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REQUESTED - Familiarity (1/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,174

Warning: None, just cursing (Tell me something new)

(A/N): I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (Btw, It took me a long time to choose ONE gif, I’ve been looking gifs for a looooooong time by now.)

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“Peter Parker is staring at you again.” My friend said under her breath, making me raise my eyes to where I knew the boy were before she even finished her sentence, and as if he heard her and saw me catching him staring, his gaze turned to the book in front of him. I chuckled at his red ears, and that seemed to make him even more embarrassed.

“He’s cute.” That time, I was the one staring. Not that I haven’t done it before, Peter just had this thing hidden under his soft, cute and “harmless” surface that always made my detective side itch.

“And you are totally calling him to a date.” She said, smiling at my arched brown “I know you have a crush on him; I’ve seen you looking at him before, Y/N. Don’t even try to lie.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, hearing her huff “If you don’t go there and call him, I will for you. However, I’ll make it from right here. You know how my voice is powerful.” She just winked at me with a smirk, fuck.

“I hate you.” I groaned while getting up and taking a breath before walking to where he was sitting, he had earphones but that didn’t stop him to look at me surprised when I sited in front of him, trying to give my best smile. He took his earphones slowly looking around to see if there was someone else before looking back at me “Hey, you’re Peter Parker, right?” Of course he was Peter Parker! Fuck, the teachers knew his name just because he was always late!

“Huh, y-yeah…”


“Y/N… I know you.” I laughed at his embarrassed face, and took a time to study him from close. He had muscles, even though they were hidden under coats of shirts and of a hoodie.

“So, I thought you were really cute and I know you are fan of the same things as me, so I was thinking, would you like to go out with me to the arcade on the center of the city?” He almost choked with my boldness, but please, I ain’t got time to be playing a shy ‘let’s be friends’ girl.

“I-I w-would l-love it! W-when?” I smiled from ear to ear and took his notebook from the table and a pen to write my number

“Today at seven?” He nodded like crazy with his head and that made me smile more before sliding the book back to him and say in my most ‘I’m sexy’ voice “I’ll be waiting for you, Peter.”

I heard him gasp in surprise while I got back to my table, finally feeling my cheeks blush when seeing my best friend laughing like crazy, curled on the books, almost sobbing

“I-I love you, Y/N. You are my spirit animal!” I just chuckled, going back to my studies, proud of myself to be able to call the boy I liked on a date without squeaking, even though I was an agent, I was still a human with awkwardness.

I had to run to my apartment, for the first time happy to live alone so I didn’t have to explain nothing to no one. I smiled at my on reflection; it was still me. Comfortable, pretty and with analytical eyes.

When I opened my door, ready to run to catch a bus, I stumbled into a massive chest. Jesus Christ, that man was a fucking wall!

I looked up at the both man, frowning my brows and locking my jaw. They were familiar, but I didn’t know them.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” The one I had hit asked, blushing slightly at my angry gaze. I studied him more, strong, blonde, and a little shy.

“Captain America.” I said, crossing my arms and checking the other man, it didn’t took me long to recognize him. “Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man. What do you want?” The Captain glanced surprised at the Stark

“Do you mind if we came in?” He asked and I looked at the time, I had half an hour to be there

“Actually, I do. Look, I would be pleasantly happy to welcome two heroes at my home at any day. But I have a date with a boy I’ve liked for a while, and I’ll be late if I don’t go right fucking now.” I said, making Tony Stark lower his glasses and smirk slightly. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is night. Why is he wearing sun glasses?

“We want your help.” He finally said, making me frown my brows

“Three minutes, and here, in the hallway. By the smell, my neighbors are too high to understand anything.”

“Look, I’m not sure if-”

“Two minutes and forty seconds.” I crossed my arms, seeing Stark giggle

“I like her. We want you to be part of the new Avenger’s intelligence. Natasha Romanoff heard of you from S.H.I.E.L.D, they got an eye on you. But well, we are quicker.” My jaw almost fell to the ground. Ok, one thing was being an ‘agent’ slash ‘hacker’, other was being An Agent. “But, we need you right now.” A groan came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to turn Peter down! Especially because I was stupid and didn’t ask his number, so if I called him by the number I got, it would be weird!

“Fine, but I have to set a new fucking date with Peter.” I mumbled while searching my phone in my bag, Stark and Captain America glanced at each other in surprise.

