the year 11 girls

this mom i babysit for is paying me to sleep over at a hotel for her daughter’s birthday party tonight…..

there will be an indoor pool and she is paying me to sleep over there and be surrounded by a bunch of 11 year old girls in a hotel while i watch her 2 and a half year old brother and go swimming and let me just say, i am afraid and do not want to do this because i will be so unbelievably out of my comfort zone and i am worried there wont be food that’s safe for me to eat and i’ll have to act and pretend like i’m a normal human being at night when that is the last thing i am at night! lmao

Day 2064 -  24 December 2016

2016 aka the year I drew the same catgirl for months

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This is my baby girl Charm! She’s 11 years old. This is the dog I was asking if you could guess her breed. (Sorry for all the pictures, I could just pick one)

Everyone draws these comics where Lucio meets Efi and he’s like two feet taller than her, even though Lucio’s like 5′3″ and the average height of 11 year old girls is like 4′5″-5′4″. It’s entirely possible Efi could be almost his height or even marginally taller.

Which honestly is pretty adorable.


11-year-old Marley Dias is the hero we need

You may have heard of Marley Dias. After not seeing herself represented in books, she launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks project. At such a young age, Dias understands and spreads the notion that representation matters. And she’s about to reach even more kids who need it.
Court rules that 11-year-old trans girl can continue using the girls' bathroom
"Doe, a vulnerable eleven year old with special needs, will suffer irreparable harm if prohibited from using the girls' restroom," the court held.
By Chris Geidner

In yet another case where trans students have to fight for their right to fulfill basic human needs, a federal appeals court has ruled that a transgender 11-year-old girl can continue to use the girls’ bathroom at her school.

The move is the latest in a series of lawsuits and other actions over the question of whether existing civil rights laws — here, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 — protect against anti-transgender discrimination through their bans on sex discrimination. The Obama administration has backed the view that transgender people are protected by the current laws.

Highland’s request for a stay was considered by Judges Damon Keith, Jeff Sutton, and Bernice Donald.

“[T]he record establishes that Doe, a vulnerable eleven year old with special needs, will suffer irreparable harm if prohibited from using the girls’ restroom,” according to the court unsigned order. “The district court issued the injunction to protect Doe’s constitutional and civil rights, a purpose that is always in the public interest. … Thus, a stay is improper in this case.”

Every decision matters. This is shaping up to be a long fight, and we need all the support we can get. 

I really hated that Lucius Malfoy did not get punished for everything did. Lucius literally gave a 11 year old girl a cursed diary so that the Chambers of Secrets would be opened and that muggleborns would be killed, solely because he wanted to discredit a rival because he was fighting for muggle rights and protection, not to mention anything he did in the two wars. Just because his wife helped Harry does not mean he gets away with only a damaged reputation.

An 11 year old girl: I don’t really know what sex is and I don’t have sexual attraction yet but I think girls are pretty and I want to be around them
The ace community: *rubs their hands together* ah yes time to stifle another young lesbian by telling her that her lack of sexual attraction is abnormal and she must be asexual rather than just being a fucking child that doesn’t have sexual attraction yet

01. i don’t wanna go- lana del rey 02. falling- julee cruise 03. and dream of sheep- kate bush 04. love in the morning- ennio morricone 05. it’s always you- chet baker 06. dearest- buddy holly 07. dream- fleetwood mac 08. i’m on fire (cover)- chromatics 09. under your spell- desire  10. music to watch boys to- lana del rey 11. anthems for a seventeen year old girl (cover)- nicole dollanger 12. bang bang- nancy sinatra 13. down by the water- the drums 14. are you lonesome tonight?- elvis presley//LISTEN//


Gai n Kakashi got married like on the playground when they were 9 and that was it. that’s their wedding day forever that’s the day they both point to whenever anyone asks when they became husbands and they don’t even have a certificate or anything but they will force the other jounin to tell you yeah it happened yeah it’s official can i leave now
‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Review (Spoiler-Free): This Netflix Revival is Worth the Wait
Amy Sherman-Palladino doesn’t miss a beat in bringing Lorelai and Rory back to Stars Hollow, and Netflix makes a compelling case for the value in revivals.
By Ben Travers

Another rave review!

