the writers are just trolling those of us who ship these two

A Word To The Sherlock Fandom

Over the past two weeks I have read some truly angry pieces by a very upset Sherlock fandom. Usually, I would counter this with lots of Moffat praise and wait for the wave of anger to subside. But this time, it has become a matter of showing respect to the LGBT+ community. So for once, I am going to address the issue before I move on with my usual blogging routine. 

For Those Who Don’t Know What The Anger Is About…

In a nutshell, what it boils down to is that the episode The Final Problem gave its viewers the impression that the show might be over for good. And if that really were the case, it would mean the relationship between Sherlock and John would never have become canon. And the hints that were planted throughout the show would have been all in our heads. 

Now let me start by making my position on the matter clear: I firmly believe in a romantic relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I believe in it when watching the BBC series, I believe in it when reading the original books, I believe in it even after having watched The Final Problem. I believe. 

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I also strongly believe that Gatiss and Moffat have actually read the books and that they cannot possibly have overlooked all the subtext that hints towards a John-Sherlock relationship. And finally, I firmly believe that the writers have every intention to include this relationship in the show, if they get the chance…

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The Riverdale Reality Show

If you talk to anyone who watches Riverdale, chances are, the conversation will go like this:

Person 1: OMG you watch Riverdale? Who is your favorite character?

Person 2: Jughead! 

Person 1: Really? Me too!

Person 2: But honestly, I watch the show more for the actors than anything.

Somehow, Riverdale’s fame and success has become tied to how the actors live their lives. How much time Lili and Cole spend together, if KJ did think before he spoke, why did Cami spend a whole month with her friends from before fame?

These sound like plots of a reality show. We have made it so that the cast, even on their off time have to follow certain parameters, and you can say this isn’t true all you want, but the reality is, if you found out Lili and Cole were not a thing and were literally just friends, many fans would stop watching the show.

SH is just another role played for the bottom line. This isn’t about gossip anymore, cause there is no drama, I mean, there is, you make it. 

Last night’s episode of Riverdale Reality was a select number of fans thinking Cole might be dating Zoey because they spent some time together.

A few nights ago the episode consisted of what were Lili and Cole doing in the movie theatre.

And the worst part is to get through to any of you, we have to play along, if we don’t over analyze every little thing too, you are fully convinced your ship is end game without a doubt in your mind.



If this was a show, absolutely, everything any of the characters did would mean something, BUT IT’S NOT. Lili, Cole and Cami hanging out is cute and sweet and has NOTHING TO DO WITH SH. Two people wearing white shirts DOES NOT MEAN SHIT, it’s a fucking white shirt for fucks sake. 

This isn’t a TV show, stop treating it like one. And no, the fucking cast is not trolling trying to prove SH for your pleasure. Actors do not expect an audience to analyze their every move. Cole and Lili do not sit around and wonder what will make you squeal. They aren’t television writers. 

Leave the fucking analysis for the show, where every single thing that happens DOES mean something and IS calculated to make you think. 

And I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this too, but that’s only because, if I wasn’t, this real person relationship shipping would be even worse. At least you KNOW there is someone who thinks you are WAY over the top. And sadly to get through to you, to make people who don’t agree with you feel safe and supported, I have to go just as over the top, and it drives me crazy. Analyzing the lives of people I don’t know is toxic TO ME, but I know if I didn’t do it, this would be so much worse. 

People ask why I call this the most toxic fandom ever. It’s not the shipping itself, it’s how it’s manifested. 

This is not reality TV, stop treating it like it is. 

anonymous asked:

Yeesss!! People, we are in season 7. I think by now the audience fully understands the bond that Daryl and Carol have. TPTB did NOT have to show their bond AGAIN just to show they care about one another. Valuable screen-time could have been given to Maggie. Remember her, Gimple? Don't get me started on that, lol. But for some reason, Gimple wanted to add another layer to the caryl story. And we all know what that reason will be. Well, at least most of us do, lol.

Exactly this. If tptb didn’t want so many people shipping Caryl, if they wanted us to give up and see that their bond was nothing more than familial and they’d never grow beyond their platonic relationship - then those Caryl scenes in episode 10 simply would not have existed. Or, they would have looked a lot different. 

To portray a strictly familial bond, all the writers would have needed to do was have Daryl happen upon Carol while he was out. They absolutely would not have needed to go to the extra lengths that they went to, like: having Daryl bring Carol up to Morgan and gush about how she would have saved all their asses and led them to war (showing that she’s on his mind and that he is missing her); creating the whole conflict between Daryl and Richard (it would have been way easier to just not include that whole showdown because it delivered absolutely nothing to the big plot); having Morgan confront Daryl in a way that has been used since forever as a romantic trope - showing a character’s feelings for another character, then having an “outside” character point it out.

Tpbt could have still provided a Caryl scene or two in episode 10 if they just wanted to troll or tell us that the connection is platonic and staying that way. But if that was their goal, there’s no way they would have included all this other stuff that was used for the sole purpose of conveying Daryl’s feelings for Carol, over and over again. 

They also wouldn’t have made those scenes as emotional as they were. If they wanted us to believe that Daryl saw Carol as a family member, then they wouldn’t have shown that he took her leaving very personally, and it broke his heart. They would have shown Daryl to be upset, not so extremely hurt as he was, because what they did show was Daryl being the guy who is heartbroken over the love of his life leaving him. When a character is that hurt over another character leaving, it’s not meant to be seen as “oh he’s upset over his mom/sister/real estate agent leaving him”. You don’t do that

There were so many things packed into that episode that are undeniably romantic tropes:

  • talking about her out of the blue to other people.
  • beating up and threatening someone who wants to harm her.
  • heartbroken that she left.
  • he’s the one exception - the only person she lets in.
  • firelight dinner and emotional talk.
  • telling a huge lie to protect her and her feelings. (also the trope where one character can’t bear to see the other in pain or crying.)
  • walking away and then turning back and hugging her.
  • clinging to each other - in which smelling each other, nuzzling, and Daryl kissing her shoulder a little through her shirt were all involved.)
  • almost calling him back.
  • being called out on your feelings by the very person you were previously talking to when you brought her up out of the blue. 

Everyone knows that these are romantic tropes. That’s just common knowledge, especially for writers. These tropes have been used for years to convey a bond that has romantic potential and underlying romantic feelings - to convey that they are on the road to canon, or taking their relationship to that next level. 

So there’s no way Gimple would have gone through all this trouble, dedicated all that screen time to emphasizing and highlighting the fact that Daryl loves Carol and will put her before everything else, and used all those romantic tropes to do that - just because he wanted to troll. 

Because now it is canon in Daryl’s character that Carol is the most important thing to him in the world, and it was portrayed not in the way that you portray one’s platonic/familial feelings for another character - but in the way that is traditionally used to show romantic, loving, deeper-than-friendship feelings. 

And you don’t do that if you don’t have plans to develop the relationship into something romantic. 

Appreciation without Anxiety: Commenting 101

This time last year I was just starting to peek out from lurkerdom. There was a little bit of time cause of holiday breaks and I’d read so much amazing stuff at last year’s erised, but I was so nervous to start commenting. A year later it’s way easier and I figure there are some other people out there in the same boat I was in. So, from a fanfic writer and frequent commenter, some thoughts about how to start commenting with minimal fear

1. Before we even get into this, do writers really care about comments? OMG, we care so much. Writing is hard and you don’t know if anyone is going to like what you’re writing. Finding out that you did something right, that you don’t suck, means everything. Really. There have been moments where I’m stuck on a story and get a comment on an old fic and it’s so encouraging and energizing. Your words mean more to us than I can even really describe.

2. But why would they care about my comment? You - yes, you, exactly, precisely you - you, the reader, are who we’re writing for. If you’re reading our stuff, we care. It doesn’t matter if other people have commented. You, as a reader, as you, come to the story with feelings and perspectives that no one else can bring to it. Just by having read our stories, you have something worthwhile and important to say about them, and we truly want to hear you.

3. What the hell do I say? First and most important: anything nice you say will be the right thing. Short of telling us that we suck and our stories are awful, you really can’t go wrong.

4. No, but actually, what do I say? Here are some things you can say. You can use one or two or all of them. You can mix or match. But these are some good tangible ways to start.