“Language.” Steve whispered and I smirked

“Fucking language, I know. My grandmother would always scream that I fucking cursed too much, but she would curse in between phrases- Oh, hey, Peter!” I smiled at myself when my phone ringed right when I was ready to call him

Huh, Hey, Y/N… So… Huh, S-something happened and… huh, I can’t go… Sorry.” He mumbled looking nervous, I sighed, trying to look disappointed “I’m really sorry

“It’s okay… Huh… I guess I’ll have to… Hm, I don’t know.” I smiled at my own sad impression, tilting my head to give a challenging glare at The Captain, which looked surprised at me “Huh, another time, then?” I could even hear him slapping himself and screaming at something to muff his words.

I would like that. Sorry again.” I just turned the phone down, trying to sell better my “hurt and disappointed”, smiling at both man and crossing my arms again

“Okay, we can go now.” Stark just laughed as if he had won the lottery while the Captain smiled slightly at me and pointed at the corridor, asking without words for me to get out.

The whole trip on Starks car he would been giggling and smiling, while Steve Rogers - I found his name when he pulled his wallet to see something. Well, I got quick eyes. -, was staring at me and blushing when I smirked at him

“Soo, what is so bad that made the two Avengers go knock personally at my door?” I asked, trying to extract something of them before getting there

“It is a security failure on the government and we know you are a good hacker and… ‘Detective’. So, we want your help” The Stark said ironically, making me arch my brow

“Are you mocking my abilities? You know I can read you now and hack your precious high tec car, right?”

“Sweetie, I’m a well-trained man and that build the intelligence of this car to be-”

Tony Stark is currently single, he is a playboy, he has trust issues, haven’t slept in four days, he likes to eat donuts hidden from everyone in his lab, he wears his iron suit to try to make up the fact that he is a selfish, old man that uses sunglasses at night even though, he looks stupid doing it.” The robotic female voice of his car said, I looked up from my phone with a small grin on my face.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Rogers looked out of the window to try to hide his smile, and by his locked abdomen, I knew he wanted to laugh.

“You know, I really liked you.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t doubt me, I’ll be good.” He tried to control his smile, but well, sassy people get along. “By the way, what will I gain with this?”

“Isn’t making good with your abilities and acknowledgment, enough payment?” Rogers said for the first time, making me arch one eyebrow at him

“Can I eat acknowledgment? Can I pay the bills with acknowledgment? I don’t fucking think so.” Stark laughed at my sentence

“She has a point. But, let’s just say your payment will good enough for you to go to a good college.”

“I won’t have to pay for it, I’ll enter with a scholarship.” I mumbled after a few moments, not being able to maintain silence

“Congratulations, you must have earned it.” Rogers said and I blushed slightly with that, I wasn’t used to people congratulating me for this kind of things. “You leave alone?”

“Yes.” I didn’t answer anything than that, it wasn’t something I liked to come up with.

When we finally got to the Avengers tower, I took every way I could run if they were trying to catch me. Well, people are weird, who knows, right? Caution is never too much.

I was welcomed with all the Avengers in the room, fuck they were tall!

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be helping us with our problem.” I studied everyone, Natasha Romanoff was the one that actually caught my attention, because she had something in her posture that made her stand out.

“I’m late, sorry!” A muffed voice was heard and everyone turned their gaze at Spiderman, he was still in his suit and stopped when saw me. Jeez, I know I am pretty, but don’t have to stare so much.

“Spider boy.” Stark smirked, making me look more into the boy, familiarity.

I controlled a smile when noticing something very interesting.

“So, what exactly you guys need my help with? Even though the boy I have a crush on was the one who turned down on me, I’m still not cool with being brought here just to stand and stare at heroes.” Spiderman gasped, making me control even more the laugh that wanted to explode.

“It’s the codes, someone is breaking them and releasing secret missions and… Other things, to the outside.” Natasha was the one to say it, I have to admit it. Being close to my favorite Avenger made me want to freak the fuck out.

“Is there a laptop or something like that?” She pointed with her head to the Kitchen’s counter, there was a silver laptop on it.

“Hey kiddo, Natasha tried before, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t, kay’?” One of them said, Sam Wilson, had been military.

“Okay.” I mumbled and started to work

“This might take some time, so, do you want us to call someone to warn that you won’t appear?” Captain America said, crossing his arms while I denied with my head, still focused on fixing the problem.

