myself. After all, “I’m doing this for health” (which is true, but also to lose weight before we try to get pregnant) and along the way, I’m watching pounds drop off.

My BIGGEST Tip for Those of You Starting a Fitness Regime for 2016

Do not have grand expectations for how you will look or how you will feel.
That may sound harsh, but trying to do too much at once is a huge way to end up giving up.
You can’t run a marathon without first running a 5k.
You can’t grow your legs, arms, and back like your physique idols in just a year when bodybuilders have been lifting and eating for it for many many years.
You CAN try to go to the gym a couple times a week.
You CAN go on a run a couple mornings.
You CAN grab the weights for the first time.
You CAN swap one of your fast food meals for a home cooked one.
It will become a habit. But habits are not formed overnight. It’s SMALL CONSISTENT steps that will lead to HUGE change.
When I made my resolution in 2014, I ran 3 times a week. I gradually added in strength training. My runs got longer, my lifting became more common, and I was able to do more and more. Now, I lift 5-6 days a week and my physique is where it is due to every step I took. Not one way is better than another. Whatever YOU like right now is what will make you successful down the road.

Draco Malfoy is the type of drunk who:

-Whispers to Harry how much he likes his “stupid, ridiculous, amazing” hair.
-Accidentally shares his first time story while playing truth or dare in the 8th year common room just cause he thinks losing his virginity in a potions cupboard with Harry is the funniest story to tell in a room full of Gryffindors.
-Hugs Ron Weasley just to make him feel uncomfortable… (“Harry, tell your ferret- I mean, boyfriend to get off me…”
-Have an immensely intelligent conversation about alchemy and potions with Hermione and Pansy while simultaneously pounding shots.
-Watch a marathon of friends with a bottle of wine and calling Harry to ask him, “Where is the smelly cat, and how do I adopt him? Can you scourgify cats by the way?”
-Sulk in the corner and scowl at everyone when he’s sleepy until Harry takes him home.

Seijou third years headcanons part 2
  • Oikawa is actually a bigger mom than Iwa (one time Kunimi came to morning practice without having breakfast and was met with the fires of hell (Oikawa))
  • and when he knows that Iwa is having a Godzilla marathon, he sends him messages every hour to remind him to go to the bathroom and to drink water “NOW, IWA-CHAN. I WILL NOT HAVE MY ACE DEHYDRATED.“
  • THO don’t be fooled, Iwa is a mom too -it was during the first few weeks in their third year that Kyoutani actually showed up when Kyou  accidentally spiked a ball in Yahaba’s face —> Iwa literary kicked him in the ass for being so reckless and made him apologize to the angry cream puff who had a bloody nose
  • the next day he lectured Mattsun for going to bed so late because let’s face it, Mattsun just loves to stay on his phone and forgets that there is a thing like time
  • Makki also reads a lot (a fuck ton); the first time Mattsun came over, he was shocked of the Hanamaki household library; actually, the most of the books are in the living room and there are three leather chairs with little tables near them because Makki and his parents just like reading together on Saturday evenings with the TV playing only for a soft background; oh, and he has books littered all over his room, there are even little piles of them, stacked in diffrent categories: “Started but didn’t finish“, “Started, but school and volleyball happened“, “Started and doesn’t know if he wants to finish“, “Recommened by Oikawa, Watari and Mattsun“, “Hasn’t opened it yet“, “Borrowed by either Oikawa, Watari or Mattsun” , “Will most likely read soon“, “MUST read“:
  • Mattsun can play the drums and he has a bass guitar that Makki helped him pick and which Iwa taught him how to play (because why not, I can totally see Iwa and Mattsun playing the guitar) (Mattsun doing all this (of course, not to impress Makki, nooooo):
  • Oikawa is really good with children and even used to babysit Takeru, also used to visit him frequently when he was at kindergarden
  • Oikawa sucks at video games, no matter how many times Iwa and Mattsun tried explaining
  • Makki is the type of person to love sweet and salty combinations, often making Oikawa cringe at him (and he likes loads of vinegar in his salad, Mattsun almost choked the first time he tried Makki’s “special salad of tears“ (the name should have been enough to make him back away))
  • one month Oikawa’s parents were gone for a whole week and Iwa stayed with him; Oikawa was actually surprised how a brute like Iwa could cook, do laundry, clean and actually take care of people —> that was when he finally *le gasp* realized why his heart was so jittery when Iwa smiled
  • when Mattsun and Makki have sleepovers at Mattsun’s, Mattsun somehow always manages to convince Makki to wear one of his shirts: “Isn’t it too hot for a sweatshirt? Want a T’-shirt?“/ “Isn’t it too cold? Want a hoodie?“/ “What the ever loving fuck is that?“ “Ex-fucking-cuse you.“ / “Bet that shirt’s gonna reach your knees.“ “Are you mistaking me for Iwaizumi?“
  • Mattsun is really fucking smart, he’s just too lazy, that’s why he’s in Class 1; and he helps Makki with stuff like advanced Math and Chemistry; he’s pretty interested in Psychology and likes analyzing people & applying diffrent techiques on them to see if he can do them too (he totally used the Pavlov one on Makki with creampuffs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Oikawa is good with growing plants, he even has an aloe vera in his room since the conditions fit perfectly with it’s preferences
  • Iwa, tho, he fucking sucks, he even almost killed a cactus until Oikawa took it in and “brought it back to life, away from heartless brutes like you, Iwa-chan“
  • Oikawa, though, ahahaha, he made Takeru cry when he tried to sing along to a children’s song, LOL
  • Mattsun and Makki are good swimmers (ehehhehehe) and when they graduated, they sneaked into the school swimming pool to just chill —> ON THAT DAY, MANKIND RECIEVED the meme couple (yesh, it was accidental at first ( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or was it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) and then the sexy times started, tho they stopped because “The water is so cold I can feel my bones catching frost”) ; but nobody can beat Iwa, he’s a god at any sport, that’s basically canon
  • Iwa really loves Oikawa’s hair, as much as he denies it; when he was a kid once he stayed up all night to see if it really was natural
  • It really was natural
  • So when they got together, Iwa’s hands could be often found in Oikawa’s hair
  • Iwa is also a furnace (that melts Oikawa whenever)
  • Mattsun has a cat that hates everybody but him, until the day it met Makki - it literary just looked at him and Mattsun was prepared to take her claws off Makki, when she hopped onto Makki’s lap and started purring “You traitor. I raised you, you ungrateful little shit.“