  • You can keep it simple - Great story!“ "Loved it!” Taking the time to share a few short words still means loads to us.
  • Say how the story made you feel - “This brought a smile to my face!” “I got all choked up!” “I needed a cold shower!” “I couldn’t stop laughing!” Anything like that is fantastic.
  • Tell us what it was like to read the story - “I was on the edge of my seat,” “That was a great twist,” “this stayed on my mind all afternoon,” “I could see this world so clearly,” “I totally lost track of time.” Writers can never know what it’s like to read our own work - telling us what it was like for you is a huge gift. 
  • Mention moments you liked - “[Favorite Line Here] - wow, what a great line!” “I loved when X just threw Y up against a wall and kissed him!” You don’t have to explain it. Saying what stood out is helpful and exciting and can be an especially easy way to comment - copy, paste, “loved this line!” and go.
  • Talk about aspects of the storytelling that stood out to you - Plot development, pacing, dialogue, characterization, the conclusion, chemistry between the characters, secondary characters, how the story related to canon, cool headcanons that were included. I think this can be the hardest type of commenting because some of this stuff is hard to articulate, so maybe this is more like Commenting 102, but if you’re trying to figure out what you liked or want to be more specific in your comment, anything from that list would be a great place to start.

4. But what if I embarrass myself? What if there’s a typo or I comment on the wrong story or just end up flailing incoherently? I think most of us kind of love it when readers are left in a state of incoherent flailing? So don’t sweat that. If you’re worried about commenting on the wrong story, double check that you’re on the right page, then proceed. And if you do comment on the wrong story, delete it. No harm, no foul - really. We’ve all clicked on a wrong tab sometime. If there’s a typo, don’t sweat it. There’s probably a typo in the story. There’s probably a typo in this post. I’ve misspelled “typo” a couple times already. NBD. You left a comment - you are already a winner.

4a. No, really, I’m not sure you get how nervous this makes me. Totally possible. I’ll mention one other thing that helped me (and I was really super nervous): starting with anon fests. The anonymity made it way easier. Maybe I was commenting to one of my all-time faves who would normally leave me totally incoherent, but maybe I was commenting to another n00b just like me. Anon fests are a great way to give it a shot.

5. But what if English isn’t my first language and I accidentally say the wrong thing? First, if you’re reading and commenting in a language that’s not your first language, props. You’re awesome. That’s awesome. Second, it’s the general sentiment that matters. I’ve gotten comments where the grammar or conjugation is a little off and, really and truly, I am so excited to get the comment that that’s what matters. And knowing English isn’t your first language and you still went to all the effort of reading my story is an unbelievable gift. I will be flattered and amazed by you.

6. But I don’t have a username, what should I do? There are two great things about non-anon comments: (1) we can thank you, (2) It’s super extra exciting to realize someone liked one of your things enough to read another one of your things. So I generally am in favor of having them, and they’re free and whatnot, but that’s an opinion. If you don’t have one and don’t want one and still want to comment, unless a comm has disallowed anon comments (which if it’s done is usually to prevent trolling), go on and comment anonymously. Your words still mean a lot, and we still want to hear them!

7. What if I didn’t like the story? Just don’t comment. Easy.

8. What if I really liked the story but I’m kind of embarrassed that I liked the story? Yeah…been there. The story’s great, but it’s got a kink you never knew you liked and whoa why do you like it so much? Or it’s kind of cracky, or it doesn’t align with your politics or whatever - it happens. And you’re never required to comment. You could also sit on it for a while and come back later if you decide you want to comment or you could comment anonymously. One thing to think about: if commenting feels like putting yourself out there, imagine how it might have felt for the author to hit “post.” Being honest about what you like is a way to end up with more of it, and to show support for authors who are willing to take those risks.

9. If I start commenting, do I have to comment on every story? Nah. It’s lovely if you do, but comments are not a requirement. It’s not like entering into a new world of homework. Comment on what you like, on what moves you or excites you, on things you enjoy. There’s also, at least on AO3, the kudos option, which is still a nice way to give a writer a general thumbs up

10. That’s all nice or whatever, but why should I spend my time commenting? Aren’t the stories just there for me to read? Well…kind of. The stories are there for you to read whether or not you leave a comment after you read them. But fandom is a community, and fanfic is a labor of love. Reader feedback is really the only thing we have to go on. The most popular on A03 in the whole of my favorite ship has gotten kudos 7% of the time and comments .001% of the time. Repeat: comments .001% of the time. And it’s a little hard to know, as a writer, what’s going on there. If a story of mine has been viewed 7500 times and has 320 kudos and 13 comments, does that mean that 7180 people really didn’t like it very much? Are people clicking on it, reading the first paragraph, and deciding it’s so bad they have to back-button immediately? I don’t think that’s the case, but without reader feedback, all we know is that you clicked on something. Without knowing that you liked things, or why you liked things, or what things you liked…it just gets hard. Harder to feel like the writing is doing what (for a lot of us, anyway) it’s meant to do: tell stories that move you, that help you stay in these amazing worlds, that give you (and us!) a way to revisit favorite characters and ideas. Harder to be motivated to write. And then ships and fandoms start shrinking, and no one wants that, right? So, yes, the stories that are already there will be probably there whether or not you comment. But commenting is a way to keep a fandom healthy and thriving. It’s a way to meet people (if that’s a thing you want to do), to encourage writers, and to end up with more fanworks to enjoy. Your comments are the wind in your favorite ship’s sails, basically. And that makes commenting one of the absolute best ways to show your fandom love.

11. Okay. This makes sense. I’m ready. How do I start? The next time you read something, click “leave a comment.” Write some words there. You can use some of the examples above if it helps. Let yourself be nervous if you’re nervous. Try an anon fest if that makes it easier. If you want to try it with someone who is thick-skinned and non-judgy and hard to offend, you can try it with mine (potentially self-serving, I realize, but you already know I’m down for comments and chill about them). And then hit “submit.” And you will have made somebody’s day.

Fullmetal Alchemist Kink Meme!

So, I finagled this a while ago, but completely forgot to post it.

Did you guys know that AO3 allows for kink memes?!  You can find the FMA one here!

If you’re not familiar with kink memes from LiveJournal, essentially, the premise is this: you post an anonymous prompt (it can be as kinky as you’d like, but doesn’t actually have to involve porn; I’ve seen some pretty excellent ones that just had plot or character development) with a short summary of what you’re looking for.  If someone else finds it interesting, they fill it anonymously!  Obviously, you don’t have to keep any of your personal prompts or fills anonymous, but for those of us who are shyer or just like the mystery of it, you’re welcome to.

In general, it’s usually considered polite to fill if you prompt something, though of course if you aren’t a writer, that’s fine—but do note that AO3 does support art posting!  So you can do that, too!

It’s also perfectly acceptable to claim and fill a prompt someone else has already filled, if it catches your fancy, too.

Note that all ships and kinks are welcome here.  This is moderated, to an extent, so any hate, nastiness, or troll filling of prompts will be quickly dealt with.  Of course, this also means that you may want to be cautious when browsing, as you may see something that’s a personal trigger.

There are more features to the prompt memes that AO3 has, which you can find on their site, but those are the basics.

Even if you’re not a content creator, you can help out by 1. prompts!!!  you’re welcome to suggest prompts!!! and 2. a signal boost would be fantastic. :D

Sally forth, writers!

Star Trek: Discovery storyline revealed

You’ve seen the trailer. You’ve read our teases. But what is Star Trek: Discovery really about? And why are there two starships in this show, the U.S.S. Discovery and the Shenzhou?

Showrunners Aaron Harberts and Gretchen J. Berg don’t want to give away too much of the plot. The CBS All Access drama is heavily serialized with plenty of twists and turns — particularly in the first few episodes — which makes the storyline difficult to discuss.

But here’s some new intel the duo are ready to reveal about the series, which stars Sonequa Martin-Green as a Starfleet First Officer who was the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy.

“Burnham [has] spent a lot of time on Vulcan, but she’s human,” Harberts says. “Sarek [Spock’s father, played by James Frain] plays an important role in her life, which has been completely planned until she makes a very difficult choice that sends her life on a very different path. When we meet her, she’s the First Officer on the Starship Shenzhou [captained by Philippa Georgiou, played by Michelle Yeoh]. And Burnham’s choice that we’re alluding to is most difficult choice you can make — it affects her, affects Starfleet, affects the Federation, it affects the entire universe. That choice leads her to a different ship, the Discovery [helmed by Captain Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs] and there we begin what Gretchen and I call our ‘second pilot.‘”

Burham is, of course, the first Trek lead who is not a captain,* so we asked the showrunners what that choice adds to the drama.

“The joy is in the journey,” Berg replied. “The advantage to her not being in charge of the bridge right now is we get to tell stories from a very different point of view. It’s a fresh feeling because we’re not on the bridge all the time. We get access to more parts of the ship.”

Also, the Klingons are heavily involved in the season … and they’re not very friendly.

In addition, we asked the producers which Trek series or film has the biggest influence on the new series.

“There’s a hint of all of them, but in the writers’ room people are so in love with The Original Series and Next Generation, and they talk about the family aspect of those cast members,” Berg said.

