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Magical Etiquette

>Is magical dueling legal?
>How is a magical duel initiated?
>Why might someone initiate a magical duel?
>Are there spells or types of magic that are considered improper to use during a magical duel?
>>Is there any punishment for using these magics?
>When is a magical duel considered over?

Personal spaces/private sanctuaries
>Is it ever acceptable to enter another caster’s magical sanctuary or area where they perform major spells?
>>If it is acceptable, under which conditions is it acceptable?
>>If it is not generally acceptable, are there any exceptions to this?
>How big of a taboo is it to enter another magic user’s sanctuary without their permission?

Scrying, divination, and mind-reading
>Is it considered rude to keep tabs on other magic users?
>Is it considered rude to keep tabs on non-magic users?
>Can magic users be arrested for stalking for using these types of magics on people?
>>How long do they have to do this for it to count as stalking?
>>How do the authorities find out about such a thing?

>Are there groups, clubs, or associations of magic users?
>Do they have requirements that must be met to join them?
>Is there an prestige to be had by being a member of one?
>>Which ones are considered the most prestigious?
>What are the rules or requirements for staying in one?
>What would one have to do to be expelled from one?
>How are magic users in the groups expected to behave in public?
>How do the different groups interact with one another?
>>Are there rivalries?
>>Gang wars?

a star was falling outside my window
and I almost made a wish for you

and then I laughed
because I remembered

all the times I prayed on my knees
for your return and I decided

something as beautiful as a shooting star
does not deserve to think of you

—  shooting star by shelby leigh

anonymous asked:

But are we really sure that Lapis had forgiven Peridot about basically being stranded against her will in this planet by her, and because of this she had that terrible fusing experience with Jasper. She seems fine with it, but what if shes just bottling her resentment up? What if shes just playing along only to please Steven? Do you think that she genuinely forgave her, bad writing or theres actually some grudge in her heart?

She absolutely has forgiven Peridot, and absolutely isn’t just playing along to keep Steven happy.  And there’s no bad writing here, my friend.

If her relationship with Peridot was merely a facade, then there are a few things that would completely stop making sense as a result of this.  For instance:

Originally posted by giffing-lazuli

The pair of them were sitting watching the TV together in Beta before Steven even arrived…

…and had been sat together all night stargazing and then watching the sun rise - again, when Steven wasn’t around.

If Lapis was “living a lie”, then she wouldn’t continue her “act” when Steven isn’t around.  She’d have literally no reason to do that - we know that her and Peridot do sometimes spend a bit of time apart (such as when Peridot goes to Funland with her friends in Too Short To Ride), so surely she’d just constantly keep her distance from Peridot if Steven wasn’t there, and continue “pretending” as soon as Steven reappeared.

Not to mention that the barn’s redecoration was blatantly a collaborative effort…

…as was growing all of these vegetables…

…and this…

and this.

Also note how all of these things actually happened in Steven’s absence - again, this would be one hell of an “act” if it repeatedly continued even when Steven wasn’t there.  And yet, it does continue.

Because it’s no act.

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

How could Lapis possibly fake this reaction?  And why would she even do that?  Surely faking forgiveness would be enough, right?

Why would she constantly fake these loving looks (some of which she gives to Peridot when Steven isn’t even around)?  Why not just fake a simple friendship?  Why take it this far when there’s literally no need (given that Steven just wanted them to be freinds in the first place)?

Why would she make a point of saying that it took her a little while to be comfortable enough to sleep, whilst giving Peridot this look?  She clearly sleeps when Peridot is around – but, if she hated Peridot, then surely she wouldn’t do this?  People are at the most vulnerable when they’re sleeping, but she’s comfortable enough to do this around Peridot.

Why would she bother even playing along with Peridot when Steven wasn’t even on the same planet as them?

The answer is, of course, that her relationship with Peridot is 100% genuine.  There’s no reason why this wouldn’t be the case, and there’s absolutely no evidence to the contrary in the canon.


This one was definitely my favourite of all the fake fics for the Rivals series I came up with and so I couldn’t help but writing a bit more! 

Original post here 

Part 1 here

Disclaimer - this is a mock up of what one of the fics written by Viktuuri fans in the Rivals universe on the alternate AO3 might look like and therefore is a reflection of how fans see umfb!Yuuri and Viktor not as they actually are. Also again this is a quick fun piece of writing so please don’t take it seriously!

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I think I knew I was ready to move on and maybe I just can’t stand liars I mean I lied about small things but nothing like you and maybe I realized it was time when I wanted other guys over you anyway

Haha no for real tho where is the 100k shance zombie apocalypse au fic where Shiro and Lance low key knew each other before and Lance was hella looking up to + crushing on him, then when they meet again Shiro has a tight group of tough survivors, he’s missing a hand and that spark his eyes used to have.

They’ve all seen some shit, but Shiro… he can’t even recognize him anymore. It’s the same voice, vaguely the same face, but the man? Gone.

All of Lance’s attempts at bringing back the lively, smiling Shiro he used to know and adore fail. There’s only the stone faced leader the plague has made him. And sure, he can still be compassionate, but there’s no warmth behind it. Only duty.

Lance almost gives up when it happens. One night, after a successful raid, they all drink as a celebration. Lance laughs, sings, plays the guitar they found a few weeks back. He glances at Shiro almost as much as Shiro glances at him, only because they’re both stupid clueless dumbasses who don’t believe they deserve the other, neither of them notices.

Only Lance does see something. A smile. The first genuine one he’s seen since they found him. It’s small, almost hidden by the dark, but Lance catches it. And it takes his breath away. His fingers fumble on the strings and he actually stops playing because he gets so flustered. Everyone laugh, and by the time he catches Shiro’s face again, the smile is gone. But now he has hope.

From then on, it’s just a waiting game. Lance will bring him flowers, use ridiculous pick up lines to make him laugh, sing and play the guitar whenever he just can… and it works. Shiro is recognizable again. A changed man, but not a completely different one. He smiles more, even cracks a joke every now and then. Slowly, warmth seeps back into him. His lips are definitely warm when he kisses Lance by the fire one late night, after everyone already went to sleep.

So….. where is it? What do you mean it doesn’t exist???? I need it :’(


Ok so I’ll do a summary of how both the mermaid AU and the actors AU would have ended because there seems to be a lot of interest but I’ll keep the ending of the historical fantasy one a secret for now because I will probably write some more snippets in the future for it if people want that.

Also another disclaimer, these are based on fake fics from the in-universe Rivals AO3 and so they are deliberately OOC and full of fanfic tropes which is why, while they are very fun for me to come up with, they will never be written as real fics.

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Part 1 here and here 

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