the writing was A

You wouldn’t break
a bird’s wings
just to make it stay.

That’s the reason why
you should let a heart go,
when it feels suffocated
in your embrace.

—  ma.c.a // Free Will
You said winter was warm in my arms and that you loved me. But what if you decided that I would be yours only for that winter?
I think everything in life is art. What you do. How you dress. The way you love someone, and how you talk. Your smile and your personality. What you believe in, and all your dreams. The way you drink your tea. How you decorate your home. Or party. Your grocery list. The food you make. How your writing looks. And the way you feel. Life is art.

Helena Bonham Carter

Yesterday my dad told me something that I think maybe more people need to hear.

You’re allowed to just do things for fun.

He told me that in this modern society, especially the United States, we seem to have this attitude that we shouldn’t do something unless we’re aiming to be the best at it. If we can’t sing like Beyonce or Frank Sinatra or something there’s no point to singing. If we can’t make the next big breakthrough there’s no point in looking into mechanics and engineering.

But, he tells me, it took him a long time to figure out that life doesn’t have to be a race. If you want to take up the piano when you’re a teenager or later you’re not going to master it. You’re not going to be able to play to huge concert halls, but that also shouldn’t stop you. You can study a language out of curiosity and then drop the ball if you want. You can just get okay at something or even be terrible at it. You can drop it for days or years and then pick it up again and it doesn’t have to be a shameful thing.

I’m really glad he told me that because today I opened my sketchpad for the first time in months and just started drawing. And it looks terrible. But I don’t care. I don’t have the talent or patience or spacial awareness to get anywhere near good at drawing, but it’s fun. It helps me focus my mind and nobody has to see it.

And because of what he told me, I’m thinking maybe someday soon I will take up the bass guitar. And I won’t worry about how well I do, or how fast I learn, or that I haven’t played an instrument since sixth grade, or that I don’t have that much time to practice. I’m just gonna enjoy the experience. Maybe I’ll try swing dancing again and take a class because I’m not the best dancer but damn if it isn’t fun.

Yeah, you don’t have to be good at things. It’s not a requirement. Maybe that seems obvious but it had never occurred to me before. You’re allowed to just enjoy what you’re doing. For me, that feels like a life changing revelation. I don’t have to be good at something to like it. I don’t have to put 100% effort into everything I do. It’s kind of amazing.

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It actually makes me sad more people don't talk about how much Louis had written with women and how one of his fave songs he's written has been with a LGBTQ woman. It's so notable and deserves to be talk about, especially with the shit he gets from some corners of this fandom

Let’s talk about it! 

BACK TO YOU - Writers: Sarah Blanchard, Richard Boardman, Pablo Bowman, Nicholas James Gale, Louis Tomlinson

JUST HOLD ON - Writers: Steve Aoki, Nolan Lambroza, Eric Rosse, Sasha Sloan, Louis Tomlinson

JUST LIKE YOU - Writers: Burns, Jesse Thomas, Louis Tomlinson

So, that’s 3/3 (as one of my anons pointed out earlier in the week). He’s had women involved on all of his songs. And as you mentioned, Jesse Thomas is an LGBTQ+ woman.

As I’ve said before, Louis doesn’t surprise me, he impresses me to no end. He could be making very different choices and he doesn’t. Bring ALL the Louis talk here!

romantic girls, who fold anonymous love notes and slip it into the backpacks of girls on the sly, daydreaming of soft kisses, meadow picnics, and whispers.

gentle girls, who replay the one cherished interaction in their head like a vintage movie, burying their faces into soft sweaters in flushed excitement and disbelief.

secretive girls, who long for her and only her, fingers hesitating over the “follow” button that would change the course of their romance forever.

timid girls, who pace back and forth and back and forth in their mind’s eye, heart thudding with anticipation and courage to approach the beautiful girl from third period.

loving girls, who slowly keep watch over other girls, protecting them with the purity of their kindness and affection, the guardian angels in intention and purpose.

[ part 1 ]

he stood and walked out
like nothing else mattered
except the taste of the next drink
just one sip and a bit more
till every feeling disappeared
—  t.m.

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I think this has been done before but Shawn is super drunk and his s/o makes a move on him like kissing him or something and he's like "noooo I have a girlfriend" cause he doesn't recognise her because he's wasted af.

a/n: I’m so tired right now i hope this makes sense, also if my s/o forgot who i was when they were drunk oooo boy, but this is cute!

“You good?” you ask, looking up at your boyfriend as he stumbles drunkenly next to you. 

It’s a Friday night and he’s free - a rarity what with his busy schedule and rock star lifestyle – so you’d decided to spend it getting wasted with his mates. Seemed like a good idea at first until Shawn bought shots for the table and things went to hell. 

You’ve sobered up a little, having chugged a couple of pints of water back at the club, but Shawn, however – is wasted.

His skin glows in his intoxicated state, the blood in his body meeting his skin to wave hello and his hair is tousled, eyes rimmed red – a personification of liquor induced bad decisions. 

He’s so pretty though, and it’s honestly annoying how he can look so good while stumbling over himself in a half buttoned dress shirt while dropping a bottle of water onto the pavement at 3 in the morning. He picks it up quickly.

Shawn turns to you after he’s registered your question, and he looks down at you, nodding, saying “Baby, I’m having the best time of my life” and he bends down and leaves a long lasting, saliva laden kiss to your forehead. 

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Spiritual exploration - a spell to help yourself stay motivated when exploring your Spirituality

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 - Jar 
- Gold Candle (or white if you dont have gold)
- Lemon juice or essential oil
- Cinnamon
- Thyme
- Garlic
- Malachite or Carnelian
- paper and pen

 - Take your jar and set it in front of you
- light your candle
- Add a layer of cinnamon to the bottom of the jar
-  lay down a layer of thyme
- add a little garlic
- add a few drops of Lemon
- write on paper what you’re trying to pursue, and add it to the jar
- Close the container and set your crystal on top.
- Blow out your candle to activate
- and when you’re ready to end the spell clean out the jar

- Aesa <3
This is my Original Spell, please do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not.