Added Harberts: “I think Nicholas Myers’ film are a touchstone, and not just because he’s been on staff with us. His storytelling is complex and intellectual and yet there’s a lot of room for character voices and character work, he’s done such an incredible job with the franchise. In terms of scope and scale, there’s something about Star Trek: The Motion Picture that really speaks to us as well. CBS has allowed us to find a cinematic language that’s wider in scope — our aspect ratio is 2:1 — and it just lends itself to a very lyrical way of telling the story. And just visually speaking, there’s also a little hint in terms of what J.J. Abrams did, a little bit, in terms of some of the visuals.”

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Star Trek: Discovery will debut Sunday, Sept. 24 (first on CBS, then shifting to CBS All Access streaming service; Netflix internationally). EW has more to come, follow @jameshibberd for the latest.

* Yes I know, Sisko in DS9 was also not technically a captain but that was only because the show was set on a space station and not on a ship; he was still the highest ranking officer, which amounted to the same thing.

How I Believe Side:Despair Could've Kept Nagito Komaeda Around Instead Of Banishing Him From The Plot For Convenience (And It Still Work)

*Obviously DR3 Side:Despair Spoilers Ahead (I know it’s been months since the anime but I’m being courteous)*

*Also let me preface this by pointing out that, despite its severe flaws, I still like Danganronpa 3/Side:Despair and if nothing else found it entertaining.*

Okay, so I have this tendency to rant about topics in my head where I’m more “eloquent”. And one of the things I was ranting to myself about was some of the writing issues around Danganronpa 3’s infamous Despair Arc.

One of the things I got to thinking about was the whole mess around the SHSL Problematic Fave himself, Nagito Komaeda. Specifically, his weird situation when it came to the plot.

Originally posted by jolien-snowfield

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In The Little Moments

Well now that the dust has settled and we are now into hiatus I wanted to get this meta off my chest and out into the Universe.  

I know the fandom, myself included, were disappointed at how the Fitzsimmons aspect of last season was done.  From the record low screen time together, the ‘reward we’d waited for’ not really being the reward WE wanted or what was hyped, and then the fallout post Framework.  We already have a pile of fix it fics out there that could have made things a lot better.  

I also stand by my analysis that the writers thought it was enough.   In the past the Fitzsimmons fandom hasn’t been a hard fandom to please. with something like a handhold and sandwich sustaining us for months.   And when we go back episode by episode and we had a moment or two nearly every episode, which is amazing.  They have us tons of ‘little moments’.

  1. We should build a place to get away, lingering hand holds, and bed cuddles.
  2. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab/cue Jemma gasping
  3. They both had HUGE hero moments separately and you don’t have to live in the shadows anymore.
  4. Love Nest shopping, casual “I Love You’s,”, “The Look”, and The Lean tm with I prefer a Classical Beauty.
  5. “The Look” pt 2 and fight
  6. Fitz losing is crap because he couldn’t get ahold of Jemma.
  7. Everyone ships them, everyone knows how much they mean to each other, ‘she’s out there all alone and I’m gone”, and glorious reunion hugs.
  8. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, working together, comforting touches (cue creeper AIDA), double shot, and couch cuddles.
  9. Fitz made the electric bobbi pin and no one can tell me otherwise.  But yes there was a distinct lack of moments here.
  10. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, sassing Talbot, and The Lean tm part two with adorable flirting.  
  11. KISS (short kiss but dang it it was the first one in forever), fight, protective get away from him Jemma with Dadcliffe.
  12. Has to be one of my top eps.  Fitzsimmonsing in the lab, backstory, protective/supportive Jemma, face grab kisses, adoring looks, and more Fitzsimmonsing.
  13. Fitzsimmonsing in the lab and in the field.  Supporting new step dad Mace and don’t get yourself killed hugs.
  14. Supportive Jemma, hand holds, Davis bit (rip Davis), and more scared hand holds.
  15. THE FEELS!  Protectiveness, more feels, oh god more feels, Fitz wants to propose, Jemma wants to say yes, more feels, I can’t think without Fitz, this is not where your story ends, and Jemma going to get her man back.  
  16. Jemma dug herself out of the grave…and yeah we don’t talk about the rest.
  17. His name is Leopold James Fitz and I love him.   And for good measure more feels.  
  18. Jemma driven to get to him and AIDA driven to make sure that didn’t happen.  
  19. AIDA pretty much confirms she’s took Fitz for herself here to Daisy.
  20. No matter what Jemma would not say that she meant nothing to him.  
  21. My love for will never fade, only room in his heart for her, and the most beautiful reunion hug ever.  Oh and the evil robot thought what they had was so amazing she tried to steal it for herself.
  22. FItzsimmonsing…kinda, decoy Fitzsimmons, and AMEN!

Theirs is a forever love.

I can only speak for myself as to why that impressive list didn’t feel like ‘enough’.  And its that while those little moments would have totally done it in past seasons.  Fitzsimmons has grown, not only are they now in a relationship and I expected to see at least a little more of that.  I expected to see them actually working and being together more.  If someone had told me at the beginning of the season we’d see more kisses for FItz when he was brainwashed into a relationship in the Framework vs. Fitzsimmons I would have come up with a nice long meta as to why that wouldn’t have happened.   

It was also they hype there was over selling.  IE us and Jed have very different understanding of what words like reward mean.  

This was also coupled with they went too far with Fitz in the Framework and they grossly underestimated the toll that and the whole thing with AIDA would take on the fandom.  Nor do I feel that was their original intention.  I do think originally we were going to get more of a Dadcliffe thing where it was indeed Radcliffe manipulating him in the Framework and then they jumped tracks and went with AIDA since they were so happy with Mallory.  

As I’ve said they crossed the line between fun and frustration.  

And Season 4 is in the books all we can do now is fix it fic the hades out of it over hiatus.  

But that also means I’m going into Season 5 with a very VERY different set of expectations.  This is more for self preservation for myself than anything else but if anyone else wants to follow along that is great.

  • We are a very lucky fandom with tons of very talented authors.  Last hiatus was fluffy fic fest 2k16 and so far I was right and we are in the midst of recovery fic fest 2k17.   I need to be ready for the recovery arc they have set up for Fitz and Fitzsimmons won’t get the attention it does in our fics.  So just as we didn’t get kisses and cuddles all the time in Season 4 we aren’t going to get a lot of really wonderful discussions on recovery and healing in Season 5.
  • I am going to be careful with any and all interviews. 
    • The Jeff’s:  Troll us…though Loeb was not wrong with his “This young man as you’ve never seen him before,” with Iain.
    • Jed and Mo:  Doesn’t outright lie but will over embellish or mislead.  Also these are the ones that know their endgame.  So even though he says Marriage is something that will “come up” again it might not be “soon” (another word us and the writers have a different meaning for).
    • Cast:  They have to be so careful in what they say and they get the scripts right before.  For example Iain had the ‘sit down’ with the writers for his arc but Lil wasn’t privy to it.  Lil being happy could be her just happy they are filming together again not that Fitzsimmons have a Love Nest in Space and a baby on the way.
  • My expectations are back to pre season 4 levels where I am happy to have them in the same room, know who each other are, don’t have a ton of angst, and are not kidnapped.
  • Know we will get some nice moments like we did this season.  But those moments will be smaller…big ones will come out of no where.
  • Pray that the writing team has seen a fraction of our feedback and taken it to heart.
  • Essentially plan for the worst and hope for the best.

I know Fitzsimmons is endgame.  I know there will be more obstacles for us to get there…fingers crossed they will face them together.  

Dear Anonymous Shitheads,

I’ve… since the beginning of posting stories on FFNet, always instantly deleted anonymous bullshit - mind you, not the sweet ones or the neutral ones or the honestly critical ones, just the flames. Because I felt like it’d give them some sense of, you know, victory if they saw their bullshit popping up in my review section? Just delete and forget.

Because let’s be frank, I don’t give a fuck about your sensitivities and complaints.

I’ve never given a fuck and I’m not gonna start any time soon. I’m too old for this shit. But hey, tumblr sounds like the fun place where I can publically answer the anonympous bullshit I get.

And today’s ediction centers around my newest Jagnus fic - A Magnificent Warlock’s little Shadowhunter.

This ship is disgusting! It makes me so happy they are never ever going to be together! Malec for life!

I find this one in particular adorable. Daw, you got your OTP as canon. Good for you, little troll. Go and rewatch the show or reread the books then and stay away from fanfiction, how about that?

Like, you find it disgusting? Sure. You have a right to find it disgusting. You also have a right to use your brain, if existent, and learn how to filter the stories popping up in your feed. The internet is a wondrous place and you don’t have to actually put up with the things you hate. You can really very simply avoid them. If you don’t know how to to that, well, learn it.

And let me just add; I don’t need my OTPs to be canon. I prefer them not to be, actually. Because rarely do writers get couples done good. Malec in season 2 was a disastrous example of that. There was just so much bad writing involved there. No, I prefer it as non-canon, I prefer to write and read fanfiction about it.

