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Harry Styles’ Journey Through Breaking Gender Roles and It’s Importance at Home and in Hollywood

While watching coverage of the AMA’s, I got inspired to write this piece. 

Over the years we have literally watched Harry Styles, member of the most famous boyband in the world One Direction, go from a boy to a man. He first stepped into the spotlight at age 16 when he participated on the UK singing competition X Factor. Now 5 years later, and the 21 year old is one of the most publicized young celebrities. 

Usually when we witness someone grow up in the public eye, we see them struggle with who they were before they were famous and how to fit the stereotypical Hollywood image. Sometimes we see them turn into someone else entirely, just to be accepted in the industry. 

However, with Mr. Styles, I feel this is the complete opposite case. We are seeing a young man living by his own rules and discovering who he is on his own terms. This is such an important message for people of all ages. He went from a young boy who cried during an interview for fear of being judged, to quite literally twirling his long hair around on stage and kissing another man on television. He continues to push the envelope on a daily basis with his choices and it’s beautiful to witness.

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Jade’s Twitter Q&A (Feb. 3rd, 2016)

@softboyfriends what is your favorite tv show? 

J: ru Paul’s drag race

@jediperrie what’s your favourite song on ANTI? 

J: love on the brain

‏@zjmblurryface what’s your favorite lyric from secret love song? 

J: we got a love that is homeless

@jesyadidas where did xxjadexx go I miss it 

J: it was taking up too many characters lol 

@foolsjoe if you could perform one song for the rest of your life which song would it be 

J: little me

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chicadecloset  asked:

There is a rumor that Camila co-wrote "The Hills" by the weeknd, I don't know if this is true, I doubt it very much because Camila has a patron when writing songs and this seems to be very different, but if so, I'm Surprised ...Btw, supposedly he said that the person who wrote it didn't want people to know that it was her, but her name began with C and had participated in the x factor and had a sharp and angelic voice