the year i fell in love with the pixies

Mysterio Voice - Max, Max, Max, Max, Max

Max - ‘grumbles’

Mysterious Voice- Max, Max, Max, Max, Max Max, Max, Max, Max, Max

Max - 'grumbles harder’

Secret Special Door voice- MAX !

'A 30 year old Max sits up in her bed, sporting the pixie cut’

'The ghost of Chloe Price apperates ’

Chloe the friendly ghost - 'monkey screech as she backs against the wall’

Max - It’s not that bad…..

Chloe - It is Max ! IT HELLA IS !

'30 year old Victoria Chase sits up, looking the same as she ever did’

Victoria- What’s the matter Maxine ? ’

Chloe - Max-INE ?!?!?!

Victoria- Aren’t WE supposed to be the ones screaming ? Seriously Price, can’t you even do things right in death ?

Maxine - Things changed since you died Chloe 'displays her ring finger, sporting a beautiful diamond ring’ I fell in love again

'Chloe looks back and forth between Max and Victoria’

'Victoria smirks confidently as she awaits the realization’

Chloe - With who ?

Victoria - With me, you spectral simpleton !

Chloe - 'horror movie scream’

'Chloe stops screaming suddenly’

Maxine- Chloe ?

Chloe - Don’t worry Max, I gotcha……

'Chloe flies out of the room’

'Maxine and Victoria sit up in their beds uncomfortably, waiting for Chloe’s return’

Victoria - 'turns to Max nervously’ What do you think she’s going to !

’ Maxine and Victoria hear the rapid pitter patter of feet approach their room’

'Max and Victoria’s 5 year old daughter runs into the room’

Chasefield baby - I’ll kill you !

'The Chloe possessed child, jumps on Victoria’s chest, trying and failing to strangle Victoria with her new tiny hands’

Maxine- Chloe ! Not our daughter !

Chloe - You’ll be free in a second Max !  'abandons choking and begins to feebly punch Victoria in the face’  She’s weak…..she’s weakening !

Victoria- Don’t worry Maxine,  'big yawn’ I’ve been wanting to do this for years…..

'Victoria grabs her possessed child, and flips her over on her belly’

Chloe - =0

Victoria- This hurts me more than it will hurt you

Chloe - What do you…..

'Victoria’s hand quickly descends to spank Chloe’s possessed body’

Chloe - No ! No ! No ! Wait !

'Chloe closes her eyes’




'Chloe wakes up in her bed with a start’

Max-  'sits up, wiping her 18 year old eyes’ Ugh Chloe , I was having such a nice dream…..

Chloe - You wouldn’t spank your kids, would you Max ?

Max- No, that doesn’t teach them anything….

Chloe- You wouldn’t marry Icky Vicky , get a pixie cut, and wear matching cashmere sweaters right ?

Max- ……

Chloe- This is important Max…..

Max- I don’t think so……it’s a really random question for the middle of the night

Chloe - I can accept that

'Chloe jumps back underneath her covers’

Max- Glad I could 'screams in shock as she is pulled underneath the covers into a deep bear cuddle hug’

Chloe -  Bae over Bay , Max. Bae over bay…… ’ immediately falls asleep and begins snoring’

Max- 'sighs and falls back asleep’


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Time Traveling with Vintage Selfie Star Annelies van Overbeek

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It started with a pixie haircut. “People began telling me I looked like Audrey Hepburn,” Annelies van Overbeek (@anneliesvanoverbeek) says. After recognizing her resemblance to the actress, Annelies started re-creating iconic Hollywood looks. “I fell in love with the elegance and style of vintage silver screen glamour,” the 17-year-old history student from Belgium says. Annelies gathers most costumes from thrift stores and charity shops; it often takes over a month of planning before she’s ready to take a vintage selfie. Lots of looks are in the works, but soon, Annelies will travel to 16th century England to share her interpretation of Queen Anne Boleyn’s selfie style. “I’m really excited about that one!”

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How old is Nix? And what kind of cat is he? And when did you guys get him? I'm just curious about your family's newest addition.