And the second one I got - and I’m guessing it’s from the same eloquent genius:

It’s bad enough you write jagnus for the show now you have to ruin the books as well!

Aw, that’s so cute. I’m ruining the books? I didn’t even know I was going to write the next sequel book and turn it into canon Malace. *gasps* Because, quite frankly, the only way I could ruin the books was if I were to actually write the next book and force my awful, disgusting ships down your throat by making you read them in the context of them being canon. But sure, if unrelated fan-produced things on the internet ruin a book series for you, yeah. And you - again, still - have the option to filter work and not read things that “ruin” your fandom.

It’s been a while since I last got bullshit like that. I felt that maybe the shithead has given up. Apparently, me posing under the book tag woke the sleeping troll. Daw, I hope it goes back to sleep soon.

Back in the day, when I was still a hatchling writer, I used to take things like those to heart. Now they’re my greatest source of entertainment. I just find the notion that people are not just too stupid to filter work but also fail so miserably hard at not clicking things they don’t want and theeen having a large enough ego to actually leave bullshit reviews about what pouty, whiny, bitchy, entitled littl ebrats they are… I find it utterly amusing, to be honest.

I mean. There’s literally nothing about antis, trolls or haters that can be taken seriously.

And… what they don’t seem to understand is that their bullshit fuels me? Back when I started writing for the Shadowhunters fandom, I got a lot of this crap for my Malace stories, particularly for the Jalec aspect of them. Though it did baffle me that some of them managed to praise the sweet Malec moments and then shit all over how I had to ruin the fic by adding Jace to disguise my Jalec shit as Malace? For one, Jalec ain’t shit, it’s a precious OTP of mine, and for another… you literally just praised the Malec moments? How is that disguising Jalec as Malace then?

That lead to my phase of posting two to three Malace fics a week (and to me being motivated to write my first purely Jalec fic). Because if you’re too stupid to filter fanfiction and if you’re so horribly offended by my awful, disgusting pairing and if you’re that incapable of ignoring things that are not your taste, then I will flood your fucking inbox with my godsawful disgusting work until you drown in it.

I’m already working on my next Jagnus story. And I can’t wait to keep reading the book so I can write and post the next book-related Jagnus story.

Just to spite you, dear anonymous shithead. Because I’m a petty, vindictive and very protective little bitch when it comes to my fandoms, my ships and the things I love.

I do not tolerate for others to shit all over them. I wouldn’t seek out the things I hate just to shit all over them either, because I know the people writing them put a lot of love into it and love the things I hate, for whatever reason. You have every right to hate everything you hate for the dumbest bullshit reasons there are, but what gives you the right to drag others who love it down?

So if you can’t muster the same amount of common respect and human decency, then I want to see you drown in the pairings you hate. Because, as mentioned above, I’m a petty little bitch. And I’m all out of fucks to give. I stopped being self-conscious about my writing or my pairing choices years ago - if I ship it, I write it and if you don’t ship it, then you shouldn’t read it.

That’s always been how I handled the haters and that will always be how I will handle haters. If you take the time to tell me how awful I am and how much you hate what I do, I will make sure to take the time to write more awful things just to spite you.

Uhm, not that my readers now feel motivated to leave hate just to make me write more? Because I do appreciate the sweet things you guys leave faaar more than the anonymous bullshit.

So, I’m not sure what the point of this was. Not to reach the anonymopus shithead, of course, because I know from experience that you can’t reason with trolls. But maybe to share with others who sail my precious ships that you should never let the haters get to you and that, if you just keep writing and holding your head high, they eventually give up? That you should never be the one giving up? That if others make you feel shitty in your safe place - your fandom - then you gotta fight back with whatever methods you have, even if they’re just writing or drawing or fangirling/fanboying even harder just to show them that they hold no power over you and that you know that your pairing is good and amazing and shipable?

Also an overall shout-out to all Malace, Jalec and Jagnus writers for writing my OTPs and not letting idiots get to them either.

magentaperrie  asked:

First of all, same name! Lol. I have been following your page for countless months and I was obviously skeptical at first, but I say there’s no way beth isn’t coming back now. Do you ever have any doubts? Like they may be doing all those small things to mess with us and she’s not coming back? No one in my family believes that she’s coming back except for my sister, who believes as much as I do. Also, totally agree with Daryl falling to his knees in tears at the sight of her. I’m so ready!

Originally posted by mychoiceistaylor13

Hi there! Thank you for all of your continued support, I’m so glad to see that my blog is helping. :)

Personally, I don’t have doubts. There’s just too much evidence from various angles on and offscreen. It’s the size of a mountain range, and the Beth connections haven’t stopped. They’ve only grown stronger, more direct, and more frequent rather than slowed down. Your concern is one many TDers have had in the past and still do, but I have been around for a long time. AMC would never troll Beth fans. EVER. Not in the way you’re referring to. AMC would not be pouring valuable time, money, and resources into keeping Beth’s story alive on and offscreen just to get us to watch. For one thing, this isn’t high school and TPTB aren’t that juvenile. They are trying to tell a powerful story about hope, trauma, and family. They also do not need to remind us of Beth and how strong she is because we don’t need to be convinced. We aren’t their target audience. They want to keep Beth alive, in the back of the minds, of general viewers. From a business perspective, Beth fans are a drop in the bucket. Here is a quote from a post @bethgreenewarriorprincess wrote towards the end of the midseason seven hiatus:

We know the petition to bring back Beth was 65,771 (x). Thanks to the mad math skills of @allatariel we know the average viewership over all the seasons is estimated at 10.7 million viewers. […] That’s an estimated 0.6% of total fans.” (X).

Let that sink in: We comprise less than one percent of viewership. Mathematically and financially we are a blip on the radar, especially in AMC’s eyes. The network is notoriously cheap: for example, they considered cutting Breaking Bad’s last season in half in order to help cover expenses for Mad Men (X). AMC had also TWD’s budget as this was back during production for season 2, which eventually lead to Frank Darabont’s departure. By spending all of this money on Beth, such as all of the missing filming spanning seasons 5 to 7 and social media campaigns, the network is taking money away from other projects.  They’re even diverting attention from other TWD actors and characters. Emily also goes out of her way to promote the show and her “former” role on it, and her music releases align with the show’s schedule. 

Furthermore, the Beth promotion started before Beth was even perceived as nothing more than a redshirt. Right after season 3 ended, CollegeHumor did a TWD-related video that required AMC’s permission, and the video included Beth as a main character, fighting walkers alongside Rick and Daryl, dressed like her future incarnation in 4x10 and 4x11 (X). This would have been at the time the writers were working on scripts and finalizing film schedules for the upcoming summer. (Scripts are started in February: X. The video came out at the beginning of April, which fits as most short videos are shot about a month before they’re aired.)

I’m going to quote one of my favorite movies, Paul. (It’s about two classic nerds who help an alien named Paul escape from the government and reach his people’s ship.) I feel it’s appropriate to the Beth situation:

“Clive: He looks too obvious.
Paul: There’s a reason for that, Clive! Over the last 60 years, the human race has been drip fed images of my face, on lunch boxes, and t-shirts and shit.
In case our species do meet, you don’t have a fuckin’ spaz attack!

Essentially, the general audience has been drip fed reminders of Beth so they don’t have a spaz attack once she returns in full. If you would like to read more on all of this business stuff, please check out my related tag: X.

Ya know what I find most amusing about all this Karamel vs S*percorp silliness?

This ridiculous rivalry and debate over who is better for Kara, or who she should be with, has only ever existed in one place. And that’s online in the fandom, between the shippers themselves. Innocent Karamelers, like me, who just want to enjoy the canon and be left alone. And then there’s the deluded S-corper trolls, who can’t leave well enough alone, or can’t stay in their own tags. That’s the only place where the rivalry between the ships exists.

You know where it never has been though? On THE ACTUAL SHOW. Mon-El and Lena have never been in competition for the role of Kara’s love interest, because Kara and Lena, as the cast have already said, are “just friends”. I know it, Karamelers know it, the cast and the writers all know it.

There’s no contest between the two of them because it’s not in the writing. It doesn’t exist in the context of the show. It’s only in the minds of those foolish enough to start a war in the first place. And for what? To just be proven wrong? To get ignored and blocked by those of us who don’t want to put up with their shit?

I ask you, what is even the point anymore? We know where the wind is blowing. We’ve known for months. Fandom drama is not even a factor in the grand scheme of things. The episodes are filmed way in advanced of any negative or positive post. The writers have already decided what they want to do. It’s television. It’s scripted programming. And if someone doesn’t like what’s in the script, too bad. That’s reality.

Which is why I just don’t care anymore. The show is what it is. It doesn’t matter what any of us wants or thinks. The writers are going to do what they want. Either way we’re screwed. But only the Karamel fans get screwed in a good way. Yes, we get angst, we get drama, we get tearful separations. But in the end we still get our ship. And most importantly we get the support of the writers Melissa and Chris. The people who gave us Karamel in the first place.

