the x files season 9

LA/So. Cal area Philes!! (Or anyone who is willing to fly in)

Thanks to one of my friends (who used to be a producer on The X-Files) I have the complete set location list of seasons 6-9 and Fight the Future.  So, @campaignofmisinformation and I got to talking…if at some time, before the end of the year, we plan a weekend location visit, would anyone want to join us?

I did this years ago and had a ton of fun.  Of course, it took about two weeks to actually visit every location, so this time I would probably have to figure out which locations are still worth seeing or which are the major/important ones.  We could end the weekend at the infamous Casey’s (you know, the bar from FTF) with shots of scotch, or whiskey or Irish Car Bombs!!

Anyway, let me know if anyone would even be remotely interested so that we can start planning something!!

the signs as classic episodes of The X-Files

Aries - Memento Mori
Taurus - Detour
Gemini - Folie a Deux
Cancer - Drive
Leo - Beyond the Sea
Virgo - Milagro
Libra - Je Souhaite
Scorpio - Squeeze
Sagittarius - Never Again
Capricorn - Bad Blood
Aquarius - Amor Fati
Pisces - Clyde Bruckman’s Final Response