What we saw this Saturday while Gillian was signing autographs

We were really close to Gillian during the autograph signing This Sat. Apart from getting her answer when we asked why she didn’t get up and find David we saw some interesting stuff

We saw there was something written on her t-shirt but we couldn’t read it because she had a jacket on. We asked her and she said “I’m with schmoopie”. (I think this was also caught on video, let me look for it)

She kept asking a guy that was beside her all the time (I think he was an assistant) where David was. A LOT.

We saw/heard some: “Where the fuck is David?” “Is he there yet? (Every time the crowd was heard screaming, I thought she supposed it was him coming out)” “let me text him” “he’s here?” Like A LOT

She had two cellphones an iPhone 6 and an older iPhone, she took photos of the autograph lines and the people around. The signal was poor so she also asked this assistant to go out to get the messages sent (she was supposedly texting David because it was after she said she was gonna text him and grabbed her phone) but he finally didn’t do it so I guess she could send the messages. She picked up her phone a couple of times between autographs 😍

When David arrived and she knew, she took off her jacket and we finally saw the “I’m with schmoopie” t-shirt. She kept moving and looking through the curtain for David and the rest is caught on video!!!

She was so happy and smiling and all since she began the signing but it just got bigger when David arrived… There’s definitely something there.

That’s our experience @kahlomivida & @aliciaelr @ Chicago comic con

Skinner: How long have you been sleeping with Agent Scully? 

Mulder: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Dana is my coworker, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you’re not sleeping with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm check and mate.

13 Shows Every "So Weird" Fan Needs To Watch
These shows are superb distractions from your So Weird-less angst.

We here at FYSW know that watching the same 65 episodes can get repetitive. Luckily So Weird isn’t the only paranormal show in existence, and Bustle put together a list of shows that are So Weird-esque along with details of how they’re similar to our favorite Zoog Disney paranormal show.

Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Supernatural

2. The X-Files

3. Gravity Falls

4. Teen Wolf

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

6. iZombie

7. Doctor Who

8. Steven Universe

9. Spooked

10. Eerie, Indiana

11. Warehouse 13

12. Dirk Gently

13. The Vampire Diaries

The article was written before Stranger Things was released on Netflix, but we’ll count that as a Bonus #14.