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Day 7 of Adrinette Month: Patrol

No, you didn’t miss Days 1-6. I just haven’t done them yet. Doesn’t matter how I do it, just so long as I get this month done :)

Bonus DJWifi as a nod to the awesome cosplayers I’ve met at Newcon and RCCC. Please drop your name in the comment so I know who you are, you lovely humans!


The plan was to grow a single crystal from this compound for a single crystal X-ray crystallographic analysis to know the exact structure of the compound. But sadly it only gave these fluffy needle like crystals from every solvent what could be used for it’s crystallization. 

Good point: it looks great on a photograph(:

Now every photo what is tagged as my #portfolio, including these crystals, could be purchased as a high quality print at Society6, now with a FREE Worldwide Shipping and $5 discount. To get a on your wall, visit:

(( Happy one year anniversary! ))


A few days ago, I was informed of my acceptance to Sheridan Animation!

I know that portfolios can be a great resource when it comes to making your own (speaking from experience)! Here is the second half of my portfolio :)

(The other half of my portfolio will be in the following post or can be found at

Dimensions - 16″ x 20″ - Itoya Portfolio Case

Note - I have yet to receive my score sheet !