the wrong vegan

  • Someone riding a horse: Oh yes, we have a voluntary and cooperative bond. It shows how much we love each other. Plus riding is the epitome of freedom!
  • Horse covered in leather straps with a metal bar in their mouth and a 30 pound saddle with a 100+ pound human on their back: *stares into the camera like they're on the Office*
Dear vegans who are bullies to meat eaters;

i eat meat because it’s delicious.
i eat meat because it helps with my personal health.
i eat meat because it’s good for ME.
i eat meat because i fucking want to.
this doesn’t mean that i hate animals.
i love animals.
leave us all alone, thanks, and bye.

Dear Vegans,

If you’re having one of those days where you’re feeling like you’re not making a difference, here’s something to boost you up:


  • produce 50% less carbon emissions
  • use 1/11th the amount of oil as carnists
  • use 1/13th the amount of water as carnists
  • use 1/18th the amount of land (for agriculture) as carnists
  • save 1,100 gallons of water every day
  • save 45 pounds of grains every day
  • save 30 square feet of rainforest every day
  • save 20 pounds of carbon dioxide every day
  • save at least 1 life with every meal

Mint chocolate chip nicecream!!!!
blend up 3 frozen bananas with 1 cup of frozen spinach and add in some mint leaves and mint extract

blend till smooth
then sprinkle in some cacao nibs and whatever topping u like! can’t go wrong with dates :)

Vegan in a non vegan world

Sometimes being a vegan can make me feel depressed. Not because of my lifestyle, i love vegan food, i’m more than happy to buy vegan products and clothing, i adore my fellow vegans and i love animals and don’t want them to suffer because of my choices.

It’s being a vegan in a very non vegan world that gets to me. Never being able to escape the sight and smell of animal flesh, people around me, advertisements, meat markets on the streets. Being asked about why i’m vegan, explaining that i can’t stand the suffering or even that i’d rather they didn’t eat that double bacon cheeseburger in front of me and then being told that i’m the ignorant one, that i’m in the wrong. Bringing up veganism in any situation, even when necessary (restaurant, doctor, when asked) and being looked at like i’ve just insulted their entire family or being spoken down on and treated differently afterwards. When people act like vegans are trying to “oppress” meat eaters when we are the minority and it’s the animals that are the victims here. When i’m the brunt of every joke, when i’m picked on, when my values are poked fun of, when my feelings are completely disregarded, when i have to shut up and tolerate all this bullshit because if i even think of defending myself or veganism i’m just another angry/annoying/stupid vegan.

Sometimes i feel alone and like i can’t relate to the majority of society. It doesn’t matter if i’m a quiet vegan or an in your face vegan, my mere presence is enough to piss most people off.

I’ve had enough. You know why i’m vegan? Because i give a shit. I care about the animals, i care about the planet we live on and i just want to cause as little harm and suffering as i possibly can as long as i live.

I will no longer stay quiet so you can stay comfortable.

My babygirl and one of my best friends made me a Depression Fort, so I’m going to start #DanversSistersWeek topic voting (stay tuned for the post) and also probs write a bit

from in here, all sheltered in my fort.

Let me know what kind of fics your souls need on this completely expected but also completely horrific day.

Know that you are loved and you are valid and you are worthy.

You are not less than and you do not deserve any of this violence and hatred.

You only deserve the best, because you are the best.

Don’t let anyone make you doubt that.

“Vegans are what’s wrong with this world”

Says the person pulling in money from selling a bitch’s own young.

Says the person shooting day old calves in the head because they’re not useful enough to the business.

Says the person taking an insects sole winter storage food because it tastes nice in their tea.

Says the person cutting a pig’s tail off or trimming a chicken’s beak fully knowing it’s only necessary because they’ve restricted the animals to the point where they are so frustrated they resort to cannibalism and self-harm as a relief.

Say the people who benefit from reducing living beings to the value of the product they can reap from them.

But most ignorantly, says the person who knows exactly what abuse the animal agricultural industry is based on, yet continues to support it with their money and words.

People ask me why I’m vegan. I say “ethical and health reasons”… I lie… the real reason is that all vegans have one goal. We’re gonna eat the world clean of vegetables and anything plants. Slowly slowly, we join forces and try to destroy the earth. We eat crops, forests, fields and more. You think rabbits destroyed your garden? No, it is us. The vegans. We ate your plants. We’ll come back for the rest of the grass. There’s only one danger out there, it is us. We cannot be stopped. Due to active campaign and “awareness”, our army has grown. You had your chances long ago. Now it’s too late. Be prepared, because the earth will be ours.

