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I Know What You Did Last Summer-Shawn Mendes

Requested: No, but my requests are open if you would like an imagine/smut for any of the fine lads that are listed in my masterlist which is right here: MASTERLIST

Summery: So honestly I got this idea from reading an imagine very similar to the one you’re about to read. I think it was called Air and it has the same kinda storyline as this. So the storyline is that the reader is a song writer that Shawn hires to help him with some songs and she helps him write I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Note: So fun fact this is actually my first non-smut post on this account as well as my first Shawn Mendes post. I’ve written plenty fluff and stuff before but I have that on another account. If you dm me I can tell you my user name and you can check some of my imagines out.

Warnings: none

Word count: 2,365

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You were a mess. It had been only two weeks since you found your asshole of a boyfriend in bed with one of his coworkers. Since then, you had been immersed in your work, spending countless hours on songs for musicians.

It was your escape, and honestly, Jason cheating on you was one hell of a prompt. Words had been flowing onto paper faster than usual which had been great for business.

Although you were just a teenager, your parents had finally agreed to letting you move across the country to LA while taking online classes. You missed both of your parents immensely, but you loved the freedom that came with living alone.

Just as you had finished your most recent song, a knock came from the door. “Who is it?” you asked, setting your laptop down to go towards the door.

“Um, Shawn Mendes. I think we have an appointment.”

Your eyes widened in realization. “Shit,” you muttered to yourself. He was your first client since your breakup so you apartment wasn’t as clean as it usually is.

As fast as you could, you picked up the clothes that were scattered around the living room and threw them into your bedroom. Just before you reached the front door, you tossed the used tissues away that had been piling on your coffee table.

When you opened your door you were astounded with how young he was. Unlike most of the artists you helped write songs for, he appeared to be your age. “Hi, I’m (Y/n),” you stuck your hand out to shake his which he gladly took.

“Shawn,” he smiled back, releasing your hand a moment later. “I can’t tell you how much I love your work. I’ve heard some of the songs you’ve written for One Direction and you’re just unbelievable.

Slight blush crept its way onto your cheeks. “Thank you, I really appreciate that. I love your work too,” you ushered him into your small apartment. “I’ve seen some of your YouTube videos and you have a great voice.”

He smiled widely at you once again. “Take a seat,” you motioned over to your couch. “So from what I remember from your text was that you wanted a duet? Do you have anyone in mind for the other part?” you asked, sitting in a chair adjacent to the couch.

“Yeah, I was thinking Camila Cabello. We’ve become pretty good friends recently and we talked about it not too long ago.”

You nodded and pulled your laptop onto your lap again. “I was actually almost finished writing up something. It’s about a guy and a girl and one of them cheated on the other briefly during the summer. I didn’t finish it up completely yet because I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be the good guy in the song or not.”

His eyebrow quirked up, “The good guy?”

“The person who was faithful.”

“Oh,” he nodded in understanding, “sure.”

Pulling up the tab of the song, you quickly changed pronouns before setting the computer in front of him to see.

After scanning the screen he looked up at you and smiled. “I really like it. How long did it take for you to write this?”

You scratched the back of your neck before glancing to see his facial reaction of the song. “Um, about an hour. Songs have been really coming easily to me lately,” you shrugged, standing up to get one of your guitars that lie in your living room.

“Any particular reason?”

“Let’s just say this song is very close to home,” you sighed, sitting back down with your guitar perched on your lap.

He set the laptop on the coffee table and faced you, “I’m really sorry. I probably shouldn’t have brought it up.”

You shook your head, “No, it’s fine. You wouldn’t have known. Anyways, so this is what I was thinking the song would sound like.”

Ever since Shawn walked through your door asking for help with his song, you two were practically inseparable. Not only was he your age which was a rarity in your business, he was also the most down to earth artist you had met. 

After the two of you had finished the song, he pestered you about having an amazing voice claiming that you’d be a great singer but you told him of your stage fright. After that, the two of you spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other.

