the yam episode was A

  • Kuroo: If we're gonna teach you, we're gonna do it my way, okay? First I'm gonna need to break you down to nothing, and then build you back up, piece by piece.
  • Tsukishima: The training camp ends tomorrow.
  • Bokuto: Then we'll just break you down to nothing and see what time it is.

okay so this screenshot right here from ep 425′s preview i’m assuming is part of yamato’s infinite tsukiyomi dream because there was no canonical period before the war where SASUKE was chilling with these guys (and not stabbing anyone)

so does this mean that yamato is dreaming of a full team 7?? like big happy family team 7 which excludes no one ???????? ?

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I'm not sure if this was done before I'm on mobile ;o; but if not can i please ask for yandere karasuno headcanons with their very popular and beautiful s/o??

Sure thing! I’m pretty bad at writing yandere but I wrote about what the boys would do if they were feeling jealous or protective over their popular & beautiful s/o!

Daichi: constantly having internal dilemmas because on one hand he knows he’s being unreasonably edgy, but on the other he can’t stand anyone who takes advantage of his partner’s beauty and popularity. He tries (and fails) to be subtle about his infamous Dad-chi glare if anyone gets too close.

Sugawara: no one knows why, but everyone who’s been graced with Sugawara’s seemingly amiable smile agrees that it’s unnerving. Just don’t get too chummy with his partner, and you’re good to go. He also gets very touchy feely with his partner if he’s feeling particularly jealous.

Asahi: he knows that his partner is popular and attracts a lot of attention, even from strangers, and is more worried than he’d like to be because of it. Asahi can’t find it in himself to antagonize anyone who gets uncomfortably close to his partner, so he just mopes until he picks himself up or his partner takes notice. 

Nishinoya: he’s either viciously snappy towards any threats, or he becomes incredibly sulky. He’ll never admit that he’s jealous. But the way he clings to his partner and gives them small but numerous kisses is a dead giveaway that he’s feeling jealous and, dare he admit, needy.

Tanaka: a strong proponent of ‘look but don’t touch’. He knows his partner is gorgeous and is proud of it, but the moment someone gets too close, he’ll be all up in arms. Admiring and befriending his partner? Perfectly fine. But if he smells something fishy, he’ll do something about it behind the scenes.

Kageyama: gets rather sullen when it feels like his partner has forgotten all about him. “Don’t you think you’ve left me alone for too long already?” he would grumble, grabbing his partner’s arm and stubbornly refusing to let go. Channeling murderous gazes from afar is something he has mastered.

Hinata: spending some time with his partner just isn’t enough—the truth is that he’d like to have them all to himself, all day—and he tries not to let his disappointment show whenever they’re about to leave. He’ll stall a lot, distract them with lots of cuddling, to keep them from leaving. 

Tsukishima: smiles condescendingly at anyone who tries to get too close to his partner; he’s also well-equipped with sharp comments. His tall and looming presence is almost always enough to chase away anyone who rubs him the wrong way, and the arm he keeps around his partner clearly says ‘Don’t even try.’

Yamaguchi: sometimes he feels a bit insecure because his partner is so beautiful and popular compared to little old him, but like Asahi, he doesn’t have it in him to scare anyone off. Instead he’ll wrap his arms around his partner and not let go for a Long Time, making weak excuses like, “I’m just not feeling well.”