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Day 7 of Adrinette Month: Patrol

No, you didn’t miss Days 1-6. I just haven’t done them yet. Doesn’t matter how I do it, just so long as I get this month done :)

Bonus DJWifi as a nod to the awesome cosplayers I’ve met at Newcon and RCCC. Please drop your name in the comment so I know who you are, you lovely humans!


Comic colorist portfolio on the way!!!! 💃

Hi!! I’m doing some sample color comic pages to made me a portfolio for comic colorist and I’m super excited!! I hope could send the portfolio to comic publishers soon!! Work as colorist is one of my dreams! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Pencils by Terry Dodson
Inks by Rachael Dodson

Colors by me of course xD

I was working on this before Homestuck broke out into pandemonium on my dash board. But now it just feels a little more relevant again… So Have some Condy. I haven’t really drawn the ancestors much… I should all things considered be drawing like… cute Rosemary or some shit. But this will have to do.


Yuri Katsuki and the Goblet of Fire - Part 7 - The Third Task


Here we go:) I’m super ready to be finished with this comic so I can focus more on my portfolio x)

Also, I sketched these pages a long time after all the other ones, so they look kinda different perhaps… Some of the drawings look super good, while others… aren’t as good… But hey! It looks well enough collectively I guess :)

1. [The Champions]
2. [First Task]
3. [Yule Ball]
4. [The Golden Egg]
5. [The Second Task - Part 1]
6. [The Second Task - Part 2]
7. [The Third Task]
8. [Goodbyes]