“Nah. And this tactic to make me say what you want, won’t work.” I heard a female laugh that I deduced to be Natasha’s.

“I like her.” I heard her say, I worked for a few more moments, with all the avengers watching me closely.

“Can I have some water, please?” I asked, hoping that it would make at least one of them get out of my back. That was making me nervous, shit.

“Spider, you heard the girl.” The Stark said and I rolled my eyes, the only one that was away, that stupid billionaire brought him close. I thanked when a cup was settled next to my hand

“Done.” I said tapping the last time before finally reaching to the cup of water.

“What? Already?” Someone said, I looked up from my shoulder, seeing that The Winter Soldier was the one to say it. “Natasha took hours and she failed.”

“Mind if I take a look?” She said, still surprised while I denied with my head, turning on the seat to face the others still drinking my water.

“So, how do I go back?” I asked, walking around the living room and receiving chocked gazes

“She did it.” Romanoff said “She even found the IP adress of the ones who broke it… How?”

“It wasn’t hard, actually. But the explanation would take longer than the actual deed.”

“I’ll take you home.” Stark mumbled, still surprised. I smiled at everyone

“You know I could have done that from home, right?” He laughed cheerfully while coming close to me, ready to lead me to the elevator again.

“Y/N, you just saved our asses so good! Thank you!” Sam Wilson said and I just waved with my hand

“It was nothing. Well, see you guys when you need me again. Less you, Peter. See you at school!” I smirked at a chocking Spiderman and followed Tony Stark, he was laughing loudly.

“I definitely like you.”

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Got any anime recommendations that aren't over the top/edgy/moe? Something someone who's not a huge weeb would enjoy. I've already watched Mob Psycho and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks!

Ahh I’m glad you liked Mob Psycho too! I really hope it gets a 2nd season eventually since the manga gets really REALLY intense

as for recommendations

Space brothers:

My all time favourite anime, it’s a slice of life, heartwarming and overall feel good show but at the same time it’s very mature and realistic. All the characters are adults which is super refreshing too! It’s got its dramatic and serious moments too but honestly everything about it so well fleshed out and written that you get attached to all of the characters even the very minor ones. I don’t think I’ve seen something that’s made me feel so hopeful about the future haha

Also realistic and well researched depictions of astronaut training which is nice because I love space 


I post about it quite a bit in here because after space brothers, it’s my 2nd favourite anime of all time haha It’s a really good thriller anime and I don’t think I’ve seen any other show that has genuinely grabbed me as much as this one, it feels less like you’re watching an anime and more like a mystery movie

Guillermo del Toro wanted to make a live action adaptation of it but I don’t really know what happened with that in the end tbh

Ping Pong the Animation:

Now I have to admit the artstyle for this one is very unconventional and might take a bit to get used to but it is REALLY GOOD, even if you don’t like sports anime (which I don’t like much either), the anime is more of a coming-of-age story that uses ping pong to push the narrative and the ending nearly made me cry tbh the characters are all lovely and it has good music too!

Cromartie High School:

This is a high school comedy anime but centered around young delinquents and honestly it’s just….special, it really made me laugh more than anything kind of hard to explain this anime so I’ll just leave this picture of it


Most people I know have already watched this one but it is also a very good action thriller, im sort of running out of time to write these so I’ll just say please check it out HEHEH

Chapter 3

Author’s note: hello! Here’s chapter three :) this is more centered around the Grey’s Anatomy friendships rather than actually Japril. I just wanted to explore some great duos which we haven’t seen in a while. I promise the next chapter will be a Japril one! Hope you like it :)

PS. I would love feedback on this because I wasn’t very sure about the way I was writing one of the characters. I’m not gonna say who it is to see if you guys pick up on it. Some dialogue may sound a little out of character for them, so please let me know what you think!

But they didn’t get a minute that day at the hospital.

When April arrived that morning, a fourth year trauma resident briefed her about the situation while she pulled on a trauma gown and gloves. A 13-year-old girl had fallen off her horse and was in critical condition. Peds and cardio had already been paged.

‘Why cardio?’ April asked the resident.

‘Her family told the paramedics she was born with a deformed heart and had a transplant when she was five months old. The accident happened because she apparently passed out and fell backwards on the horse’s rump. It spooked and started running, but one of the girl’s feet was caught in the stirrups so instead of falling off, she slid to the ground and the horse dragged her several meters before someone caught it. They think she passed out because her heart failed,’ said the resident.