Now that the year is over…I’ve been reflecting on the journey that was 2016.

I ran 12 marathons and 8 ultra marathons (2 hundreds, 1 50m, 1 6 hour (35 miles) and 5 50ks). Plus 3 ultra marathon training runs (two 30s and a 34) but those were just for fun.

20 marathons or longer. Three PRs. (I guess four? The first 100 and the 9 hour improvement on the second. And my marathon and 50k times.)

It’s been an amazing year for my running as I push my limits and redefine my possible. I’m not sure I’ll keep the same pace for 2017. I hope to PR my 100 in Dayton next year. That’s really my focus. I’ll do salton sea and some marathons before then.

I’m not sure what comes next. But I’m excited.

New Year, Mr. Robot season 1 marathon!!!

I’ll start it at 6PM EST tomorrow to celebrate the new year. Everyone is invited and if you haven’t seen Mr.  Robot before you’re free to join us so you can watch it for the first time.

Bring your own food and snacks AND ALCOHOL!!! Gotta have booze on New Years Eve.

 A marathon perfect for the socially awkward people on here who have nothing better to do on New Years than to watch another socially awkward person try to destroy the world economy woooooo.

I’ll post the link tomorrow, but hit me up if you need a personal reminder and I’ll directly message you. :)

Cole Sprouse| “You’re short!”

Count of words: 378

Warnings: Short 

A/N: Austin is the name I gave to the brother….

Requested: yes



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Anonymous :Cold sprouse please!!!

You were currently half asleep on your couch , having a marathon of your favorite movie series; Harry Potter. Your boyfriend of 3 years was now out with the boys for his birthday. He and his Twin desided it would be cool to have a guys’ night out and have some drinks. Cole had promised you that he wouldn’t drink much , but you didn’t really mind when he was drunk.He was sassy and fun.

It was now 3am and you were in deep sleep until you heard a knock on your door. At first you got scared but then you heard two familiar voices outside. It was Austin and a, defenitely, drunk Cole. “Oh thank God!” Austin said while walking in. “What happened to you two?” you asked consern and sleeply. “You boyfriend dearest got drunk. So I had to carry his drunk ass to here. His brother was also to drunk to get home so he is still in my car.” he said as you gave a glance behind your brother and your boyfriend to see Dylan waving at you drunkily. You said and small thank you and Austin gave you a little hug before leaving.

“Hey! Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Cole shouted to Austin while he and you laughed. “Cole , he’s my brother he can do that!” you said while still laughing as your big brother left the apartment. “Come here baby girl.” Cole said in a seductive voice you giggled at him but went closer. After all you had to carry his drunken ass to your room. “Can we fuck?” he said and you laughed. “NO!” you screamed laughing. “Now get your ass up and lets get ready to sleep” you said. “NO!” he screamed mimicking you. “I’m not tired. I wanna fuck you.” he said and you laughed. “I said get your ass up and let’s get ready to sleep.” you said in a bossy tone. “Geez! You’re bossy..” he paused. “And short!” he said giving you a small laugh. “Well , not all of us are giraffes like you baby. Now let’s get you ready for bed!” you said and gave him a small peck as he smiled slowly moving his hands to your butt. “Hands up here love!” you said and laughed.

