the wrong vegan

Dear Vegans,

If you’re having one of those days where you’re feeling like you’re not making a difference, here’s something to boost you up:


  • produce 50% less carbon emissions
  • use 1/11th the amount of oil as carnists
  • use 1/13th the amount of water as carnists
  • use 1/18th the amount of land (for agriculture) as carnists
  • save 1,100 gallons of water every day
  • save 45 pounds of grains every day
  • save 30 square feet of rainforest every day
  • save 20 pounds of carbon dioxide every day
  • save at least 1 life with every meal
  • vegan: killing unnecessarily is wrong, please go vegan!
  • carnist: how... dare... you... did you even CONSIDER that i am actually living in a cave in the swiss alps and i had to kill a goat to make a wifi antenna out of their bones just to write this to you... i wish i didnt have to but not everyone is as privileged as you vegans smh

People ask me why I’m vegan. I say “ethical and health reasons”… I lie… the real reason is that all vegans have one goal. We’re gonna eat the world clean of vegetables and anything plants. Slowly slowly, we join forces and try to destroy the earth. We eat crops, forests, fields and more. You think rabbits destroyed your garden? No, it is us. The vegans. We ate your plants. We’ll come back for the rest of the grass. There’s only one danger out there, it is us. We cannot be stopped. Due to active campaign and “awareness”, our army has grown. You had your chances long ago. Now it’s too late. Be prepared, because the earth will be ours.

People’s negative responses to being proven wrong by vegans need to stop. It’s so immature. I tell you veganism offers a wide accessible variety of foods that can provide you the nutrients you need and put an end to the violent and unnecessary treatment and usage of animals but I’m self righteous, judgmental, and out of touch with le struggle? And even if you felt like you couldn’t go smooth into veganism on the spot you don’t even try to take this information and apply it even though, in case you needed it plain, animal torture is extremely fucked up and 100% disgusting?

Ok, but I’m the asshole I guess.

Also. It’s come to my attention that people are using that “carnivorous pets can’t be vegan” post to bully and bash on vegan people in general.

I don’t condone this sort of behavior. It’s childish to attack someone over a dietary lifestyle. There is nothing wrong being a vegan human.

The post was directed to morons who feed their carnivorous pets a vegan diet, not vegans in general, and even so not all vegans do this. It was made in frustration after a particularly annoying encounter with an asshole with this belief. I had no intention of becoming viral.

Stop using my post as a proxy to bully people

I am both ashamed and disappointed to see other vegans judge anyone who is not able to engage in a vegan lifestyle due to an eating disorder.  Literally shove a pineapple up your asshole and maybe have some fucking compassion for someone other than yourself, which is literally the entire point of veganism.  Just because someone is not able to make vegan food choices presently does not mean that the person cannot do so later in recovery.  You have to take care of yourself before you take care of someone else, including other creatures.

Instead of condescendingly asserting that anyone can become vegan at any time or absurdly claiming that veganism can cure an eating disorder, maybe direct that a recoering person toward making other ethical decisions in other regions of life, because veganism is not solely about food choices but about living as cruelty-free as is feasible and possible in all aspects of your lifestyle, although after looking through these vegan blogs and only seeing pictures of smoothie bowls and giant platters of fruit, I’m beginning to wonder if these bloggers are focusing on other aspects besides food.

Regardless, being a vegan means living a compassionate life, even toward other suffering humans, so stop being judgmental asshats and spewing misinformed opinions out of your nutrient dump.

Everyone: omg vegans mention being a vegan so much ugh its the worst
Vegan: *mentions veganism once*

I hope Vegans are wrong!

I hope we are not killing our planet.
I hope the rainforests have not been 80% destroyed.
I hope animals are not sentient.
I hope animals don’t suffer mentally and physically!
I hope we are not running out of fresh water.
I hope GMO’s are not destroying the future crops.
I hope meat does not cause cancer and heart disease.
I hope 80% of large fish have not gone extinct forever. .
I hope that the big pharma really cares about the welfare of people.
I hope that the media is not brainwashing our children.
I hope that McDonald’s cares about the happiness of our children.
I hope the children are not starving from feeding animals their grains.
I hope global warming is not related to animal agriculture.
I hope the drug-resistant bacteria is not being created because of antibiotic abuse to animals.
I hope that 150 species do not go extinct daily because of man’s lust for meat.
I hope some how the planet is thriving.
I hope vegans are so wrong.
I really hope so!

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the post by breelandwalker supposedly proving vegans wrong about honey? It has 4k notes and a bunch of people bashing veganism, I'm so confused and not sure how to respond to it

I haven’t, but I can probably guess the kind of claims it is making, they tend to be the same ones regurgitated over and over no matter how many times they’re thoroughly debunked. This post likely deals with most of their points and should be of some help.