My personal FMA post universe timeline and facts

• 1915-17: Few months after the Promised Day and Roy regaining his eyesight and Jean gaining back the use of his legs, Team Mustang head off to Ishval for the restoration act and stayed for 2 years before transferring back to Central(but still go to Ishval back and forth)

• 1917: Sig and Izumi adopts a 4 year old girl name Ella, the Elric brothers having their own “little sister”.

• 1917: Ed and Winry get married

• 1917: Madame Christmas adopts a 11 year old girl name Anna Grace from her deceased friend who was Anna’s old foster parent, making her the youngest of Madames foster children and Roy’s first “younger sibling”. 

• 1918: Ed and Winry have their first child, Matthew Elric.

• 1920: Selim’s “Pride’s” memories come back but not his ruthless nature. He states he wants to forget that past and live as a normal human child. The Elric brothers and a few grew to trust him but people still keep an eye on him, especially when Elicia Hughes takes an interest of him when they met as children.

• 1920: Ed’s and Winry’s second child and first daughter is born, Sara Elric.

• 1920: Emperor Ling and his loyal bodyguard, Lan Fan, get married.

• 1920: Roy and Riza get married.

• 1920: Alphonse and Mei get married

• 1920: General Roy Mustang runs for Furher while his wife, Captain Riza Hawkeye, is pregnant with their first child.

• 1921: Alphonse and Mei have their first child, Trisha Elric.

• 1921: Roy and Riza have their first child, Thomas Berthold Mustang.

• 1921: Jean and Rebecca get married

• 1921: Ling and Lanfan gains twin boys

• 1921: Roy becomes Furher

• 1922: Jean and Rebecca have their first child.

• 1923: Roy and Riza’s second child and first child is born, Christine Josephine Mustang.

• 1930: Elycia joins the military at age 18. 


 • Elycia’s group of friends included Ella Curtis, Selim Bradley, and an Ishvalan boy name Jordan whom they met when they were children

(Will be updated)


Look everyone, a lovely alt-right asshole decided to come into my messages to bitch at me instead of responding in public to the post in question.

Below is screen readable text for those who can’t read the images.


Liberals are literally beating up Trump supporters in the streets and in schools, but we are the aggressors. Your rioting, your flipping cars, your burning flags, assaulting officers. I mean children are getting hurt in schools. One girl got viciously beat, another 11 year old boy put in crutches. Your ideology of calling us racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, violent, nazi’s. You shut down our free speech, stuck your noses up on us, and then say we are the aggressors. Go fuck yourself and fuck your regressive movement. We want change for the better, and it’s not some scheme to make racism and bigotry okay. Get it through your skull that your group are the ones being violent, you are the bigots insult driven, you are the one’s that shut down any political discourse. Get it through your thick skull

I love how every time there’s a protest from a minority it’s a “riot” but middle class white dudes flipping cars and setting cities on fire after major sports wins are just “celebrations.” Fuck you.

I’d like sources that aren’t your alt-right trash that prove that kids are beating up kids for being Trump supporters. Because what I’m seeing is Trump supporters attacking people for their religions, spreading the same racist tripe we’ve had to listen to for over a year. A friend of a friend of mine had her car fucking graffitied and then set on fucking fire. Fuck you.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean we have to listen or even let you continue. Your freedom of speech means the government can’t stop you can speaking. We are free to ignore you or shut you down as we see fit.

We’re tired of your lies.

We’re tired of your hate.

Your “change” is only “positive” change for middle and upper class white people who aren’t trans or a religious minority.

On top of that: We’ve tried compromising for literally decades. It’s the Republicans who have made it impossible. And they’ve slowly burned the country in the process. Voting for trump gives them more power to do the same.

Don’t tell me you want change when you just voted for the literal status quo with a leader without morals. Good job, shit face.