‘And she’s still alive?’ said April before running towards the ambulance which was pulling up.

April ordered nurses and paramedics into trauma room one and a few minutes later Robbins and Pierce burst through the door.

‘What do we got?’ called Robbins over the noise of the room, pulling on a glove.

April was about to being breaking down the case for them when she saw Maggie.

‘Uh… is Riggs here?’ asked April. She almost hated herself for even asking, but the words came out of her mouth before she could think twice.

Maggie shot her a look of confusion. ‘Riggs got back last night from Maryland Shock Trauma.’

Oh, that’s right, April thought. Megan. She’d completely forgotten.

Counting under her breath to five, April collected herself and explained the case to Robbins and Pierce.

Once they were in the OR and the patient was open on the table, April saw that there were many more internal injuries than she had anticipated. The girl was too unstable to take the time to get a CT, so she was rushed straight to surgery, Pierce and Robbins pushing the gurney on the other side of her.

‘I need to get control of this bleeding. Pierce, how is that heart coming along?’ asked April, clamping down one of the bleeders.

‘I’m not sure,’ she said, feeling her way around without really looking.

‘You’re not sure?’ April shot back.

‘I can’t see properly,’ replied Maggie. ‘There’s a lot of bleeding here, too.’

‘You’re not sure?’ April repeated, raising her voice.

‘April,’ said Arizona, surprised at her sudden outburst. April was always very level headed in surgery.

‘She’s saying she’s not sure, Dr Robbins. We have a child open on a table who is about to die if we don’t fix her, but Dr Pierce isn’t sure,’ April’s tone was ice cold, but she was trying to speak as calmly as possible. ‘Dr Pierce, I need to repair this liver at the same time as you are repairing that heart. If you’re not capable of doing that, please leave the OR.’

‘You can’t do that,’ Maggie said in disbelief. ‘She can’t do that,’ she repeated, addressing Robbins this time.

Arizona stared at April. ‘April, we need a cardio surgeon.’

April had no idea how to reply to that. Of course she knew they needed one. In the moments that they had stood there arguing, the patient’s BP started rising, indicated by the beeping on the machines. At its sound, April’s own heart rate quickened.

‘I’m here, where do you want me?’ a robotic voice echoed in the OR. April looked towards the gallery to find Riggs standing there, speaking through the intercom.

Once he had scrubbed in, Maggie ripped off her gloves and left the room, glaring at April all the while.

From the minute he entered to the moment they exited the OR after the surgery, Arizona couldn’t stop marvelling at the way April and Nathan communicated with each other. They seemed to be able to read each other’s minds with a single look, wordlessly flying through manoeuvres which only they knew how to do thanks to what the army had taught them. At one point they even asked Arizona to step back so that they could work faster, if that seemed possible.

‘Nice work, Keps,’ said Nathan as the three of them were scrubbing out. The surgery had been a success. The girl wasn’t even going to be put on the transplant list for a new heart.

‘Isn’t my friend just amazing?’ Arizona beamed at her.

‘That’s why we call her The Machine,’ said Nathan, turning off his tap. April grinned bashfully.

‘You both coming to talk to the family?’ he asked, towelling his hands dry.

April nodded, and Arizona was about to agree when her pager went off.

‘Ugh, consult,’ she said, checking it. ‘Sorry guys.’

The other two shrugged simultaneously as if to say, it’s okay.

‘Jeez,’ said Arizona. ‘Are you guys wired to the same remote control?’

She exited the scrub room, leaving Nathan and April chuckling away.


After she had spoken to the family, April told Riggs she would see him later and casually checked the OR board to see what was going on. Jackson was right in the middle of a double mastectomy, removing a tumour alongside Dr Webber and a second year resident.

She went down to the day care to see Harriet and breastfed her, then busied herself in the ER for a while, rearranging charts and stitching up a 9-year-old boy’s leg after he fell off his bike. She hadn’t even realised she hadn’t eaten all day until her stomach started grumbling as she was putting away the suture kit. She made her way to the attending’s lounge to try and find something to snack on. As soon as she entered, she saw Arizona with her back turned away from her, making coffee. Arizona glanced quickly behind her to check who had come in.