So we really should just try to enjoy ourselves and look forward to what’s to come. I certainly intend to. Feel free to join me, guys. It will be worth it in the end. I promise.

Because at the end of the day, fandom and shipping is supposed to be fun. I want the fun back. How about you?


LAST Part of grrlgeek’s shameless self-promotion

No links, so go to fanfiction dot com slash ~grrlgeek72 to find all these lovelies.

Before I go on I need to do some promotion for other authors, too.

I mentioned @elym13 a couple of times.  On fanfiction dot net, her author name is ‘stillslightlynerdy’, and she has some excellent stories where Elsa has acquired an amazing lover.  Femslash OC extraordinaire!  Go, read!  Because my fiction wouldn’t be as good as it is without her beta skills.

In the last 18 months or so, I also acquired another beta reader, jedijae on fanfiction dot net.  She goes by the handle @thegeekogecko here on tumblr. She has a couple of modern AUs that are a delight.  Anna as paratrooper is so right!

At this point, nerdy, jae and I finish each other’s paragraphs and borrow OC’s shamelessly.  And we have tickets to see the musical in April! Squeeee!

@morgaine2005 helped me out with some fashion things when I needed it.  She has a presence here and on fanfiction dot net, although she has been doing more writing in the harry potter universe recently.

@olofahere (olofa on bailed me out when I lopped Elsa’s head off.  She writes terrific fluffy smut.  Smutty fluff?  Whatever… go, read. INGRID!

Who says guys don’t write fanfiction?  Try out @concolor44 and @dragunov888 while you’re there.  Drag writes realistic grimdark fiction and really gets into the dark side of the oeuvre. Concolor has a very nice OC mate for Elsa that has his own brand of magic.

@wandering-bard-from-the-id is a favorite. She goes by onora on

Also @insectoid5, @blunaowl, (looking for a Snowboarding update soon!), @wintermoonqueen, @ultranos (RL kicking her ass and keeping her from Ghost on the Wire), @marvelousgameofdisneythrones (taps foot impatiently waiting for updates), @fruipit,   and frankly, many more.  Please don’t be mad if I left you out. The number of talented writers here is simply phenomenal, and they all deserve to be read and cherished.

One last memorial: @thearendork.  She was a huge fan of Tadelsa. I mentioned her influence on getting me to write “Tears of a Queen”.  The cover art on her blog is Elsa and Tadashi walking through San Fransokyo, which I used for inspiration of that scene in chapter 13. We lost her too soon. We miss you, Ann.

Okay, now on to the last of my stories.

Let’s wrap this up with a medley: (Click on the pictures for captions)

The Spare - Eight months after her coronation, Queen Elsa of Arendelle begins to bring her sister into the governance of the kingdom. She does not know that there is a plot to force her from the throne. A plot that began long before her parents died. A plot that requires two deaths in order to succeed. Now part of the ‘Frozen I.C.E.’ award community!

Do The Magic! -  After the harrowing events that took place in “The Spare”, Elsa decides that it is long past time that she actually practice using her magic. She has a proposal for the Captain of her bodyguards. He agrees, and training begins. As it happens, Elsa learns more than she bargained for. So does the Captain.

Teach Your Children Well - Everyone think Anna is the little troublemaker, but we know better. Elsa is the master mischief-maker, working hard to develop Anna’s skills! A bit of sisterly fluff written for an event on tumblr. Queen Idunn and Gerda have their hands full with the two little princesses. The snow sisters is strong in this one!

Coffee for the Queen - Everyone had to do a coffee shop story! This was written for 'elsanna’ week on tumblr. I don’t usually ship elsanna, but this idea came to me and I wrote it. No incest, Elsa and Anna are not related in any way here. Also, no sexytimes or even kissing. But it got a pretty good reception on tumblr, so here you go.

A Walk in the Park – A series of one-shots that explore various issues in the lives of our friends in Arendelle. These vignettes can take place days, weeks, months or even years after the end of the movie. The picture is from chapter 5, where Anna is trying to help Elsa forget bad memories and make good ones.

An Act of True Love – Written for “What IF?” week of Frozen Fandom Month on tumblr. WHAT IF Elsa froze her own heart instead of Anna’s as they argued at the Ice Palace? How would Anna revive Elsa? How would the Kingdom react to Anna becoming Queen? And … what about Hans? And Kristoff?

Making Today a Perfect Day – It’s Anna’s birthday - her first birthday since the Great Thaw. Elsa is determined to make up for 13 years of isolation and recruits Kristoff to help her make it a perfect day. A bit of Kristanna/Ice Bros. fluff written for Valentine’s Day 2016.

Protector of the Dominion – 3 months have gone by since Elsa’s coronation. Life is settling into normalcy. An enemy out for revenge attacks Arendelle, putting the young Queen in a dangerous situation. This wasn’t something she had trained for, but she proves to be the 'Protector of the Dominion’ her coronation oath demanded, even if it costs her a serious crisis of conscience. This story was written first, and is an alternate view of the Weselton attack in  Verðug dróttning stór. 

The Hour of the Wolf – Anna has demons that come to her in the dark of night, just like Elsa. On a trip to seek advice from the trolls, she is in peril in the wolf-infested woods. Will Elsa and Kristoff find her in time? As our story ends, Elsa comforts Anna and helps her overcome some of the nightmarish doubts in her heart. Heavy on the Ice Bros, as Elsa and Kristoff share their love for Anna.

There you have it, friends and fans!  Hope you enjoyed the cover art, hope you are intrigued enough to go read and review.  Feedback is always welcome.

My muse has been on vacation since December, 2016, but the new content coming out with Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, and especially the leaks from the Broadway Musical version of the story is stirring her up.  Maybe there’ll be more to add to this list soon.

An Open Letter to Apologists for Sleepy Hollow

Dear Apologists for Sleepy Hollow:

We’re nearly four months past the third season finale of Sleepy Hollow, and you still don’t get it. Let’s set aside Abbie Mills’ death a moment (don’t worry, we’ll get back to it) and get some things straight.

1) Network television shows are commercial products, created, produced, and distributed in a multi-billion dollar global media industry. Like other products, they involve creative labor, but they do not represent an “artist’s vision.” They represent a delivery mechanism for eyeballs to advertisers, and advertisers bought over $9.25 billion at the five biggest broadcast networks this year for the 2016-17 TV season.

Every time I see the defense of a creative choice on network TV couched as, “I trust the storytellers” or, worse, “the writers are telling the story they want to tell,” I cringe. That’s not true. They’re telling a story that makes business sense and it is a fundamentally collaborative enterprise. Budget, labor, product placement, international distribution, audience demographics, studio and network goals and notes, weird writers’ room dynamics, etc. all shape and constrain the “story” choices you see, good and bad. (You’ll notice that TV writers are quick to distance themselves from unpopular choices and say, “you don’t know what goes into these decisions!” but happy to claim creative agency when something is going well or is praised. Cognitive biases are so exhausting.)

Not that you can’t still enjoy TV as an entertaining or even meaningful commercial product, but this counter-criticism that rests on a bizarre fantasy of creative agency of writers is bogus all the way through. TV isn’t like novels; it isn’t even like indie films.

2) Still, even if it were the case that the writers’ room had a strong vision for the season and executed the story they wanted to tell, the story the Sleepy Hollow team told was terrible. It was bad television along every dimension. Again, ignoring Abbie’s death, what are some examples of the poor storytelling in S3? The way the timeline couldn’t be kept straight? Dropping the magical/supernatural system and Biblical backbone from the first two seasons? The wackadoo and inconsistent Sumerian/Greek/Norse/WhateverTheFuck mythology? The villains–Pandora and the Hidden One–who did nothing, acted without motivation, stood around a lot, and were boring to boot? What connection did they even have the Witnesses? All of the artifacts? The Betsy Ross storyline? The bizarre introduction and story for Daniel Reynolds, who flip-flopped between being a mere cipher and a nasty abuser? The “demon convention” that never happened? The boring monsters? The FBI conspiracy that wasn’t? The sudden romance between Joe Corbin and Jenny Mills? Ezra Mills and the stereotype fest of the absent Black father? All the things signposted that never came to fruition, or just sort of petered out, like saving the Archives?

Plots holes, inconsistencies, doubling-back, missing character motivations, random pick-ups and drops, major misfires in dramatic irony and the use of foreshadowing, an unsure tone, etc. dogged the season.

And it wasn’t even “crazy.” It wasn’t even fun. It was a slog.

If you want to defend that “vision,” great. More power to you. But don’t pretend it was competent, let alone good, and understand you’re apologizing for poor storytelling and creative work. You’re letting the studio, the network, the producers, and the writers off the hook for a truly subpar product.

