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IF (and that’s a big IF!) the TWD writers decide to introduce some kind of an insulting and demeaning “LOVE” triangle in Season 5 involving Daryl, Carol and Beth - where these two women would have to “compete” or “vie” for the affections of this one guy then TPTB better be ready for the mother of all backlashes.

Not only would they be pitting two women (one of them at least) who consider each other family BUT even suggesting a scenario that would be forced to compare a middle-aged woman to a teenager AND essentially rank their “physical” and “emotional” assets so Daryl, the man, can “choose” would most certainly result in a disaster!

That kind situation would leave a bad taste in the mouth of almost all TWD fans and definitively not just Carylers and Carol fans!

The age arguments are nothing compared to the mayhem that would ensue if that’s the plot twist they choose!
It would destroy character development in every party and if there were OOC behaviour complaints this season then the “love triangle” idea would be ridiculous to say the least!

Carol has been transformed from a broken woman into a strong, independent badass warrior SO transitioning her from that to someone whose happiness depends once again on a man’s decision…
Urgh NOPE!! Carol now knows she deserves better!

Daryl in that kind of position ends up looking bad regardless of the “chosen” result.
Choosing Beth would demean everything he’s said on and off screen and the outrage over Carol, who’s “loved him first’

Beth would almost certainly end up making him look superficial, shallow and a “dirty old man”

Beth stays Beth!

They wouldn’t risk this because it can bite them in the ass more than once and from multiple sides at that!

Personally I believe in CARYL completely and to me their bond has been the defining factor for both Carol and Daryl’s journey from the beginning.
The love, understanding, acceptance Daryl has found within Carol can’t be overshadowed so easily AND in my heart I know he would go to her!
No amount of youth and fresh faced beauty could mean more to Daryl than Carol and her love for him!


The only thing I am ultimately sure of is that I can’t see Carol engaging herself in that dynamic and if Daryl plays along she’d be broken hearted but she said it herself “I”ve lost Worse”!

If he’s happy she’ll let to be!

I certainly wouldn’t BUT I am nowhere near as perfect as Carol!


Love wins in the end and we already know they love each other!