‘Hey, April,’ she greeted her, pouring the coffee into a cup. ‘Would you like one?’

‘Hey,’ she replied the cheeriest way imaginable. ‘No, I’m okay, thanks.’

After several years of a friendship like theirs, Arizona picked up on April’s restlessness almost immediately.

‘What’s up?’ she said, giving her a knowing look. Her eyes followed April as she pulled a cereal bar out of a cupboard and slumped down on a chair at the table.

‘Nothing, nothing’s up. Why would something be up?’ April said hurriedly, unwrapping her cereal bar and taking a bite.

Arizona shot her a look. ‘April, what was that today, with Pierce?’

‘That girl was dying,’ April gestured outward with one hand, shoving all her bite to one side of her mouth so she could talk. ‘I was just putting my patient’s interests first. Riggs and I were the only ones that knew how to do that procedure, and I needed him there. That’s all.’

‘You couldn’t have known what you needed to do down in the trauma room, yet you still asked for him. What’s really going on?’

‘The lady at the day care told me Jackson still hasn’t been down to see Harriet today. Is that weird? It’s kinda late in the day,’ said April pointlessly, avoiding the question.

Arizona kept her head still but swivelled her eyes to one side before looking back at April.

April shut her eyes, still chewing. She couldn’t tell whether it was because Arizona had brought up a sensitive subject or whether because that cereal bar tasted so goddamn good after eating nothing all day.

Arizona gasped.

‘Did you sleep with him?’

April opened a single eye, scrunching the other one down.

‘I know it was probably a bad idea, but it felt so right, and after all that’s happened…’ April trailed off, her mouth still half full.

‘April! It’s bad enough he’s got Grey dragged in the middle of his broken heart after Megan, who apparently is back, but now you, too?’

April almost choked on her cereal bar.

‘What?’ she exclaimed, forcing herself to swallow before continuing to speak. ‘Who are you talking about?’

Arizona made a puzzled face for a moment. ‘You didn’t sleep with Riggs?’ she asked.

‘No, of course not!’ replied April.

Arizona’s face fell. ‘Oh,’ she said, almost disappointed. ‘You guys seemed so in sync in that OR, and the ‘given everything that’s happened’ bit, I just figured that meant Megan and Grey, and—’

‘We worked together! In a war, in the desert; we might get each other a little better that everyone else around here,’ said April.

Arizona made a face to say, yeah, that makes sense. ‘Wait, so who are you talking about?’ she lowered her voice even though the door was closed.

‘Jackson,’ April said quietly back. His name tasted really nice.

Arizona paused. ‘Ohhhh,’ she said, raising her eyebrows. She pushed herself off the counter and went to sit by April at the table.

‘Wait, but what does Maggie have to do with Jackson?’

‘I think there’s something going on between them,’ replied April. Remembering the way she had treated Maggie in the OR made her feel two inches tall.

‘Jackson and Maggie? No way,’ said Arizona definitively, shaking her head.

‘You didn’t see the way they looked at each other the night of the fire. I’ve seen that look on him before,’ said April. On me, she was about to add, but saying it aloud would have made it all too real.

‘April, you’re probably overanalysing it. He was her mother’s surgeon and then she died. His mom is married to her biological dad. Of course there’s gonna be baggage there, but that has nothing to do with the two of them being together. Anyways, didn’t you just say you slept with him?’

‘Yeah, but…’ April didn’t even look at Arizona the whole time she spoke, staring at her half eaten cereal bar which now didn’t look so inviting anymore. She trailed off because she didn’t know what else to say. Had last night meant as much as April thought it had, or was it just another case of emergency sex? In the moment it definitely didn’t feel that way, and the way they had behaved with Harriet this morning didn’t make it seem that way, and yet still…

‘But nothing,’ said Arizona.

Finally April looked up at her, and could see the sympathy in her friend’s blue eyes.

‘Was it good?’ asked Arizona, speaking quietly once again.

April’s eyes rolled to the back of her head before she shut them momentarily. ‘It was so much more than good. It was… perfect.’

They smiled at each other, a smile filled with compassion and kindness.

‘It felt like so much more than just sex. It felt like us. He touched me in a way he hadn’t done since before Samuel, I don’t think. And then this morning, when I was dressing Harriet he stood behind me, just watching us. We felt like a family. I hadn’t realised how much I miss him, how much I still love him…’ April had to stop herself or the tears that were welling up in her eyes would have escaped onto her cheeks.