3) White male writers, producers, and executives do not need the support or protection of women, especially women of color. White men are statistically overrepresented in Hollywood, and the White male experience dominates TV and film production. Here are some voices from the field:

“In general, men can and frequently do fail up, and women can and frequently do succeed down — and you’re just aware of the fact that as a girl, you can’t screw up,” says Nina Jacobson [The People Vs. O.J. Simpson].

They say write what you know. But if what you know is not the experience of a middle-aged white male, good luck getting a greenlight.

Yes, even in a 400-plus-series universe that has made considerably bigger strides than the film world, that white-guy voice remains the loudest and most often heard. “If I waited to write only for a Persian lesbian, I’d still be waiting,” notes Fresh Off the Boat showrunner Nahnatchka Khan, 42. “But I can write for straight white men because those are the jobs.”

White men employed at network TV series are not marginalized, are not disempowered, do not need advocates in fandom or in Hollywood. Neither do the stories–the voices, the experiences, the biases, the assumptions–of White men need advocates in fandom or in Hollywood.

4) The Sleepy Hollow fandom has always been fractured, and it’s always been full of racists. People who are flagrant racists, of course, have been all over the fandom, but the racism presents mostly as folks biased toward the story of Ichabod Crane because he represents a familiar norm. (See above:  the straight White man.) Here’s the thing:  with the death of Abbie Mills, the racists in the fandom “won”–including the unconscious racists, the one who would swear up and down they don’t harbor biases against Black Americans.

You know why you think there are more stories to tell? Because you think, and you’ve thought all along, that Sleepy Hollow is a White man’s story.

If you think, or thought, that it was Abbie Mills’ story or the story of Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, you wouldn’t be saying there were more stories to tell. Because there aren’t. Abbie is dead.

If you find appealing the show’s take on sanitized Revolutionary “twistory” or the adaptation of the Washington Irving story, and consider the characters secondary, you’re still guilty of racial (and gendered) bias because those are White stories. Coding your bias doesn’t eliminate it.

Your preferences aren’t neutral, my friend.

The eruption of the fandom at the end of the third season (and throughout seasons two and three) wasn’t just a response to the TV series itself, but to the White-dominant part of the fandom that the show was catering to, the part of the fandom that lectured the anti-racist and anti-sexist parts of the fandom and called those who criticized the show “haters,” that supported the writers and producers and Fox saying, “wait and see,” that denied Abbie’s full humanity, that thought it was “refreshing” the Black female lead wasn’t cast in a romantic light (especially with her White male partner), that apologized and continued to apologize for the content on the show that was insensitive and even harmful to many folks, that enjoyed and even stole fan work from the more progressive parts of the fandom, and, finally, presented itself as the voice of fans in primary interactions with writers, producers, and actors.

(The show itself did much the same thing. One minute, it’s ship-baiting Ichabbie, the next minute, an executive producer was calling critical fans “haters.”)

We were alternately silenced, dismissed, mocked, and exploited.

Then can you imagine how awful it is to add hurt and betrayal to that mix?

And, in the end, erasure?

The third season of Sleepy Hollow wasn’t just another lesson in whose stories get told, whose stories get promoted, whose voices matter in entertainment media; it was also a lesson in how a TV series can align itself with dominant-group fans over marginalized fans and empower the prior through canon, effectively shucking the latter. If you haven’t been a part of the fandom, you don’t understand what that means:  folks weren’t, and aren’t, just reacting to story choices, but to structures of power–in fandom, in entertainment media, in the world.

5) The way Abbie’s death was written, the events leading up to it, and the direction given for season four were textbook misogynoir. The CEO of Fox defended the decision. The creators of the show defended it. Clifton Campbell defended it, an army of White TV writers who don’t work on the show defended it, the Sleepy Hollow writers defended it, viewers across multiple platforms defended it, and a segment of the active fandom defended it.

All of those defenses were defenses of racism.

And Abbie’s death wasn’t the only instance of a) racism or b) misogyny on the series. It wasn’t a fluke.

So, when you offer your support to the writers, producers, and network executives who gave those defenses, when you offer your support to fans who gave those defenses, you are throwing your weight behind some ugly, oppressive worldviews against others that are more progressive and liberatory. You’re not keeping the peace; you’re picking a side.

And that side? It’s the one where misogynoir is okay: it’s defensible and excusable.

6) Telling folks to engage in “intelligent” debate or complimenting interlocutors you like in a patronizing tone (”this is well-argued”) is tone-policing. You don’t get to set the terms of the debate, or the rules for what deserves hearing. Tone-policing is a silencing tactic that attempts to employ a mythical “moral high ground” in order to delegitimize and shut down criticism.

Focusing on tone derails and deflects. For example, if I Tweet, “That’s fucking racist!” and you reply with “You’re a mean troll!” you’re shifting the discussion away from racism and onto the tone or manner of my engagement with you. You’ve also painted yourself as a victim of bad behavior, rather than a purveyor of racist nonsense. Our conversation is then about whether or not I’m a troll rather than whether or not you’re a racist. So, not only is tone-policing silencing, it is also blame-shifting.

This is what happened every time the word “hater” was used to describe fans critical of the direction of Sleepy Hollow, specifically the treatment of Abbie Mills. Critical fans were “haters,” and writers and producers and the “right” fans (those who weren’t critical) had to be protected from the “haters,” which made the critical fans more critical, and thus proved they were “haters.”

So the cycle continues. Exhausting.

Personally, I don’t tolerate being mocked, exploited, baited, and misled, being thought stupid and forgiving, or being purposefully antagonized by a TV series and its production team. That’s the attitude towards fans your defenses are defending, and it is deeply disrespectful. Beyond that, those of you who seek to defend the Sleepy Hollow production team and Fox are also defending poor storytelling, centering White male writers, producers, stories, and viewers, disposable and interchangeable PoC characters (even a lead role), the use of fan labor to promote the show, and shutting down critical discourse.

This is why former fans of Sleepy Hollow get incensed when you pick up your shield in defense of the show, and, in public forums like Twitter, Facebook, or comment sections on news articles, in open letters and comments that writers and producers read, like, and distribute, demonstrate a commitment to a set of practices and values that have been, and continue to be, so toxic. It’s not a neutral action. It’s embedded in an ugly reality, in fan and media and business contexts, in a culture, in a discourse, in a chain of events that you cannot blissfully eliminate because it’s inconvenient to you wanting to look at Tom Mison’s face.

Much more can be said, and has been said, over and over, about Sleepy Hollow’s faults and the state of the fandom. I invite and encourage folks to educate themselves about this larger context, far beyond what’s presented here, if you think you want to engage productively with a fandom burned, a fandom scorned, a fandom erased.

Because, bottom line, if you apologize for the direction of this series and invite a response, that response isn’t going to be pretty. And there are good reasons for it.


Enough of this.

“Pride of Berk”? Seriously?

As much as I absolutely love Hiccup and believe he has contributed significantly to Berk and its people by revolutionizing their lives around dragons, Stoick’s evaluation of Hiccup as the “pride of Berk” at the start of HTTYD 2 honestly makes me laugh a little.  In some ways it sounds like a father bragging off too much on his son.

Hiccup’s still an irresponsible, troll-chasing boy, after all, in many ways.

I will not deny Hiccup has definitely contributed a lot to Berk, and that you could call him a “pride” in that sense.  He saved the Hairy Hooligan tribe from the Red Death.  He demonstrated Vikings and dragons could live together, completely revolutionizing society.  In Riders and Defenders of Berk, he often takes the forefront in smoothing relations over between the dragons and Vikings as the two species acclimate to living amongst one another.  Those are pretty big deals, absolutely, and could gain him praise up to the level of “pride of Berk”. 

Still, many of Hiccup’s contributions began and ended with him goofing around and doing his own thing without considering how Berk would be affected.  His contribution to learning to ride dragons came about because of said troll-chasing, responsibility-avoiding tendencies (I say “responsibility-avoiding” in the sense that, back when he was a teenager, fighting dragons was the responsibility of Berk Vikings – it was the responsibility of keeping everyone in the village safe from the raids).  Even saving the Hooligans from the Red Death happened because he jumped into the moment… remember he went off after the ships toward the dragon’s nest first and foremost to save Toothless, his own dragon, and I feel saving the Vikings came second.  And much of the rest of his life is simply him finding recreation with dragons… not all that entirely responsible.  

The “pride of Berk” is chastised by his own blacksmith mentor for never coming into work, and we know that he is shirking his work in favor of riding on Toothless and exploring the world, something I doubt anyone asked him to do.  At the start of How to Train Your Dragon 2, he seems to avoid his own village most of the time, preferring to fly off exploring new worlds with Toothless, Astrid, and Stormfly.  His map project could certainly be valuable, but I don’t think he’s doing it as anything except a recreational activity and a way in which he might try to find his own identity.  Especially given that Stoick, Gobber, and probably the rest of the Hooligans feel it’s “best to keep to your own,” the map might be useful but not the greatest priority for everyone else.  This seems more like a fun project with added benefits that might not be widely shared with the rest of the tribe. 

