a sad anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since Chris Carter left us with the most savage X-Files cliffhanger of all time. You know, the one where everyone is dying except for the ones with alien dna (???) and Mulder and Scully are estranged (????) and stranded on a bridge and a UFO comes and they have a child together but they don’t know where it is and we never know if the show is coming back? 


                                                You’ve kept me honest

                                         You’ve made me a whole person

                                                I owe you everything


Some of my recent purchases! I started a washi tape collection and there’s still heaps on its way. My D.Va and Scully/Gibson/DeMaurier notebooks finally came and I absolutely love them. Also my new X Files themed phone case is my new favourite thing. I found those cute sticker packs while picking up my notebooks today. ^_^ lots of bullet journaling and writing to be done.

Also I ordered that Finnish phrase book like 6 months ago and it finally arrived so yay Finnish. I can learn things!