Arizona placed a hand over April’s. ‘I know,’ she said, remembering the way it had felt to be with Dr Boswell the night of the storm; she had only known her after her leg, and they still had sex in a way that she had done with Callie only before the plane crash.

Right at that moment Dr Grey entered the attending’s lounge.

‘Hey, is everything okay?’ she asked when she saw April all teary eyed, making her way to fetch a glass of water and fill it up from the tap.

‘Yeah, we’re great,’ said April, forcing a smile.

‘Nah, you’re upset,’ said Meredith. She set her glass of water down on the table. ‘I don’t really care about other people’s problems, because often I can’t solve them, but I almost always know how to fix them. You know what you need to do?’ she said, pulling out her phone from her lab coat pocket.

April and Arizona exchanged a puzzled look. Meredith had never taken a particular liking to Arizona or April, especially after she was suspended and April took her place.

‘Dance it out,’ she said, pressing play on her phone. ‘Come on, get up,’ she said over the music, and began dancing. April and Arizona only laughed at each other a little before getting up alongside Meredith.

Half a song later, Chief Bailey walked in. At the sight of their happy faces, her own face lit up, but she immediately pretended to be disappointed in them in a very chiefly manner.

‘Now just what do y’all think you’re doing? Don’t you have patients to get to, or would you rather they died and filed a lawsuit against this hospital, which I will then have to deal with?’

Giggling like schoolgirls, April and Arizona grabbed their lab coats, ready to leave the room right as Maggie walked in.

‘Ah, Chief Bailey!’ said Maggie, a haughtiness to her tone. ‘How lovely to see you here. And what a coincidence that Dr Kepner is here with us. I wanted to speak with you both about something. Dr Robbins, Dr Grey, would you mind?’ she said, nodding towards the door.

Meredith and Arizona only raised their eyebrows before scurrying out of the room.

‘What, Pierce?’ asked Dr Bailey, a slight hint of annoyance in her voice. She raised her eyebrows, too, in a very Miranda Bailey-like fashion, as if she were expecting you to tell her something of such importance that it couldn’t wait until you could meet her in her office.

‘Dr Kepner kicked me out of the OR today,’ said Dr Pierce, folding her arms across her chest.

‘You did what?’ asked Bailey, turning towards April.

April took a moment to collect herself.

‘Yes, Chief, I did ask Dr Pierce to leave the OR. The patient’s BP was rising, there were bleeders all over the field, and Dr Pierce didn’t seem to have the patient’s heart under control.’

Chief Bailey glared at Maggie.

‘I—‘ Maggie interrupted, but April continued, ‘The heart, which by the way, had been transplanted into the patient at five months of age, needed to be repaired simultaneously with the liver, and I remembered a procedure I had been taught in the army. Dr Riggs was the only other person in this hospital who knew how to perform it.’

‘Yes, but—‘ Maggie tried again.

‘Is the patient alive and stable?’ cut off Dr Bailey.

‘She’s doing great,’ said April before Maggie could say anything else.

‘Then go argue in front of someone who cares.’ With that, Chief Bailey left the attending’s lounge.

April bit her lip to stop herself from smiling smugly right in front of Maggie.

‘Look, I don’t know what your problem with me is,’ said Maggie, glaring at April, ‘and I don’t care. But let it start interfering with my career, and I will have you fired.’

Before April could get a word in edgeways, they heard a voice from the threshold of the door.

‘What’s going on here?’

It was Jackson.

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: I genuinely believe that I cannot function in this world after Snowbaz. It has consumed my whole identity. I love scones now. I changed my phone background to my sons, Simon and Baz. This is the most intricate queer relationship in YA fiction and the fact that it isn't centered around their queerness is a rare treat. This is a game changer. I'm in a book hangover. I don't know where to go from here. Wait for more snowbaz? Is rainbow even gonna write more of this world? (Please)? This messed me up. Help.
Anxiety Laf: Trich (Part Three)

Secret time: I typically read the tags when you reblog my fics, so yes, I did see your suggestion, and I am here to deliver! ;) The suggestion was to incorporate the burning feeling from trich and the desire for that feeling into the next lil fic centered around it. This is like… something I really, REALLY struggle with so I am more than happy to write you a lil fic about it, kiddo. Since a lot of you have messaged me saying that after reading that last trich-centered Anxiety Laf fic you think you might have trich, too, I want to say that this isn’t always a part of it, and it appears differently for everyone. If you think you have trich, please do reach out for help! I love you guys!!! <333 (ps next week’s will be about derma, just an fyi!)