Headcanons: Guang-Hong Ji/Leo de la Iglesia

I’m kind of sort of infatuated with this ship right now so have some headcanons aha

  • They have this whole childhood best friends vibe (I’ve got your back, so nothing can touch you) but they have only known each other for a couple years or so. When they first met, Phichit was confused because they acted like childhood friends but claimed they had never met. They just clicked. 
  • They video chat as often as humanly possible, when at the ice rink so they can celebrate the perfection of that short program Leo was choreographing, or when they’re both home on their beds and Ji needs help with the school work.
  • They plan trips four times a year. It was two at the start of their friendship, but quickly it became apparent that neither of them could function without the other. Their visits include sight seeing, action movie marathons, game nights, and messing around at the closest ice rink. 
  • Game nights entail Disney Scene it and RISK, which Ji kicks ass at. Leo introduces Ji to nachos, which they devour whilst playing the games. It’s always Tostitos Rounds and Salsa, sour cream, and grated cheddar cheese. Leo puts it in the microwave and the smell fills the kitchen and dining room attached, and Ji just. Melts. in his chair.
  • They promise things to each other, like “if I land this jump, I’ll help you study for exams,” and “if you ace your exams, I’ll choreograph your short program just how you like it,” and “If I win gold at Skate America, I’ll date you when you turn eighteen.’
  • They’re just waiting for his birthday now.
  • But they’ve kissed before. They let themselves kiss once during every visit because Leo admitted that yes, it’s torture to just kiss once, but he would DIE if he had to wait those years without touching him once.
  • Leo makes playlists for Ji on Spotify with the oddest titles, but he compiles workout playlists and think-of-me playlists, and you-can-pull-through playlists for when he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to survive school AND competitive skating. 
  • Leo is always ready to give a warm hug, but Ji gets embarrassed easily, so it’s always in private. When they hold each other, skin touching, heads tucked over shoulders, and eyes falling closed, they both feel like they can take on the world.
  • Leo comes from a religious family and he loves God but he loves Ji more, and he knows that’s okay. 
  • They both don’t have a lot of confidence, and constantly need reassurance that they are okay as they are. They both understand how it feels, and are always giving what the other needs because they know intimately the pain of not having it. And they never wish pain upon who they love.
  • When they are tired, they sleep with Leo on his back and Ji draped half on him. They tangle their legs and press their stomachs together, and they wrap their arms as tight as they can, and they never let go. 

I have a million more so just ask honestly. I may have to write some fics for them because they are just too cute asdfghjkl. Thanks for reading : )

Edit: omg how did I misspell Guang’s name IN THE TITLE


One more thing about being a trophy wife

Like don’t give me an unfortunate woman as an example to a successful trophy wife who suffered god knows what or miscalculated god knows how to get married to the biggest psycho of USA. And now she’s trapped in that marriage if her plan was to get a divorce at some point or well now she has to do actual work if she planned to be taken care of for the rest of her life. Like, sis, do you want some xanax?

We see tumblr babes dropping whales every now and then because they’re either derogatory, racist or unbearable. I mean remember that time when a 64 year-old whale wanted to put his child in me and take care of me and I ran for the hills? Yep. Trophy wife game is a marathon, you can’t just sign the first prenup with a man you cannot even control. Trophy wife game isn’t like any other sw that you can measure the success solely with numbers. How much access and control you have to his wealth, your prenup terms, your sanity all counts. At least you have to make sure your husband doesn’t embarrass you on national tv by promising to deport people of your status and inciting hate against them.


You had been six years old when you first met Stiles. To you, he was an odd kidd but soon you two played together. After all these years he’s still your best friend and the one you would trust your life. Stiles is silly and funny, but caring and he knows how to cheer someone up. And Star Wars marathons are always a great plus.

Kent came out to his teammates—some individually, the rest in a group—about five months before he came out to the public. Before then, he’d always gotten the feeling that they knew about him but were giving him the courtesy of their silence. The NHL wasn’t a safe space for queerness. The day he’d come out to the team had been one of the most frightening of his life.

Because if they’d rejected him. If they’d refused to skate with him. If they’d turned on him.

If they’d given any indication that the years they’d spent on the ice with him meant less than their own prejudices…

But they hadn’t.

He’d told Swoops first, over pizza and beer at Swoops’ place in the middle of a Star Wars marathon. He’d meant to come out that night, anyway, but not in the exact moment that Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker about his true parentage. The words had just sort of exploded out of him.