You would be lying if you said he wasn’t even the slightest bit attractive, but whenever you were around him you felt as if you had to push the feelings you had for him away. Not only did he have a massive group of fans that would harass you on any social media account you owned, you just couldn’t handle having a relationship that was forever in the public eye.

It was the day that he and Camila were to sing I Know What You Did Last Summer for the first time live after releasing it as a single. It had done significantly better than you had expected which made Shawn declare he was going to take you out to breakfast sometime throughout the following week.

Today was that day and you could practically feel buzzing throughout your entire body. You had chosen an outfit that made you look like you cared, but didn’t try as hard as you actually did. Just as you had finished tying your shoelace, a knock came from the door before it opened abruptly.

Shawn came waltzing in with a smile on his face making you think back to when you first met him. “You didn’t even wait for me to say come in,” you gasped dramatically. “I could have been completely naked.”

A slight blush graced his cheeks, “Then it would’ve been one hell of a morning for me.”

You rolled you eyes and slapped his arm. “Shut up. Let me just grab my wallet and we can leave.”

He let out a laugh, “Okay.”

The walk to the diner was pleasant. It was only a fifteen minute walk from your apartment so you and Shawn held a conversation the whole way there. It mostly consisted of him talking about about how anxious he was for his first performance tonight of his new single. 

You reassured him multiple times but you knew your words just went in one ear and out the other. Instead of constantly assuring him that everything was going to be fine, you decided to just link your arm with his and rest your head on his shoulder while you walked. That always seemed to lessen his anxiety for reasons unknown to you.

“What are you thinking of eating?” he asked after his small rant.

You pondered his question for longer than necessary before lifting you head off of his shoulder. “Pancakes, of course.”

He laughed. “I’m not even surprised. You know, life is a little more fun when you switch things up a little. Maybe try crepes or, may I even suggest, waffles?” he gasped.

A loud laugh escaped your lips before you shook your head. “That’s what I thought,” he rolled his eyes.

It wasn’t long until you ended up at the familiar diner. Your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head at the smell of the sugary breakfasts.

The two of you ordered as soon as you sat down, not even having to glance at the menus. While you waited for your food, the two of you both pulled out your phones and scanned through your separate social media accounts.

Your eyebrows quirked up when you spotted a picture of the two of you together that was taken only a few moments ago from outside. “How do they do that?” you voiced your thoughts.

“How does who do what?” Shawn asked, setting his phone off to the side.

“The paparazzi. They took pictures of us outside and of course the captions all mention us dating,” you laughed, rubbing the back of your neck. 

You wished the two of you were dating. Everything just seemed to click between the two of you and after the couple of months you’ve spent together, you still enjoy learning new things about him.

He inspected the photo before his cheeks turned red almost immediately, as if he had just thought of something ridiculous. “Speaking of that, I was wondering,” he began. 

Your heart hammered in your chest as you anticipated his next words. Although, before he could finish, the waiter arrived with your food. With widened eyes, you stared down at your stack of pancakes, deciding how you would try and eat all of it. Shawn laughed at your over-excitement.

As quickly as you could, you scarfed down your meal, only being able to finish half of it due to its immense size. 

A sigh left your lips as you sat back in your chair. “I’m happy now.”

Shawn’s lips stretched into a large smile. Over the past couple of months, he had admittedly fallen hard for you. Everything that you seemed to do made his heart swell with happiness. Whether it was yelling at horrible drivers who cut you off to the look of accomplishment on your face when you make a recipe correctly while making dinner he couldn’t help but fall for the girl he yearned to see everyday.

“What were you saying?” you asked, leaning back in your chair, waiting for him to finish his meal.

He placed down his fork and straightened himself in his chair briefly. “I’ve been thinking lately.”

Your eyebrows raised in anticipation. “Yeah?”

But alas, before another word could leave his lips, a multitude of voices arose from behind him. “Can we get a picture with you?”

Shawn’s smile faltered ever so slightly at being interrupted again but he complied and held a conversation with the girls nonetheless. That was another thing you admired about him. No matter what situation he found himself in, he always made time for his fans.

As the two of you walked out you tilted your head up towards him. “Care to finish your thought?”

