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Pentagon as Dogs


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Yeo One:

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Yan An:

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@justlanguagethings Can we make Prof. Yan-isms a thing because I have a few from when I did 206 written down

From the first lesson on reference in pragmatics

  • “Look you can’t know for certain dogs exist”
  • Yan: “Let me phrase it differently” (points at student) “Are dogs real?” Student: (laughs and nods awkwardly)  Yan (excitedly hitting table): “How do you know? How do you do know? 
  • “Has anyone here never seen a dog in their life…who has never touched a dog in this class?”

  • “Well imagine a man who has never seen a dog. He’s been chained up in a dungeon to stop him ever knowing dogs exist…don’t do this in real life it’s illegal.”
Some Others:

  • “I meant to make that sentence ambiguous but I think I just made it gay twice”
  • Look why don’t you like the unicorns? They are good they are pure!
  • “We never had unicorns in China…”
  • “Is my cold the same as your cold, do you think? Is my pretty the same as your pretty? (Yelling) Am I pretty?”
  • “I wrote this book I can sign it for you after class, form a line please”
  • “Brains are smart. Better than Apple, cheaper.”
  • “Don’t use that in a court of law, please.”
  • “I just…I love words that mean things”
  • “Please don’t replace unicorns with Jesus I am a small man I will lose in a fight.”

Yan (to an American girl in my tutorial): “Where in America are you from?”
Girl: “I’m from Arizona originally but my family lives in California.”
Yan (dramatically gasping): “Were you too afraid to go to Berkeley? It’s ok we understand. ( stage whispering to the rest of the class) Be Brave. Do Post-Grad. Go to Berkeley.