Caroline Flack: ‘I Was Branded A Paedophile For Harry Styles ‘Relationship’’

Whether you believe it was a publicity stunt or the real deal, there is no denying that the age gap between Caroline Flack and Harry Styles when the two apparently ‘got together’ was a little bit alarming.

Born on February 1st 1994, Harry was just sixteen-years-old when he took part in the 2010 series of The X Factor and, according to reports, ‘got intimate’ with the host of The Xtra Factor, Caroline Flack.

Who was born on November 9th 1979, and was aged 31.

Now Caroline has admitted in her new autobiography ‘Storm In A C Cup’ that when the story first hit the headlines she was branded a “paedohile” and “pervert” in the street for their ‘relationship’, with many obviously pointing out that it would be seen as much more controversial if it had been a 31-year-old man with a 16-year-old girl.

Recounting her stint with Harry, Caroline writes in her book: “I already knew he had a crush on me, he’d made it pretty obvious. He’d said it in magazines and he’d said it to friends.

“It was flattering and I found it amusing. He was a kind of cheeky man/boy with a captivating smile who got what he wanted. I’ve never felt that I was much older than Harry anyway. 

“I still feel 18 and probably act that way half the time - all those years in kids’ telly probably didn’t help. Although it was just a bit of fun we decided it was best to keep it to ourselves, as we were both working for Simon Cowell.”

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But when it became public knowledge, things took a turn for the worse: “It began to go wrong when Harry was pictured coming out of my house one morning. And once that was out, it was open season.

“After that anyone could say anything. In the street people started shouting at me ‘paedophile’ and 'pervert’. A One Direction fanzine had me as a voodoo doll, with arrows (pins) pointing to bits of my anatomy.”

Ooft, no wonder they called it off…