the writing for them was so weird but idfc i loved them too much



So if you want to listen to a couple songs while reading this, try IDFC and 4u by Blackbear idk those are what I really liked to listen to writing this! Enjoy babes! 💕🌸☺️

You laughed as you walked into Big Mike’s house with Mallory and Molly. You were glad to be home from college for a bit and to see your high school squad. Especially when you heard the Jacks were home from LA, along with Sammy.

“Ayee ladies,” Mike greeted you three with a hug. “I’m sorry but overachievers can’t party.” He said nudging you. “Especially when they can’t even snapchat you back!”

You laughed, “I’m sorry, but I had mid terms!”

He laughed too as Mallory and Molly went to go greet Leigh or something as you followed Mike to the garage. “Aye where were you during mid terms in high school?” He asked. “Getting wasted and high on my couch.”

You shoved him lightly, grinning. “Oh come on.”

“I’m just messing around, it’s cool that your being super smart and shit.” He said as you approached the Jacks and Sammy.

“Oh wow, who are these hollyhood studs?” You joked. They were ten times tanner than you, who was paling from the winter sun. And so much more mature looking than last time you saw them.

“Y/n!” They shouted, and you gave them hugs and small kisses on the cheek. You pulled away, and stood next to them.

“Oh damn, college has done you good.” Sammy said, causing you to roll your eyes.

“Yeah, you’re still a fuckboy aren’t you?” You grinned.

“You wouldn’t want it any other way.” He winked.

You chuckled, grabbing his red cup out his hand and stole a drink. “Damn straight.” You winked back.

“Oh hey Y/n,” A deep raspy voice spoke from behind you. You tensed, and your jaw was clenched, with your heart slowly starting to ache, not even needing to look at his face, you knew who it was. You turned and saw Nate, who was the last person you wanted to see at the moment.

You and Nate had this weird relationship. You two got really close when he was in high school. You were on the cheerleading squad, and he was on the basketball team. You were his “cheerleader”, who bought him Gatorade and candy before a game and did jumps when he made foul shots. You two were in the same study hall and Spanish class, so you often last minute crammed for tests together and copied each other’s homework. And besides, almost all your guys’ friends were mutual; especially since you were super close with the Jacks and Sam.

But when he graduated, you two became so much closer. You were going out to eat with just the two of you instead of having a group of friends tag along, or calling each other if you wanted to talk at night. This man had you falling head over heels for him. You would blush when he called you cute names, and your heart would race when he was near, he made you feel so happy. You thought you two were more than best friends, you were pretty sure at least, but neither of you acted on it.

Then you went off to college, and that was when it stopped. He didn’t come to the airport to say bye, nor answered your texts or calls for the following weeks after. And then he finally replied with, “Sorry I’ve been working on some new music.” Which made you angry and you knew he was partially lying, because you saw posts on twitter or Facebook and on snapchat from him about parties he went to. That was the last straw for you, and you stopped trying since.

You scoffed, before turning back to the Jacks and Sammy, “I’m going to go find Molly. Text me and we’ll go to Panera or Chipotle one day.” You smiled weakly before going to find your friend. You were feeling a wave of emotions, anger, sadness, and love. Your eyes stung with tears, and you didn’t know why; if they were angry or upset tears, and why he was getting to you so much in a little amount of time. He was so nonchalant like he was fine about everything, and you think that’s what bothered you most.

“Y/n!” Nate kept shouting your name as you walked through the crowd of people. You ignored it, moving more quickly.

As you reached the staircase he managed to grab your arm. Your jaw was clenched as you whipped around. His brown eyes were staring at you with desperation.

“Let me go, Nate.” You hissed. His grip only tightened.

“Let me talk then,” He demanded in a low tone.

“Why, so you can only ignore me again when I go back to college?” You rolled your eyes, pulling away from him again.

You saw the upset look on his face, but he hurt you more than you could of hurt him.

“Nate-” You begged, but he lifted you over his shoulder, and dragged you up the stairs. You banged on his back, as drunk people catcalled at you two, taking the situation out of context. “Let me fucking go!” He walked into a spare bedroom and closed the door with his foot. “Your such an asshole!” You screamed as he dropped you on the bed. You flipped onto your back, propping up on your elbows, glaring at the attractive man in front of you.

“Hear me out-”

You got up off the bed, “No, why should I give you anymore time than I already have? When you can’t give me time, period?” You sneered.


His voice was pleading out for you, begging to explain. You sniffed, feeling your heart break more than it was. “Please, Nate.” You walked passed him to the door.

“I was fucking scared,” He yelled in frustration, as you opened the door. You turned around, with your eyebrows knitted together.


He took long strides to you, before cupping your face with his hands, and tilting your head upwards he smashed his lips to yours. You tried to pushing his chest to get him to stop, but you had been waiting for this moment since lord knows when. His lips molded against yours in a way that made your stomach flip and heat up in delight. You eased up, running your hands up his chest to around his neck pulling him in closer. You could feel him smile into the kiss, causing you to too.

He broke away staring at you, “I was scared of hurting you, I was scared of being hurt, and I was scared of having these feelings for you.” He admitted leaning his forehead against yours. “I’m never felt this way about any girl, and I knew if I watched you leave that day that I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

“But you know I would come back,” you said messing with the little hairs on the nape of his neck.

His arms wrapped around your waist and you missed the feeling of the old days when you two would have movie nights, and he would cuddle with you during a movie or hug you to keep warm at bonfires. You felt warm and secure in his arms, and you felt yourself calming down.

“But it overwhelmed and confused the hell out of me about how I felt.” He murmured, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear. “And I know I’ve been the biggest asshole to you, but please I can’t let you go off again knowing your upset with me.” He let his hand fall to the end of the strand of hair he tucked, twisting it gently with his fingers.

“I love you Y/n, and I want to make this work. I do.”

You bit your lip, trying to let his words sink in, that he loved you like the way you loved him. He made you absolutely mental, but you didn’t care. A goofy grin broke out on your face, and you pulled him into a hug.

“I love you too.” You whispered, before pulling away and giving him a short sweet kiss.

“I missed you so damn much Lil Mama.” He mumbled.

«hey guys, I’m sorry if it’s short or the ends sucky, it was going to have smut, but idk I just thought it wouldn’t fit and it was getting lengthy. I hope you like it though!»