He shrugged before scratching the back of his neck, “No, I forgot what I was going to say anyways.”

Your eyebrow raised in suspicion but you let it be. He was nervous enough for the concert tonight and talking about something he didn’t want to be talked about was not something he needed.

He was shaking with nerves. “Where is she?” he almost shouted.

You shrugged and glanced down at your phone for what felt like the thousandth time. “I don’t know. I’ve called her like, fifteen times. She’s not responding to any of my texts either.”

Shawn threw his head back and fumbled with the microphone in his hand. It was minutes before he was supposed to go on stage with Camila but she was no where to be found

Suddenly the three dots appeared under your’s and Camila’s texting conversation. “Shawn!” you shouted and waved him over. “She’s texting me.”

His eyes widened as he moved next to you, breath heavy against the skin on your shoulder. You held your breath until the dots were replaced with a message.

So sorry! I guess my manager didn’t pass on the message. When I was visiting my cousin he gave me a really bad virus. I’ve been throwing up all day. Give my luck to Shawn! <3

You lanced over to see Shawn squeezing his eyes shut. You couldn’t read the emotion that was present on his face which scared you. Gently placing your hands on his shoulders, you squeezed his shoulders. “Hey, Shawn. It’s okay. You’re going to be fine.”

“You have to go on with me.”

A laugh burst from your lips as you smiled up at him. “Now’s not the time for jokes, Shawn.”

He opened his eyes and quickly grabbed your hands that were on his shoulders. “I’m not kidding.” You opened your mouth to respond but he interrupted you. “Please. This is so important to me. I know you have horrible stage fright, but I’ll do anything. Your voice is amazing and you know the song by heart.”

You sighed heavily and swallowed the lump in your throat. “Shawn…” 

“Please,” he whispered.

Squeezing your eyes shut, you nodded slowly, nerves now setting in. “Oh my god thank you so much!” he yelled, wrapping his arms around you.

Your chest constricted as Shawn’s manager called the two of you to go on stage. To ebb away your nerves, Shawn gripped your hand tightly and lead you onto the stage. “Just look at me,” he whispered before squeezing your hand.

You did as he said and focused your attention on him as the beginning chords of the song were played. Shawn had to release your hand to plat guitar but you stayed close to him throughout the song.

Cheering could be heard throughout the entire stadium which gave you a bit more confidence. Just as you were going into the first chorus, Shawn finally glanced up at you from his guitar and gave you a large smile.

To your surprise, the song was over seemingly within seconds. You broke eye contact with Shawn to glance around at the crowd after your performance and your jaw dropped. From just where you were standing, you could see at least a couple thousand people.

“Oh my god that was exhilarating!” you yelled at Shawn who had just gotten off stage. He was drenched in sweat and his eyes were filled with excitement. He didn’t say anything, to your confusion as he strode over to you, taking larger steps than usual.

“Shawn?” you asked as he was only a couple feet from you.

He didn’t hesitate once as he placed his hands on your cheeks and brought your lips to his in a matter of seconds. You were startled for a moment, not quite sure what to do before you fully relaxed under his touch and moved your lips against his. 

The kiss was brief, but when he pulled away you both panted for air. “I’ve been meaning to do that for a while.”

this got sorta long and its ramble-y and i’m sorry there’s probably some unpopular opinion-y stuff but that’s fine. if you read all of this and still love me <33333 also tldr: still ride or die, babes. just frustrated with the writers and i may have also gone on a mini bandaid rampage??? somehow??? i’m so sorry i’m like this..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but nothing will ever be as bad as the Lodge stuff for me. That was the bottom of my robron barrel, the was a big low for me, that was my ‘can i still do this’ moment. I stuck through it because I couldn’t give them up then and I won’t let shoddy storylining do it to me now. I knew the baby reveal would be huge and dramatic, it had to be after last night’s episode and their conversation about it. But this episode felt so similar to those Lodge scenes for me in some ways, where my heart broke and my chest ached and I wondered briefly how the hell can they do this to them? how can they come back from this? again.

