the wrong picture

  • Ace holding up phone: I want you to meet the love of my life! Aren't they gorgeous?
  • Luffy: I love them too! I had a date with them just yesterday!
  • Ace: WHAT!?
  • Luffy pointing at the picture: Yeah that pizza is really tasty.
  • Ace looks at phone: Wrong picture. *swipes* This is the right one.
  • Luffy: I don't see the difference. They both have pineapple. Wait. Nevermind. Sabo's in this one.

Manga, 2003, and Brotherhood


  • Joker: Batman? Pffff, what dumb superhero, I'm totally over hi — [trips] [hundreds of thousands of Batman pictures spill out of tailcoat] What a - what a weirdo, t-these aren't mine, I'm just [gathering them up and frantically sweating] Ok, ok, listen - I hate the guy, l-listen [thousands of Batman pictures scatter across the floor] Oh my gosh, I-I'm just holding them fo-for Harley, oK jUsT LIS T E N

Atypical April: Friendship

I wanted to contribute for this week and for that i give you Max and Adrien friendship. I like to believe that this two are science nerd and will enjoy the Star Trek’s movies. Adrien is very excited because he can finally fangirl about it. Max is more solemn about the whole thing


Better not tell him about your weekly reunion to watch the original show with Max, Mari.


BREAKING: ‘Moonlight’ wins Best Picture after 'La La Land’ mix up

  • In an unbelievable mixup at the 2017 Academy Awards, the Best Picture award was initially handed out to La La Land. 
  • However, presented Warren Beatty inexplicably presented the wrong Best Picture winner — after the producers of La La Land entered the stage and began their acceptance speech. 
  • The real winner of the award was Moonlight. 
  • Beatty explained that he was given an envelope that read “Emma Stone, Best Actress” Read more (2/27/17 12:20 AM)

Hi, i’m here to put down a compilation of interesting details of Villainous from what I could see.

It is too much to say that english isn’t my main lenguaje so please, be polite

Ok, to begin, there’s a blueprint of Dementia in the first episode:

I guess it can be a robot version, right?

“Don’t try to run - BH”:

I love the way those Black hat look at each other in shock when Dementia makes appear the bara Black Hat:

lil  dufus Black Hat eating the same sandwich that Flug create:

In other chapter there’s a poster of what I think is a cat with a paperbag, like Dr. Flug:

it’s obvious that his eye got blanc:

there’s a cerberus-look-like ghost

You can think there’s not much to see, but then they change the scene toward Dementia and 505, when they put Black Hat again:

the blackboard changes…

In this short you can see that Black Hat is obviously obsessed with hats (or, that they reprecent him), then again, besides of the knight armor with Undine’s hair, suit design and tophat, there’s a medieval shield with a dragon with tophat AND A BUTT HERO in the wall

Black Hat’s house have a crashed plane

the same crashed plane that you can see in Dr. Flug shirt all the time:

Ok, it can be not the same but it looks like it

In this scene, if you are careful enough, can ear the “crack” sound of something

I guess it’s Black Hat’s neck, because he turns around his head AND THEN, his whole body

I noticed this in the HD version

charming Black Hat is drooling and have have tiny skull in his monocle

In this room background (is this a laboratory?) you can see an Edison Poster and two pictures. One of Dr. Flug

Dementia’s cute doll

and this:

What? there’s nothing wrong with this picture, it’s only an evil family statue to finish the post.

Man, this show is fantastic and It’s full of amazing little details, isn’t it?


4+ hours of gameplay and im this deep 

the last comic is actually true if you try to hack wrench lmao


Harry Potter fancasts

Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)