Swoops had looked at him for a long moment, during which Kent’s heart had nearly beaten out of his chest, and then he’d said, “Okay. You want another beer?”

Kent had wanted several beers. “Yeah. Please.”

“Cool.” He’d smiled, patted Kent’s shoulder, and gotten off the couch. When he came back with two fresh cans—one for him, one for Kent—he’d put on a low voice and intoned, “Luke, I am your gay father.”

Kent had cracked up so hard he got the hiccups.


SO. Lesson learned: when you lose 40 pounds, your running tights will no longer fit. I literally spent the entire (short, slow) run pulling them up. 

IT WENT REALLY WELL! I didn’t want any pressure for my first time out after such a long and sick two years off so no Garmin. It didn’t feel as hard as I thought it would, probably partially because I have so much less of me to carry around. Also because did I mention SLOW. 

Temp was -11 C, so it was nice enough to ease back into not only running, but also winter running. 

I may not be hitting my goal of a marathon (or even a half) before I turn 30, but at least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’m working my way back, and more importantly, I’m healthy enough to do it. 

“You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain”

I always talked shit about people who showed up to 5ks dressed in marathon gear. Like, “we get it, you can run far,” type shit. Fast forward to picking up my bib and the girl at the desk asking me what an Ironman was, since I was wearing the jacket…

I am now that douchebag.

But hey, I’m not even the only one!! Haha. D-bags unite!!

First 5k of the year! This is going to be weird.

Musichetta Headcanons

Okay, dont get me wrong, I love the idea that Musichetta is this ethereal being of sunlight and happiness but she’s just? ?? A huge nerd ??

• Goes home at 10:00 most nights out because she just misses her bed
• Some days she just picks whatever comes to hand first in her wardrobe because she just can’t be bothered
• Blushes at e v e r y t h i n g
• Swears like once a year; usually the most inappropriate word she uses is “goshdarn”
• Proud owner of very big, geeky glasses and frankly she looks adorable in them
• tap dancing
• She’s the go-to for cuddles because she’s so warm and wears the fluffiest jumpers
• LOTR marathons with Grantaire and Combeferre
• Joly and Bossuet have to tolerate her sleeping with 5 blankets because “it’s cosy!”
• She’s just so happy with her body and her appearance and wants to spread that love with everyone
• Photography nerd. She literally always has a camera on her. It never comes off.
• Pun master honestly
• She’s can talk about her favourite types of tea for hours if you let her
• my sweet bby musichetta I love her

Victon Masterlist





Heo Chan







Boyfriend Profiles


MTL Room | Official BlogTime Zone Converter | Why You Should Give It A Try

EDIT: oops, it ends at around 4:30pm EST, not 5

guess what’s back (back again)

the marathon’s back (tell a friend)

same as last time, everyone’s welcome to join in! be it your first time watching, your twentieth, or you’re just picking up from where you left off five years ago, as long as you’re respectful and follow the rules you are 100% invited

if there’s enough complaints about the time, I’ll change it

How It Works

  1. The marathon starts tomorrow (Tuesday, December 27, 2016) with S01E01 The Day that Everything Changed
  2. 30 minutes before 2pm EST (1:30pm EST) I will be posting an announcement post on the official blog into the main #generator rex tag plus the #gr marathon tag. I will also announce it on my twitter and reblog it to this blog. a preshow will run at this time
  3. at 2pm EST, I will reblog the announcement post to say that it’s started
  4. if I cannot host at this time, or if it will be late, I will announce it on the GRM blog and my main blog; this will only go into the #gr marathon tag
  5. ~3 hours of Generator Rex (around 6 episodes). if everyone’s willing, we’ll watch 2 more episodes (a total of 8)
  6. once the whole thing’s done, the announcement post will be deleted and the GRM blog will list what episode we watched up to


  • harassment will not be tolerated.
  • no spoilers unless it’s been confirmed everyone currently in the room has watched Generator Rex fully before; if you must spoil something, keep it as vague as possible, and if someone joins, you have to ask again
  • do not use’s voice chat feature (having a separate voice channel is fine)
  • keep it SFW!

anonymous asked:

Remember 3/13/2015, PaleyFest /KDS. Sam spills all; asks C "where's the ring?" She shows right hand. Everyone on panel smiles knowingly. 3/15/2015. Sam runs LA Marathon; stops midway for selfie with Cait. 3/19/2015 Sam tweets "Feeling so lucky. Blessed." Cait leaves LA and Sam to make MoneyMonster. She tweets "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." GG 2016. SC sootogether, then IFH. Sam reluctant at first, then half-heartedly joins. Big studio request? Sam'sBigFilmBreak coming?

thank you for this, anon. I can only hope maybe this debacle was carry over from last year but I just don’t know anymore.