You can tell it’s basically fun and games, too, by off-handed comments he makes in the movie.  Hiccup has a little bit of a hilarious devious side to him – he says he enjoys seeing people scream and run away when he and Toothless land in a newly-discovered village.  That’s hardly a responsible young man, but a boy who finds a bit of entertainment in his own “free” time.  And it’s not truly “free time” if it means he’s shirking on work with Gobber – what he’s undeniably supposed to be doing.

Even Astrid, his own girlfriend and co-mapper, teases Hiccup about his irresponsibility, saying, “Not now, Dad.  I’ve got a whole day of goofing off to get started on."  And she’d know. 

So it’s a bit of a toss-up at times about whether or not I think you could legitimately call him a "pride”.  But I can’t quit thinking about the fact Stoick’s “pride of Berk” runs around avoiding responsibility, scaring people in other villages on his dragon for a self-appointed mapping project, skipping work, still constantly disobeying direct orders from his chief… he’s a young man in complete need of a lot of growth.  Stoick’s praise of Hiccup throughout HTTYD 2 – “we did well with this one, Val” – “the pride of Berk” – “no one could ask for a better successor” – Really?  No one could ask for a better successor than one who still can’t obey even the simplest orders?

Gobber realizes that Hiccup still has a bit more maturing to do before he’s ready to become chief (What’s new?  Stoick misses the obvious with his son sometimes).  Gobber makes comments to Stoick questioning if they really want that boy running the village, if it would be better if Stoick postponed his retirement, and if the “big talk” scared Hiccup off.  Stoick doesn’t seem to see any problems there, though.  He’s a father completely proud of his son, willing to overlook a few minor issues like, “Oh right my son isn’t even responsible enough to come in to a blacksmithing apprenticeship job.  Maybe he’s not responsible enough for an entire village yet.” 

There are so many reasons that Stoick should be proud of Hiccup and it’s endearing to see daddy finally recognizing his son for his positive traits.  Stoick has a right to boast over his son, too.  There’s just a lot of growing up to do on Hiccup’s side still.  I simply think that “pride of Berk” is a slightly naïve, rose-tinted impression of Hiccup and shows Stoick’s adorable love to his son.

* sigh * The writers really couldn’t have written a more lovable father-son relationship.

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Do you know what Wanda and Hawkeyes (616) relationship is like? I know that in the past it was hinted at that he had a crush on her and eventually slept with her one once after House of M, but apparently it was actually a doom bot disguised as Wanda or something?? lol I'm not even sure anymore. btw I love your blog you write great meta.

He had a crush on her, yeah. Clint has A Thing for Eastern Europeans. He also has trouble with Eastern Europeans. It’s the things we love the most that destroy us (and stand outside our apartment building with baseball bats).

They both joined the Avengers way back in Avengers Vol. 1 #16 during an era known as Cap’s Kooky Quartet. There was a subplot about Clint pining for Wanda while Wanda pined for Steve. It was pretty typical comic book stuff, and there was never any sign Wanda reciprocated Clint’s feelings.

Eventually, Clint started dating Black Widow. Then he got dumped by Black Widow. His crush on Wanda returned, but only to cause drama in the Wanda/Vision romance, which wasn’t official at that point. Wanda and Vision’s relationship was constantly being derailed by these kind of obstacles (see also: Pietro, Mantis, angry protesters, Vision’s… Vision-ness). Clint decided he still liked Wanda and kissed her, but she told him she was in love with Vision. Vision saw the kiss but not the rest and misinterpreted it. This was all straightened out pretty quickly, and Vision and Wanda started dating. Hawkeye was so upset that he left the team.

After he returned to the team, the crush seemed to go away. There weren’t any real signs he still had feelings for her until many years later. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

CLINT: Hiya, Witchie! How’s tricks?
WANDA: Hawkeye! How are you?
CLINT: Back from the dead and ready to party. And I must say, you’re looking quite ravishing, as always.
WANDA: Ah, thanks. I—
CLINT: Don’t worry. I’m not hittin’ on you. I do learn, sometimes.
Avengers Vol. 3 #1 by Kurt Busiek & George Perez

People tend to remember that he was attracted to her, but to me, the more important thing was their friendship. They have a lot in common. They’re both orphans who grew up in a rural area. They started out as bad-ish guys who weren’t really bad. They have brother problems and violent fathers (yes, yes, I remember Magneto isn’t Wanda’s father anymore). Much of their identity comes from being Avengers. They tend to be team players, even though Hawkeye (bless his heart) thinks of himself as a loner. They’re kindred spirits in a way.

In other ways, they’re opposites. Hawkeye is the best at what he does. He can’t miss. He has to hit the target every time because he has no powers. In place of powers, he has skill and hard work and determination. Wanda is all raw power, potentially immeasurable power. Wanda’s powers are such that “can’t miss” is a laughable objective. Missing is part of the game. There is a certain amount of danger and unpredictability that comes along with what she does. There’s a reason she compared chaos magic to “tossing grenades.” She has to accept that things will sometimes go horribly wrong. Clint can’t allow things to ever go even sort of wrong. Clint is all precision and Wanda is all disorder.

Up until Avengers Disassembled, Clint was one of Wanda’s best friends. Something about that mix of similarities and differences worked very well. They got along. Everything was very nice… and then she killed him. She got powered up by Doctor Doom and started losing her grip on reality and hearing voices that told her to kill the Avengers. He was one of the ones who died.

What really happened was that Avengers had become an unpopular book and writer Brian Michael Bendis was hired to reboot the franchise. He was given a list of names of characters he could kill off and Hawkeye was on the list. He said, “There’s no way I can kill off Hawkeye. People will hate me,” and so, because he is a troll, he killed off Hawkeye. There’s no real reason Wanda would want to kill Clint (Vision is the only death in Disassembled that made sense), but his name was on a list.

Bendis (and Wanda) resurrected Clint in House of M, but he was really mad about being killed so he went after Wanda. They had a very emotional confrontation where she didn’t seem to 100% understand what was going on (“I loved you. I would kill for you.” “I love you too. I brought you back.”) that ended with her accidentally killing him again. Or erasing him from existence altogether. It’s not clear.

She brought him back again at the end of that story, but he was a mess after that. He became a ninja. (We don’t talk about that time Clint was a ninja.) It was just… a mess. Did I mention it was a mess yet? I respect Clint’s right to be traumatized by dying twice (and Bendis’ right to bring up his own stories ad nauseam), but a ninja, really?

Clint wanted to know why Wanda killed him. He went to Transia to track her down, but when he found her, she had no memory of anything that happened or who he was. She had given herself amnesia at the end of House of M and was no help in Clint’s quest for answers. And so he slept with her.

I’m trying to keep this from devolving into a Comics Have Consent Issues discussion, but suffice it to say, that was not a good idea. A Wanda with her memories would not have slept with Clint. She made that abundantly clear when she did have her memories, and as an amnesiac, she lacked necessary information that would have affected her decision to have sex with him. She and Clint were not on equal footing in that situation. This was a bad story, and everyone involved with making it happen should feel bad.

[Note: During this period, Clint also kissed Loki while Loki was disguised as Wanda, but that’s a different story.]

Avengers: Children’s Crusade tried to fix this by having the Young Avengers find Wanda in Transia only for that Wanda to turn out to be a Doombot, while the real Wanda was in Latveria with Doctor Doom.

CLINT: You found her in Transia?
BILLY: No. The Wanda we found in Transia turned out to be doombot.
CLINT: What?!?
HANK: You’re joking.
JESSICA: Please don’t be joking.
Avengers: Children’s Crusade #6 by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung

These panels come right after Clint mentioned sleeping with Wanda in Transia. The implication is obvious. Clint didn’t really sleep with Wanda. He slept with a Doombot. But it’s far from a confirmation. We have no idea when Wanda was replaced by a doombot or even when she met up with Doctor Doom after losing her memory. Characters saying or believing something =/= that thing being canon. Tom Brevoort has always maintained Clint slept with Wanda and not a Doombot. How seriously you take that depends on how much you care about Word of God.

There is another complication to the Doombot retcon, and it comes during Avengers Vs. X-Men, just as Wanda was returning to the superhero fold.

