the wrong mens

tbh women who use feminism as a way to rationalize their shitty behavior are one of the main reasons that people nowadays are considering feminism a sexist movement


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion

i am so, so sick of seeing “support bi girls uwu” and “bi girls are cute and valid” plastered everywhere with ZERO (0) support for bi boys

so bi boys, if you spent your whole life thinking you were 100% straight but now want to explore being with other dudes, go for it.

if you thought you were gay and worry about being rejected by the LGBT community for trying out het relationships, there are a whole bunch of bi people like myself who will rally behind you.

if you’ve been taught by family members, conservative friends, or the media that kissing another guy, or having sex with another guy, or proposing to another guy is gross/wrong/sinful, fuck ‘em. there is nothing gross or wrong about men loving other men, period.

bi boys, whether you’ve known you’re bi all your life or are just now figuring it out – you are loved.

Just Don't Think About:

-Warren using his wings as a blanket over Kurt
-Dust baths
-More wing cuddles
-Kurt preening Warren and Warren falling asleep to it
-Massages that make Kurt purr
-Warren buying Kurt ridiculous presents
-Warren just playing with Kurt’s tail because the babe loves it
-Kurt kissing over Warren’s scars because “You’re so beautiful,”
-Belly rubs + foot and leg shaking
-Floofy wings when very aroused
-Kurt arching into back scratches
-Warren giving Kurt hip massages
-Warren sitting on Kurt’s lap
-Kurt liking his ears kissed
-Kurt liking the tip of his ears nipped
-Warren rubbing the base of Kurt’s tail
-Bubble baths together
-Warren undressing Kurt
-Kurt kissing between Warren’s wings
-Kurt trailing his claws lightly over Warren’s hips and thighs
-Warren arousing Kurt by griping his hips and such
-Warren getting a boner all the time because of Kurt, and Jean hates it because she knows
-Warren loving to take baths with Kurt
-Warren wrapping his legs around kurt ‘to sleep better’
-Kurt humping the mattress and/or pillows when Warren is gone
-Kurt humping Warren in his sleep and Warren letting it either play out, or only stopping it after a minute or so
-Kurt coming in his pants because Warren loves it
-Kurt sticking his ass out/into Warren because he is so needy sometimes
-Kurt sitting on Warren’s fingers because damn that angel knows what he’s doing
-Kurt moaning and crying to Warren
-Warren taking over everything
-Warren being terribly rough
-Warren whispering how good Kurt is for him
-Kurt sometimes being shy and Warren refusing to let that pass, and will do anything to make his blue baby more comfortable
-Warren cleaning Kurt off because the teleporter is so weak afterwords
-Kurt being treated like a princess by Warren the next day
-Actually Kurt being treated like a princess by Warren all the time

You know that last post got me thinking: what is up with the these alleged fans who don’t think Star Wars is funny? Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely am here for the Skywalker Family Drama (because hello I have a pulse) and the Kenobi Sads and the Lore but like…at the end of the day? Star Wars is ridiculous! It’s so delightfully humorous. How do people not see this?! Who are these guys and why don’t they want to actually have fun with any of this nonsense?

It's Not Wrong to Dream About Prince Charming

You know what I hate in society? People telling girls it’s wrong to fantasize about a perfect guy. That it’s wrong to have these unattainable standards that men have to live up to. I understand, every human has their flaws and men are included in that. But my Prince Charming is out there and you can’t tell me what I can or cannot expect in my future husband. Maybe he will have flaws, a lot of them. But they won’t be anger, stubbornness, or pride. My true love will not call me names, tear me down, or make me feel less than he is. My future love will be only love and only kindness and only gentleness and loyalty and patience. He will not raise his voice at me for no reason and he will not wrongfully punish or abuse our children. Maybe this man doesn’t exist in the modern world. Nobody is perfect. But I will hold every man I ever meet to this standard of what a man should be. And if they don’t measure up, that’s their loss, not mine. Not all men are monsters, but I’m done kissing frogs hoping they turn into a prince.

-Searching for You

If anything bad happens, Levi is straight (well not straight but- you know what I meant)

Erwin: This mission has gone horribly wrong men, we`ll probably be cold and hungry for days whilst we await aid.

Levi: I`m hungry now.

Erwin: Levi didn`t you hear what I-

Levi: Eren, I`m hungry.

Eren: *gives him all the emergency rations*

Erwin: EREN!

Eren: He`s hungry!


Erwin: Alright men, it`s too humid to start a fire, we`ll be freezing tonight at best.

Levi: I`m cold.

Erwin: *eyebrow twitch* I know that Levi, we all are.

Levi: Eren, I`m cold.

Eren: *takes everyone else`s blankets for Levi*

Erwin: Eren no.

Eren: Sir, he`s cold, so Eren yes.


Erwin: It looks like we`ll be going back on foot men.

Levi: But I`m tired.

Erwin: Levi so help m- sigh. Levi, everyone is tired, not just you.

Levi: Eren, I`m tired.

Eren: *turns into a titan to carry Levi*

Erwin: I give up.

  • X-Men: The government is comparing mutants to weapons, trying to get them all to register, but the real villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • X2: There is now a US general who used armed soldiers to seize a school building full of children and who has captured the X-Men's leader and is using his brain to wipe out the entire mutant race. The real villain is still MAGNETO.
  • X3: There's been a "cure" discovered that deprives mutants of their mutation and has been weaponized. Also, Jean Grey, one of the X-Men's own, has come back from the dead as a terrible being of unfathomable power. Somehow, the real villain of the movie manages to be MAGNETO.
  • XMFC: Sebastian Shaw has been torturing, abusing, and manipulating mutants for decades, and he and the Hellfire Club plan to start WWIII. The villain of the movie is MAGNETO.
  • DoFP: The US government is sanctioning a program that will lead to a dark timeline in which mutants are hunted by robots and rounded up in concentration camps. The villain of this movie is not Bolivar Trask, who is building the Sentinels, or Mystique, whose actions inadvertently cause the timeline to come to pass, but MAGNETO.
  • X-Men Apocalypse: Apocalypse is a big scary dude from ancient times who wants to see the whole world burn. But don't worry! Guess who's still a villain? MAGNETO.