But the thing is, I do think they can come back from it, baby or no baby (as much as I’d like there to be no baby). They’ve come back from worse. And Aaron was right; he is different. He even said it yesterday, that Robert didn’t have to tell him, he didn’t wait until he was caught out like he had the last time. Love is messy and hard, and yeah there are bumps, some larger than others, but when you really, truly love someone you take the mistakes you’ve made and you work through it. You fight for it (not physically, I think Aaron’s already learned that lesson enough times now thanks ED can we try WORDS NOW?). No matter my views on the lack of consent or how I could do without them bringing an innocent child into the mix or how frustrated I am that Marlon seemed more concerned about the situation than Paddy or this whole ridiculous Victoria and Rebecca thing, i was still struck by how well Aaron and Robert communicated yesterday in comparison to how poorly they seemed to communicate tonight. They’re doing the same “well let’s not properly talk about it, side step it, and let it fester until one of us explodes” stuff they’ve always done in the past. They argue, they don’t listen to each other properly, they run away from each other in the heat of the moment, and nothing gets solved. Robert wants to put a non-waterproof bandaid on it, one of those shitty ones that comes off the second you move wrong, and that does feel like a kind of step backwards yeah. But I’ve never ever looked at character development as just an upwards slope where the character grows and gets better and doesn’t stumble a bit, cos holy shit I know these are fictional characters, but no one is like that. That’s just so fucking unrealistic. If there’s no realism at all to fictional characters we’re gonna be fucking bored in a second. Sure we all grow and change for the better over time, but we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all said shit we shouldn’t have, we’ve all done things we shouldn’t have, but we’ve apologized and learned and done better the next time. And maybe we stumble again and again with the same things, but you keep trying. That’s true character development imho, there’s no ‘going backwards’ in that for me. 

But I also have hope in Aaron to maybe be the one to lead this towards something good, to maybe use what he learns in counseling for positive steps forward? My lil bub who went to an emergency counseling session, realizing that he needed to do so without being shoved into it by anyone else. He made that decision. But you don’t change overnight. Anger issues, self harm, depression, self loathing, whatever issues Robert’s dealing with etc. isn’t going to just disappear after a few therapy sessions. Nothing’s going to change overnight with someone’s love and one ‘magical’ counseling session. Mental health doesn’t work like that. It takes time and open, honest communication. I’m hoping that’s what the writers are trying to show. It doesn’t seem like it’s coming across that way just yet, but I’m hoping beyond hope that the communication we got yesterday was supposed to be a sign of that ‘it’ll take time and we’ll stumble but eventually we’ll get there’ growth. This being Emmerdale though, I’m keeping my bar very low.

I do think this is Robert finally breaking down though, I think this is him losing his cool and his patience. I think it’s finally, and about damn time, for Robert to have that moment (without violence, Robert, for the love of god without violence *swats Robert’s head with a rolled up newspaper*). So in a sense I do get it. I get the putting the decisions about the baby on Aaron (as much as I hate it, that’s just.. fucking writers…), I get his anger and frustration to a point. He’s more terrified of losing Aaron than anything else because Aaron is his world. He’s said it time and time again that the thought of losing Aaron is so unbearable to him. So I have to believe they’re gonna be okay, eventually. It might take some time and we might have to watch some pretty rough moments, but I have to believe that they’re going to fight tooth and nail for each other, for this rollercoaster of a relationship. Because they promised each other messed up forever. 

Musings on Madam Secretary 2.18

Before we dive into the episode, I have to mention the best part of this week: Season 3 renewal! Yes, we all knew it was coming. Yes, I’m still relieved to have the announcement behind us. Yes, I resisted the urge to hire a skywriting plane to shout my excitement. If you follow me on twitter, your feed should be thankful I was away for most of the day the renewal was announced.. because otherwise I probably would’ve retweeted every damn thing.