CLINT: What did she say?
JESSICA: You mean: What did she say on our all-day ride home in the quinjet? Where all she talked about was you?
CLINT: You guys aren’t going to tell anyone about this, right? Bro code?
JESSICA: Where she said: I wonder what things are going to be like between you two now that she is back with the Avengers? And I said: Whatever do you mean? She says: We have some unresolved issues in that we used to have a thing. But her knowing you as well as she does, she’s wondering if and when it’ll ever resolve itself… this thing with you and her… and what did I think of the whole thing? You know, me being a woman of the world.
CLINT: What did you say?
JESSICA: I said I wanted to light you on fire.
Avengers Vol. 4 #30 by Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson

This is one of those moments of Bendis canon — and they happen a lot — where things just make no sense. Characters talk about their lives in a way that does not reflect what actually happened. Wanda and Clint did not have a thing. He had a thing for her, but that was many, many years earlier. It’s not like they had some unresolved issues right before Disassembled.  They have unresolved issues in that she killed him, but that’s about it. I can buy that Wanda has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about Hawkeye. I cannot buy that she has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about her non-existent romance with Hawkeye.

The only thing this can reasonably be referring to is them sleeping together in Transia, which is why I’m hesitant to say the line in Children’s Crusade makes the Doombot thing officially canon. This is Bendis’ attempt to counteract that. For a guy who loves to rewrite others’ stories to mean the opposite of their intention, he’s surprisingly prickly about other people undoing his stories.

This conversation that Wanda and Jessica Drew had would have made perfect sense… if she had been talking about Steve. Wanda and Steve have an unresolved thing. Since we don’t see her actual conversation with Jessica, it’s not hard to believe this has a touch of the unreliable narrator. Characters saying things =/= things actually happened that way, remember? I don’t know what to make of this scene beyond that it’s Bendis trying to assert that his ship was canon.

If I choose to believe Wanda didn’t say the guy’s name during this off-panel discussion and Jessica assumed it was Clint but really it was Steve, and Clint DID sleep with a Doombot, is that cheating? It doesn’t make everything right in the world, but it’s a minor improvement.

Anyway, Clint doesn’t seem mad about being killed by Wanda now. It hasn’t come up in a couple of years. They seemed okay with each other in Avengers Vs. X-Men. That doesn’t mean some new writer won’t show up who has him hate her again (hopefully, sans the ninja thing this time), but Disassembled and HoM were written a decade ago. I’d rather have comics that tell new stories than ones that obsess over old ones.

Reasons I think Jonsa will be end game.

Whelp, this is a recent ship for me. I didn’t really get on board until Battle of the Bastards when Jon stops punching Ramsey when he sees Sansa. Since then I’ve gone back through the episodes and developed a deep affection for this pairing. I thought I would contribute to the ship by writing why I think they will become cannon.

1. The idea of Jon X Dany

It’s undeniable that Dany, Jon, Tyrion, and Sansa have been presented on this show as the “heroes”. They may have complex and gray storylines but ultimately we are supposed to be cheering for these characters. This presents a gap in the idea of Jon ending up with Dany.

Having two “heroes” be biologically related so closely (aunt and nephew) end up together would alienate a lot of fans. Regardless of the fact that they did not grow up in each other’s company, now that we know R+L=J it has become canon in our minds. It would compare too closely to the Lannister who have (for the most part) been presented as the villains in this story.

I also am of the opinion that Dany may end up ruling alone (not remarrying). She has gone five seasons without a new love interest (Dario, who’s Dario?) after her husband. The thing I love about Dany is that she is breaking all the rules. Woman being badass, I think that’s what a lot of people like about her.

2. Starks retaking Winterfell and Bran

Sansa and Jon took back Winterfell together, Sana’s storyline took a steep turn from her book counter part in several ways these past two seasons. It would have been just as easy for the writers to have Jon take it back with Bran or Arya, but they purposely had him do so with Sansa.

This allowed the characters to reconnect and make amends after being estranged for most of their lives just in time for Bran to come and tell them they are cousins not siblings. Allowing for a well developed relationship/romance to begin between two characters who just retook their home.

3. Petyr “little finger” and the Ned x Cat parallels

Petyr is interested in Sansa, just like he was interested in Cat all those years ago. He intends to become king, arguably putting Jon in harms way. Judging by the looks Sansa gave Little Finger at the end of episode ten, she is aware of this and is concerned.

I believe that Sansa will play a big part in Petyr’s end, I don’t believe she has fully forgiven him for Ramsay. Arguably his interest in both stark women add to the parallels between Jon X Sansa and Ned x Cat. There have been numerous visual parallels in the recent episodes that are important. Nothing on this show is done lightly, parallels have meaning.

4. Constant reminders that Sansa’s wanted to be queen.

I’m not the first to point this out but I feel it’s important to mention. We have been constantly reminded of this dream of Sansa’s. Almost like the writers don’t want us to forget about her desires. It’s more than just character development, it’s foreshadowing.

Ultimately I think that either Jon or Dany will sit on the Iron throne. I believe that if Dany does so then Jon and Sansa will remain wardens of The north. However, I believe that if Jon does so that Dany will probably be dead. I don’t think she would allow anyone besides her on that throne.

Can’t wait for season 7.

So I have decided to make a long ass rant about Bleach ending, the ships and also in defense of Kubo.

Please be warned that I will be talking about the main ships. I will try to be as neutral as possible because this post is dedicated to the mangaka and the story. If any anti/hater is reading this, let me tell you now I will not impose on you to stop hating Kubo, but rather have you consider for a moment to appreciate Kubo and the story he made. I would like you all to know that if you have anything against this post, spreading more hate, I’m telling you now you’re going to get blocked or ignored, so I suggest you go and do the same or just move on. You may not agree with me, that’s all right, but please don’t ask me to take down the post, because it is properly tagged as such. 

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Examining The Fandom Fallout/Backlash Over Felicity’s New BF

Since SDCC 2016, there has been a ripple of discontent within the Olicity fandom at the spoiler that Felicity was going to have a hot new boyfriend right from the beginning of S5. Some people genuinely lost their heads over the idea; other people were like, “No skin off my back.”

I’m kind of in the middle. I am not in love with the idea because we’ve been here before. But I understand the idea and what it’s supposed to do—and try to remain cautiously optimistic that it will be handled well. But I’m also not prepared to wage war from the start simply because the season hasn’t aired yet. There is very little we do know about this season—and much of it I have to admit doesn’t have me all that enthused. So I’m actually working on keeping my expectations in check.  

I didn’t have any watching seasons 1 and 2. But I developed them going into S3—and I truly believe it had to do with residual upset over the “I love you” fake out of 2x23. Not that the sentiment wasn’t real but that the moment wasn’t authentic; a fabrication for the show—exactly like their “wedding” in S4. And their first date in S3. I felt taken advantage of. I know Oliver meant the “I love you” but I was bitter about how it played out and I felt like the writers owed us for playing with our feelings that way.

Originally posted by findyourownhappyending

Then we saw the kiss and the fandom flipped out.

But that was another fake-out because it was a really a good-bye shaped “I love you.”

And thus began the disaster of S3. I already dealt with that in this meta and I left no stone unturned as I examined that season top to bottom as to where it went wrong. The short of it is: Practically everywhere.

One such disaster was the character of Ray Palmer and Felicity’s relationship with him. She propped his character up, at the sake of her own agency. My issue with Ray Palmer isn’t that he was a roadblock to Olicity but that he existed to be a roadblock to them and thus everything about his characterization was scattered everywhere. Whatever the story required was whatever Palmer became for that episode—and everything to do with Raylicity was always, always reactionary to whatever was happening or not happening with Olicity. So I didn’t like him. Forget Oliver; he’s just not someone that I would ever want my Felicity to be with. He didn’t really respect her. He used her to his own ends. He valued her opinions insofar as they lined up with his and then she was untrustworthy like in 3x17. Not to mention that he stalked her. So when they say New BF is not like Palmer—good. The only way was up. Unless they paired her up with Malcolm Merlyn, which could explain all those kisses at SDCC.

The writers wanted us to like Ray. Most of us didn’t. And we still don’t. When I watch LOT, he is not remotely engaging. It’s like watching a wet noodle or something. He’s just…blah. And he sways between supposedly being a genius but then he’s also an idiot and it’s not in a loveable way.

Now the writers want us to like Felicity’s new boyfriend and root for him. The statement was vague—it can be taken as just as a character on his own or as Felicity’s boyfriend or both. But if the writers ever think I’m going to root for someone other than my son Oliver with Felicity they truly have no concept as to what an OTP is.

Originally posted by agentmlovestacos

I’m not shipping all the ships here. I’m on the SS Olicity and I will go down with my ship. I will not bail over the side and swim onto the next damn boat that comes by simply because it looks pretty—or you know, floats. I will be the band that plays as the Titanic goes down.

Originally posted by funny1723

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What is with people coming into the tag saying Kabby is platonic? Or they are irrelevant? Why even tag that kind of nonsense? What did we do to deserve this hatred?!?!


All right, kids, strap in, Kabby Mom has A LOT OF THINGS TO SAY.

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