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“there is no such thing as too many knives”, words to live by! Delilah Bard is from A Darker Shade of Magic by @veschwab :)

I’m halfway through the second book and I just received the third. They’re a great read! Also Lila is my soulmate. 

more on the books/where to buy them:

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Hey cherry, I've seen a couple lists around of famous serial killers and their sun signs...every one is a Virgo, sag, Pisces, or Gemini. What's up with that?

hey, ive seen that list and there seems like many signs are mentioned a few times, if you have a group of people and divide it by 12 im sure there will be multiple signs making an appearance, i think it means nothing more than a lottery draw. interesting they are mutables, but i’d really be looking for something more. if you are interested in this stuff liz greene has  brilliant book called The Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope



Happy Monday!

Starting off the week with some FAAAAAVES action courtesy of Robert Camacho on Instagram. Check out more photos from the Miami show:

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Do you know any good erotic M/M novels? Maybe with a bit of supernatural elements? Thank you

Ooh, Megan Erickson’s got a great werewolf book called Daring Fate that’s only 99 cents right now: (It’s the first in a series; second one comes out July 21.)  No supernatural elements, but For Real by Alexis Hall. Hot Head by Damon Suede, and the Five Boroughs series by Santino Hassell are all popular Romances on the more strongly erotic side. For more supernatural, though, this Goodreads list might help: