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MLM Books by Male Authors

This isn’t a very long list; these are just the ones on my to-read list. Also, there are some works from the included authors that I have not listed because I haven’t looked too closely into their other books, or they aren’t up my alley genre-wise. If you don’t mind female authors or authors of any other genders, feel free to check out this list.

If you have more to add, feel COMPLETELY free to reblog and do so. 

  1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  2. Ash and Echoes; Ice and Embers; Iron and Ether; Cairn and Covenant; Calling and Cull; Wine and Roses (I don’t know exactly where this one fits in or if it does) by August Li
  3. At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill
  4. The Beauty’s Brother by Leon Hart (read; ☆☆☆)
  5. Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman
  6. Captured Shadows by Richard Rider
  7. The Cat in the Cradle; From Darkness to Darkness by Jay Bell
  8. The Chosen; The Standing Dead; The Third God by Ricardo Pinto
  9. Dangerous Moonlight by Mel Keegan
  10. The Devil in the Dust; Tower of the King’s Daughter; A Dark Way to Glory (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is); Feast of the King’s Shadow (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is); Hand of the King’s Evil; The End of All Roads (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is) by Chaz Brenchley
  11. Dreamer by Steven Harper
  12. An East Wind Blowing by Mel Keegan
  13. Fortunes of War by Mel Keegan
  14. The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek (enjoying this one so far; not super far into it)
  15. Haffling by Caleb James
  16. The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune
  17. The Lonely War by Alan Chin
  18. Lord Mouse by Mason Thomas
  19. Maurice by E.M. Forster
  20. Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg
  21. One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva
  22. A Royal Affair; Aleksey’s Kingdom by John Wiltshire
  23. The Sallee Rovers; Men of Honor; Iron Men; Heart of Oak; Man in the Crescent Moon; The Sea Leopard by M. Kei
  24. Seidman by James Erich
  25. Shadowdance by Robin Wayne Bailey
  26. The Sheltered City by John Tristan
  27. The Steel Remains; The Cold Commands; The Dark Defiles by Richard K. Morgan
  28. The Still; The King by David Feintuch
  29. Thunderbolt: Torn Enemy of Rome by Roger Kean
  30. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
  31. Wingmen by Ensan Case

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kanej + religion

There are mouse traps in the Fake AH Crew’s penthouse. Old school, spring loaded mousetraps right out of a cartoon. It takes everyone a while to see them, and even then no one really takes much notice; there’s nothing particularly abnormal about mousetraps after all. Except that the penthouse has never had mice. Except that for all they are bloodthirsty criminals no one in the crew really has the stomach to crush a rodent to death; the Lads short lived plan to keep a pet snake to terrify Geoff ended not because the man in question caught them but instead because none were willing to handle feeding the bloody thing.

So the traps are weird then. The traps no one uses. The traps no one claims. The traps that seem to be multiplying. Not quickly, slow enough to slide under the radar, but month by month the boxes grow until suddenly one of the spare rooms is completely filled.

Which, understandably, is noticed. Geoff calls a meeting and the crew wastes an afternoon squabbling over who and how and why but nothing is resolved. Everyone knows it must be a trap of some sort, someone setting up for a prank or a hilarious stunt, and no one wants to be the target. The culprit does not identify themselves, and there’s more than enough secondhand glee and trepidation going around to muddy the waters and keep the guilty party unknown.

No one is prepared to brave removing the mousetraps themselves, unsure if some trap will be sprung simply by entering the room, so the boxes remain. It’s an uneasy sort of acceptance, no member of the crew wanting to complain and single themselves out, so the threat lays dormant long enough that everyone has to move on, has to stop actively wondering. Even subconsciously they still pass the room gingerly, cautious, but as the months go by and the bedroom remains closed the fact that the boxes continue to multiply is pushed out of mind.

And then Dan flies over to pay Gavin a visit. As usual he’s greeted with a celebration, drink in hand before he’s through the front door; the first of many as the night predictably devolves into something raucous and messy and seamlessly fond. It’s late by the time the teasing and story telling dies down, by the time Dan finally trudges up the hall with his bag, so it takes the crew a moment too long to remember that Dan’s usual room was already occupied. They thunder down the hall just in time to see - nothing. The boxes are gone, the room is immaculate, like nothing strange has been growing there for almost a year, like the crew’s fears were entirely unfounded.

Or so they think, until dawn breaks with Dan screaming the house down, waking everyone up way too early as they scramble to arm themselves and drag their hungover bodies towards the apparent fight taking place in the living room. The fight between Dan and what turns out to be literally thousands of mousetraps, laid out in concentric circles around the main room ready to catch Dan on his usual jetlag-early, half-awake stumble to kitchen.

The culprit would be obvious even without Gavin’s distinctive squeaking giggles ratting him out, perched on the kitchen counter and filming the whole scene on his phone, the areas around him lined with its own little wall of still-loaded mouse traps. Unfortunately, regardless of whatever protection Gavin thought they would buy him, Dan charges right through to tackle him screeching to the ground anyway.

The video winds up on youtube, because of course it does; Gavin is an asshole and sees no reason why the whole world shouldn’t enjoy his endless efforts to torture Dan. By the time Gavin gets the video together, including a time lapse of the set up, various angles from a handful of go pros placed strategically around the room, a slow mo replay of the dawning horror on Dan’s face as the traps go off and the angry bodyslam to close it out, it has all the elements of an excellent video. So of course it goes viral; passed around the internet at lightning speed, shown on various news programs, racking up millions of views before the day is over.

It doesn’t take long for the internet to point out the handful of infamous criminal lookalikes edging into frame at the end, obviously too soft and rumpled and hopelessly entertained to be the real deal, but still a funny comparison all the same. Even more amusing when the blurry footage almost makes them look armed, so-called guns a startling juxtaposition against the silly prank and cutesy patterned pyjamas everyone seems to be wearing. Combined with the obvious opulence of the room, and the kind of cash it must take to buy so many mousetraps just for a stunt, there is no shortage of people joking about the video being a candid episode of MTV Cribs featuring the Fake AH Crew.  

Wanna know what's super gross and wrong

Middle-aged women coming out of Magic Mike XXL and thinking it’s okay to make suggestive comments to teenage boys. Because I work at a movie theatre, and it happens way more often than you would think. Our (mostly male, teenage) ushers stand at the doors of theaters as the movie ends and tell people to have a good day before cleaning the theaters. And as this happens with Magic Mike audiences, groups of 40 and 50 yo women will occasionally say repulsive and sexual things to the male ushers, and that is 100% not okay. And what’s worse is everyone thinks that’s fine and they’re “just having some fun”. We all know it’s disgusting and wrong for grown men to say that to teenage girls, but it’s also wrong for grown women to say that to teenage boys.

ryden 42/365
i mean this picture says it all. they are in love. end of story.

DMTNT Plot Issues

AKA the “How it Should of Ended” Post?  I feel some AU fics coming on…

  1. Angsty!Will claims to Henry that the trident can never be found. But the trident’s just propped in the ocean floor. Why couldn’t they have just found Jack earlier, used his compass to find its location and then have the Dutchman search for it underwater? Problem solved.

  2. Salazar’s crew is a crew of dead men. They are said to be dead over and over. Will ferries the dead-at-sea. So why couldn’t Will just show up and shoo-shoo them away? “Off to Fiddlers’ Green with ye!” Problem solved.

  3. “Never Betray the Compass,” except Jack willingly gave it to Elizabeth in DMC and to Will in AWE, so shouldn’t have Salazar been freed all the way back during one of those two times?

  4. That ship battle leading into the finale comes after the Pearl has been restored, so they’re no longer on the Dying Gull. Rephrase: they go from one of the junkiest ships on the seas, to the supernaturally fastest. But apparently ships from the Royal Navy, Salazar’s cannibal ship and even a longboat rowed by half-drunken goofs can catch up to it now? Barbossa must’ve not cared about running very much or…?? Problem created.

  5. OKAY THE VERY END OF THE STINGER THO is problematic no matter how you tackle it. First: Davy Jones cannot walk on land, so those barnacles in Will/Elizabeth’s bedroom to imply he was actually there is a stupid tease. 

  6. Second: If the implication is that all curses are broken, and Will’s PTSD didn’t just mess with his head and the barnacles were real because Jones is for some reason still alive (and/or if it’s because Calypso brought him back from the dead to fill Will’s place since “the Dutchman must always have a captain”), and that Jones’ restriction from land is broken because all curses are broken…  then Dutchman should NOT “need” a captain anymore, and/or since Will was antifouled, Jones should also no longer be tentacly and instead be human again.

  7. Also, pretending that Jones appearing was real for some reason: Why would he just show up and disappear like that anyway without like murdering them both in their sleep? Did he feel like he had to come and apologize all of the sudden? Was he taking back his Chest since Will’s heart’s back in the right place? “Haha got my ship back a-holes, see ya!” Is he studying to be a ninja and left ‘cause he failed the test when Will woke up? What???

I got more, just gotta remember them.

Lesbians do not need to date men. 

Lesbians do not need to give men a chance. 
You do not need to date a man “just in case” you could “learn” to love them. 

Lesbians do not need to stay with men. 
Whether you’ve been with him for a day or forty years, if you realize you’re a lesbian, you have absolutely zero obligation to stay with him. Anyone who says otherwise is enforcing compulsory heterosexuality. 

This applies to cis men and trans men.
If your partner comes out as a trans man, and you are a lesbian, you have absolutely zero obligation to stay with him. Anyone who says otherwise is enforcing compulsory heterosexuality.

You are allowed to turn down men for being men.
You are allowed to turn down cis men, trans men, trans masculine people, male aligned people, gender fluid people who sometimes are men, and any other person who identifies with manhood. You are allowed to turn them down specifically because they identify with manhood. 

You are allowed to exclusively choose partnerships with women, trans feminine people, & women aligned people. You are allowed to exclusively date women. You are allowed to prioritize women. 

There is nothing wrong with leaving men, no matter what the context.
There is nothing wrong with turning men down. 
There is nothing wrong with having strict boundaries against dating men. 
There is nothing wrong with making the decision to only date women. 
There is nothing wrong with being a lesbian. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a bad person for your healthy relationship boundaries. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re a bad person for your identity. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re inherently wrong or lesser for wanting to only date women. 

You are a good person, and you have a right to prioritize women exclusively.