the yarn box


I have just received my first little box of crochet and I couldn’t be happier!
First the box it comes in is adorable! And it’s perfect to keep for storage after.
The pattern book is easy to read with helpful pictures.
The crochet hook and stitch marker are so cute and will get a lot of use!
The yarn is good quality Petra dmc, there’s a cute little badge and all the little bits needed to make this are in a little spotty bag.
The whole box is well packed and I can’t wait to make my own woodland wreath and broach!

If you want to check the little box of crochet out or see past boxes, go to there website or find them on Instagram 😀


Just wanted to share the start of my recent project!

I was finally able to arm knit this beautiful merino blanket and I love how it turned out! For my first time arm knitting I think it’s great, It’s incredibly soft and thick. I’m wanting to make more of these to go into a project I’ve been thinking of starting. I’ll keep updating on it so stick around because I really think people will love it. ❤


so here’s something cool - turns out my mom’s mom, who is an 85-year-old former vietnamese revolutionary, found an entire box of yarn that her husband gave her forty years ago in a closet. my mom went to visit her in hanoi recently and brought me back a skein from the box, a fingering weight yarn called marion made by a company called vlnena. from what i understand via my google translated reading of czech wikipedia, it seems like vlnena operated essentially an entire square block’s worth of textile factories in brno for over two centuries. as for the the yarn itself, it was in remarkably good shape for having been in a cardboard box in a very humid climate for decades, so i made my mom a shawl out of it


When ur hair matches the Matisse 

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Holidays for Littles: Valentine’s Day

Valentines day can be a really fun day for Littles, both with and with out caregivers. Here are some ideas of activites, foods, and crafts you can explore for valentines day!

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Two Poets Just Called Out The Black Men Who Hate Black Women
"These black girls need to watch out, 'cause white girls is winning." Thus begins the viscerally honest poem, 'To Be Black and Woman and Alive," performed at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational

The accuracy of this poem is scary alarming. Please do stop and take a look at this video. Add more tags. Send it to people. It’s an issue that has been brought to the table many times and is well known but this, this gave me chills.