the year of my rebirth

Sorry for bad English. It’s not my native language
Some kind of my AU headcanon: 3 years after 686 chapter Rukia dies. She rebirth in Living World. She woke up in the hospital after the accident. She doesn’t remember a huge part of her life. She studies at school. Her age about 18 years. One day she meets Ichigo. He called her by name. She asked him if he knew her before, because she doesn’t remember. After that they often meets near the school. Somedays he told her about little shinigami with short hair and strong heart and about her adventure. She doesn’t believe in his histories but every time she listens to him with great interest. One day she cut her hair and come to Ichigo. She asked him “does she look like that shinigami” and smiles. He cries but smiles too. He still love her.


My new 52 Clark and Diana how I miss you both. The alien and the amazon, who felt different and a sense of isolation and found a soul connection with each other. 

The versions that replaced them with Rebirth this year are too conservative and insipid for my liking. Clark White or Smith or whatever he is called is just uninteresting to me and confused Rebirth Diana is just wishy washy. And I won’t get into the convoluted mess of Rebirth and the jumping of the shark DC is using to bring back retro versions who had their time and should have like other versions before said their goodbyes and moved on.

My new 52 Superman and Wonder Woman are currently both  dead in DC canon. They live on in my imagination and I will have fond memories of them and am thankful to the writers who worked hard to bring them to life.

Code: Realize: Cardia - Year of the Goat (Girl)

Tribute illustration celebrating the 2015 Lunar year of the Goat with Cardia Beckford cosplaying. She looks quite lovely, doesn’t she? Illustrations of pretty Cardia are always welcomed! 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Remember Who Was

This was many years ago, before my rebirth. Tonight, I let myself remember. So I can let the man who was once the owner of this body be remembered.

In my thousand and some odd years of life I’ve found simple pleasures are the best. A good song, as good drink can pull me through almost anything. Even when I was stuck in the middle of a diplomatic mission I found the little things to enjoy. Like tonight. My good friend Belathor and I were bored watching our students train.

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