the writer who lives next door

Lazytown Ageswap First Episode

Admittedly, I’m not a great writer, but I said I’d post some of the Episode ideas I had for the Ageswap AU, so here’s a summary:

Sporti and his Pabbi are new in town, and Sporti wants to meet all of the other kids! He first runs into Millie, who is very sweet and welcoming, but would rather stay inside and bake than play sports. Sporti then finds Bessie, and is encouraged that she is already outside. However, she’s more interested in soaking up sun than playing. Sporti approaches the house next door, where Bessie said another kid lives, but no one responses to his knocking (though he could have sworn that he saw a pair of grey eyes peeking through the shutters). Sporti goes back to his Pabbi, who tells him a story about a friendly heroine that plays with lonely kids if they send her a message. After trying to send letters, make phone calls, and even send a telegram, Sporti is ready to give up on summoning the heroine. He sings a song about wishing for friends, and all of a sudden, someone else joins in: Stephanie Splitz! They hit it off immediately, and start playing together. Sporti tries to invite the other kids out again to play with him and Stephanie. Millie and Bessie hesitantly accept, but as they start playing, all three kids begin getting tripped up. They start blaming each other, but Stephanie traces an elaborate web of tripwires back to Tricky Trixie, who is determined to keep the kids apart. Once the kids learn about the villain however, they are more determined than ever to become the best of friends! As the day ends and everyone starts heading home, Sporti passes by the house from before; he stops out front, and just in case someone is watching, he waves.

Two weeks ago I had a dream where JongIn was invited to After School Club, and one of the fans he was talking to was holding a sign.(It was written in english) She asked him to read it out loud. And so he did. He said: "My name is JongIn, I'm the writer who lives next door. See you tomorrow hyung, don't forget"

I woke up crying.

“A breeze ruffled the neat hedges of Privet Drive, which lay silent and tidy under the inky sky, the very last place you would expect astonishing things to happen. Harry Potter rolled over inside his blankets without waking up. One small hand closed on the letter beside him and he slept on, not knowing he was special, not knowing he was famous, not knowing he would be woken in a few hours’ time by Mrs. Dursley’s scream as she opened the front door to put out the milk bottles, not that he would spend the next few weeks being prodded and pinched by his cousin Dudley…

He couldn’t know that at this very moment, people meeting in secret all over the country were holding up their glasses and saying in hushed voices: “To Harry Potter—the boy who lived!“

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and JK Rowling today. Harry Potter is more than a fandom, it’s a family! So glad to celebrate this day in honor of a great writer and a great wizard and to all the great friends I have made through these wonderful books!

I had a blast last night at the midnight release of The Cursed Child and am looking forward to this final story.

So I raise my glass today! TO THE BOY WHO LIVED!

Now who is coming over for cake?

the signs and their otp
  • aries: kaisoo
  • gemini: big-eyed hyung & his favorite dongsaeng
  • taurus: pororo & krong
  • cancer: kai & d.o
  • leo: those k-pop dudes who had boners during the performance
  • virgo: the boy with a specific type of memory loss & the writer who lives next door
  • libra: kim jongin & do kyungsoo
  • scorpio: that guy who failed in eating yoghurt sexily on the radio & exo's handsome fella with a strong hip thrust game
  • sagittarius: the guy who likes to dance in the shower & the sneaky little bastard who likes to watch him doing that
  • capricorn: sexy-plump-lips-otp
  • aquarius: exo's main puppy lover & his favorite puppy who's apparently older than him
  • pisces: the guy who keeps vaseline at his bed-table & the one for whom this vaseline is meant for

AU Muggle where James is a painter who lives next door to Lily

They had lived next to each other for years, but it was not until that day in when it rained, when James was trying to look for inspiration in that secondhand bookstore while she was hiding in the corner with stacks of books around her, that they finally knew each other properly. James was soon bewitched by her beauty, and before he knew it, he asked her to have dinner with him. She said yes, even if her eyes were staring at him in annoyance because he was bothering her. But they had a nice night, and before they went back to their respective flats, they promised to have break fast together the next morning.

It took him only five weeks to propose to her. When she cocked an eye brow and looked at him as if he was crazy, he merely shrugged his shoulders and said, “Why the hell not?”

And it wasn’t a mistake. Their marriage life was wonderful. He was a painter, she was a writer. She was great with words while he spoke better through his paintings. They had their ups and downs, but that was life. At least, they had each other, and that was more than enough. Together, they created a beautiful world, through her words and his paintings.

And that was all they needed.

–Anterograde tomorrow epilogue–

Kyungsoo absentmindedly starts to curl his tongue against the burn mark on the top of his mouth he got sometime ago. He doesn’t understand why he is so miserable. Like he’s slammed and his body got shattered into a thousand irreversible pieces.

For some reason he feels the need to do something he has never done- as far as he knows. Maybe something dangerous will make him feel like he can lose something- less empty- especially since he can’t hold on to his yesterday’s. Because everything he remembers fades away from dusk to dawn like the ghosts of smoke. Kyungsoo is not sure of anything anymore. But he knows the smell of smoke won’t leave his clothes.

So later that night leaning against the brick wall, in the ally, one foot bent and the other propping his entire weight he tentatively picks up the cigarette and lights it. He coughs at his first puff. Then the smoke glides like monochromatic ghosts along his countenance, dissipating in the air. He relaxes when the smoke reaches his lungs. He can’t remember how everything seems familiar. Like a summer day, or the way fireflies shine into the night, or how there is a dream. Where every morning he wakes he is greeted with light that refracts into something like the quiet sound of crashing waves. Something cool and salty and wet. Where his heels can feel the the soft sand of the beach overlap with the waves.

He inhales the summer and exhales the toxins. Everything seems familiar, maybe he had been here before. From his bag he pulls out the ink on fraying pages and flips the crinkling paper to the back. A dark figure draining cigarettes on the balcony. And inscribed underneath the Polaroid “Neighbor. Smoking.” And then Kyungsoo tilts his head upwards to the balcony… But there isn’t anyone there. ‘Maybe he moved…’ Thought Kyungsoo as he lets the smoke curl from his lips into the night.

But he won’t remember where his neighbor went. Or how he actually loved him. Or how the neighbor was so much more than a neighbor. Kyungsoo will never remember meeting him, finding him, digging him up from the debris of broken pieces. Kyungsoo won’t remember giving him life, tears, wishes, rows and rows of yellow sticky notes lighting up his room when the tapestries have shut off the sun. He won’t remember teaching him how bright fireflies can shine.

Kyungsoo feels something in his
heart he can’t describe and he puts out his cigarette. ‘Don’t smoke again,’ Kyungsoo tells himself. ‘Don’t forget’ says a special little sticky note on the cover of a book written about him. Kyungsoo stands with his hands on his hips facing his yellow wall that made his room shine even when the light was shut off by the tapestries. Kyungsoo sighs and adds a note about what he needs to buy at the store tomorrow, because he knows he will forget.

So, Kyungsoo bites his lips out of bad habit and curls up in his bed, that feels strangely bigger and he will hope that tomorrow he can remember and he hopes that he can fill the gaping hole in his heart left by something unknown. He looks forward to tomorrow. Maybe the neighbor will come back. The little note on the book says he shouldn’t forget about him. Jongin was his name.

Kyungsoo smiles at the thought of a visitor because all of his old friends went away. He lets sleep take him away.

Kyungsoo will never forget the feeling of love. But he will never remember about a man who is really a boy, a writer who is really a dancer, a neighbor who is really much more. The page had a note on the side that said to pretend to have never read it, because Kim Jongin doesn’t want to be remembered.