the xerox book

Things I’ve Forgiven You For


The way you only ever preferred mugs.Sitting abandoned on the dining table with a cold half-sip left and your chair still pulled out as if it was still waiting for you to come back. Just like I am.


In the way that you had to have a name for everything. When you’d tell me about your day I’d have to ask who you were talking about, repeating the name because I hadn’t met them yet. But it was some dead animal you’d walked by earlier, who had no name but you chose to give it one. A name for everything, except us.


The way you always wore the same beat up old pair of chucks. You’d walk to my house in them. We’d walk side by side with you in them and me in mine. Every single one of my memories has you wearing them. You wore them when you walked away too.


The way you never smelled like smoke. It would have been easier if you did, I could cling to that disgust, wrinkle my nose and swat the air with my hand. Instead of smelling like smoke, you became it. An uncomfortable feeling in my lungs that has to be coughed out but the discomfort lingers.


If rainbows are promises, you never made me any. Vague suggestions are words strung together and they made sentences that felt like promises. If promises were meant to be broken then you should have made them because at least then, I wouldn’t have been surprised.


Xerox Book #1, Ian Burn (1968)

  1. A blank sheet of paper was copied on a Xerox machine.
  2. This copy was used to make a second copy.
  3. The second to make a third one, and so on…

Each copy as it came out of the machine was re-used to make the next.

This was continued for one hundred times, producing a book of one hundred pages.


Neomaterialism by Joshua Simon, designed by Avi Bohbot (2013)

Neomaterialism explores the meaning of the world of commodities and re-introduces various notions of dialectical materialism into the conversation on the subjectivity and vitality of things. Reflecting on general intellect as labor and on the subjugation of an overqualified generation to the neo-feudal order of debt finance, Neomaterialism merges traditions of epic communism with the communism that is already here.

The xeroxing distorts the book cover, echoing the duality between the palpable presence of the object and its mass produced clones.

See also: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin, designed by David Pearson.

The photocopy club x Michael Jang
LET’S GET XEROXING. Opens at book and job gallery, San Francisco on the 12th of feb.

Huge thank you to all the submissions so far. We will be working over the next few days to get all the work photographed and on the website.

The photo above shows the collection of Michaels work that will be on show along side all the other photographers who have submitted. Just like normal all the work is for sale for $5 and everything is signed and dated by the photographers and is one of one. The money made goes towards hire of the gallery, zine making and keeping the project going.

The exhibition opens at 6.30pm on Thursday and will also be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We hope to see you there!

Support the scene. DIY OR DIE.

The photocopy club x Michael Jang

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