I don’t know which bothers me more: when vegans say ableist shit, or when spoonies insist that veganism is in itself ableist.

Vegans: veganism is not an option for absolutely everyone. People for whom it is difficult or impossible to go vegan for medical reasons are not misguided or immoral. Compassion for animals is beautiful, but while you’re at it, show some compassion for people who are struggling just to survive. And meanwhile, vegans who are suffering from illnesses are not “doing veganism wrong.” They have a chronic illness and sadly, veganism is not a cure-all. No diet is a cure-all.

Spoonies: chronically ill vegans exist. Some of us have chosen a vegan diet to improve our health, and it became a springboard for learning about animal rights issues. Others find it challenging to juggle veganism with our medical needs, but press on anyway because it feels important. We are not “doing illness wrong.” By all means, critique the ableism in the vegan community, but please don’t erase those of us who inhabit both worlds.

Post-Rescue Game Night

They have to wait a couple of weeks.

Because it’s a week or so until Alex and Maggie can – emotionally and physically – start having sex again.

And after that, no one has any hope of seeing them at night.

So they have to wait a couple of weeks.

But when they have it again – game night, because that’s what families do, and god, are they a family – Kara invites Lena, and Alex puppy eyeses J’onn into coming, and Lucy’s in from out of town because “you think you can almost die on me and get away with it, Danvers?”

Winn is withdrawn, at first – he won’t stop staring at Alex like he’s seeing a ghost – until she taps James on the shoulder, replaces him on the couch next to Winn, and throws her arm around him.

“I’m not gonna disappear if you take your eyes off me, Schott,” she says, and her voice is softer than any of them have ever heard it when she talks to Winn, and he puts his head on her shoulder and she kisses his hair.

“Yeah yeah, don’t get used to this,” she murmurs when James, Lena, and Kara awww, and he smiles and pulls back.

“You’re my sister. You’re not allowed to disappear, okay?”

Alex’s eyes flood.

“Yeah,” she promises, gravel in her voice, and Kara hugs Maggie into her chest.

“Operation?” Winn suggests, and Kara shouts him down, arm still slung around Maggie’s body, because “precision isn’t exactly my thing,” and “yeah, we know Little Danvers, that’s why we wanna play,” and “well I think Kara should pick the first game, since she is gracious enough to be hosting us,” and “of course you’re on her side, Lena, she’s like your sworn protector and kombucha buddy,” and “but no kale!” and “oh, god forbid kale!” and “what’s wrong with kale?” and “same thing that’s wrong with vegan ice cream, Maggie,” and “maybe you two should just give up and let your girlfriends date each other, at least their weird healthy food choices would match up” and “good god, I don’t believe I agreed to participate in these shenanigans,” and “you ain’t seen nothing yet, Director Henshaw. Um. Sir.”

They settle on Mario Kart, because all of them have too much energy for quieter games – Alex is alive, and she’s safe, and she and Maggie love each other and will actually admit it now – and Lucy climbs over Kara’s back to see better and Kara starts hovering without thinking about it and Lucy shrieks and grabs on and Lena laughs a little too vindictively because isn’t Kara supposed to be hers and James snaps a photo because the image of Lucy shrieking and grabbing hold of Kara’s waist on finding herself suddenly airborne – all the while Kara refuses to take her eyes off the video game, controller steady in her hands – is too good an image to pass up.

None of them – except Kara. of course, except Kara – expect her to, but Lena leaves them all in the dust, never failing to toss a perfectly aimed turtle shell at the last moment to unseat the apparent victor and crown herself Mario Kart Queen.

Alex steps back from the couch when it gets too much – when it’s so much love in one room, when so recently the only room in her life was full of water – and J’onn joins her first.

“I’m so proud of you, Alex,” he reminds her, and she almost blushes.

“Just doing what you taught me,” she tells him again, and he shakes his head.

“You’ve far exceeded anything I’ve ever taught you, Alex. Your heart sees to that every time.”

She cradles her body into his chest, and she closes her eyes as he just holds her, holds her, holds her.

Neither of them notice James turning around and snapping a photo, but all of them notice the photo on Alex’s mantle and on J’onn’s desk at the DEO the very next morning.