“On the Clock” started my favorite way: in the McCord bedroom. OK, maybe it wasn’t my FAVORITE choice of McCord bedroom scenes *cough, wink*. I loved the normality of it all; the ordinary before the chaos that only revolves in the McCord world. Alison absentmindedly played on her phone while Elizabeth, the woman who can sustain world peace with a single idea, struggled to decide what shirt to wear. (Nice to see I’m not the only one who stands in front of my closet every morning, taking out 8 different things before finally settling on something.) Enter a barefoot, tooth-brushing, shirt unbuttoned (Hellllooooo, Dr. McCord) Henry and this scene could basically be in any American house. Even more real: broken appliances. Henry was the stereotypical husband/father. “What’s a bath sheet? Why do we have them?” (I once had a guy friend who didn’t know couch cushions unzipped to go in the washing machine and debated how to put the entire thing in there. These things really do happen.)

The washing machine and Henry’s ability, or Elizabeth’s lack of confidence in Henry’s ability, would be the thread woven throughout the episode. Elizabeth was trying to prevent a large portion of the world from turning into smoldering ruins and Henry was trying to track down the most wanted terrorist in the world, but in the midst of these crises, there was this personal drama playing out. They may have been in the White House surrounded by some of the world’s most powerful people, but during those brief hallway discussions, they were just Dr. and Mrs. McCord. Personally, I love that Elizabeth was just as concerned about the washing machine as she was about India and Pakistan. Her professional scope may include the entire world, but her personal life revolves around what happens inside that Georgetown townhouse. Like any working mom, she started spiraling. Work was stressful and she couldn’t control that, but she needed to feel like she was on top of life at home. Her quip of feeling like she couldn’t take care of her family zinged me a little in the heart. She’s like any working mom, trying to balance life and make it all come together with the least amount of distress. The same could also be said for Henry, who was trying to prove his capability, albeit with a home appliance.

Speaking of being like any other person, Elizabeth McCord has backup “sad underwear.” Elizabeth McCord is one of us. Admittedly, the pathetic, fangirl, swoon-y part of me was hoping Henry would jump on that comment, figuratively and literally, but I’ll just assume he did that later, thankyouverymuch. If Henry’s new position means more of these fun little scenes in the middle of a work day, I’m all for it.

As for Henry’s job, he dug a little deeper on both sides of his conscious this week. When Jane threatened Laila about her citizenship, Henry was quick to reassure her that it wasn’t in jeopardy. He then smiled and wished her good luck for her ceremony. Fast forward about 15 minutes, however, and Henry walked the tight rope in similar threats. He mentioned denying her citizenship and sending her back to Libya, but said he wasn’t in favor of that. It’s like when attorneys throw out the most outlandish comment during a trial and then yell “withdrawn” or people say insulting things and include a smiling emoji at the end. It’s already out there. The damage is done. Eventually, Mr. Moral Compass found his center once again and reverted back to what he knows. Even though he shouldn’t, he explained the classified information to Laila, letting her understand the precarious and life-altering situation they’re facing, using her emotions and reasonability to help him. I have to admit, when Jose and squad tried to bust into Laila’s home and Henry opened the door with the picture, I fist-pumped and mumbled “sucka.” The only thing that would’ve made that scene better is if Henry had a micrphone that he could’ve just dropped on the porch before walking away. Clearly he’s a bigger person that I am.

Another episode, another world crisis averted by Elizabeth McCord. The woman’s job is basically the longest, strangest, most intense shell game. No wonder she wants order at home. “You wanna take a chance that I’m bluffing? That’s your call.” Elizabeth tosses out these little semi-threats and lays the potential consequences on the table, letting the diplomat make the decision. She’s used the same technique as a mother. It’s why she excels at both.

Daisy and I have had a rough time thus far, but we found common ground this episode. It’s finally happened. Her storyline touched a nerve. Or my soul. Or felt like a toddler scalding its hand on a hot stove. She’s behind on her life plan and is starting to panic about it. “That used to be my mind at 3am. Now it’s all the time.” Are there hidden cameras in my house because I’m pretty sure the writers tapped into my brain for this plot. Life doesn’t turn out the way we plan. Quite frankly, nothing does. My mind knows this, but it doesn’t stop me from spiraling on certain days. Career? Check. Health? Check. Family and friends? Check. Able to travel, put a roof over my head and feed myself? Check. Check. Check. Married with kids? Crickets. Why is it that that one thing haunts so many women? If I had the answer, I wouldn’t be relating to a fake character who I usually roll my eyes at. Welcome to the inner workings of my mind. Hope you brought a flashlight.

Back to Daisy, Oliver is fine, but I couldn’t have been the only person hoping she longed for the days of Win Barrington, laying the groundwork for him making another appearance. Because Sam Daly.

I like that we’re getting to know a little bit more about each staffer. These side storylines don’t overwhelm the episode and generally run parallel to the bigger plot. Daisy was this week. Matt was a few weeks ago. It allows us to learn more about them as people instead of them as their job title. What’s better? They all turn to Nadine. She’s almost become the State Department aunt. She knows where they’re coming from and can relate, offering advice from personal experience.

As for the country’s real leaders, Elizabeth, Conrad and Russell actually worked as a real team this episode. I know. I had to check to see if pigs were flying outside my window. The three may have disagreed slightly along the way, but outwardly, they provided a united front. What a concept. Sure, Russell was his usual snarky self, panicking about the smallest of details (in this episode, 79% of .86% of voters), but that’s to be as expected as the sun rising every day. The trio even shared a celebratory drink at the end. Despite my sometimes (most times) lack of respect for Conrad, I really love when those three work well together. It takes me back to the pilot when Conrad handpicked Elizabeth and her braids for Secretary of State.

The Doomsday Clock was a fun little real-life lesson playing out on TV. I read an article that said the people who decide whether to change the clock don’t throw a party before they make their announcement… but after Sunday’s episode, they’re now thinking about it. Madam Secretary, bringing fun to everyone.

“I’m going back to bed.” –Henry
“I can be a few minutes late today.” –Elizabeth

Heart eyes, sighs and awwwwws. That sound you heard was the world collectively swooning over that little scene. My only complaint is that it ended with them on the stairs and didn’t follow them into the bedroom. We’re so deprived this season.

Other things:

–Admiral Hill couldn’t stay away for long, and I’m forever grateful for it. Welcome back and welcome on board, lady.

–“I’ll take care of it.” “Sexiest words in the English language.”

–Jane Pauley! I love her so damn much. Between Jane and Bob Schieffer, my news loving heart is happy.

–OK. I’m saying it. Enough with the tie blouses. A few are fine. A closet full of them? No. I’m also basically the only person who loves her ¾-length blazers over sleeved shirts, so keep that in mind. The cheese stands alone.

–Another election reference. I’m assuming this will take up some serious story time next season.

–Why do I love that Elizabeth gave Russell her dirty paper towels to throw away after she cleaned up the spilled coffee?

hilary’s smartass guide to the episode: 5x12


This wasn’t one of my all-time favorite episodes, mainly because of the formulaic flashbacks (but as I’ve said, I understand why they were there – Snowing vs. Regina was the base the show was originally built on, and Regina’s Evil Queen outfits were, as usual, ON POINT) but I still liked plenty of things about it, and for me, it pretty much hit the emotional notes it needed to, while setting up the promise of a really interesting storyline to come. What I liked most about it was how deeply it felt like an OUAT episode, and in the best way: fairytale land flashbacks, a lot of emphasis on hope, heroism, family, and love, and a sense that despite the dark and dangerous world they have arrived in (ruled over by its fabulously give-no-fucks evil overlord, aka Mr. QQueenofHades) you can still tell it’s going to be all right in the end. It was much slower and lower-key than the frenetic action of 5x11, and felt at times a bit TOO sleepy for a midseason premiere and landmark episode, but I don’t think a big celebration or light-hearted slapstick or anything of the sort would have properly addressed the gravity of the situation and the depths of the emotion that our heroes are confronting in the UW, from threats both external and internal.

Because I have a lot to say, I’ve put it behind a cut so it doesn’t massively clog your dash. Let us hail the return of the show and the Smartass Guides by taking the ferry to said underworld.

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