There was one part of it Lafayette was certain his friends would not understand, so he kept it to himself. He had finally allowed his friends to help, and, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, he felt like he couldn’t handle losing their support all of the sudden, and he was certain that revealing this secret would do exactly that.

So he stayed quiet. He was used to staying quiet, anyway, after keeping his anxiety a secret for so long. But if he was so used to it, why was it so hard this time?

“Laf. LAF!” A hand tugged on his, pulling it away from his face where it had unconsciously crept as he’d gotten lost in his thoughts.

A cool metal square filled his hand. “Play with that, babe.”

Right. He was with Alex and Herc. Laf and Herc had gone out on a date to the movies earlier that evening and then Alex had convinced Herc to hang around for a bit afterward. The Washingtons, of course, didn’t mind. It was a Saturday night, after all.

The three boys were sitting on the couch together, waiting up to watch SNL, Alex’s favorite show.

Laf was tugging at the fidget cube Herc had placed in the hand Alex had pulled away from his face. He knew the two of them were carrying on some conversation, something about tonight’s SNL host and the musical he’d written, but Laf couldn’t focus on it.

From the corner of his eye, he checked to see how engaged the two of them were in their conversation. From the way Alexander’s hands were flying around, the answer was very.

With the hand not holding the gadget, Laf acted like he was itching his neck, then slowly let his hand creep up to his cheek, to his lashes. He needed to finish what he’d started, what Alex had interrupted. He needed to. He needed to feel the burn of it, of the hair being tugged from its follicle. He wasn’t sure why he needed it, either. He just knew he did.

He gave it a harsh pull, but it didn’t budge. He relished in the slight burning sensation, though. Well, he relished in it until a hand was on his again, this time, its grip tight.

“Laf,” Alex said.

“Babe,” Herc said from his other side.

“What’s going on? Are you stressed?” Alexander asked.

It was a valid question, but no. Laf wasn’t particularly stressed. He just… craved it. He craved the feeling. But how could he tell Alex and Herc that? They would really think he was crazy then.

“No, no, mon ami. It’s a, a, how you say? Compulsion?” His breaths were coming faster. He hadn’t been stressed or panicked before, but now he sure was. Just getting close to them finding out how he was feeling was sending him over an edge he hadn’t even realized he was close to.

“I will be right back,” he said quickly, springing up from the couch and making a dash to the bathroom before either of them could stop him.

Of course, Herc was hot on his trail, catching the door as Laf tried to swing it shut.

“Babe,” he said, hovering in the doorway. “What’s going on?”

“You’ll think I’m, I’m… twisted,” Lafayette said, sinking onto the tiled floor, his knees drawn up to his chest.

“Babe, no, shhh. I would never.” Herc knelt down next to Laf, pulling him close. He ran a soothing hand through Laf’s curls.

“Well, when I, um, pull? On a hair? Sometimes, sometimes––” He took a deep breath. He knew that if he really wanted to recover, he would need to be honest. And who better than his boyfriend to start with? “Sometimes it burns, and I… I like it. Or maybe, more, um, accurately? I need it. I need the feeling, Hercules,” he said, crying onto his boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Oh, babe, shhh.” Herc rubbed tiny circles into Laf’s back. “That’s probably part of the compulsion, yeah?”

“Actually it’s because the pulling releases adrenaline,” a voice said from the doorway.

They both looked up to find Alex standing there in his footsy pajamas with tiny turtles on them, a gift from Laurens, arms crossed, staring at his two friends who were huddled on the bathroom floor.

He shrugged, a grin spreading across his face. “And Laf, it’s normal. It’s so normal! And we’ll help, okay?”

Laf nodded over Herc’s shoulder. “Okay.”

Herc squeezed his boyfriend and kissed the side of his neck. Alex grinned again before scampering off down the hallway to the living room like a child on Christmas morning.

“What do ya say? Wanna go join the eavesdropping rat?” Herc said with a laugh.

Laf chuckled. “Oui. And mon cher?”

“Yeah?” Herc replied as he helped Laf to his feet.

Laf gently kissed Herc on the lips. “Thank you.”