Hey there! We’ll do a bigger post soon, but we went to the cat shelter yesterday just to look around when Nix came up to us. He wobbly followed us around the shelter until I picked him up, at which point he fell asleep in my arms purring, then reached out a little paw and touched Stiffler when they came over to see what the hell I was doing with this scraggly pixie. A volunteer at the shelter explained that Nix has cerebellar hypoplasia, and that most cats with the condition are euthanized, but tiny Nix was brought in to the shelter instead. By their guess, Nix is about 4 years old. He’s a sweet, loving, playful tiny boy who wobbles quite a lot, but so far has just been acting like he belongs home with us. We’re in love with our new lil’ off-kilter gremlin baby.

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I haven’t posted on here for a while, but considering tomorrow is going to be a bit of a big day for me, I figured I’d better had.

Tomorrow, over 3 years after getting my ear pierced and a year since it went wrong, I am getting the hideous lump removed!

I got my helix pierced in July 2011, shortly after my 16th birthday. It was the only piercing I’d ever really wanted, and will remain the last piercing I’ll ever get. A helix piercing is sometimes known as a “Pixie piercing”, I thought they were cute, my nickname is pixie… It just made sense right?

I got it pierced with a gun at a well known UK jewellery store chain (probably my first mistake), and it hurt a lot for a long time during the healing process. I couldn’t sleep on it, which was a pain in the ass because I used to sleep on my right side, and I caught it on things a lot, especially because I pierced the side where my fringe fell (second mistake). But for 2 years it was fine, I absolutely loved it - despite the disapproving looks from my Nan once she’d found out (her first reaction was to flick it, which hurt like a bitch). It occasionally flared up, but that only tended to happen after I’d caught it on something or slept on it awkwardly.

However, sometime around November 2013 my ear flared up again, and this time it didn’t go down. For a few months I thought it was fine, I just assumed it would eventually go back down as it always had, but instead it just got bigger, and bigger, and bigger… It’s still growing and has roughly doubled in size since I finally took the piercing out this May.

I continuously hide my ear, I worry about people’s reaction to it as it’s usually one of disgust, and I worried about what the hell the thing was and if I should be concerned for my health! As silly as that sounds, I know, I just couldn’t understand what the hell was going on with my ear! Why was it still growing? Why is it a solid lump? Why does it bleed and not weep? Gross.

So I decided enough was enough and went to a doctor. They acted with as much shock and confusion as myself and everyone else I’d shown it to, and decided the thing has got to go - thank god! Apparently they think it may be where the cartilage has tried to heal itself but has kept going? But really, no one is sure. So tomorrow they’re cutting the bastard out, hoorah!!

As excited as I am to lose it, I get very jealous when I see friends and other people with super cute, non deformed helix piercings. It sucks that I only wanted one damn piercing and other people get loads all over that look hella cute and I get a lump bigger than a bloody pea.

So guys and gals, please be careful with piercings, because they don’t always end up like the hella cute photos you see on here… Make good choices, and if you’re lucky enough to be one of those hella cute bitches, I hate you. (Just kidding, ily, I just want your ears… Trade?)

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Can you (or someone) do a fic where Killian goes back in time and meets young emma like her in the orphanage? That would be so cute because he could be like "we are going to fall in love in the future"

A/N: Killian briefly ends up in the past and meets a young Emma at an orphanage; a little nonsense time-travelling fluff and side-angst.


Bloody, buggering, monstrous time-travelling. 

Time travel.


Although, the first time had been rather fun for Killian. His first accidental trip to the past; fixing one tiny, but rather significant, event in the Enchanted Forest. Guaranteed danger and possible changing of an important timeline – right, only happened to be pairing up the parents of the woman Killian loved more than anything in all realms - however, Emma’s presence brought an element of excitement and adventure that fortunately ended with a smooth return journey and no surprises.

Apart from one.

And a bloody huge one at that, he thought with a grumble, coughing once as he attempted to move. Upon finding that his ribs and stomach still ached from the rough landing, Killian waited another moment. 

Elsa had been an unexpected surprise, of course, but she was a one that favoured the Storybrooke residences. If at all accidental, the young woman had appeared disoriented and confused by her new surroundings, seeking answers from the very person who had held her captive in an urn in his strange vault; Rumplestilskin. Or The Dark One. Mr. Gold. Whatever his moniker, he’d determined Elsa’s cause for arrival. 

Damn, this hurts. 

Muttering another curse, Killian let out a frustrated growl as he stood, unfamiliar to the strange grey stone beneath his feet. He blinked once, and then again. 

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